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  1. dsm363

    Surprisingly advanced Alpine unit

    It's tough to see the speed odometer in a Roadster for taller people. Does this display the speed like the old Alpine does?
  2. dsm363

    USAA and windshield replacement

    Do you have Tesla do it first and then file the claim or use their app to file claim and have Tesla take care of it? Thanks.
  3. dsm363

    Losing enthusiasm for Model 3

    I understand your frustration about the delay and waiting but you also said you are in no hurry to get one either. I seriously doubt the Bolt would add any excitement of what the Model 3 would provide. If you aren't in a hurry then, waiting until the fall when the cheaper Model 3 you want comes...
  4. dsm363

    Musk Says ‘Major Navigation Overhaul’ Coming in 2018

    The screen and locations of the two screens is the best of any Nav system I would guess (17" screen and all). It's the software that needs work and looks like Tesla is finally addressing it. There really is no reason why it shouldn't be near the top.
  5. dsm363

    I just turned down 4 week delivery on a Model 3

    Do you have wifi there? I'm in areas frequently with no mobile connection (inside a building) and with Wifi, you can still cool your car down assuming your car has a cellular (or wifi) connection as well. Ah, I see what you are saying now. Even your car doesn't get a good connection. I thought...
  6. dsm363

    I just turned down 4 week delivery on a Model 3

    It should have that though. Cabin overheat protection in the Model S and X (assume Model 3 has it) keeps the cabin temp below 105 F I believe. You also have your mobile phone to start cooling down the car before you walk to it. I've gone through 5 summers now in Texas and Nevada and walking into...
  7. dsm363

    Winter range anxiety

    Agree with what everyone has said. No issue charging to 90%. Have done it for 5 years at this point even though not really needed. Try and time charging to finish maybe an hour before you are ready to leave. Drive easy the first few weeks of winter and see how much range you arrive back with. I...
  8. dsm363

    Want to return new Tesla

    That's on that person then. If you blow a tire out, stopping on a shoulder is unavoidable. Nothing preventing you here of waiting until the next highway exit to pull off and re-engage it.
  9. dsm363

    Tesla app for mac

    Awesome. Thank you. I assume you need to enter your Tesla login info as in other efforts? Maybe describing what happens with that data is worthwhile.
  10. dsm363

    Want to return new Tesla

    How is that unsafe? You just said 'if you can't safely drive at 90mph on a highway, honestly you shouldn’t be driving". The 90mph AP2 punishment as you describe it means the driver has to take over then.
  11. dsm363

    Tesla Supercharger network

    Pretty amazing how much things have changed since this was started.
  12. dsm363

    Tesla Referral Program

    Love the new black HPWC.
  13. dsm363

    Open Letter to Elon Musk

    mod note: Moved to Tesla forum.
  14. dsm363

    Open Letter to Elon Musk

    The accident you referred to wasn't a fully autonomous system. The driver was responsible for what the car did in the end.
  15. dsm363

    Want to return new Tesla

    What has Tesla Service said? While these may be annoying, I don't think they warrant selling the vehicle after such a short time and losing $10,000 or so.
  16. dsm363

    Want to return new Tesla

    It is. That’s odd. I clicked on your name and ‘start conversation’ isn’t there for you.
  17. dsm363

    Want to return new Tesla

    It looks like futurem3owner may have messaging turned off.
  18. dsm363

    Want to return new Tesla

    Go ahead and lay out the issues with your car. There are people here who have had their cars for over 5 years at this point and might be able to help with whatever issues you are having with the car. The return will be tricky but maybe the issues are solvable.
  19. dsm363

    Got New Primacy Tires on the Rear and now Car handles Weird...

    Agree. How worn are the front tires? Typically best to replace all 4 tires at the same time if possible.
  20. dsm363


    Thanks. This is good news. Maybe this is what they've been waiting for.
  21. dsm363

    Insulting trade-in offer on my 2016 Model X 90D

    Why are you getting rid of a 2016 X to get a new one this year? You're bound to lose a lot of money anyway selling a car after one year.
  22. dsm363

    Driveway Charging Options?

    Check out ClipperCreek. They have some J1772 stations that are rated for outdoors and that have an access controlled keypad.
  23. dsm363

    Driveway Charging Options?

    Is upgrading the gate to something remotely controlled possible?
  24. dsm363

    And here’s why I will never buy from a dealership again...

    You should show up with your new car and show the salesperson it and tell them how much you paid for it.
  25. dsm363

    Degradation of the Community...

    TMC is Tesla Motors Club, not Tesla Motors Corporation (don't think it was ever that anyway as they went from Tesla Motors to just Tesla). Sometimes it's confusing the way people use it.
  26. dsm363

    EV Hostility?

    Same here. Online especially on Facebook or the Chevy Electric page you'll see countless 'coal car' and other typical comments. Trying to have a reasoned and fact based discussion doesn't work.
  27. dsm363

    Tesla API Token Generator

    How do you use this app to create the token? On a Mac and trying to figure this out. Thanks.
  28. dsm363

    Making the 19in to 21in swap. Help please

    The 21s will just work if they are from Tesla. They haven't changed. I assume all 4 rims are the same size as well. You will spend a lot more on tires and the rims crack more easily but they look cooler. Do you have TPMS on them too on the new rims?
  29. dsm363

    Model S has No Soul!

    They mean noise basically. Anything they can tinker with and makes loud noises when you accelerate sounds 'real'. Even if their car is slower, they'll tell you now they don't care.
  30. dsm363

    Average leg during road trip

    A good rule of thumb is to set your range to percentage and leave a 20% buffer. If your trip planner in the car say you'll arrive with less than 20%, charge longer.
  31. dsm363

    Desparately - DESPARATELY need Someone to Sell Me Their Tesla

    I think getting used car older than you normally would then saving up for a Model 3 might be the way to go. Get a new car with a warranty, autopilot...etc.
  32. dsm363

    Order now or wait a few weeks?

    The only issues to really consider are the tax credit and the free Supercharging with the referral code I think. I guess you could wait until the end of the year to see if anything happens. More than likely, it will be a year or two for a major refresh on the Model S but a guess.
  33. dsm363

    Open Vehicle Monitoring System

    How's it coming along? Thanks.
  34. dsm363

    Supercharger - Mountain Village, CO - Mountain Village Blvd

    That is covering Montrose, Telluride and Salid.
  35. dsm363

    Navdy heads up display

    Awesome. I had the same question. Does it work with OVMS or replace OVMS in that you can tell the charge and start/stop a charge?
  36. dsm363

    How much can I get for my car?

    Might be worth posting some photos as well.
  37. dsm363

    How important is the AP hardware?

    You would have to wait over a year but would a Model 3 work? Would have full warranty and ability to get Autopilot for around the price you are looking at. I think it's worth it but my car doesn't have it either.
  38. dsm363

    Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars Produced Since July

    These titles can only be so long. otherwise it would be Tesla has stated they have disabled AEB in all new cars since late July and STATE they INTEND it to be temporary for a 6 week period but we shall see if they are telling the truth.
  39. dsm363

    Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars Produced Since July

    Can you provide the quote where I said that?
  40. dsm363

    Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars Produced Since July

    Dude. Until it's re-enabled, it's in a permanent state of not being there. People were upset about the word 'temporarily' saying that couldn't be correct. Seriously, this shouldn't be that big of an issue.
  41. dsm363

    Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars Produced Since July

    It's not 'weird', I already did it. It was meant to reflect the press statement that it would be about 6 weeks. Apparently that touched a nerve.
  42. dsm363

    Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars Produced Since July

    Well, Tesla permanently disables AEP is also a claim that you are presenting as fact. Tesla said 6 weeks according to the article "The system should be available to owners within 6 weeks, Tesla said, even though the vehicles were initially sold as having AEB as standard equipment." We don't...
  43. dsm363

    Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars Produced Since July

    For hardware that was delivered and then functionality taken away? Yes, things like lighted vanity mirrors and the app store and many things in the early days when production was ramping up but not something like this. But fine, if it makes people feel better I'll take out the word temporarily...
  44. dsm363

    Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars Produced Since July

    It hardly is a significant change. 'Tesla turns off AED in new cars' is all still there. If Tesla announces they have permanently disabled AEB then yes, we can update the title. Tesla has said it will be temporary and no reason to doubt them at this point.
  45. dsm363

    Hey Guys! New P100D owner here

  46. dsm363

    Tesla Semi

    Als iemand na de uitnodiging een extra plek heeft, laat het me weten =) (If I just insulted an entire country, I blame Google translate)
  47. dsm363

    Apple Iphone 8 or X?

    Ordered the iPhone 8 as well. Figured I'd see how the X worked out for people and if they introduce TouchID back under the screen for next year.
  48. dsm363

    (2) Tesla Founder Edition Powerwalls - Red

    Are they the same 14kWh as the new ones?
  49. dsm363

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    Apple, Android and Alexa support would be great.
  50. dsm363

    Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars Produced Since July

    I updated the title for clarity. So people who bought the car earlier in the year aren't concerned as it doesn't apply to them. We don't always get approval prior to a title change. The original title was "Tesla Turns Off AEB In New Cars" Was the change something that completely changed the...

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