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  1. hcdavis3

    2021 Tesla Y, white on white, 7 seater

    Why are you selling?
  2. hcdavis3

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    I’m on my 3rd model 3. The communication with this car has been excellent.
  3. hcdavis3

    Wall connector and generator

    I tried charging during a power outage, and my 20 KW generator showed signs of distress… sound was strained.
  4. hcdavis3

    As of about three hours ago, I'm a Model 3 owner!

    Paint is the same on my 2021 blue model 3. Not in the least worried about it . Enjoy your car. Acceleration boost has been awesome for me. Well worth it.
  5. hcdavis3

    Why does Tesla suspension suck so bad?

    18 inch wheels have a better ride. I’ve had 19s, and 18s are better for me.
  6. hcdavis3

    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    71. This is my 3rd Model 3.
  7. hcdavis3

    IPhone no longer works as key

    Try this. Delete iPhone as a key in Locks. Set up iPhone as a key in the Tesla app. I’ve had to do this a few times when my iPhone doesn’t work as a key. Bluetooth will say its connected to the car, but iPhone as a key didn’t work. Hope this works for you.
  8. hcdavis3

    Used Tesla model 3 valuation going down

    I canceled my order. Didn’t want to go through the hassle of selling the car privately. Every offer, including Tesla was way too low.
  9. hcdavis3

    Used Tesla model 3 valuation going down

    Give me the vin was pretty good. May give them a try when I get close to the delivery day.
  10. hcdavis3

    Used Tesla model 3 valuation going down

    Im going to look into a private sale.
  11. hcdavis3

    Used Tesla model 3 valuation going down

    Looks like the days of high valuation used Teslas model 3 are over. I got valuations of 43000 for my 2021 model 3 from Vroom, carvana and Tesla. I now have to take a loan out. Bummed
  12. hcdavis3

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    jj any reports of 2022 Model 3 long range cars getting a Lithium 12 volt battery?
  13. hcdavis3

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    We all do buddy
  14. hcdavis3

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    So for 2022 cars are getting a Lithium Ion 12 volt battery. That would be awesome.
  15. hcdavis3

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    This far I’ve had great luck.
  16. hcdavis3

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    That’s a great question. I don’t think you can. Ive had to set up each time on the new car manually. Not a huge pain tho, only takes 10 minutes or less. Great suggestion for Elon. Are you listening Mr Musk?
  17. hcdavis3

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Jus ordered my 4th Model 3. Edd May or June. With the used car valuations being what they are, this may be my last opportunity to get a new car every year.
  18. hcdavis3

    Radio station favourites difficult to navigate since update

    I did that a week ago. Much easier. I listen to Sirius alot streaming from my iPhone. I dragged the Bluetooth icon down and use it to switch from FM radio to SiriusXM. Works pretty well.
  19. hcdavis3

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    My 3 is also blue jj. I love the color and like you I don’t see many in that color
  20. hcdavis3

    Found this in my driveway, need to know what it is.

    That or a henway, maybe even a piecost confibrulator.
  21. hcdavis3

    iPhone key issues

    I had a similar issue. My phone is connected via Bluetooth, but stopped working as a key. Try this …go to locks and delete your phone as a key. Then using the Tesla app set up a new phone key.
  22. hcdavis3

    Right Pillar Camera Blocked or Blinded

    This is why I question FSD ever working on a vision only Tesla
  23. hcdavis3

    Car asks for Key Card to drive

    I think you fixed my problem jj. I went into Locks, deleted the phone as a key. In the Tesla app I added a new phone and I’m no longer asked for a key card. Who better than you. Thanks very much
  24. hcdavis3

    Car asks for Key Card to drive

    No error messages
  25. hcdavis3

    Car asks for Key Card to drive

    I know this has been covered on this forum, but Im at my wits end. My iPhone and my Model 3 both indicate that my phone is connected via Bluetooth. I’ve restarted twice but now luck. Ive disconnected my phone and reconnected twice, no luck. I’ve forgotten my iPhone and re paired twice, no luck...
  26. hcdavis3

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    So Dan, What do you think will happen?
  27. hcdavis3

    The unofficial "when do I get my FSD beta update" FAQ

    Interesting. I canceled my FSD subscription. It expires on the 27 th of January. I turned off the FSD visualization and find the basic Auto pilot to be so much more comfortable. Fewer phantom braking episodes and it just seems smoother. Purly subjective.
  28. hcdavis3

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Improvement highly unlikely. Elon is very stubborn and doesn’t care what we think.
  29. hcdavis3

    Excellent experience with Tesla approved collision repair center.

    I am so grateful to my Body shop King Collision center in Plymouth Ma. I inquired about an appointment to repair my front bumper. I was told initially that they were booking in February. They called the next day to tell me they had a cancellation and could take my car in yesterday Thursday. I...
  30. hcdavis3

    $12K for FSD is insane

    Cyber Truck seems to be as much vapor ware as FSD is. Canceled my FSD subscription…not worth it.
  31. hcdavis3

    Model S Refresh - heat pump comparison to older Model S

    Same on my model 3.
  32. hcdavis3

    $12K for FSD is insane

    Depending on how much it may be time to lose FSD subscription.
  33. hcdavis3

    Rear defroster not working

    Yup. Replaced in December. Under warranty.
  34. hcdavis3

    Message from Tesla

    My Model 3 will be in a Tesla approved body shop for a small job next week. The message was from Tesla, not the body shop. As you can see it has the order date by my body shop and an estimated ship date for the parts. I think this bodes well for Tesla shipping parts in a timely fashion.
  35. hcdavis3

    Small accident - OK to go to a non-Tesla certified shop?

    Can Non Tesla Certified body shop get parts?
  36. hcdavis3

    Poll on V11 interface

    Or try voice commands in the meantime.
  37. hcdavis3

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    If Tesla is going to foist this mess of an update on us the least they could have done is give us the green battery icon back
  38. hcdavis3

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Totally agree. Voice commands aren’t always reliable.
  39. hcdavis3

    Model 3 Build Quality - What's your experience?

    I’ve had 3 Teslas. My current one is perfect.
  40. hcdavis3

    Snippiness 2.0

  41. hcdavis3

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Totally agree with you. I’m still trying to figure out how to use voice commands to get where I want to be in the sub menus. Thanks to all on this forum for helping me. So far I’m getting pretty good at using voice to do what I want to do. But I still don’t think I should have to go through...
  42. hcdavis3

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    Thanks very much for this.
  43. hcdavis3

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    I’m going to try that. Thanks very much.

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