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    AP 3.0: Upgrade from AP 2.0/2.5.

    Tesla gets to "win" the FSD lawsuit presumably by saying it's available, but laws prevent it. However they dodge it, FSD is 5-10 years away, minimum. And I suspect it'll be a much more advanced hardware package than AP3.0 too. FFS haven't we all been confused by highway lane changes...
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    For Sale - Mobile Connector Charger ($350), and 120v plug ($20), and J1772 adapter ($60) DENVER AREA

    The J1772 adapter is SOLD. The other two items still available. I'd prefer local Colorado pickup, but if you want to add $10 for a box and you'll pay shipping, I'll ship it.
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    For Sale - Mobile Connector Charger ($350), and 120v plug ($20), and J1772 adapter ($60) DENVER AREA

    From the trunk - never used. The Mobile connector (charger and 240v NEMA plug) - $350. ($520 + tax is new price), as seen here: Model S/X Corded Mobile Connector The 120v plug - $20. ($45 + tax is new price), as seen here: Model S/X Gen 1 NEMA Adapters The J1772 adapter - $60. ($95 + tax...
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    For Sale: Brand New CHAdeMO Adapter - new in box $375 (Denver Area if you want to pick it up)

    Shipped to me from Tesla direct 2 months ago. Never opened, still brand new in the box. $375 firm ($450 + tax is new price). As seen here: Model S/X CHAdeMO Adapter I'm in Parker (Denver metro area) for local pickup, or you can pay to ship it and email me a label. (The box is 7 lbs 4 oz...
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    For Sale - Brand New in box Wall Charger (Model S/X/3 Wall Connector, 24' cable)

    Shipped to me from Tesla direct 2 months ago, I ordered two and don't need the second one. Never opened, still brand new in the box. $400 firm ($500 + tax is new price). This is model 1050067-01-E as seen here: Model S/X/3 Wall Connector I'm in the Denver metro area, not looking to ship it...
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    Colorado- what happens if I buy an EV but don't owe enough in taxes to get the full credit's value?

    Looks like for Colorado, it's definitely going to add to my refund if I don't owe enough, as it's just added to the same number as withholding, prepayments, overpayments, etc.. So that's great news. I'm going to play with my 2017 Turbotax file and pretend I bought a vehicle or two this year...
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    Colorado- what happens if I buy an EV but don't owe enough in taxes to get the full credit's value?

    I'm crazy and actually thinking I might buy two EVs this year. So that's $15,000 federal and $10,000 state tax credits I'd be due. But I don't owe that much in taxes each year.... so I'm worried I'd be losing lots of money doing this. Do either of them roll-over to the next year, or provide...
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    Jaguar I-Pace

    Thanks for posting that. It's hard to decipher what some of those tech features actually do - this was far and away the best video I've ever seen for demonstrating exactly what they do and how they are useful.
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    Jaguar I-Pace

    I'm thinking really hard about the i-Pace. It seems to nearly solve all of my complaints about the Model S: 1) The Model S presenting handles aren't ideal and many of us have had them repaired / replaced umpteen times. 2) The interior of the Model S is too austere for many people (myself...
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    Is there ANY way to order a Textile car with a wood trim? I can't stand the shiny black.

    I'm ready to order another Model S, but really miffed they grouped the interior trim options and with textile, they are only showing it packaged with the high-gloss black trim. Has anyone had any luck with maybe a special order or something and getting wood trim with textile seats? Thanks.
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    Order changed and apparently no recourse

    Is that sarcastic? Someone builds a car and orders it, and it's unreasonable to expect them to received the car they ordered, as they ordered it? Come on.
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    Is there a product to seal chrome from Mag Chloride corrosion? (not Model S specific)

    Living in Colorado, I've struggled with this my entire life. There's got to be a good product I can apply to my bright work to prevent this. It's just not realistic to simply plan to wash it off after every drive.
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    Anyone is able to buy parts from tesla? Please help

    Call a certified body shop, they are the only ones who can buy parts in my experience.
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    Tesla Trade - Denver/St Louis

    Nobody is going to give you their treasured $100k car for a week for free, sorry :)
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    Supercharger - Alamosa, CO

    Yeah. I am not optimistic. Tesla is the one that needs to be calling and making this happen, not us. Or they can choose another location a few miles away or something.
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    Big Valley Towing from Las Vegas stole my car today!

    Teslas are really a bad combination of needing to be towed often, and really hard to get onto a tow truck without scraping both front and rear bumpers. A buddy told me his car has been towed ten times and has left scratches on his driveway it's rubbed so hard. I have been lucky it hasn't been...
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    Anyone have the seat covers from evannex.com?

    I'm concerned that Wet Okole doesn't seem to know that there are Model S regular seats and "Next Gen" seats, that are markedly different and would need different patterns.
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    Denver International Electric Parking - Teslas Stop Parking There!

    They certainly are. It's an 11% difference in efficiency for 120v vs 240v and beyond.
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    Are there any aftermarket suspension options for my 2015 85D w/coil? I can't stand the rough ride

    No, haven't gotten new wheels or changed sizes, I have the standard 19"ers. I've gotten new tires and they had no effect at all. I have driven lots of Teslas. Mine's the worst I've driven, including plenty of ancient loaners.
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    Are there any aftermarket suspension options for my 2015 85D w/coil? I can't stand the rough ride

    I've had the car in for service maybe 7-8 times for the suspension. It bounces our noggins like bobbleheads, churns our stomachs, and throws us around. Tesla days it's normal and fine. Is there an aftermarket suspension or shock setup that could provide a smoother, softer, more compliant...
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    Some initial impressions

    Want to bet? I have sat many times in a dead car that won't do jack squat for a few minutes until it reboots. I've also stood outside the car while that happened. One time, my child was sitting in the carseat and I had to wait, standing outside the car, for it to decide it's on and let me...
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    Some initial impressions

    Stuff like that has happened to me in my Model S countless times. I've had to sit outside my house for 3-5 minutes waiting for the car to reboot before being able to close my garage door, or leave a parking lot, etc.
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    Battery drain in Phoenix during summer?

    How long is your commute? Maintaining temperature in any extreme situation certainly uses some juice and reduces range, but it's not like it cuts it in half. I'd buy a highly-rated tub of leather conditioner wipes from Amazon and give the seats some love every month or two if you're concerned...
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    Getting a response from the Denver service center?

    It's been this way for many years, it's not about the new location.
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    Thanks for setting me straight. I wish this @#$ forum let users edit or delete posts. It's the only forum I've ever been on in 23 years of online life that denies this ability. I guess they like bad and wrong info to stick around and mislead people in perpetuity. Makes sense. So they're...
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    Wasn't there just a big thread about how these are completely and utterly NON transferable rewards?
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    Getting a response from the Denver service center?

    Emails and voicemails are usually unanswered for me. Even when I GET an email, I'll reply and it'll often go unanswered.
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    Rough ride

    @The Duke - lighter wheels and discs improved the ride dramatically? Are you on air or coil suspension? I'm surprised Tesla factory wheels aren't super light already.
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    Brand new S90D (2/17). Experiencing very bumpy ride since yesterday. Regular suspension.

    To be clear - my car is never smooth, a LOANER was smooth. I've even gotten all new tires to try and resolve this to no avail. I don't know what to do. We want to love this car and do road trips, but we don't want to have to bring Rolaids and airsick bags with us. And we've had it with Tesla...
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    Rough ride

    So I've just picked up my 85D from the service center, and again (as I've been doing this now for almost three years) they say the suspension is fine and no problems found. It's terrible. We bounce around like bobbleheads and get nauseous driving around even on SMOOTH ROADS for @#$ sake...
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    Brand new S90D (2/17). Experiencing very bumpy ride since yesterday. Regular suspension.

    I have a 2015 85D and have brought it to the service center maybe five times for the suspension and they never fix anything and say it's normal. I had a loaner (coil suspension) and switching between the two cars is such a dramatic difference. The loaner glides over bumps, my car is harsh and...
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    Making phone calls from the Roadster - Best solution yet!

    Colorado is one earbud legal. Two is a ticket.
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    Supercharger - Alamosa, CO

    I was able to speak with the Rocky Mountain region charging lead today, and Alamosa is not on the short list of locations that'll be opening anytime soon. They don't even have a location in mind as of now, so no permits have even been filed. Guess I've got to change my travel plans now. Real...
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    Is there a video explaining the operation of the Alpine IVA-NAV-10?

    There are also about 600 different adapters on Amazon that convert the old style to the new .
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    Is there a video explaining the operation of the Alpine IVA-NAV-10?

    Alpine IVA-NAV-10. - Google Search Best I can do.
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    Supercharger - Alamosa, CO

    Sad but true. But I thought it being mentioned in 2016 might mean it was done before 2018... silly me
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    Tesla Roadster Hardtop

    Might want to try the Lotus Elise hard top. It fits, and has a lot more sales volume so this might exist for that. Possibly worth asking in an Elise forum. Then again, maybe Elon is going to reply to you here with exactly what you need.
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    Supercharger - Alamosa, CO

    ARGH. Really disappointed in Tesla about this one. It originally was supposed to be done when, middle of 2016? I have a trip planned from Denver to NM and then Grand Canyon, that I booked and then cancelled this year and am planning for next year. But I need this supercharger, or else we...
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    Solar Roof Token

    It was a referral prize, it moved you up in line for getting a solar roof installed. Early Access Token for Solar Roof Be one of the first to get Solar Roof with this early-access token for priority scheduling of a Solar Roof installation. If you do not use this award, the token may be given...
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    New Roadster: Don't Need 250 mph

    Other than R&D time/resources, I don't think the Roadster will cost them anything. They're pricing it to bring in around $250M. And in typical Tesla fashion, it's already bringing in gobs of free advertising for the brand and it's reputation. They've knocked it out of the park being known for...
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    New Roadster: Don't Need 250 mph

    I think you made that last one up, RS :) Here was the plan: Create a low volume car, which would necessarily be expensive Use that money to develop a medium volume car at a lower price Use that money to create an affordable, high volume car Provide solar power. No kidding, this has literally...
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    Tesla Motors Tees

    I reported it days ago. I guess the mods here are cool with people selling such things.
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    Tesla Motors Tees

    I don't think that's legal, friend. You've literally just put their logo on a t-shirt and are selling them.

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