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  1. Shelburne

    Software Update 2022.16.1.2 install stuck.

    About a week ago I installed 2022.16.1.2 - or at least I thought I did. Turns out it stopped installing about halfway thru the process. I only realized this when, two days ago, I got in the car and the screen had a message about scheduling the install again. I scheduled it for a convenient time...
  2. Shelburne

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    I bought a new iPhone last summer and didn't bring my key card with me to the Apple store. The guy at the Apple store simply transferred all the data from the old phone to the new phone. Worked perfectly
  3. Shelburne

    Tire rotation best practices….?

    I can't remember the details, but I think there is a specific rotation patter for RWD cars and a different one for AWD cars, so make sure you go with the right pattern
  4. Shelburne

    Can I drive to the airport and leave my car with some company for them to rent it out?

    Personally, I would have to be nuts (not saying you are tho) to leave my car with a company that would then rent it out to a total stranger. If you do this, you should seriously look into the liability issues if there is an accident or breakdown while your $50,000+ car is in the hands of a total...
  5. Shelburne

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper issues

    I've had rain sensing wipers on three other cars: a 2002 Grand Cherokee a 2011 Volvo and a 2017 Volvo. My 2020 M3's rain sensing wipers are a joke compared to the ones on those other 3 cars. I can't ever remember being dissatisfied or annoyed with the feature in the other cars, but I am...
  6. Shelburne

    Water Leak [ingress during car wash]

  7. Shelburne

    Preconditioning question

    Why waste the electricity? I've never set up an automatic preconditioning time. I usually have a good idea of when I'm going to use the car and start the preconditioning maybe 15-20 minutes beforehand.
  8. Shelburne

    Water Leak [ingress during car wash]

    I have a 2020 M3. I've taken it thru touchless car washes at least once a month, so about 18 or 20 washes. I've never seen a drop of water on the inside. The Tesla guy who told you this is lazy and a liar
  9. Shelburne

    Mount Washington - The Windiest Place on Earth in my Model 3

    As a kid, and again in my early 20's I hiked up Mt. Washington. It's a phenomenal place. And the views are phenomenal too, when the weather is clear. The first time I hiked to the summit was in July about 60 years ago. At the top the wind was gusting to 107 mph and the temperature was in the...
  10. Shelburne

    The Report-Your-No-Problems Thread

    I've had my M3 LR since October of 2020. Only two minor problems so far (not counting the one where a friend backed into my M3 and did $9000 worth of damage, which was certainly not Tesla's fault. Anyway, the 2 small problems were a camera cable that came loose causing the left front fender...
  11. Shelburne

    Model 3 Instrument Cluster - Tsportline

    Personally, I don't like it. One of my favorite features of the M3 is the clean and simple forward view without an instrument cluster. I also have no trouble reading all the data on the touch screen, but that's all a personal point of view. One suggestion though: before going ahead with this...
  12. Shelburne

    AC Blower noise (Found)

    I had a noise like that last December. I shined a flashlight into the vent and could see a piece of a leaf inside. When the blower was one it would vibrate and make that kind of noise. I've had that problem before, once on A Volvo S60 and once on a Jeep Grand Cherokee
  13. Shelburne

    New M3P on 19' OEM Sports Wheels?

    M 2020 M3LR with OEM 19 inch wheels. I really hate the standard wheels. Among the ugliest wheels I've ever seen. I didn't want to spend the extra money on these beauties, but I would have kicked myself in the ass every time I looked at the car if I'd gone with the standard 18 inch wheels
  14. Shelburne

    Delivery driver backed in to my M3 

    I can't speak to the cost of the repairs, but I had more extensive damage done to the front of my M3 last year and it took about 6 weeks to get it repaired. Your damage looks to be less, so hopefully it will take less time. I don't have Tesla insurance, but if your car was stationary and legally...
  15. Shelburne

    Anxious about a few things with my new Model 3

    If you're like me, you'll overcome your range anxiety rather quickly and you'll learn how to plan for longer trips. When it comes to range, any electric car is no different than any ICE car. The manufacturers and the EPA all mislead us about mileage. Those mileage numbers are derived under ideal...
  16. Shelburne

    Advice for two not at-fault accidents

    I'm insured with Commerce Insurance. I had an accident last October and was without my Model 3 for about 8 weeks. It was the other guy's fault. Total repair costs came to $9206. I had to pay nothing. I pay an additional premium of less than $20 a year that covers car rental for up to 6 months...
  17. Shelburne

    Model 3 MCU on the bench

    I'm not a computer geek and would never attempt doing something like this, but I would like to know, just out of curiosity, why you're doing all this. What sort of improvements do you anticipate?
  18. Shelburne

    How do i Unlink driver profile from my phone

    It sounds like the easy access feature is your problem. It's easy to deactivate, or on the other hand you could modify it but keep it active.
  19. Shelburne

    Frameles Window Question

    It happens to my M3 whenever it gets washed or is outside in a steady rain. No water ever drips down the inside of the windows though so I don't worry about it,
  20. Shelburne

    Any help is greatly appreciated with this noise that’s driving me insane!

    "This is NOT a speaker rattle. Speakers are off." Speakers don't have to be on to rattle. In fact a rattling speaker is more noticeable when it's off. At least that's what I have experienced over the years in a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a Volvo S60.
  21. Shelburne

    Not able to set charge times

    Your off peak hours are 9PM until 3PM??? That's very generous of your power provider, unless you mean 9PM till 3AM. We have no off peak discounts where I live, but if we did I'd just plug the car in once off peak rates go into effect. If your car isn't charged by the time off peak rates end you...
  22. Shelburne

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    This is all so very strange. So many people from different parts of the country complain about this smell. I've had my M3 for about 20 months now. I have never smelled anything (good or bad) coming form the AC/heat vents. Not when it's been 5 below zero and very dry, not when it's been over 100...
  23. Shelburne

    best way to keep overheat protection on

    I park my car outdoors, next to the house. It's in the sun from about 9AM until 7PM in the summertime. I've seen the inside temp go as high as 127 degrees. I've yet to use cabin overheat protection and am now going into my second summer with my 2020 M3. Instead, I just vent the windows about 20...
  24. Shelburne

    Caliper covers and wh/mi

    I've been on this forum for about 14 months now. I wish I'd kept track of the number of times I've read that someone has modified their M3 to make it lower, faster, cooler...whatever...and then had complaints about the problems their modifications have caused - sometimes even blaming Tesla. The...
  25. Shelburne

    question about Apple Mac music library

    I have over 6000 tunes in my iTunes library. They are categorized by song, artist, album, type of music and also by the playlists that I have created. I can listen to any of these categories in my car via its bluetooth feature. There is really no need to set up a partitioned SSD drive. I just...
  26. Shelburne

    another quarter panel damage estimate question

    I had much more damage to the front bumper, front quarter panels and frunk lid on my M3 and was able to drive it around for about 450 miles until the Tesla authorized body shop had the parts and was ready to work on the car. Of course, prior to that, they had to look the car over and do an...
  27. Shelburne

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Try driving uphill! I regularly drive up a long steep hill. My 2020 M3 uses roughly 5 miles of estimated range over the course of 1.5 miles at 55MPH on that hill. Range is an estimate. Temperature, terrain, number of passengers and/or cargo, speed, and even had or tail winds will effect it. It's...
  28. Shelburne

    Two Wheels Off Ground with Scissors Jack?

    My concern would be the positioning of that scissors jack. You need to place it in the area where the jack pads insert into the chassis of the car. That would be either directly behind the front wheel or directly in front of the rear wheel. My concern is that the car might be unbalanced on the...
  29. Shelburne

    Is this damaged justified for $16k?

    I'm. not so sure about that. In October someone hit the front of my M3. 28 different parts had to be replace: the frunk lid, both headlight assemblies, both front fog lights, the entire front bumper and all sensors behind it, the crash cans behind the bumper, the left front quarter panel and...
  30. Shelburne

    New phone time; questions re: phone-as-key

    Why not get a third generation iPhone SE. I have one, it's smaller than most other phones, fits in my M3's charger, has a very fast chip, a great camera and only costs $429. I used to have a 2nd generation SE and neither it nor my new one has had any issues interfacing with the car or the App.
  31. Shelburne

    Quarter panel/ Passenger rear door damaged.

    Insurance company estimates are almost always well under the estimates provided by any collision centers, and also well under the final price tag. My M3 is insured thru Commerce Insurance which is a division of MAPFRE Insurance. The guys at the Tesla authorized collision center told me to expect...
  32. Shelburne

    Quarter panel/ Passenger rear door damaged.

    Last October, while visiting a friend, she backed her big SUV out of her garage and plowed into the front end of my M3. The car was only 13 months old at the time. I took it to a Tesla authorized collision center. Their original estimate was $6200. The insurance adjustor gave me an estimate of...
  33. Shelburne

    Supercharger would not charge. my car.

    I've never had this problem occur either at a Tesla supercharger, a 3rd party charger or with my home charging system. BUT, recently I tried to charge at a free third party charger at our local supermarket. After I plugged the car in, I got a message from the App that said, "Their is no current...
  34. Shelburne

    Tesla Roof Rack vs Thule Aeroblade

    Assuming the two products are of equal quality, I'd probably buy the one from Tesla. If any problems arise with it, they all come down to being a Tesla issue. If you buy the Aeroblade and have problems, Tesla will tell you the problem is Aeroblade's fault and Aeroblade will blame it on Tesla...
  35. Shelburne

    18” Ev01+ (fast ev) wheels on performance model 3 - how’s the wh/mile? Are you getting the efficiency close to the long range?

    I have the same set up at my house. It only cost $200 to install and it charges my M3 at a rate of about 30 miles of range per hour
  36. Shelburne

    Hairpin Windings

  37. Shelburne

    Got rear ended - take to Tesla or elsewhere

    An SUV backed into my parked M3 while going about 15 mph. This was last October. I took it to a Tesla Service Center and they said they don't do bodywork so they gave me a list of Tesla Authorized Service Centers. I took it to one. The final cost of repairs was about $9200. Clearly my car was...
  38. Shelburne

    Hairpin Windings

    What exactly are hairpin windings? And how are they different from wire windings?
  39. Shelburne

    18” Ev01+ (fast ev) wheels on performance model 3 - how’s the wh/mile? Are you getting the efficiency close to the long range?

    For what it's worth, I have a 2020 M3LR with 20 inch wheels. Before I ordered it, I asked a one of the people at the Tesla Service Center how the 20 inch wheels would affect my range. At that time Tesla claimed the M3LR got 323 miles of range when charged to 100%. He told me that my range would...
  40. Shelburne

    Chrome replacement parts?

    Even if Tesla doesn't cover it under warranty, I would take it to them for analysis and repair, but then again, I'm not exactly mechanically inclined
  41. Shelburne

    Dropping Car Off for Body Work. Suggestions?

    Last fall my M3 was in for collision repair at a Tesla authorized collision center. When I dropped it off they told me it would be several days before they could get to it. On the app, I could see that it was parked outside for 4 days, then I could see that it was inside the shop. I checked it...
  42. Shelburne

    Paperwork for car registration

    My registration was waiting for me when I went to pick up the car. I'm pretty sure that here in MA that's just the way things are done. Every car I've ever bought here was already registered when I picked it up at the dealership
  43. Shelburne

    Not keeping my FSD subscription after two months

    I have decided never to get FSD. I love my car but Tesla can't even get TACC to work correctly. There are far too many instances of phantom braking, mostly on broad, sweeping right hand curves on secondary roads. Tesla's TACC is definitely not as good as the TACC I had on a 2017 Volvo! I live in...
  44. Shelburne

    Summer is around the corner. So is this. :)

    I'll take bugs over road salt any day. Having said that, there have been reports in the news lately about a decline in the insect population in North America. One article I read cited a study in which, over the years, scientists drove a car down the same road over and over. As time went on they...
  45. Shelburne

    Eibach Springs - M3 Performance - Mountain Pass Control and Toe Arms - Squeaky Rear End

    Sorry I can't give you any helpful info, but I don't understand why anyone would consider lowering a Tesla. The battery is the most expensive part of the car and when you lower the car you raise the risk of ruining the battery. Years ago I ripped out the bottom of a Volvo S40's engine on a dirt...
  46. Shelburne

    Project Kics R40 Iconix vs Monolith T1/07

    I have no idea what either of these things are.
  47. Shelburne

    End of warranty question

    I've had AAA roadside assistance for well over 20 years. I opted for the unlimited towing option. I pay just over $200 a year but it covers me, my wife and our daughter who lives in L.A. I live in a very rural area, but there are several AAA affiliated companies in my area so I've gotten quick...
  48. Shelburne

    Model 3 Windshield crack issue

    Hmmm. I pay $93 a month for full coverage on my M3 and all but collision on a 15 year old Volvo. $500 deductible too. But in MA, regardless of your coverage or deductible, insurers are required to cover the complete cost of windshield repair. Years ago I had a 15 year old car. The windshield...
  49. Shelburne

    Model 3 Windshield crack issue

    In MA the state requires insurance companies to cover glass replacement, but I believe most insurance companies will cover glass replacement if you ask for it. I've had to replace only two windshields over 40+ years of driving but I think glass coverage is worth having.
  50. Shelburne

    Full sized spare tire for Model 3?

    I have a tire from Modern Spare. I haven't had to use it yet and I only load it into the trunk when I am traveling a long distance from home and need to be there on time. Otherwise, I have AAA roadside assistance with unlimited towing. I've had it for well over 20 years and have had to rely on...

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