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  1. Patrick W

    Model S Battery replacement costing a fortune...Any reliable 3rd party shops near phoenix, AZ who can do it for cheaper price?

    No personal experience but I watch their videos. They seem pretty tight with Tesla and appear legitimate. Gruber Motors 21 W Lone Cactus Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027 grubermotors.com 623.433.8500 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjRHl8tpECei0UkoZfLE2hw/videos
  2. Patrick W

    Latest FSD special passing lane

    Same here in Utah. Almost always in the same places. So now when it starts to change lanes I override it and press the "report" button.
  3. Patrick W

    Tesla no longer uncorking vehicles?

    Pardon my not knowing but I bought my 2016 S in December 2016 and don't think I've heard of "uncorking". What is that?
  4. Patrick W

    2nd extra Tesla as a back up for 1 driver?

    Reminds me of the question I (a skydiver since the 60s) get when asked what happens if the parachute malfunctions. Answer: You use the reserve parachute all skydivers carry. Then they ask, and what happens if that one fails? :) Fortunately, in the case of Tesla the chances of both vehicle...
  5. Patrick W

    2nd extra Tesla as a back up for 1 driver?

    I have 2 Ss but only because the trade in offer for the old one was not enough so kept it thinking I'd sell it privately. But now attached to it and, honestly, given what I've heard about repairs taking so long have decided to keep the older one "just in case".
  6. Patrick W

    Upgrading the battery on a 2014 model S 60?

    Some cars badged "60" were actually 75 that were software locked so only 60 of the battery could be accessed. For a while one could have the extra 15 unlocked but I heard (second hand) recently that they are not doing that anymore. But might not hurt to check.
  7. Patrick W

    App notifications stopped

    Thanks for the reminder. I've not been receiving notifications when an update is available for a few updates. Your post reminded me to check and, sure enough, update is available. Updating now. Following up. While I did not receive the "Update Available" notice I just received the "Software...
  8. Patrick W

    Units of Distance added during last charge

    Maybe Tesla is trying to subtly drag us into the modern measuring system? :)
  9. Patrick W

    Why so few SW updates for my 2016 Model S

    For those who might be interested or would like to compare to their situation, here are dates of all updates my December 2016 S has received since new. Updates are definitely arriving less frequently with the longest time between updates being 93 days which is how long I wanted for the most...
  10. Patrick W

    Where can I buy the OEM Tesla center wheel caps in silver?

    Discount Tire replaced one of mine. I can't tell if it is OEM but to my untrained eye it looks as good as the others.
  11. Patrick W

    what does your customized License plate (tags) say?

    A page on the subject the Utah group put together. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.885138568844437&type=3
  12. Patrick W

    Is the Web browser supposed to suck?

    The browser on my December 2016 S is pretty much worthless. I had thought the recall might have improved things but I got that a few weeks ago and it did not help. Tesla does offer an update that several reports show does improve things but given that I don't use the browser that often I'm...
  13. Patrick W

    4G LTE upgrade appointments hard to get!

    Ah, that's right. I forgot about AT&T doing that.
  14. Patrick W

    4G LTE upgrade appointments hard to get!

    For what it's worth I had the upgrade done to my first S and didn't really see much if any improvement.
  15. Patrick W

    My S May Have Just Saved a Life

    I thought about that but as bad luck would have it it happened right at the end of one segment of the video and picked up at the start of the next so there's gap at the time of "closest approach"
  16. Patrick W

    My S May Have Just Saved a Life

    I just had a very scary situation. Driving north on highway 36 out of Tooele, Utah earlier this morning all seemed fine for a 1:00 am drive. But suddenly the car (which I had operating on Autopilot) gave me a Take Over Immediately message accompanied by a loud chime while braking itself hard...
  17. Patrick W

    Upgrading the battery on a 2014 model S 60?

    You might want to check with a service center to see if yours is one of the 60s that actually has a 75 battery in it. My 2016 S60 is like that. It's a 75 that is software locked to 60. For a fee Tesla will unlock the extra 15 though I've never done that.
  18. Patrick W

    Anyone know of a repair shop for my S in Salt lake ?

    You might want to check with the Tesla Owners Utah Facebook page: Facebook Groups
  19. Patrick W

    Only receiving 2020 updates in the UK?

    You are not alone. And not just in the UK. I'm in the US and my December 2016 S is still on 2020.48.37.6. I've checked with the local service center and rang Tesla Help Desk. Both said I have the most recent update. Check here and you'll see a few of us on 2020. TeslaFi.com Firmware Tracker
  20. Patrick W

    Car Not Sleeping. Ideas?

    Actually I gave it a day and a half. Still not sleeping. But also no battery drain that I can see. I will check with the service center about doing the reset. Thanks!
  21. Patrick W

    Battery Upgrade

    Well, nor sure what to say. The option is no longer on the Tesla app on my phone (it used to be) and when I rang Tesla they said the option had been discontinued. ???
  22. Patrick W

    Battery Upgrade

    My 2016 S 60 came with a 75kW battery that was software locked to 60. Tesla used to offer to remove the lock for a fee but that program was recently ended. Still you might want to see if your battery is actually a 75 and then see if some place like Gruber could unlock it.
  23. Patrick W

    Car Not Sleeping. Ideas?

    I wondered about that but using the app does not wake up the other car. When looking at that screen I can wake the cars up by touching the cars' images but I'm not doing that.
  24. Patrick W

    Car Not Sleeping. Ideas?

    It has those options. I've never had summon turned on. Did have Sentry Mode on but turned it off after your suggestion but still not sleeping.
  25. Patrick W

    Car Not Sleeping. Ideas?

    December 2016 S with full self driving computer always seems to be "Online". Unlike the newer S (December 2019) it shares the garage and wifi with which does sleep. I tried doing a scroll wheel reset and turned the car off and on. Thinking it might be the fob I wrapped both sets of fobs in...
  26. Patrick W

    Updated refresh owners manual just posted

    Can you post the URL where you found it?
  27. Patrick W

    Wall charger

    Unless you really need it skip the wall charger and just have a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed near where you park and charge with that. I've been doing that with my Ss since 2015.
  28. Patrick W

    Anyone missing a model S in Southern California?

    It's possible to remotely copy the FOB but more likely that the thief managed to steal the FOB.
  29. Patrick W

    MCU2. The darkness has lifted

    Same here. The rear camera on my 2016 S was much better at night than that on my 2019 S. Now with 2021.4.3 it's hard to tell the difference.
  30. Patrick W

    A yoke or a joke?

    I've been a pilot since the late 60s and every airplane save one that I've flown has used a yoke. I like yokes and don't really see a problem having them in what I drive on the ground. I like both of my current Ss so don't anticipate buying a yoke model anytime soon but do hope I get to test...
  31. Patrick W


    The only change I've seen is the way the speeds are displayed (though that may have happened one update before at 2020.48.35).
  32. Patrick W

    why has my dash display changed without a recent software update???

    While watching activity on my internet router I've noticed a lot of data being transferred to my vehicles with no change in the firmware version number.
  33. Patrick W

    Gwynne Shotwell

    Gwynne Shotwell : Launching The Future | 2020 Power Women's Summit The Pioneer: Launching The Future | 2020 Power Women's Summit
  34. Patrick W

    Prepay Premium Connectivity?

    Hence my use of the qualifier "some". But, you are right. With Tesla one never really knows for sure. :)
  35. Patrick W

    Prepay Premium Connectivity?

    Yes. Just like some older Teslas have lifetime supercharging some also have lifetime premium connectivity.
  36. Patrick W

    Prepay Premium Connectivity?

    On my S when I open the Software page on the touchscreen there's a space reading "Premium Connectivity" followed by the data it expires.
  37. Patrick W

    Prepay Premium Connectivity?

    I am pretty sure I heard Elon say (a while back) that one would be able to pay for Premium Connectivity either monthly or annually. But looking at my My Tesla account I only see the monthly option. I'd prefer annually. Can that be done?
  38. Patrick W

    65 mph Speed Limit Signs "invisible" to Tesla

    Glad to see I'm not the only one seeing this. Neither of my Ss (December 2016 and December 2019) "see" the 2 65 signs I pass regularly. I figured it was just those signs. As it happens I was talking with the Tesla Help Desk about another matter this evening and asked about 65 signs. She said...
  39. Patrick W

    Model S 'Vent' only opens windows but does not close them?

    Same here. Discussion on the local Tesla Facebook group indicates it's normal. (But does seem odd.)
  40. Patrick W

    Mobile app not connecting

    I had a similar problem earlier this month. I rang the Tesla help line and the person there said they'd not heard of anyone else with the problem. However shortly thereafter the app started connecting again. I also turned off the phone's wifi so the phone was only talking to the outside world...
  41. Patrick W

    Blog SpaceX’s Starship Conducts 150 Meter Launch and Land

    Excellent! Thanks for doing that. And to the blogger for correcting it. Note the license plate. :) (No not a Tesla. My other cars are Teslas but I picked up this one at the factory while living in Deutschland 48 years ago and just care bear to part with it.)
  42. Patrick W

    Blog SpaceX’s Starship Conducts 150 Meter Launch and Land

    Ha! I wasn't expecting to be agreed with. Still I fear we're going to have to wait for my fellow old people to die off before we catch up with the rest of the world (at least in that regard).
  43. Patrick W

    Blog SpaceX’s Starship Conducts 150 Meter Launch and Land

    Since SpaceX uses modern units of measure suggest changing the title of the thread to "SpaceX's Starship Conducts 150 meter Launch and Land"
  44. Patrick W

    Mars 2020 Mission, Perseverance Rover Launch

    For those who might want to "literally" follow the mission, JPL-Horizons provides coordinates for those with the proper equipment to follow the craft for the first day or so after leaving Earth. Note that the spacecraft will be way too faint to be seen with naked eye or even binoculars. But...
  45. Patrick W

    HW 3.0 Upgrade from 2.0 - very very pleased

    What version firmware did your 3.0 computer come with? I had 2020.20.5 before the install and 2020.20.12 came with the new computer. Shortly thereafter the car (December 2016 S) updated to and remains at 2020.20.17 which appears to be about 8 weeks older than the latest update.
  46. Patrick W

    SSD size for Teslacam / Sentry mode

    I've been using one of these in both of my Ss and have not had any problems. SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 64GB Flash Drive
  47. Patrick W

    Best Dashcam for Model S

    Pro Audio. But it's here in Utah which appears to be a ways from you. ProAudio.com
  48. Patrick W

    Autopilot Cameras fault

    Same thing happened to me last week. After it was parked for a while (about 2 hours) the warnings went away and have not come back. (???)
  49. Patrick W

    Tesla Short Short's

    Love the idea, but too pricey for me. :)

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