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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    No, never owned an Audi. Mostly Japanese cars - including an RX-7 that I threw a used motor in. I said uncommon - certainly some German brands with some engines are an issue but nothing beats the RX-7. I think I paid $2100 for a reman engine back in the 90s. So even adjusting for inflation, a...
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    Service says $22k for new battery on 2012 Model S

    Not to be a useful idiot, but Tesla does have a lot of data that would be really nice to see. But, there is very little that can be derived from Roadster longevity data, to 2012-13 S data, to later S models. There were rather big changes along the way with proven longevity improvements. Well -...
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    Climate Change Denial

    Let's go with the agenda argument because I think it is fair. The primary agenda of all powerful people is to stay in power. Well - not all - but a large majority. You can say that people in media want to keep their jobs and so need eyeballs or ears. That is totally true and is their agenda...
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    Full Self Driving without Assistance by this time Next Year - Musk

    I find it interesting that people would ever give Elon a pass on all this. Aspirational, keeping the conversation going or whatever excuses people use for his behavior. The fact is that the general assault on truth has negative consequences. Little things at first. And eventually we realize the...
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    Supercharger Shock!

    Wait a sec - commercial rates are not necessarily (and in my experience not usally) more than residential rates. In my experience they have demand charges but then lower rates. So maybe $10 a month per kw peak - so up to $2000 per charger station but then $.05 per kwh. (I have paid $5 demand so...
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    What do if I need new battery in my model S

    80k km is about 50k miles; 4 years is what is generally reported. $15,360 CAD would be $12k US. Perhaps 5% VAT thrown in? Sounds normal for a refurb battery. (Now availability of refurb does seem to be an issue but Canada is like a whole nother country with different consumer protection laws and...
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    What happened to the 80amp charger?

    If you start electrifying everything, a 400 amp feed on a new house makes sense - at least for a big house. There is very little practical need for 80 amp home charging. Hopefully, cars get more efficient and they get more miles from the 48 amp charging so it goes both ways. Also as range goes...
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    Climate Change Denial

    No one should be conflating local air pollution with climate change. In the US, the air quality is mostly pretty good and mostly better over time. Not universal at all but not a huge problem in many areas. Cleaning up local air is easy - in most of the US. I only say this because ignorant...
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    Original owners of 2012/2013 Model S w/ 85 kWh pack: Has your main pack been replaced?

    Well for sure, radio doesn't count as anything. And generally a/c isn't a big issue either. Heat - sure. I find (in my 70D experience) that drag goes down so much with increased temp that makes up for the a/c use. I have struggled some at ambient temp of 50 with no HVAC compared to 75 degrees...
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    Big electric trucks and SUVs are the new gas guzzlers

    Well - to be fair - autonomous cars could allow significanly less traffic. I mean look at the space between cars in the pic. I even think just electric cars will allow a bit more speed in traffic - better response time to accelerator push. But the real problem is the person in the driver's seat...
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    Climate Change Denial

    I don't know exact details but the pic I could find for Gore's house was very elevated. Hard to tell about Obama's but definitely looks lower. I have an ocean front property and so I have thought about this a pretty good deal. It goes something like this. - you only live once and the house was...
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    Original owners of 2012/2013 Model S w/ 85 kWh pack: Has your main pack been replaced?

    Fair enough. Just a bit tired of "impossible to reach range" claims. I don't think the EPA estimate (and the true efficiency) was particularly different from a 2015S and a 2013S - corrected for battery size when applicable - so that is why I felt it was relevant. As someone out of warranty in...
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    Original owners of 2012/2013 Model S w/ 85 kWh pack: Has your main pack been replaced?

    "I never heard..." - a bit of a hyperbole. I can easily exceed rated range in my 70D - so not 265. It really is easy. Mild temps, original non performance tires. Staying under 65 mph. I do it all the time. My epa rating is at about 280 wh/mile. My lifetime is like 295 - which includes winter, 80...
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    Over the air improvements or Over the air repairs? (No wonder such few recalls) *SupperCharging is Slower and Range Decreased!

    I have a 70D that has slower than original charging - not as bad as some - I can hit 70kw. Tesla is not perfect but not horrible on this either. I have 100k miles and less than 10% degradation even if 30% on supercharging speed. No one knew in 2015 (my purchase) how this was all going to work...
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    Model 3 RWD range difference

    Well, you don't need the range day to day. When you road trip, you charge any car to 100% if you need it. So the LR gives you range when you need it... Is there a supercharging speed difference? Certainly a bigger battery will nearly always charge faster when you factor in the taper. Doesn't...
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    Quality at home charging, are charge ports really needed to be installed at home?

    I don't think all cars are the same when it comes to charging overhead, so that is another variable. I have 2015 70D which likes to run pumps a lot more than it used to. So charging overhead has changed over time. So it gets challenging to figure an answer. I personally think the sweet spot is...
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    When Did You Need to Replace Your 12V Battery?

    Ambient temperature is the biggest variable. Pheonix - 1 year sounds reasonable. That would be silly in Maine. That lesson was driven home with the Leafs - sure different battery tech but chemistry is still temperature dependent. There is a battery life expectancy map somewhere - made for ICE...
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    Why is my battery pre-conditioning for Supercharging 90 miles from the charger?

    I sincerely doubt 7kw is put to a heat pump. That statement alone might disqualify you on making energy use statements. Arguably, living in "SF bay area" wouldn't make you super experienced either. Also, the majority of model S's do not have heat pumps so that is another issue. Tesla does some...
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    FSD for 10k, is it worthwhile

    Watching The Dropout now... Elon's FSD shares a lot of characteristics with Theranos. FSD implies L5. It isn't that, it won't ever be that. Paying $$ and expecting that is a setup for disappointment. If you like what it does today and that is worth the money, then buy it. Honestly, I couldn't...
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    What do if I need new battery in my model S

    The market for dead tesla's isn't big. $10k has been thrown around but I am sure that some details matter - mileage, model, condition etc.
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    Why Model S have very low trade in value (Vroom,Carvana...) ?

    I suppose warranty makes a big difference too. Your S has no more bumper to bumper warranty or is about to lose it. What premium upgrades existed in 2018 that aren't standard now and were for years? Are they actually worth anything anyway? Paying $65k for an S that has no warranty is pretty...
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    Totally agree about the more recent efficiency games. But also, OP has new car (assumption) and there is some break in. Especially tires. And for sure 40 degrees is a big hit. And misting doesn't help - especially if that means he needed heat with little solar gain. So will probably get closer...
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    2nd HV battery replacement?

    Looks like we need to update the battery failure counter by 2 in the last week. And whoever said that most people with a failure would be posting even if not normally a forum member maybe right.... Both new folks - what size battery? The 60's seemed to fail at a much higher rate. Never heard of...
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    Electrician confusion with 14-50 outlet

    Thanks for the info about the GFCI breaker. I am 100% sure this rule is broken all the time.
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    Florida Light and Power Moves Against Net Metering

    Sounds like there is some disagreement whether or not you can be off-grid. Which is it? And how enforced? I can disconnect power at anytime - I could probably get away with rehooking it backup each winter but there is a charge. Living in NC, I have some concerns if our governor were to switch...
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    Florida Light and Power Moves Against Net Metering

    May want to look at efficiency a bit....speaking to you Crimson. But of course several cars and 6000 sqft and 5 occupants - that might be reasonable. I have 3 occupants, 2 Teslas and 3800 sqft. Use about 16 mwh a year. And don't complain to me about a/c, heat is far worse. But we do have longer...
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    2015 Tesla Model S Drive Trains

    On the warranty, you already had one from Tesla for another year and unlimited mileage. I would not trust the average dealer to extend that by 2 years for any cost. Perhaps if it was a high volume Tesla reseller - and had several reviews from customers who had warranty claims. Just in case...
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    Heat Pump vs. Geothermal Heat Pump

    Thanks willow_hiller. Just what I need - more time to waste over analysizing my stat! I already like the decimel temperature readout. The delta temp per hour is good for estimating when to fire up the unit when returning from vacation.
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    My Model S 85D and Tesla life at 100K miles

    I hit 99k this week. 2015 70D 3 door handles.... One battery heater. And a MCU2 upgrade. I also had a gratis repair that I didn't deserve but it was a front driver's door wiring harness failure. They just repaired the 1 wire which was causing intermittent driver's rear door problems. But just...
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    Florida Light and Power Moves Against Net Metering

    Curious why you can't be off grid in Florida? Is it not the land of the free? I can see various municipalities claiming a code issue but there is no code enforcement after permits are signed off. Is the electric utility police going to come after you if you just stop paying? Rules forcing...
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    Changing to electric hot water?

    First of all, some low flow shower heads are pretty good. Some are terrible. YMMV. Also most of the time there is reducer that you can remove without resorting to drilling. Second - location matters in these discussions. Ground water temperature varies across the country and that impacts...
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    Nine-year-old Tesla with the original battery, yes you should buy a used one

    Is there another EV that has a more reasonably priced battery pack? Not on a kwh basis. Batteries are expensive. The reality is that an 8+ yo tesla is a large gamble. WK057 is helping a lot with this but only for those that both know about it and are proactive.
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    Why wont my 2015 stay powered on?

    I am an impatient person and the faster boot up was the best part of the MCU2 upgrade. 5/2015 build. Mind you, I had some bubbling and a 3G modem - and the boot up was still the best part. On another topic. There is no might - your battery is degraded. Every battery is degraded. It is like...
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    Florida Light and Power Moves Against Net Metering

    Good luck. Just think, if CA struggles with this kind of BS, do you really think you have a chance in FL? Batteries is your solution - at least your sun pairs up well with your usage. The winter in many areas makes going off grid with batteries a bit harder. At some point, what do you expect FPL...
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    Where's the missing 10 kwh energy use from today?

    I would think 3% is a better part of that range for the aero covers. Speed matters absolutely. Aero resistance is not linear and it isn't even squared but closer to 3rd power. Nothing is exact of course but very dramatically goes up with speed. So the aero effect is much greater at 80 mph than...
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    Prediction when BEV will impact fuel, and more importantly statistics.

    Remember, if the price of oil falls, the case for EVs and reduction in other oil products becomes harder to justify. Hard to get people to buy EVs but it is much easier with $4 gas. Really hard with $1 gas. The fact is that the "all-knowing market" works pretty well with oil - albeit with long...
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    Infrastructure Bill to Invest $7.5B into EV Chargers Along Highways

    Not to go to big on one point, but I thought you meant Electrify America not ChargePoint. I don't think it is appropriate to say that Tesla has done it so we are done. Obviously there are cars out there other than Teslas and there absolutely should not be a monopoly on charging. The DMV is...
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    Prediction when BEV will impact fuel, and more importantly statistics.

    Unfortunately 2019 will not likely be the peak. US production is one marker and very price dependent. Given the sustained increase in oil price, production will go up. But the oil producers also study the EV trends. The reality though is that worldwide demand will not get hit hard for many years...
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    Considering electric tankless WH... 2nd AO Smith heat pump WH failed

    Just another anecdote. 2 Rheems in 2 houses. One 3 yo and one 6 yo. Flawless.
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    Heat Pump vs. Geothermal Heat Pump

    December was like the 3rd hottest ever in NC - close enough to MD to matter. It was warmer than November. Shorter heat pump run times. So you might want to throw out that comparable. My usage numbers Dec 2020 1.6 mwh Dec 2021 1.32 mwh (17.5% decrease) No changes in equipment/driving pattern...
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    HV battery on older S gradual loss or unexpected failure

    You have lost 6% which is pretty good. I have a 70 that is younger with same mileage and I lost 8% which is pretty average. It is unusual to see people with significantly >10% loss - not unheard of but not normal. So you are probably on the good side of the bell curve but not some amazing...
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    Vendor Tesla Model S Battery Extended Service Plans from 057 Technology

    Not to be a downer, but would anyone really pay WK057 $25k for a battery - the upper limit of the range? At that price, you would get a Tesla battery with a 4 year warranty. And wouldn't the potential low end of transport costs be zero in all scenarios. The battery will fail - at least by your...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    As a physician I can fully acknowledge that physicians can often view facts through a certain political and worldview. They also are often very guilty of hubris - probably way more than non-MDs. I can also assure you that many people make it through medical school with a serious lack of critical...
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    Elon lost me on the Covid stuff but he continues to find more reasons to disappoint. No reason to try and list them all. It is really easy to be a libertarian when you are very rich. Not selling my S over it but would not buy another.
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    Daily charging or not?

    You said "charged to your set point of something less than or equal to 90%". Obviously you allowed for less than 90% but you included 90% as an option which is not best. I don't charge every day because I don't drive every day. But the OP was driving a good amount so I have no disagreement on...
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    Daily charging or not?

    I don't agree. Tesla tells you to plug in every day because they don't want you to ever be wishing you car was fully charged. Tesla is trying to make the process the most straightforward and not likely to cause an inconvenience. 90% for instance. I don't think you will find a battery expert that...
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    Battery Replacement Cost

    I suspect we are much higher than .2% in the first year after warranty. I understand your logic but there are a lot of those 25k models that are not even driving any more or never had a brisk driving life. I think you put too much faith in the in the intelligence and practicality of owners. I...
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    2021 EV Tax Credit

    Still isn't fair to the minimal driver. I am guessing that you drive more than average? Fair ... always a question. The fact is that road damage is primarily trucks and has little to do with personal driving. So just raise another tax to make it work - that would be fair. But a flat tax is also...
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    A Microcosm of what's wrong with Tesla service, the door handles

    Just so you know, Tesla charges closer to $400 for a new door handle. It is way better than the original. Might save you a bit of frustration. I have done 3 and Tesla had to do one of them again - failed for a different reason. The wiring harness used to be $20. They recently jacked the price...
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    Any way to see supercharger rates on nav in car with free supercharging

    Imagine, Tesla not being transparent.... Here in NC, they allow kwh charging. Interestingly, in July 2019 - it was time. Hard to imagine that NC changed the law between then and now but maybe. I am not sure that I supercharged between July 2019 and July 2021 so not sure when the change happened...

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