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  1. timk225

    New M3P on 19' OEM Sports Wheels?

    I like the old style 19" wheels, the newer ones are UGLY with that thicker edge on the rim. I wouldn't mind buying a M3P, but I hate the looks and harder ride of the 20-21 inch wheels they come with. I'd want to put old style 19s on it. Model Y 19s are ok looking.
  2. timk225

    Goodyear Touring all season tires for 235-45-18? Replace MXM4's with them?

    I got the Goodyears last week. So far they seem fine. They ride smoothly, not noisy, no regen problems. Total cost was $909 along with a state inspection and some slight tweaks to the alignment, a couple of the specs were off a little bit.
  3. timk225

    Goodyear Touring all season tires for 235-45-18? Replace MXM4's with them?

    I'm due for a new set of MXM4's, I wore out the last set in 21,000 miles, with a few tire rotations in that time, in my RWD Model 3. Not AWD. The tire shop says Goodyear Touring all season tires are half the price, and I guess I'd get the same mileage lifespan from them. They have an extra...
  4. timk225

    Unable to patch Tesla Michelin tires

    If I needed to fix a nail hole in a Tesla tire, I'd do it the same way I fixed tires on my 1971 Plymouth Valiant and many other old cars for many years. Get a cheap plug kit, coat the plug with RTV silicone, pull the nail, rough up the hole, throw the plug in there, DONE!!!
  5. timk225

    12v battery horror story

    When I got my 3 in May '18, after about a week I got that low 12 volt battery warning once. Did a full 2 button reset, and it was fine. Still on the original 12 volt battery almost 4 years later now.
  6. timk225

    Failed Model 3 HV Battery - Out of Warranty - DIY

    I'm going to have to go through my papers for my car. I remembered it being 8 years unlimited miles, not 8 years OR 120,000 miles. And now there's more confusion. At the time I got my 3 in May '18, there was no AWD model. My 3 was the Long Range version, despite the fact that there was no...
  7. timk225

    Failed Model 3 HV Battery - Out of Warranty - DIY

    I thought the Model 3 battery and motor had an 8 year unlimited mileage warranty. Don't they? My 3 is an April '18 build, and I'm hoping for the original battery to make it 7 years and 10 months then crash out then get a FREE warranty replacement pack! Are there flaws in my plan?
  8. timk225

    Real World 6-15 Charging Speeds

    A 6-15 should deliver 11 MPH of charging. I had a 6-20 wired up for a couple months before I built my driveway, and I got a solid 15 MPH charge rate from it.
  9. timk225

    2018 Model 3 Rear Axle Damage accident total or not

    Aside from the quarter panel and bumper, the suspension subassembly is all bolt on parts, so if the frame rails aren't damaged, it shouldn't be too bad to repair. It can be fixed, only issue is the cost. And with vehicle prices as high as they are these days, that works in your favor to raise...
  10. timk225

    6’6” tall. Is the M3 for me?

    I'm 6' 0", and I like my Model 3 seat all the way back. But I've got a couple dozen excess pounds too......
  11. timk225

    Is it possible to charge my Tesla Model 3 from a 4kw generator?

    I've charged my Model 3 on a Predator 2000 watt generator. I have a plug I made that ties neutral to ground and plug that into one of the two power outlets. The car won't accept the generator without it. It is an inverter generator. When running, the generator delivers a solid 120 volts at...
  12. timk225

    Autopilot only works if I leave the headlights on!!!

    My 3 is an early April '18 build with the radar AP, not the newer vision-only AP. We had a very overcast cloudy day this morning on my way home at 8am, so no real glare from the sun or anything. Yet the AP behaved the same. Turn off the headlights and the AP freaks out. But only when heading...
  13. timk225

    Autopilot only works if I leave the headlights on!!!

    You're missing the point, which is that AP has an issue it never used to have before. Likely due to changes in its sensitivity.
  14. timk225

    Autopilot only works if I leave the headlights on!!!

    No, they will turn on even in mid-day if it is a cloudy day and the front of the car is facing away from the sun, or if the car is in enough shade, I've seen it many times. No, I turn them on when needed, I just don't like the auto-headlight idea in general. I've been turning my headlights off...
  15. timk225

    Help me finalize color choice! Blue vs White vs Red

    Tesla really needs to get more colors for its cars. They can afford an additional paint shop line.
  16. timk225

    Autopilot only works if I leave the headlights on!!!

    This has been tested and confirmed. My base AP in my 3 only works if I leave the headlights on in a certain driving situation. Lemme 'splain. Your first question may be "Whaddaya mean IF you leave the headlights on? They are on by default!". Not in my 3 they aren't. For nearly 4 years, I...
  17. timk225

    Tesla Semi electric truck is finally about to go into production

    I don't see what's so hard about this. Take a good regular diesel truck, strip it down, take out all the diesel stuff, add the electric drive components and screens and things, and there you go. How hard is this, Tesla? You should be paying me as an outside consultant.
  18. timk225

    Uh-oh. Forgot to rotate the tires for 38K miles!

    Do you ever accelerate in your car, to make tires last 38K miles? When I first got my RWD LR 3, the rear tires were worn SMOOTH in 16K miles. I'm rotating tires every 5-6 K miles now but I still not make it to 25K on a set of tires. I accelerate. Often and hard.
  19. timk225

    Car Colorizer Allows You to Customize The Looks of Your Tesla

    I used Car Colorizer to make my car a nice shade of... BROWN. But yes, there are far more important issues, like give me back my 10.2 interface and tenths digit on the odometers instead of this failure of a Version 11 interface.
  20. timk225

    New red dot on Model 3 screen at top?

    Wow, it sure would be nice if there were something in the update notes that told us that!
  21. timk225

    Turn a TESLA MODEL 3 into K.I.T.T. from KNIGHT RIDER

    That's dumb. Don't do that.
  22. timk225

    New red dot on Model 3 screen at top?

    I just got the 2022.4.5 update, and at the top of the screen, between the temperature and my name, there's a red dot. If I touch it, the red goes away and I just have the outline of its circle. If I touch it again, the red comes back. What is this? I have honk to save clips enabled for dash...
  23. timk225

    How is Model 3 RWD in the snow?

    This winter, with my '18 RWD 3, I've been driving to an area out in the middle of nowhere for work, where the roads are not plowed first. I've been driving in Pittsburgh winters for 30+ years, but this winter has been a little more annoying. On hard packed snowy roads, the all season tires...
  24. timk225

    Rear window has a big CRACK in it!

    My 3 is an early production April '18 build. Never had a problem with the windows until today. For a couple weeks, I've heard a glass cracky sound from the rear of the car. I thought it was maybe the cold weather, but if glass isn't moving, how is it making noise? This is the car's 4th PA...
  25. timk225

    44.5 update, autopilot keeps disconnecting or just won't connect.

    I had a service appointment scheduled, the service tech messaged me and said the AP problem will be fixed in the upcoming 44.30 update. We'll see. Over the last week, AP has continued to be erratic. Sometimes it works fine, sometimes it cuts out part way through a drive and won't go back on...
  26. timk225

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    I got in my 3 today and put the trip miles menu up. It is 0.6 miles from my house to the first stop light. Before I even got there, my miles traveled changed from 0 to 1. So not only did we lose the tenths digit (WHY?!?!?!?), but it's also showing the wrong number of miles on top of that...
  27. timk225

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    If you have to "GET USED TO IT", it is not a good change.
  28. timk225

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    I haven't been here much for most of this year, but I'm making a special return appearance to tell you everything I don't like about V11. I'm sure I'll forget some things, so it'll probably take a few posts. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Tesla should be paying me as a consultant...
  29. timk225

    2021 Holiday Firmware Release - Predictions and Impressions (after release)

    I got a notification this morning that the 25.2 update was ready to download. Is this the version 11? I haven't done it yet, was driving around doing things today.
  30. timk225

    44.5 update, autopilot keeps disconnecting or just won't connect.

    It got fixed, the problem was exactly what I told them it was. They replaced the wireless / cell receiver card and it has been fine and has had a solid LTE connection ever since. The general manager listened to what I had to say and talked to a mobile service tech, and I was right.
  31. timk225

    44.5 update, autopilot keeps disconnecting or just won't connect.

    44.6 didn't fix it. I drove to work and the AP was fine, then I left work and was halfway home on AP, out on the open highway, when suddenly you get the warning beeps and the red steering wheel and TAKE OVER IMMEDIATELY on the screen. Then once it does that, the steering part stops working but...
  32. timk225

    44.5 update, autopilot keeps disconnecting or just won't connect.

    I got the 44.5 update not long ago, 44.6 is installing tonight. Over that last week or so, I've had a problem with the autopilot (Base AP) working randomly. It might be fine for a day or two, then all of a sudden it'll kick off and won't go back on. The 2 blue circles on the touchscreen will...
  33. timk225

    Did anyone randomly get a toy Tesla Model 3 from Tesla

    I got a toy Model 3 when I picked up my new Model 3 on 5/8/18.
  34. timk225

    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    My April '18 build 3 developed the musty AC smell and had it for a few months, I had the local Tesla SC clean it out last year. It's been good, but now in the humid summer weather it's coming back. Since the car is off warranty now, I'll look into doing it myself.
  35. timk225

    Reveal of My Ruined Tesla....

    I disapprove of the mods. Tesla are to be kept looking elegant and distinguished and for people who can afford a better car, not turned into some rice rocket looking thing. Go get a Honda Civic and mod it like that.
  36. timk225

    Changing oil and filter in differential assembly.

    Back when I got my 3 LR RWD in May 2018, the standard maintenance thing was to change the differential / gearbox oil and filter at 25,000 miles. But only a month or so before I got to 25K, Tesla stopped doing that. Now they claim it's good for much longer, I forget the time or mileage numbers...
  37. timk225

    My car is "offline", no radio at all, marginal GPS [SC states bad computer]

    I'm working now on getting some warranty coverage at least in part for a computer replacement. Warranty or no, it should not be failing in 3 years and I sure as hell ain't paying TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS for one that only has a 1 year warranty! I'll grab a used one on ebay for a few hundred and it...
  38. timk225

    My car is "offline", no radio at all, marginal GPS [SC states bad computer]

    Well I'm not going to ask HIM for it. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction of saying no. I'll contact higher Tesla warranty support. And I doubt it was intentional, but my car DID leave the SC with 3 problems that it didn't have when I dropped it off, and the original problem wasn't fixed, so...
  39. timk225

    My car is "offline", no radio at all, marginal GPS [SC states bad computer]

    After having driven my car some since yesterday, it now has a few problems that it didn't have before it went in for service. 1. There's no temperature readout on the screen. Someone must have left a wire unplugged from the computer. 2. While driving in traffic, not on autopilot, every time I...
  40. timk225

    My car is "offline", no radio at all, marginal GPS [SC states bad computer]

    Well, it's the bad news. The SC rep called today and said the 2.5 computer is futzed, they couldn't connect to it, the car is offline, etc. TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, PLEASE. Yeah........ NO. I've enjoyed being able to just take my car in under warranty and have them just fix whatever with no...
  41. timk225

    Sentry Mode Annoying to use

    Well yes, but for security reasons I never input my real address for home or work into the car. I've read about people finding your home from that. The recent version of the "Death Wish" movie series Bruce Willis movie was predicated on that exact thing, the valet parking criminals finding his...
  42. timk225

    A sincere effort from a hater to adapt to living in a world with Teslas

    I bought my Model 3 because I like the technology and the car itself. And it rides like a high powered go-kart! I'm not some enviro-whacko who is out there screaming how the world will end and we must abandon all fossil fuels NOW. Having said that, although wind energy and solar and battery...
  43. timk225

    Early mode 3 buyers: pre-2020 (autopilot upgrade) sale?

    I have an April '18 build Model 3. In March of '19 I bought the Base AP for $2000 during their sale that lasted about a week. It was good, but I'd like to have turn signal lane changes. Here in 21st century America, kicking off the AP, making the lane change, and 2 downward clicks to turn AP...
  44. timk225

    NASA, you should have had a plan for dust on solar panels......

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/nasas-insight-mars-lander-is-not-getting-power-due-to-dust-on-arrays/ar-AALmEBW?li=BBnbfcL Why am I not surprised that NASA thought the 1% of earth thickness Martian atmosphere would be able to blow clean the rover solar panels? NASA should have had...
  45. timk225

    What do you do for a living?

    I'm a data center computer nerd and a professional internet troll. :)
  46. timk225

    Sentry Mode Annoying to use

    I use Sentry Mode at night and turn it off when I'm at work to save battery power. It'd be nice if Tesla would put its on/off slider in a more accessible location at the top of a menu, so I don't have to press the car icon, THEN the Safety & Security words, THEN scroll down to turn it on or...
  47. timk225

    My car is "offline", no radio at all, marginal GPS [SC states bad computer]

    I had a mobile service appointment scheduled for the 15th, but Tesla changed it and had me bring my 3 to the Wexford SC today to be worked on tomorrow. I got a Model S 70D loaner to try out and it's ok, but I'm surprised it doesn't have the Hold feature in the driving options. Once I stop in...
  48. timk225

    My car is "offline", no radio at all, marginal GPS [SC states bad computer]

    I put in a service call, they can't come look at it until the 15th. And if you remember some of my earliest posts here, you'll know that I had to pay an extra $14,000 for my 3 because Tesla only made the expensive version first. So any bonus free service I can get for that 14 grand is good. ;)
  49. timk225

    My car is "offline", no radio at all, marginal GPS [SC states bad computer]

    Well, I'm over the 50,000 mile part of the warranty, but not over the 4 year part of the warranty. So maybe 50% covered? I'm looking for any way to get it fixed for free, because it seems to be a component / software failure, plus if I can get it fixed for free, I'll have more money in the...
  50. timk225

    My car is "offline", no radio at all, marginal GPS [SC states bad computer]

    Ever since the LTE connection in my 3 became erratic about a month ago, I've had to do a lot of Power Offs and 2 button resets to try to kick the LTE into working again, which it will do sometimes, but there's no telling how long till it fails again, could be minutes or days. This morning...

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