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  1. joebruin77


    Yes, PPF is very expensive and not for everyone. As I have said on other posts on TMC, a $10 bottle of Turtle Wax Seal and Shine is a perfectly good choice for paint protection. However, PPF does offer the absolute highest level of paint protection. And its self-healing properties are mind...
  2. joebruin77

    I have two question - Highly gratefull in advanced for answering. Ty

    Sorry if that was not clear. Yes, in order to charge at 48 amps, your EVSE needs to be hardwired to a line with a 60-amp breaker. That is why 40 amps is the maximum you can safely charge at with a 14-50 outlet.
  3. joebruin77

    I have two question - Highly gratefull in advanced for answering. Ty

    In the words of Elon Musk, "A plugged-in Tesla is a happy Tesla". So yes, it is definitely ok to leave the car plugged into the EVSE. Just make sure to limit your upper charge percentage. For example, I typically limit my daily charge to 80%. Anything at or below 90% is ok. But you only want...
  4. joebruin77

    I have two question - Highly gratefull in advanced for answering. Ty

    When choosing an EVSE, there are several factors to consider such as: 1) Do you plan on charging only Teslas or do you plan on charging non-Tesla EV's? Do you plan on charging outside in your driveway or inside in your garage? I personally chose the Tesla Wall Connector and I love it. I...
  5. joebruin77

    Can I use my Tesla Wall Charger to charge a VW ID.4 with an adapter?

    The Gen 2 is not capable of being restricted. That feature is found in the Gen 3 version. So you should be fine.
  6. joebruin77

    To ceramic coat or not to ceramic coat?

    That is a valid point of view. Some people just don't feel like the cost of PPF is justified, especially if you are only going to keep the car for 2-3 years. However, when people talk about getting the car repainted for less money, there are couple points to keep in mind: 1) PPF has...
  7. joebruin77

    To ceramic coat or not to ceramic coat?

    If you are concerned about cost, there are DIY consumer-grade ceramic coatings that are cheap and relatively easy to apply. For example, I just bought Gyeon Cancoat Evo for $59.00. It is very easy to apply and will provide about 18 months of protection. There are also ceramic-infused spray...
  8. joebruin77

    Exterior detailing question

    I suggest you check with the manufacturer of your PPF for specific care instructions. I can only speak to how to care for Xpel PPF since that it is what I have and know. Here is a quote from the FAQ section of the Xpel website (see below). You want to make sure whatever wax or sealant you use...
  9. joebruin77

    MSM paint fade?

    Agreed. Any car's paint will look dull after a few years if the paint is not washed, decontaminated, polished, and protected on a regular basis. If you love the MSM paint color, I say go for it and have the car ceramic coated shortly after delivery. As long as you wash and maintain the car's...
  10. joebruin77

    Tesla Service is DEFNITELY Improving!!!

    Good question. I personally have never had a bad experience with Tesla service. I chose the word “improving” to contrast my recent experience with some of the past negative experiences posted by other owners.
  11. joebruin77

    Tesla Service is DEFNITELY Improving!!!

    In the past, I would see some posts on TMC about poor experiences owners have had at their local service center. I figure not as many people post when they have a positive experience. So that is why I decided to share with everyone that I had a very positive experience at my local service...
  12. joebruin77

    Tesla Model 3 Charging Issue

    Something similar happened to my 2018 P3D in June of 2021. At first, I thought the 12v battery was dead and had to be replaced. It turns out the issue was not the 12v battery but rather the MCU had to be replaced. If I recall correctly, the first day the service center gave me Uber credits. But...
  13. joebruin77

    1.5 week old M3LR hood scrapes

    I don't know about the cost, but there is a good chance PPF would have helped. Either it would have self-healed or, more likely, the PPF would have been damaged but the paint underneath would likely be ok. Replacing a piece of PPF is actually cheaper than repainting. I had a similar issue on...
  14. joebruin77

    Repeated "Popping/ticking" Sound from Rear Speaker

    Thanks for the heads up. I actually was able to make an appointment for a mobile service visit next week.
  15. joebruin77

    Repeated "Popping/ticking" Sound from Rear Speaker

    That's good to know. No, I have not had the rear harness replaced yet and I am still under warranty for another 6 months. I will definitely make a SC appt. Thank you!
  16. joebruin77

    Repeated "Popping/ticking" Sound from Rear Speaker

    The sound system in my 2018 P3D had been working just fine. However, this morning, I started hearing a very annoying popping or ticking sound. The sound is a very short "pop" and it repeats every 2-3 seconds endelessly. The sound only occurs when the sound system is turned on. The sound occurs...
  17. joebruin77

    Sentry USB Disconnected

    Thanks for your reply and for letting me know. Just curious, how do you know Tesla is aware of this?
  18. joebruin77

    Sentry USB Disconnected

    I have been having the same issue. I thought my Samsung SSD stopped working, so I bought a new one. But same issue is occurring. Since so many people are having this issue, it must be a bug. How do we report the issue to Tesla?
  19. joebruin77

    Washing Model 3

    I am a huge fan of rinseless wash products like ONR. I used to do a traditional 2-bucket wash using Meguiars Gold Class Soap, which is a great, reasonably priced car soap. But given that we are in a "mega-drought", I keep my traditional washes to a minimum. A traditional car wash can use 50 to...
  20. joebruin77

    Is PPF or ceramic coating necessary?

    Yep, I totally get it. Although I have loved my PPF and the self-healing properties are amazing, a $59 bottle of Gyone Cancoat Evo or even a $9 bottle of Turtle Wax Seal and Shine are much more economical options.
  21. joebruin77

    Is PPF or ceramic coating necessary?

    I could be wrong, but I would think the opposite. I would think the darker the color, the more noticeable paint chips, swirls, and scratches are. For example, black paint is notorious for being difficult to keep scratch and swirl free. If I had a black car, I would strongly consider getting a...
  22. joebruin77

    Is PPF or ceramic coating necessary?

    These are two informative videos on PPF and ceramic coatings that can help you decide if you want them or not (see below). I took delivery of my P3D in Dec 2018 and I had a whole-car Xpel PPF installed the day after delivery. The car is parked outside 24/7. Thanks in part to the PPF, the...
  23. joebruin77

    Can I use my Tesla Wall Charger to charge a VW ID.4 with an adapter?

    I have ordered a Ford MME for my wife and have the same charging situation. I ordered the Lectron Tesla to J1772 adapter. They recently came out with a version that is rated for up to 48 amps. Just make sure whichever one you get has a high enough rating to handle the maximum charge your ID4...
  24. joebruin77

    Ceramic coating & PPF

    You can also visit the homepage of your PPF manufacturer for this info. For example, if you visit Xpel's FAQ page, this is what they say in answer to your question (see below). You should install PPF first and then install the ceramic coating on top of the PPF. If a coating has already been...
  25. joebruin77

    Any tips on cleaning the gray interior liner?

    I had some stains in the same area and I used this fabric cleaner from Mckees 37 and it worked well. The key to avoid a "wet stain" is to spray the product onto a microfiber towel (do not spray it directly onto the area) and then lightly blot the area using the towel. Then "dry" the area with...
  26. joebruin77

    PPF or Ceramic?

    I agree with you that a bottle of Turtle Wax Seal and Shine is an adequate form of paint protection for many people. I also agree with you that there are people out there making unrealistic claims about all sorts of car care products. But I disagree with you that PPF makes your paint look worse...
  27. joebruin77

    PPF or Ceramic?

    I did a full Xpel PPF when I took delivery of my P3D in Dec 2018. I wanted the most protection possible from rock chips, scratches, and swirl marks. PPF has self healing capabilities. Ceramic coatings do not self heal and they can still be scratched. After 3 1/2 years, the paint looks...
  28. joebruin77

    Xpel ultimate plus quote

    Yep, this is from the Xpel website: ULTIMATE PLUS ™ Paint Protection Film To Keep Your Film Looking Great, Follow A Few Simple Guidelines: Wait 48 hours after installation to wash your car. Remove insect or other stains as soon as possible with XPEL Film Cleaner. Stubborn stains can be...
  29. joebruin77

    Xpel ultimate plus quote

    Since your car has a ceramic coating, you can probably just wash it and then apply the GG 3-in-1 Wax. Griots Garage says that this wax makes a great topper for ceramic coated cars.
  30. joebruin77

    Xpel ultimate plus quote

    It really depends on the condition of your paint. Since I wash my car once a week, the contaminants really don't build up and I don't need usually need to use a clay bar that often. You don't want to clay the paint if it is not needed. When you use a clay bar, you do remove a very tiny amount...
  31. joebruin77

    Xpel ultimate plus quote

    Xpel makes their own ppf sealant and also their own ceramic boost spray. I think Xpel recommends applying the ceramic boost spray once every 6 months. My current favorite ceramic spray sealant is Griot's Garage Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax. It provides good protection, enhances the gloss, and is...
  32. joebruin77

    Xpel ultimate plus quote

    Back in 2018, I did a whole-car Xpel PPF. To keep the PPF in good condition, you still need to wash it every week or two. And you do want to apply a PPF-safe sealant or ceramic coating on top of it. I personally skipped the ceramic coating and I just apply a ceramic spray sealant every 3 months...
  33. joebruin77

    Xpel ultimate plus quote

    For those of you who may be considering PPF, I just thought I would share that at least two strangers walking their dogs within the last month asked me "how do you like your new Tesla?". I found this amusing because my Tesla is 3 1/2 years old. They both thought my car was brand new and could...
  34. joebruin77

    Wall Connector pin broke off

    Same exact thing happened to me when I bought my Gen 2 wall connector 3 years ago. I emailed Tesla support and sent a picture of the broken part to Tesla. A couple weeks later, they shipped me a free replacement wall connector. I just had to pay my electrician to replace the units.
  35. joebruin77

    Can you use Optimum No Rinse Wash & Shine followed up with a Ceramic Wax product?

    Thanks for bumping this thread from 2019. I was reviewing it. It is funny how my thinking has changed since I first contributed to this post. I still think Hyper Seal is a great product, but I no longer use it. There are two main reasons. First, it is pretty expensive ($50 for 16oz) and...
  36. joebruin77

    What’s best for my needs? Ceramic Coat or Wrap?

    Here are two videos that do a great job of explaining what PPF and ceramic coatings do and do not do:
  37. joebruin77

    What’s best for my needs? Ceramic Coat or Wrap?

    Paint correction does not usually include major touch up, especially if a panel is "littered" with paint chips. IMO, you would either have to live with the existing paint chips or, if you want to get rid of them, you would have to have the entire panel repainted at a body shop. If you have the...
  38. joebruin77

    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    Here is a YouTube video on this topic. Sounds like a strong all purpose cleaner should remove the dye transfer. In this video, they recommend IGL Multi cleaner diluted 7:1. I would guess Optimum Power Clean diluted 5:1 would also work:
  39. joebruin77

    Front End Bug Prevention

    A ceramic coating would make cleaning the bugs off a lot easier. If you don't want to apply an actual ceramic coating, your next best bet would be a ceramic-infused spray sealant. My current favorite is Griot's Garage Ceramic 3-in-1 Wax, which has ceramic, carnauba wax, and synthetic polymers...
  40. joebruin77

    MASTER THREAD: Removing marks from white seats

    I once had a stubborn stain on my white leather seats. A diluted solution of 50% Simple Green and 50% water got the stain out. I would spray a small test area on your seat with this solution. Let it dwell for a minute or two, then gently rub it with a microfiber towel. Good luck!
  41. joebruin77

    Has Anyone Tried Bead Maker?

    Nice to see this thread revived from 2019! Glad you like Beadmaker. Many people do. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, personally I prefer Technicians Choice Ceramic Detail Spray over Beadmaker. I just checked on Amazon and these products are the same price per gallon. I think TCCDS is...
  42. joebruin77

    Exterior cover of glass only

    I'm not aware of an exterior cover that only covers the glass. If you want to keep the interior temp lower, I would suggest using interior sunshades for the windshield, roof glass, and large rear window glass. You can also have a high-quality ceramic tint installed on all of the glass. I use...
  43. joebruin77

    Cannot clean Model 3 windows for the life of me.

    Another reason to avoid fabric softener with microfiber towels is that, despite the name, fabric softener will actually cause the ends of the fibers to harden. So as a result, the next time you use the MF towel, it can scratch your paint or glass. You also want to avoid drying your microfiber...
  44. joebruin77

    Dented removal in hood with PPF

    Because this type of thing is such a common occurrence, most reputable PPF installers have PDR guys in their shop. I would contact the place you had the PPF installed and ask their PDR guy to take a look at it.
  45. joebruin77

    Ceramic Spray

    No, quite the opposite. Keeping your exterior clean and protected will help the cameras and sensors work better.
  46. joebruin77

    Turtle Wax Hybrid Ceramic Spray

    You are absolutely correct that any wax or sealant will bond to the paint better if the paint is stripped of any previous waxes. However, I personally would not use dish soap on my car for several reasons: 1) There is some debate as to whether or not dish soap actually removes waxes and...
  47. joebruin77

    Bad PPF Install - My Poor Model 3 :(

    Remember, if the original PPF was installed by a manufacturer-authorized installer, the PPF should come with a warranty. You did not indicate what brand your PPF is, but for example, my Xpel PPF comes with a 10-year warranty. So you should not have to pay to have this fixed or replaced. If...
  48. joebruin77

    Considering an ID.4 as second EV. Thoughts?

    Personally, I would not get an ID.4 for two reasons: 1) The ride is comfortable but not sporty and it is much slower than the Tesla model Y or 3. It drives like a Honda CR-V or Toyota Rav-4, which is their target audience. 2) I have concerns about the reliability. I believe consumer reports...
  49. joebruin77

    Experience ceramic coating white seats?

    If you want some ceramic protection but don't want to use an actual ceramic coating, you can use certain ceramic spray sealants on the seats. I personally have used The Last Coat 2.0 and Technicians Choice Ceramic Detail Spray on the white seats with no problems. They won't last as long as an...
  50. joebruin77

    Model 3 Headlight protection film?

    I had Xpel PPF installed on my P3D in Dec 2018. The car is parked outside 24/7. The headlights are protected with PPF and a ceramic spray sealant on top of the PPF. After 3 years, the headlights look brand new. No oxidation or hazing at all.

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