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    Premium Connectivity Message When Starting Car

    Ugh. I think turning off the sources that use streaming would work except that the car only lets you turn off so many sources and thus ONE streaming source is always left no matter what, and that's the one it always seem to want to default to.
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    Model 3 OEM MXM4 with 2000 miles - $500 - Tacoma, WA

    That's a fair deal and I am almost ready for new tires. However, I'm all the way on the other side of the country so I'm guessing shipping wouldn't be worth it.
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    2022 M3P 20" Uberturbine wheels & tires, new, Indianapolis

    Just curious can you put these on a 2018 non-performance Model 3? I am not far from you...
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    Premium Connectivity Message When Starting Car

    Ya, I think it's because the audio source defaults to Tidal no matter what you used last. And if you aren't on Wifi or Premium Connectivity you can't use Tidal, so you get that message. I wish I could just turn off all sources but USB but it forces you to keep at least 4 sources active. Maybe...
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    Premium Connectivity Message When Starting Car

    Bump. Here’s what the message looks like. This is supposed to be the USB player. 🙄 At least that’s where I left it
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    Premium Connectivity Message When Starting Car

    So those of us that like to use USB audio know that the USB player is terrible and often doesn't restart when you get back into the car. But now I have a new message, the car is telling me that I don't have Premium Connectivity when I get into the car, and I have to then close that and go back...
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    JL Audio ACS112LG-TW1

    Glad it's worked out well for you so far!
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    Subwoofer connector/plug

    Splitter for an aftermarket sub I assume? Don't split at the connector, tap the wires further back and then you can have both the OEM sub and your aftermarket sub on at the same time. I used Posi-taps and they worked great.
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    USB music getting disconnected

    Sadly this is an issue with USB that has existed for a long time. Look up threads on USB not resuming properly for more info.
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    Model 3 performance spoiler(never installed)

    No problem let me know if you change your mind.
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    Model 3 performance spoiler(never installed)

    FYI, it looks like this spoiler is currently being sold by RPM for $126. https://www.rpmtesla.com/products/model-3-carbon-fiber-performance-spoiler-abs-plastic-from-129?_pos=1&_sid=4d298d27d&_ss=r&variant=31807491506230 I'd be interested for $100 shipped, let me know.
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    4 Tesla spec Michelin PS4S 275/30/20 tires. Approximately 300 miles. $600 obo

    300 miles? the center of those tires look a lot more used than that..
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    Holiday USB Player loses Album copy

    Bummer, I came on here hoping to find a solution to this. At least I know I'm not alone. 😒
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    Upper Control Arm Sealing DIY?

    I'm at 49,500 with a 2018 LR AWD. So far no squeaks so I'm crossing my fingers as I'm about to go out of warranty.
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    My stereo now sucks, old vs new

    Sound is so subjective. I have a 2018 Model 3, so I have one WITH the rear shelf cut-out, and for me I still found the bass lacking and thus installed a 12in 500W JL Audio subwoofer. Now it hits properly and the rest of the audio was already awesome so I am very happy with it.
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    Quick Model 3 Review - The Best Car I've Ever Owned, With The Most Issues I've Ever Had In A Car.

    2018 Model 3 LR AWD w/ Acceleration Boost. 49,500 miles currently. I've put on the last 10,000 with no issues at all. Original owner had to replace the back windshield when it cracked on a very cold day and one charge port pin. Hoping I got a good one, So far so good!
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    I put the Juicebox on the ceiling

    That looks pretty slick to me. As long as there is no issue with heat dissipation (being right next to the ceiling) then you should be good to go.
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    Inspect and re-seal front upper control arm by mobile service

    I'm about 48.5K miles and have not experienced the control arm squeak yet but you can bet I'm aware and listening for it. No way I would let them do anything to my car that would possibly prolong but not eliminate the issue until AFTER the 50K warranty expires.
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    Requiring keycard on 2021.32.10?

    Yep. Everything is set to on (Refresh, Location, Notifications, etc).
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    Illuminated Door Sills - Tesla Shop

    Jeeze these seem way over-complicated. I had a set of illuminated door sills on my previous car (Lexus CT200h). They snapped right into place where the original door sills were and were powered by tapping into the foot well lights. That way they turn on and off in sequence with the rest of...
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    iOS 15 unable to text

    Yes that's correct you do have to have "show notifications" enabled. I haven't had an issue with texting since updating to iOS 15 but several of us are having issues with the phone not being able to "start" the car and the car asking for the keycard. 😒
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    iOS 15 - phone key keeps disconnecting

    Same here. Glad to see it's something with the phone and not the car, as I assume Apple will fix it quickly. Both times removing the phone and re-adding it to the locks menu has worked. Good tip about the airplane mode, that would be faster to fix it temporarily. I wonder if Apple changed...
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    Requiring keycard on 2021.32.10?

    I can report that I'm seeing this now. For me the timing seems to have aligned to when I updated my iPhone XR to iOS 15,0, however that could be coincidence. Both times removing the phone and then re-adding it from the locks menu has resolved the issue. We'll see if it comes back a 3rd time.
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    Goodwill vs no on upper control arms out of warranty

    I saw some discussion about being able to fix this by re-lubricating with Lithium grease inside the joint. Thankfully mine hasn't started yet but if it does and I'm out of warranty, I will surely try that first. I mean, there is nothing to lose if the alternative is replacing them anyway.
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    Cabin filter cover has no screw

    Don't feel bad, that big rectangle SHOULD be the filter cover. The way it's actually designed is ridiculous.
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    Can I use a Prius Prime’s charger to charge my Model 3?

    Yes that's the way to go actually if you have a Tesla and a non-Tesla EV. Way easier to go J1227 to Tesla connector than vice versa.
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    Selling my 2020 model 3: where can I sell it?

    I bought my 2018 LR AWD on Cars and Bids. They have been getting a lot of Teslas on there.
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    Y vs 3 handling and ride comfort

    For me I test drove both. It was actually the styling of the Model 3 that sold me over the Y. I just thought the Y doesn't look as good being taller and more egg shaped. That's personal preference.
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    Think I’m gonna buy a Taycan

    Go the other way around. Replace the Tesla wall connector with a J1227 wall connector, and then use the J1227 to Tesla connector that comes with the Tesla to charge the Tesla. Will be the same or less than trying to order that janky reverse connector and way more reliable.
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    Service + Costumer Service issue

    That does seem like a long time but they are busy... What I don't get is they offered you a loaner car and you are turning it down? Wouldn't that solve your issue?
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    Is 1'000 USD too much for a 2 year service ?

    I was super excited when Tesla changed the Model 3 service intervals from every 2 years to a few inspections you can do yourself and the AC desicant every 6 years. That's much more like the "service free" promise that is part of the argument for EVs over ICE cars in the first place. 👍
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    Honda Clarity PHEV 47 Mile AER Midsize Sedan

    Ya, that's a bummer but not a surprise. I don't look at it as a failure. The purpose of the PHEV was as a stepping stone to full BEV, and the reason Honda is stopping production is to focus on full BEVs, so they must think the business case is finally there for them. My mother has one, and...
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    What is the cost of replacing a cracked touchscreen model 3 (2020)

    Yes, as soon as my Model 3 goes out of warranty (which is soon) I'm going to become an expert at fixing things myself with used or aftermarket parts. At least as much as I can. Thankfully the shop manual is available online, so that should be a huge help!
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    So sick of truck warnings!

    I don't have that problem but I do have fake "you're gonna crash" warnings when someone is slowing down to turn in from of me. I know I'll have plenty of room and so I don't slow down at all and it definitely doesn't like that. You'd think it would be able to see that the car ahead is turning...
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    Is it ok to turn off Cabin Overheat Setting?

    As a follow-up option, I just bought and installed some sun shades from Amazon. They were basically generic knock offs of the Tesla versions but half the cost (and in-stock). They fit perfect and cut my energy usage to keep Cabin Overheat Protection on all day in half!
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    Replacement cabin air filter cover screw?

    Yes to that big thumb screw! BTW, the OEM screw is a T20. Not sure the thread on it though.
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    What's next for model 3?

    This. Since I don't have that and it's hot as hell right now, I got a set of roof shades on Amazon for $60. Huge difference, I used half the energy in Cabin Overheat Protection mode today at work as I did previously!
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    Is it ok to turn off Cabin Overheat Setting?

    I've been experimenting with this. On a hot day (90 deg) I can lose 4-5% over the course of a 9 hour workday with the Cabin Mode Protection fully on. But it does keep the temp below 105. I then switched to On but with AC Off, and checked the temp. By noon, it was already 135 deg in the car...
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    Pushing Skip Homelink and backing out of garage - $1,400 dent

    I have mine set up to auto open when I get home but NOT to auto open when I leave. I open the door manually when I step into the garage and then push the homelink button manually as I am backing out of the driveway. Highly recommend this configuration for safety.
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    Zero SR/S

    The Zero looks amazing! Cost?
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    High speed acceleration - revisited

    I find this thread hilarious because this is by far the fastest car, even on the highway, that I've ever owned. It's amazing to be able to blow by people that are driving stupid.
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    Model 3 OEM subwoofer install

    Yes. Search my username and subwoofer, I put some pics up of my install.
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    New Owner - Any Top Tips for the Model 3?

    This! Full acceleration from a rolling start is still amazing and really cuts down on tire wear.
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    What's next for model 3?

    IMO most of the "upgrades" in the later years haven't been positive overall. I'm glad that I got a used 2018 vs. a new 2021.
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    Tesla M3 damaged Nov 2020 still not repaired

    Dude, BBB? More like lawsuit. Seriously.
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    Sell Model 3 and wait for tax change?

    No way Short girls are so... convenient. ;):cool:
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    Please help read license plate from Sentry Clip

    Thank God too (Indiana). Moving here from a state that required them was a relief. Same thing with their silly State inspection that really didn't do anything.
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    Sit-to-start function [on other EVs]

    Yes. They are literally making a big selling point about something Tesla has had all along.
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    Wiper Nozzles and Door Handles

    God. So many changes and issues with the new cars. Some are dumb design changes, others are quality issues. Makes me glad I got a used 2018!
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    Your thoughts on ring/bracelet

    I don't see the point. There is already a ring that is pretty pointless since every human with a Tesla has a cellphone.

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