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  1. tstafford

    Has anyone upgraded their S to a new one?

    I went from a 2015 P85D to a 2018 100D and the only meaningful difference has been the range. But it's been very meaningful to me. I can get from Nash to Atlanta w/o charging. That's huge. After five years of Tesla ownership IMHO range is king.
  2. tstafford

    When was the last time you charged your car?

    More if down hill (or less if up hill) ;)
  3. tstafford

    What is “normal” vampire drain?

    Basically 1% a day more or less on my 2018 100D .
  4. tstafford

    Just got the Long Range Plus update

    Wow. Super envious. Range is king. Numbers like 348 at 90% are amazing.
  5. tstafford

    Questions about returning to the brand...

    Biggest gripe I have with Tesla is that if you get in a fender bender you're likely down for months. Parts supply for repair works is awful. I can put up with the occasional SC issue but the body shop stuff is a nightmare.
  6. tstafford

    Mobile Service but “near” a SC?

    Well Mobile Service texted to push out the date and suggested the SC do it and HW3 at same time. So we'll see what happens.
  7. tstafford

    Does anyone know of a Tesla Performance Driving School

    I'm sure Porsche will add the Taycan to their Experience Center offering soon. Sounds like what you'd want OP. It's a few hundred bucks, hour or two, their car and you drive w/ an instructor in the right seat. Driving Experiences | Porsche Experience Center - Atlanta, GA
  8. tstafford

    Mobile Service but “near” a SC?

    Another question: Should I be asking for the FSD hardware upgrade at the same service appointment? I have pre-raven 100D with MCU2 and FSD paid for.
  9. tstafford

    Considering selling early production P85DL (now P90DL)

    While I love my 100D for range, there are a lot of times I miss my old P85DL. It was still kind of the Wild West back in the days of LTE upgrade, Ludicrous, Next Gen seats and whatnot. Fun times on TMC. Now it seems Tesla is all grown up.
  10. tstafford

    Model S Economics

    I’d be curious what the high mileage folks are seeing on degradation. Other than the packs that are known to be problematic, my belief is they hold up really well. I’ve spoken to a few guys who do black car service with Teslas and the degradation is very minimal. They love the low maintenance...
  11. tstafford

    Mobile Service but “near” a SC?

    Thanks all. Certainly more convenient.
  12. tstafford

    Mobile Service but “near” a SC?

    All - So my driver’s exterior door handle broke. I know this is a common issue - had door handle issue on my 2015 as well. Question: When I scheduled the service in the app it booked me for service at my house. I’m about 20 miles from the SC. Is this normal? Every other service I’ve needed over...
  13. tstafford

    Model S 2020 Impressions

    My 2015 and my 2018 both had and have the thud. First few times it happened I thought I’d been rear ended - sound, not a feel.
  14. tstafford

    Model S as a Long Range Commuter Car

    Would really surprise me if an MS w/ 390 range couldn’t do a round trip of 220 w/ two or three days sitting in the middle. Frankly I don’t think it will even be close.
  15. tstafford

    50 hp software upgrade coming for Model S

    So frustrating how much Tesla focuses on acceleration. Please, please give me a 30 second skip button for podcasts (and a million other small things) rather than continuously pushing to make the already fast cars slightly faster. /rantoff
  16. tstafford

    Locking car from the app

    OP: I think what you describe is how it's designed to work. I've experienced the same thing.
  17. tstafford

    Apple CarPlay

    Carplay or no carplay - could Tesla at least add a 30 second fast forward button for podcasts?
  18. tstafford

    Options on a 2015 Model S

    Summer of '15 rollout. My 2015 w/ a June order date and September delivery had it. OP: Also I'm not sure if Performance Leather seats were the same as Next Gen. Next Gen came out around this time too. They are much nicer. Had them in my 2015
  19. tstafford

    Nema L16-30

    I don't understand electricity and therefore like all things I don't understand, I hate it.
  20. tstafford

    Model S Plaid

    Excellent to hear that Tesla is addressing the pressing need to make the car faster.
  21. tstafford

    What is your beef with Tesla?

    I've said my piece elsewhere. Suffice it to say that Tesla gets away with nonsense that no other car company would ever get away with. The willingness of the fanboys (me included) to put up with it seems endless.
  22. tstafford

    Poll: "Systems are powering up" error message

    I'd forgotten about this - had it all the time and now it's completely gone for me.
  23. tstafford

    $50k Deposit

    Seems highly unlikely that Tesla completely folds. Someone would take it on along with the obligations. If it were to go thru restructuring I'd expect we'd be amongst the creditors - not a great position at all. But again, far fetched.
  24. tstafford

    Taycan Turbo Introduction

    This is a good point that shouldn't be missed. Something called an ADM (additional dealer mark-up) has become common place in the Porsche world. Generally applies to GT cars and limited edition releases. Be interesting to see if ADM's apply to the Taycan - my guess is yes.
  25. tstafford

    Taycan Turbo Introduction

    Glad to see this hit the market. Even as a Porsche guy (GT3 and a 993) it doesn't do it for me. Tesla has many advantages over the Taycan but competition is good. Tesla needs a kick in the pants IMO.
  26. tstafford

    FSD for EAP owners, reduced to 3k until 8/16

  27. tstafford

    Ground Clearance

    OP: You probably know this already but most cars in the class of the 2020 Roadster have some sort of front axle lift system (Porsche GT3, Lambo, etc.). Seems like Tesla w/ the air suspension know-how would at least consider such an option on the Roadster.
  28. tstafford

    $50k Deposit

    I agree. I don't expect to see any cars in 2020. But to the OP's question - I think it would have to be viewed as a pretty bad sign if Tesla dropped the deposit before delivering any cars. Would be seen as a cash grab. Not that they're above that. . .
  29. tstafford

    0 to 60 time now 2.1 seconds

    ^^^ I wonder every day when it will actually come out.
  30. tstafford

    Model S is long in the tooth

    Good points folks. And I do continue to enjoy the MS. I agree that the tech and the drivetrain are the things that make Tesla special. Obviously the ultra-smooth acceleration is awesome. I just wish Tesla could also improve the interior to be comparable to other cars in the price range. I do...
  31. tstafford

    AC Charge or DC Charge?

    I'd absolutely do whatever makes you and the family happier and I wouldn't concern myself with the health of the battery in this case.
  32. tstafford

    Model S is long in the tooth

    Probably get pounded for saying this because it's not positive and likely beaten to death, but the MS just isn't keeping up with alternatives in the price range. Note: I'm pro-Tesla, pro-electric. However I think the early concept of "no compromise" was right. A 100D or P100D is an expensive car...
  33. tstafford

    What we are to expect and what might be a better car

    I agree with this mostly although I will track it at least a few times. The most compelling spec from the initial announcement for me was the range. I want the roadster because I've always wanted a smaller Tesla but the M3 just seemed to cheap on the inside to be enjoyable. I expect Roadster...
  34. tstafford

    Musk Offer’s New Details on Roadster’s SpaceX Package

    What event? Is there an announcement coming soon? Thanks!
  35. tstafford

    Model S Windshield is extra fragile

    No, I didn't. Ate the cost. I was in a rush to get the car back for a long road trip to a wedding. I think that's all I was focused on. Also FWIW I saw/heard the rock hit the windshield. One of those damn dump truck things that are on the highway all the time in Nashville.
  36. tstafford

    Model S Windshield is extra fragile

    Mine cracked on the drive away from the store the day I picked it up. Car had less than 15 miles on it!!
  37. tstafford

    Looking to buy our first Tesla Model S, is a 2015 P85D a good idea ?

    After four years with a Tesla (inc. a P85D) I am convinced range is king. I loved my P85D but would trade the P part for any amount of extra range. But that's just me.
  38. tstafford

    Replacing cabin air filter on updated Model S

    Just completed this maintenance at 15K miles on my 2018 100D. Here are the items I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0791BW29Z/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01E16J6RQ/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and...
  39. tstafford

    Autopilot total failure followed by self repair???

    I've lost AP a few times on my 100D. I also had "reduced steering assist" or something for a while. Any number of "issues" that self corrected. Twice I scheduled (then cancelled) service appointments. I accept this as part of Tesla ownership.
  40. tstafford

    Your guess on the build quality of the 2020 Roadster

    Elon mentioned 10K on the RTL podcast. I think that's where this is coming from. But in the context of the conversation it seemed very off the cuff to me. I didn't hear it as a plan/intention/commitment.
  41. tstafford

    Your guess on the build quality of the 2020 Roadster

    I don't think there's any way they build 10K roadsters per year. Unless I'm totally out of touch, I don't believe there's a market for that many 200K plus electric performance cars. Esp. not from Tesla which has no street cred in the high performance game. Note - I'm fully in on the Roadster.
  42. tstafford

    2020 Roadster prototype with Model Y

    Single nut is fine - see Porsche GT3, GT3RS and Turbo Models. They've had it since 2010 or 2011.
  43. tstafford

    3 Years In

    OP: Congrats on three years of ownership. I hope the fun factor has been high too.
  44. tstafford

    Full Self Drive Software Update Preference

    Have FSD, got the e-mail, set to advanced. I expect this will cause more or less nothing to happen of consequence.
  45. tstafford

    What color will you get?

    If they have a good blue, I might go that way. But if none of the "colors" work for me, I'll fall back to white.
  46. tstafford

    under 10,000 per year

    I listened to the podcast - I think Elon's comment was very off the cuff and I for one wouldn't read too much in to it. Would blow me away if Tesla made 10K Roadsters in the first 12 months of production. Even by today's standards $200K is a very high entry point for a car and the market will be...
  47. tstafford

    When do you expect the first deliveries of the 2020 Roadster?

    By "this year" meaning 2019? If so, I think that's very optimistic. The comments coming from Elon lead me to believe the Roadster isn't a priority and will come later not sooner. I'm trying to orient my thinking around Summer 2021 as an O/U.
  48. tstafford

    Taycan impact on Model S - a theory I hope is not true

    I want to like the Taycan. I'm a huge Porsche guy - have a 991.2 GT3 and a 993. But I won't be a buyer because of no Autopilot and no Supercharger network. I use my MS (and whenever it comes my Roadster) for multiple road trips per month. Tesla is close to perfect for that use. FWIW - I might...
  49. tstafford

    under 10,000 per year

    Haven’t see the Reddit, but I agree with your comments. I talk to guys at the track all the time (Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari guys) and basically none of them show interest in Tesla or the Roadster. The read I get is they think the whole thing is nonsense. The best I ever get about Tesla from...
  50. tstafford

    When do you expect the first deliveries of the 2020 Roadster?

    I wonder if the Taycan hitting the streets for real will apply pressure to Tesla to get the Roadster out. It should.

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