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  1. MountainPass

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Those are pretty 😍
  2. MountainPass

    MPP Sport Coil-Overs. Pending install. Questions about settings.

    That's awesome, thanks for sharing your experience here! Your wheel and tire setup looks great as well.
  3. MountainPass

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    We had a little blip in stock for these kits, but they are back and ready to ship again. Sorry to anyone who had to wait a few days!
  4. MountainPass

    WTB: Model 3 Sway Bar End Links

    Here is the OEM part number if you want to grab one from your local SC! FR STAB LINK ASSY 1PC STUD, LEFT HAND 1188391-00-B
  5. MountainPass

    On the limit handling MYP

    Slip mode works when you are stopped and the effect tapers off to nothing at around 40km/h. It still keeps traction control and stability control on, but it is more relaxed with the TCS so you can rock out being stuck.
  6. MountainPass

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    I foresee rally armor mud flaps in your immediate future
  7. MountainPass

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience!
  8. MountainPass

    Is evtuning still around?

    I think they are focused on Electrified Garage now rather than online sales. Electrified Garage Tesla Service Center
  9. MountainPass

    why do supercar guys think this noise is cool?

    Links a video to V12s driving in a tunnel, basically car-guy heaven. That particular V12 in the McLaren F1 has a cool story as well.
  10. MountainPass

    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    At a minimum, you'll need to remove the bolt that holds the compression rod to the subframe. This way you can slide the bushing out and put the inserts in. I don't think you could do it with the compression rod fully installed! We haven't noticed (or had anyone report) additional NVH from the...
  11. MountainPass

    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    This! It is never lost on us that without the internet, our business would not be possible. Sure, there are lots of Model 3/Y owners who aren't car people, yet. For many, this is the first time they've ever loved a car enough to try their hand at modifying and customizing it. My job in...
  12. MountainPass

    Can any shop do wheel alignment

    No special equipment is required. We use strings to align our cars and toe plates when making quick adjustments at the racetrack.
  13. MountainPass

    Please Help Me Decide - I’ve Narrowed it Down to Two Wheels

    As long as they are available I'd also go Martian
  14. MountainPass

    Model S Plaid Brakes Are Terrible!

    Disclaimer - MPP upgrades may result in the loss of full self-driving beta privileges.
  15. MountainPass

    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    I love upgrading cars in steps for this reason alone!
  16. MountainPass

    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    The oem ones can have that too when new! It is usually just a very thin layer across the hole that you could poke a hole through easily. Who knows though, maybe they are more durable than the OEM bushings.
  17. MountainPass

    M3P - Who switched from a (true) sports car?

    Since it has air-ride, there isn't as much camber or toe change under compression as the Model 3. This is why our camber kit includes spacers to change the rear suspension geometry to promote more camber under compression.
  18. MountainPass

    MPP compression rod and control arm bearings.

    The first thing we did when we finished designing and machining the inserts was test them in the press against the stock bushing without inserts. You can see a significant improvement of up to 75% deflection reduction at 1500lbs. The MPP.R bearings have essentially 0mm of deflection, so you can...
  19. MountainPass

    Wheel Configuration

    Wheel face aerodynamics are pretty intuitive. Those Rotiforms look like they are contributing to your increased consumption, along with your tire compound and size choices. It is just the name of the game with EVs, and most of us are happy to deal with the compromise to have wheels and tires...
  20. MountainPass

    M3P - Who switched from a (true) sports car?

    This thread turned into a strange bench racing competition. If you want to compare the Tesla against other cars, keep in mind that the high speed/high power tracks will always be in favor of an ICE car. The Ring especially. You can easily cherry-pick comparisons where the Tesla is better or...
  21. MountainPass

    Bay Area MPP coilovers ride

    You guys rock.
  22. MountainPass

    MASTER THREAD: Comprehensive Road-Course Modification Guide — Optimizing the 3 for the track

    If I had to choose between Comforts with sway bars and Sports with stock bars, I would choose the latter every time.
  23. MountainPass

    Car handles like it's on rails!

    What you're experiencing right now in the honeymoon phase of owning the car is what inspired us to start making parts for it. It is so obvious that it is a great platform and the low CG makes it feel 1000lb lighter in your hands.
  24. MountainPass

    MPP Coilovers

    I have some customers reporting 100k miles and going strong, and I haven't had anyone ask for help with a rebuild yet. The nice thing is that as the dampers slowly wear, you can stiffen them to compensate and extend their life.
  25. MountainPass

    Opinion wanted on my wheel alignment

    I wouldn't say that these settings are "officially" adjustable, but you can move the upper suspension mounts a little bit by using the play in the bolt holes.
  26. MountainPass

    Mountain Pass Comfort Coilovers, + (almost) the full suite of Mountain Pass Suspension Parts, Installed by European Auto Source on a Model Y P

    Thank you for your review of both our parts and the installation! Those glamor shots look incredible, I might have to use a few for our social media posts ;) I hope you enjoy your MPP Model Y for many years to come and thank you again for your support!!
  27. MountainPass

    Lime Rock Park - 59.5!

    Me watching the first lap - "This doesn't look that fast" Me watching the second lap - "Holy crap"
  28. MountainPass

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    The rear is easier if you unbolt the spring arm and reduce the pressure on the spring! At low ride heights it can be turned when installed, but at higher ride heights I prefer to take an extra minute to make my life easier.
  29. MountainPass

    Dog barks when I leave house everyday

    It sounds like he has separation anxiety. I am very familiar with this as I have two retired racing greyhounds. Aside from the usual things like not making a big deal about coming and going, leaving music or a TV on, or distracting him with frozen PB treats, I have a more controversial method of...
  30. MountainPass

    Steering setting changed by update 12.3

    I just had a customer call yesterday and ask if there is anything to make the steering lighter, saying that even Comfort mode is way too heavy. Can't win them all!
  31. MountainPass

    [2022] Damaged sway bar bushing & sheared bolt

    You'll want to hit up Electrified Garage Electrified Garage Tesla Service Center
  32. MountainPass

    [2022] Damaged sway bar bushing & sheared bolt

    If you broke it off with an impact the remaining bit of bolt shouldn't even be very tight. I would cut a slot into it and use a flathead screwdriver or punch to spin it out! Worst case, you can weld a nut onto it to extract it. I certainly would only replace the subframe as an absolute last resort.
  33. MountainPass

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Street/Track Setup

    If you buy everything on our site the car will be fast AF, it just depends on whether you need to tighten up the nut behind the steering wheel!
  34. MountainPass

    Tesla Model 3 Performance Street/Track Setup

    Don't tell me you went to the track
  35. MountainPass

    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Thanks so much :) I have long arms so I am just able to lie down beside the car and reach up to the rebound adjuster in the rear. It hurts a bit but saves lots of time. I hope you have an amazing summer driving your car and thanks again for your support!
  36. MountainPass

    I snapped my strut mount bolt 😫

    Do you still have the noise? If nothing has changed on your car recently it is more likely to be a worn suspension component like an end link or balljoint.
  37. MountainPass

    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    That looks great! What wheels are those I just realized why your Y looks different, the rocker panels and fender lips are painted or wrapped white.
  38. MountainPass

    Autocross- SCCA EV-X Class vs. SS

    I found him on Reddit too :D
  39. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP / TeamPGR Project Plaid

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to update you on how things are going with the Plaid! It's currently the third day of the One Lap Of America, and the Plaid is performing well above our expectations. Andy is driving incredibly, and the car hasn't missed a beat since the event began. Already the guys...
  40. MountainPass

    UP vs MPP Coilover

    Your car looks great, thank you for sharing!
  41. MountainPass

    Ferodo DS2500 brake pads

    Oops, I read your post like you were asking for someone's experience with them. Sorry!
  42. MountainPass

    Ferodo DS2500 brake pads

    They are good for novice to intermediate track driving. On the street they are quiet, but very dusty and they also end up leaving bad pad deposits if you are just street driving. We used these for a bit on our RWD cars since you can buy the F40 pad shape and machine them down to the right thickness.
  43. MountainPass

    Regen braking and brake pads/rotors

    You may end up needing to replace your rotors if you use them so infrequently that they become rusty and pitted. I would recommend using your brakes at least a few times per drive, even if it isn't necessary.
  44. MountainPass

    Lifted Model Y Owners: Report!

    Brian really drives it like he stole it!
  45. MountainPass

    Model S Plaid Brakes Are Terrible!

    Bending the clips will reduce the pedal travel by a bit but it won't affect the amount of force required to stop!
  46. MountainPass

    Autocross- SCCA EV-X Class vs. SS

    It is because the FLCAB is a way better "bang-for-the-buck" part to install, so we want to make sure people are doing things in an order that makes sense. Nothing bad would happen if you only installed the inserts, we just want to help guide people through the process of modifying their cars in...

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