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    range anxiety

    I am still waiting on my Model Y but have been driving a Model S for over 9 years now. My general rule of thumb for long road trips is 25% range cushion in nice weather and 50% in cold weather (meaning below 40F, -25 C just doesn’t happen around here!). On routes I know really well and have a...
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    MYLR, Red, 7 - Delivery Date

    It might be a case of someone backing out of the same order as yours. I ordered mine in January with original EDD of June and in late Feb got notified my car was ready for pickup. They gave me about a week to schedule pickup but there was no way I was going to be able to sell my current car, get...
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    Virginia Anti-icing Legislation, EV Law

    I’ll take it, even if the teeth aren’t that sharp. I still remember the day, way back when road trips were “find the electricity” adventures, drove 2+ hours to Dulles for a family trip and the chargers were filled with mostly Teslas and only one was plugged in.
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    Virginia Waiting Room

    That’s what I have on order (ordered in Jan, edd in Sept-Oct. I saw one in person at the Halifax Supercharger yesterday (first time I’ve seen this combo up close) and it looks really good. Good luck with the delivery!
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    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Mine was June July from 1/13 order date through about April. Now has been showing Sept-Oct since then. MYLR blue, tow, 20”, no FSD
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    Rejecting or Delaying delivery

    I ordered mine in January with at that time EDD June - July. In late Feb I got an email telling me it was ready for pickup, I presume it was one someone else had declined that had my specs. I was nowhere near ready (loan, sell my car, busy work schedule etc) and they would only let me hold it...
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    Mobile Charger no longer included

    Well from what I gathered with my January Model Y order date (expected September delivery !!?) I should get the UMC included. IMO, it is an essential component and if anyone is on the fence about this, I strongly recommend getting one. I use mine regularly (9 year Model S owner) for 14-50 home...
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    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    I never got a reply to my email so I called a couple days ago and talked with a not very engaging agent. He told me I couldn’t push the purchase date past 3/6. I also wasn’t able to get a trade in value and he wasn’t helpful with that. I’m pretty sure I could have arranged a car loan in a couple...
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    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Yeah maybe so, hopefully not for defects or some such! For the record mine is blue LR, 20 in wheels, tow hitch. The email notification is the first communication I’ve gotten from Tesla since my order. I didn’t get any trade in request or other text/phone calls. In fact I thought the email was a...
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    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    So I checked yesterday and my EDD from my mid January order was still June -July. Today I get an email telling me my car is ready and offered me pick up times on 3/2! I’m actually a little pissed as I have to sell my S and arrange a loan, stuff I wasn’t planning on doing until this summer...
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    Virginia - EV Highway Tax $109 per year for Tesla Model S

    The fee has been $64 per annum the past several years. They’ve never gone into that much detail before on the calculation of the fee, but I’ve never really looked for an explanation before. I’m not sure what everyone is referring to with “mileage plan”, although I’m generally in favor of a...
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    Slipping in highway during winter - Regenerative driving problem

    I thought I read (or maybe it was just wishful thinking on someone's part) of a "snow mode" which included reduction in regen. Is that the case?
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    Pumping gas is HARD!

    A few years back, after a few years of Model S driving, I was teaching my son to pump gas into my wife's Prius. It had been a while since I'd done it. Somehow the hand's free trigger lock didn't release when the tank was full and gas got everywhere including all over me. Derp.
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    A close call with running out of battery power driving home

    Over the years with my S, for cold weather trips I like to have a minimum 50% cushion for the distance I want to travel. It's been years since I've used the energy graphs as I've learned about the car's juice usage (juiceage?). If it's going to be close I keep a mental tally of the mileage...
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    Reliability of older Model S?

    I have a 2013 S85, bought new, 120k miles. I’ve loved every minute with it, have a reservation on a Model Y. I’ll be sad to see it go but I think it’s time to move on. I had 8 year warranty and service plan. I decided to move on because I’m worried about cost of out of warranty repairs and (what...
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    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Ha, well now mine has updated again to June-July! I wonder if that March timeframe was a generic placeholder for their ordering system. Anyway, not a big deal for me as my son graduates college in June, so will have more cash on hand to pay for this thing.
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    January 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Order date 1/13/22 MYLR with 20"wheels, blue, tow hitch, no FSD. Original estimate July 2022 but thanks to a recent post in this thread, learned I hadn't clicked through and completed payment info. Today showing estimate: 3/17-3/31
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    The unthinkable happened today

    I’ve never not had a loaner (and always brought to me) but I might have been one of the last guys on the full 8 year warranty, service, ranger plan. I’m gonna miss that.
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    Thoughts on buying an older Model S P85

    I‘ve been doing some reading up as I debated keeping my 2013 85 vs get a new model Y. A new battery is $22k but others are getting refurbished batteries for around $10k. They are supposedly not fully ranged and supercharger rate limited like the current older batteries but at worst you won’t be...
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    Delivery update

    Interesting. When did you place your order?
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    Supercharger - Madison Heights, VA

    Charged there about a month ago. Used to live in Lynchburg. I was hoping it was walking distance to the Silver Pig, but alas, not so.
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    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    Thanks Dr, my thinking is similar with that info. It would be a harder decision if 11k got a modern battery with full range. I also have to consider potential big ticket maintenance/repair costs if I keep it.
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    Is there an update on out of warranty battery replacement cost

    David and DRasheed, if you please, update when you can. on your replacement battery experience and performance. I am 80% sure I want to replace my 2013 MS 85 with a new MY, but contemplating instead replacement of my now out of warranty battery. It has 205 mile max range. I’m only now learning...
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    Model Y as a commuter on I95 in VA?

    I commute Charlottesville to Farmville 125 miles round trip in my 9 year old Model S. It is 2 lane country roads so my efficiency is better but I've been doing it on my old 205 mile max range battery no problems. Left home Friday charged to 190, came home in mid 20's temps after battery soaked...
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    Home charging advice

    I’ve been using the mobile connector to 14-50 outlet with my Model S for almost 9 years now. When I got the car the only alternate charging option from Tesla was the $1500 HPWC and my choice was one of several made to keep the total cost below $100k 😱. I keep it plugged in unsupported outdoors...
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    Model Y Test Drive Observations

    I’m glad this thread is bumped as I am a long time Model S owner (2013) and want to turn it into a Model Y this summer . I haven’t had any luck finding threads comparing the two. I really like the smooth ride and handling on my air suspension MS and expecting I’ll give up a little of that with a...
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    Charging Gen 1 Tesla S through L6-30 220 Volt 30 Amp plug

    When I first got my S in 2013, Tesla had yet to come out with various adapters for the UMC, other than 14-50 and 120V. I made my own adapter to charge on my Mom's dryer outlet. I bought a 14-50 outlet and dryer plug - the kind that already wired that you connect to the back of your dryer. I plug...
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    Supercharger - Halifax, NC

    I’ve used it a couple times now. There is a convenience store with cleanish bathroom and a donut shop. Couple of tables outside. There is an empty space for another fast food type place inside which I suspect was a pandemic casualty
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    9 Years Gone

    I will be at 9 years next March. 112k miles with lots of family road trips and supercharging. My battery is showing its age and max charge is about 210 miles (273 when new). I haven’t regretted a single minute and still love the car. I went all in with 8 year extended warranty and service plan...
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    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    2013 (March) 85kWh with 112k miles. About 210 miles on a full charge. Original battery, A pack. Fair amount of Supercharging (not much the first couple of years because there weren’t any around, ha ha). She’s been a great car, but the warranty and service plan expired last March so I’ll likely...
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    High Pitched sounds from drive unit 35-50 MPH

    I just mentioned it when it went in for annual service. I made sure to tell them the speeds it occurred, so they would drive it if needed.
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    High Pitched sounds from drive unit 35-50 MPH

    Mine was doing exactly that last fall/winter and they replaced the drive unit.
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    Does Model S work as family car?

    Absolutely. Ours has been the family road trip car for 8+ years. Me, wife, 2 boys and dog. When the oldest hit 6'5" he got use front seat, otherwise no complaints on back seat comfort. First beach trip we tried to keep the dog all the way in the back, but gave up after that and she rides back...
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    new 14-50 versus using dryer 10-30?

    My sense is you will be fine with the 10-30. I've used 14-50 for 6+ years and when visiting my Mom, I use her 10-30 dryer outlet. I think your proximity to any Superchargers might play a role in how much reserve higher capacity you would want. Currently there are probably 6 or 7 Superchargers...
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    Got my car back from Burleigh today and initial impressions I’m pleased with the results. It took about a month for the job to get done but at least half of that was waiting for parts from Tesla. Glad to be back in the saddle; I’ve had enough of gas range anxiety and standing around at gas stations.
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    Veteran Day and the 1 Percent

    There are numerous VA benefits outside of the medical system. The VA loan guaranty (0% down) and eligibility to buried in a National cemetery (free headstone!) are the first to come to mind. The VA medical is a safety net system. I was in and out of the Navy twice, and each time on separating...
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    Supercharger - Chester, VA

    Yeah the chargers do take up a good chunk of available parking there, so I wouldn't get worked up about the occasional ICE, but that's just someone being a jerk.
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    I went with Burleigh, which is the other Tesla recommended one in Richmond. Getting the work done now. I got an email from Tesla noting the parts are ordered. I'll post with results. Driving my wife's plug in Prius. Boy I miss all electric ....
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    I appreciate the replies. Mike if you're in Lynchburg, I think we know each other. I hit the deer on the way to Southside.
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    Body Shop Central Virginia

    Hello All, Long time no post. My 6+ year old 85 has been doing great until today when I t-boned a deer on my way in to work. Nose cone , hood and quarter panel are dinged up quite a bit . Car handled it like a champ otherwise. I’m disappointed to learn that the service centers don’t do body...
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    7 years later what is your 100% on your 85kWh battery?

    6 years old in 1 week. “A” battery pack, 67k miles. Max charge last time was 240 miles. It was 273 when new. I’ve always suspected that the true range is a little more than that. Ran it down to 10 miles left a few days ago.
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    My baby is all grown up now (4 year old Model S)

    Mine has 46K. I have air suspension on mine. I wonder if the dual motor contributes to a little extra noise and maybe makes the car a little stiffer. I've had loaners 5 or 6 times over the years, but this last was the only time I've put serious miles on one. I had my drive unit replaced a year...
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    My baby is all grown up now (4 year old Model S)

    Just passed 4 years with my S85. I used to be a regular here in the lead up to buying and in the several months after delivery of my S85 but haven't checked in much over the past couple of years. Just passed my 4th anniversary on March 10 and the car is as good, probably better, than the day I...
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    Altavista, VA: New Destination Charging location opening soon

    Hi Steve, Long time no talk! First time I've checked in here in months. Keep me posted, text might be best, and I'll go if I'm not working. BTW, my wife saw your car over at Randolph recently. H
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    Dulles Parking

    There are one or two threads here on Dulles. I live 160 miles away and this summer drove to Dulles for our family trip to Europe. The charger spots were all full including 3 Teslas not plugged in. I couldn't find a spot with a 120 outlet and so when we got back from our trip we had to make a jet...
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    Random Model S sightings

    Just returned from Scandanavian vacation. Saw 3 or 4 Teslae in Stockholm, including a P85D on Birger Jarlsgatan near my hotel. Teslae all over the place in Copenhagen, but thought the brown deserved a pic. This also near my hotel on Dronningen Tvorgatan. There was also a blue in a parking lot...
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Yes 3 Teslas not even plugged in. One parked head first! My car is parked on the other side of the garage now with 44 miles of range and 160 miles to get back home. Hopefully there'll be enough range left to limp over to the Woodbridge SC which, at best, will add a couple of hours on to the...
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging

    Well I'm waiting with my family at the Dulles airport. Garage 1 was pretty full and couldn't find any spots near outlets. The Garage 2 EV spots were all taken, including 4 or 5 Teslas. 3 of them were not plugged in. Losers. I took pics.
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    World record of fewest visits in Service Center ?

    Me personally? Zero. My car has been about 5 times in 2 1/2 years, but they always come pick it up for me.
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    Dulles Airport EV Charging


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