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    Egg damage repair

    Can’t tell what the issue is. Is the paint chipped? Can you feel it with your fingernail?
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    High Frequency Noise/Hum-New Model Y

    They picked too small of a place for their new service center. The parking lot sucks. They told me cars get hit all the time from transport.
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    Fair price for PPF + Ceramic?

    Really you tested all of them? A few of the reviews mentions people that do it for a living use the stuff. I can tell you it worked great on my car. Durability has yet to be seen but I have enough for four applications easily. I think the people that do it for a living just try to justify their...
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    Fair price for PPF + Ceramic?

    You guys realize you can apply ceramic yourself for well under $100 right? You literally wipe it on and then wipe it off. I did mine and it was $21 on Amazon and there’s enough product to do it 4 times. Clean, clay, ceramic on a new car. If your hand is able to go in a back and forth motion...
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    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    Stupid price. Give me auto lane change for $500. Everything else is a gimmick.
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    Going straight to PPF installer?

    Whatever you need to convince yourself to spend $7,000 on a Tesla for a zero value add. It’s your money not mine. I spent $700 on a full front and full rockers and did it myself. Not for everyone, but was not hard at all and turned out really good. With that being said the car I just sold I...
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    Going straight to PPF installer?

    Zero value added. I buy and sell a lot of cars and basically nobody cares. Doesn’t add any value at all. I would not pay thousands on ppf. Bought a pre cut kit and did it myself. Really not that hard for an overall good job. Spent his dress and not thousands.
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    Real Matte Carbon Fiber Dash

    Buy a car outside the US.
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    DYI Rear Fender PPF - Scotchguard

    I just finished a full front on my model y this morning. I just used baby soap and water, and the tack solution was 91% rubbing alcohol and water (30% alcohol and 70% water). Turned out good, couple of places with small hairs. One spot near the repeater came out meh but I can clean it up. Lots...
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    Another price increase

    You should buy a used one asap. You can find deals. I bought a 2020 m3p about 4 months ago to hold me over. I paid about $51,000. Trading to tesla tomorrow for a myp for almost $55k. I got the m3p just before the price hikes. But it takes time for new pricing to make its way to used. I use...
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    Giga Austin MYP Vins and Delivery

    11th digit in F which is Fremont.
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    PPF - Rear Fenders

    All of those issues would depreciate your car by basically nothing and cost a fraction of what you spent on it to fix it. Waste of money and you wont get a return on your investment. Its your car and money so you do you, I will choose not to spend several thousand dollars on something that does...
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    Tesla Model Y trunk cover-Noise reduction

    1 post and you're in china, I bet you have no affiliation with this at all.
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    PPF - Rear Fenders

    Cars are not investments and PPF wont add any value to it. Waste of money. I can see a DIY on the front end dfor a few hundred but not several grand to do an entire car.
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    First Impressions: Model Y Performance

    PPF will have ZERO impact on the value of your car. I buy and sell a lot of cars and nobody cares about stone chips, especially if you trade to a dealer. The buyers that spends thousands on it are just trying to justify it. WIth that being said I am doing mine diy. $750 for full front and both...
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    First Impressions: Model Y Performance

    Is it necessary? No Do Tesla owners spend ungodly amounts of money on paint protection? Yes
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    Has anyone here seen or had any Model Y Grill stickers/decals? I hate the bland front.

    Looks tacky. Im sure there are aftermarket bumpers out there, you said you dont care about cost.
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    Like your black Model Y?

    Wait for the blue car. It’s more money for the black and you are having a hard time with the color decision.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I’ve had 5 quotes for my m3p. Tesla was the lowest. However we only pay sales tax on a trade-in difference which is 3% so it’s almost a $1600 savings which shortens up the gap. The next best offer was about $400 higher from driveway. Not worth the hassle
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    Why my Wh/mi so bad?

    Nobody knows your driving habits. Too little info to provide any sort of help.
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    Paint flaws in new model Y

    Rock chips has very little affect on resale unless it we’re a collector car. I buy and sell a lot of cars and nobody cares, especially dealers. I know people try to justify thousands on ppf but it’s just not happening.
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    Tinting, but not the roof or windshield?

    Link? Im researching them right now. Seems like one pice designs sag.
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    How to remove spoiler on a new MYP

    Yeah its fine. You just need to clean very well after goo gone with Rubbing alcohol.
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    PPF Installer near Frederick, MD

    DIY, not hard at all to do.
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    DIY Paint protection film

    Best videos on diy ppf install on a y/3. I ordered my kit from north tints, because you can pick from different brands, edge wrapping, plus custom things (I chose no front emblem). Plus I didnt find these videos until after I ordered the film (drive protected made the videos). This will be my...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Ordered March. Myp gray/black with tow.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    How accurate is the 4 day window? I have a vin and received a text the vehicle is completed and shipped. June 15-19 on the east coast. Planning to be out of town around then.
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    Bad delivery experience

    https://northtints.store/shop/paint-protection/full-front/2020-2021-tesla-model-y-full-front-3m-pro/ Really not that hard. Takes time and patience and some cheap tools. Good sprayer for slip solution, rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle, squeegee, hypodermic needle to remove stubborn bubbles...
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    Bad delivery experience

    $6k for ppf? Do all Tesla owners have cash they literally don’t care about? I mean I do pretty well and have no lien on my cars. But I could not imagine spending several grand on ppf. Seems like a gigantic waste of money. I plan to order a diy ppf kit for like $600 and do it myself. Did it on my...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Got my vin. Gray with tow in nc. Ordered March delivery June 15-19.
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    Removing MYP Rear Spoiler

    Hair dryer, not a heat gun. Sounds like you dont have much experience doing things to cars so you dont want to overheat anything. As already stated dental floss will break in about 2 seconds. Use some 12lb test mono or stronger.
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    STEK matte PPF wrap in progress - 2022 MYP

    The sheen is way off. I owned a matterhorn white GV70 and parked next to a Y and S with a matte wrap. One of which was white and the other gray. The wrap looks very fake and as everyone knows you cant get a Tesla with matte paint. Matte wrap makes the car look more like primer or super dirty...
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    March 2022 MYP order

    If that small of a rate hike is affecting your ability to afford I think you should buy a cheaper car. Nobody should stretch themselves like this for a vehicle.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I have gotten 3 quotes for a m3p Trade in. Tesla was the lowest, even if you factor in the tax savings on the difference. Has anyone sent their trade in to the SA and got them to match a higher price? Tesla $50,800 Car Gurus $52,475 Carvana $52,933 Taxes are 3% on purchase price minus trade in...
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    Tinted the front headlights today…

    Its like if the fast and the furious came out in the 90's.
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    Hepa filter is for bringing in outside air and wont help with bugs. Your car is not air tight by any means and they can find a way in.
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    I sold my Tesla Model Y today

    Yep. Dealers have a lot of ways to make money in this market. Adjustment to price, adding in extras and also inflating those prices, warranties, etc.. When they sell that Y for a loss the sales person can show the next buyer is getting a good deal because they paid $xxk for it. Ive bought two...
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    I sold my Tesla Model Y today

    Dont be an ass. People have their own preferences in cars.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Professionally review a car? Tesla owners are the craziest for spending money on silly things. PPF the whole car for $7k!!!! 10 layers of ceramic coat another $2k!!!! Sometimes I think I’m on a Bugatti forum. Y’all are nuts.
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    2022 Y Long Range- Matrix headlights?

    Yep inflation will be under control in 5 years of if we go through a depression.
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    Tinted the front headlights today…

    Did I travel back to the 90’s? Tinted headlights and taillights are dumb.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    How is anyone going to answer that question? Way to many variables to give you anything worth while. Go with whoever is cheaper.
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    Does Autosteer include lane change

    $12k? Hell no. Especially on resale. Tesla and no other dealers are offering more because of it either. It’s all parlor tricks. Only useful thing is lane change.
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    179 pages of 99% useless crap. You guys are either bitching or bitching about the people that are bitching. Who gives a rats ass? Buy the car or don’t. It’s your money do whatever you want with it. Let me update everyone. There’s no news. Literally nothing.
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    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    $20k battery so really it’s The materials and build quality are better. Seats, panels, insulation, rear doors. I agree it’s not worth it’s price but it’s definitely more luxurious than a y by quite a bit. The y build quality is pretty low.
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    STEK matte PPF wrap in progress - 2022 MYP

    So how much do those chips reduce the value? Basically nothing, especially in this market. Its a poor investment imo but as I said its not my money.
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    STEK matte PPF wrap in progress - 2022 MYP

    $5k worth the investment? You realize you can paint a large portion of the car for that kind of money.... Your car wont be worth any more money when you sell it with or without it. Or if your paint is 100% perfect vs having some small issues. Definitely not $5k worth. Maybe a front end wrap to...
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    Delivery date advice needed

    To learn about the car or upgrades. Is there a rule that says this is only for fanboys? I cant tell if your post was serious or not, but if it is then yikes. You need some help. I like my model 3p but not a fanboy. I have no issues calling out the bad stuff. This is the problem with society...
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    How to remove spoiler on a new MYP

    Most spoilers are held on by tape. If done correctly it will be on for life. Teslas build quality is questionable in many regards and attaching a spoiler seems like on of them. I added a real CF spoiler to my 3 in 2019 with the method I posted above. Has not budged at all and none of the tape...
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    Delivery date advice needed

    Every other car manufacturer doesn’t have these issues. Not to this degree. It’s peoples very hard earned money, they want what they deserve. If you guys don’t mind shoddy build quality then you do you. I have no problem rejecting a car with issues they can’t fix. only Tesla fanboys will give...

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