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    Model Y LR built in Giga Austin!!

    I remember back in April Austin event, staff at factory said there will be multiple lines. So having both SR and LR lines will likely happen in Austin. However, Given the low yield of 4680 and high piled up LR orders, the line for LR is not likely to have 4680. Regardless, the upcoming LR from...
  2. K

    Model Y changes over time

    Removal of mobile connector offering? And no option of adding as part of the vehicle order? Awesome guys keep it going. I bet even Tesla doesn’t have such high level, summary like change log. 👍👍👍
  3. K

    Buy Tesla or TSLA?

    On June 17, 2021. If you placed an basic Model Y order for $52,990. One year later, your pending order is now worth $65,990. A return of 24.5% On June 17, 2021. If you placed a buy order of TSLA stock for the same amount. One year later, your stock is worth around $56,430. A return of 6.5%...
  4. K

    Edit Design without affecting price now?

    In this case, your pricing list will match at time of your order. Meaning changing white to other color will still incur $1,000.
  5. K

    Edit Design without affecting price now?

    This is sick.. how did you postpone the order that far…..
  6. K

    Edit Design without affecting price now?

    1. If you haven’t finalized all steps, you can make whatever changes you want by yourself online. base price won’t bump to current price. 2. If you finalized all step and don’t see Edit Design button. Call Tesla or your sales advisor to make the change for you. Base price won’t bump to current...
  7. K

    Edit Design without affecting price now?

    Just talked to my SA. He confirmed this policy changed about 1-2 week ago. You can edit your design anytime as long as your VIN is not ready yet. Price won't change and delivery date will go foward or backward.
  8. K

    Edit Design without affecting price now?

    So after I hit Edit Design, changed wheel from 20" to 19", $2000 was taken off that's it. Does this mean Tesla is not changing the price to match current price when editing edsign???
  9. K

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    EPA usually won't approve an approved model. But given the change of factory and battery and mileage. Tesla flagged this to EPA and EPA decided it is required for the Austin Model Y.
  10. K

    New Model Y Performance, No Ryzen

    East coast has been receiving the last batch of Atom powered Model Y that what everyone says
  11. K

    4680 Batteries from Giga Texas

    Meanwhile people rushing to Tesla stores in hoping to find a Austin Y and “leak” them all over 😹
  12. K

    Tesla sales rep said MY with 4680 will NOT have longer range

    yea, I felt these improvements are important for Tesla and its investors. However, despite Tesla not bringing the price down or increae the range, end users still get a little collateral benefits - better safety and battery lifespan
  13. K

    4680 Batteries from Giga Texas

    With so many confirmed Austin Model Ys spotted, why no single VIN with A reported in the forum? demo car? for other countries?
  14. K

    Tesla sales rep said MY with 4680 will NOT have longer range

    If 4680 is more for the Telsa's manufacturing benefits, why so many owners are crazy talking about it
  15. K

    Model Y June Jail (EDD stuck in June)

    Neighbor got MYLR OD in 01/2022, Bay Area, EDD May jail..
  16. K

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    just interior lighting or photographer editing I think. same shade of blue
  17. K

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    super surpised they said Shanghai and Fremont are running at reduced capacity due to supply chain bottleneck! Imagine you have so many trucks and drivers but the port has little containers so Berlin and Austin being online would not help production and therefore deliveries and thus revenue...
  18. K

    Model Y - Gigafactory Texas Production

    State of the art paint shop???? Brand new assembly???
  19. K

    My order has entered the EDD dance phase

    EDD dance phase.... 5 years before or after, no one will understand what does it mean. hilarious time buddy
  20. K

    Got VIN and Model Y delivery price increased by $4000

    so you July 2021 order has not been delivered yet??? SA's lack of knowledge is a common knowldge here in the forum😂. I don't want trust them anymore but they are the only point of contact I guess they refuse that because they don't want set precedent?
  21. K

    4680 Model Ys?

    unverified source from Austin
  22. K

    4680 Model Ys?

    Here we go, found a giant 4680 from Shanghai factory
  23. K

    Sales Tax Penalty Fee

    seems Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for the penalty but good luck..
  24. K

    AMD Ryzen upgrade for older Model Y

    Seems most Model Ys built before Jan 6, 2022 from Fremont have Intel Atom One of my remote co-workers asked about upgrade possibility at service center in Vancouver, and the technician said infotainment upgrade will be available to certain Model 3/Y soon but do not know exactly when, price is...
  25. K

    Model Y price cut may come when demand is satiated?

    on the other side: - Increase in production capacity (Berlin Shanghai Austin) - Reduction in cost unrelated to labor or supply chain but manufacturing processing - Increase in competition they won't hike prices either?
  26. K

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    Maybe AMD was supposed to pair up with structrural battery, which can easily offset the loss of mileage since it's flexibile in capacity and tuning but things get delayed. So, who gets AMD with structrural battery pack (the orginal full 2022 spec) first?
  27. K

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    seems built date after 1/6/2022 all have AMD and Li Ion battery. Now can we wrap up and move on to next topic - who gets double rear glaze and then matrix headlights
  28. K

    4680 Model Ys?

    Right on most with one more speculation tweak: range will increase < 20 miles because new cells mean new tuning possibilities.
  29. K

    AMD Ryzen & 12v Batteries now shipping in US Y & 3!!

    so many words so little picture guys
  30. K

    Selling new inventory instead of fulfilling existing orders?!?

    Wow so close lol! he had MYP blue with black interior in bay area with VIN 3493xx
  31. K

    Selling new inventory instead of fulfilling existing orders?!?

    What's your VIN range? My cousin's order got canceled on 12/28 because he asked SA to place on hold after he got VIN..
  32. K

    Delivery in Austin, TX

    stop bumping old thread
  33. K

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    again they are built MM/YY, not build date
  34. K

    AMD Ryzen & 12v Batteries now shipping in US Y & 3!!

    There is a great disconnection among departments at Tesla specially SA, which lacks knowledge at large.
  35. K

    Model Y Performance with LFP battery

    If you are getting a Model Y with AMG screen, definetely you got a fake one. BTW Rachael Lopez is no longer with Tesla Canada... but she disclosed the right info: all Model Y for Canada will be from Shanghai factory, some with LFP battery. Austin is scheduled for US only..
  36. K

    LFP battery in Model 3

    Anyone got the second message in your order page? What does this mean?
  37. K

    Your Upcoming Model Y Order Cancelation Email

    according to the tracker. no 12v or AMD spotted for MY https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CU18pcKvjfsnMeMm6MVVyQn8oHl8fzeC3VFIglx65QE/edit#gid=1125362702
  38. K

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    7SA started loooong time ago. VIN Decoder – TeslaTap
  39. K

    Some 2022 Model Ys shipping with MCU3 (AMD Ryzen)

    source? or just wishes?
  40. K

    Used MY pricing

    If I bought at $58,000 car price + $4,000 tax and fees = $62,000 And if I sold for $65,000, I had to pay tax on capitol gain of $65,000 sold price - $58,000 car prise = $7,000 I know it's an accountant question but is this the general idea?
  41. K

    tesla cancelled my model Y !!!!

    Latest discussion was: for customers who were assigned VIN twice in 2021 but still on hold or not taking delvery all get canceled.
  42. K

    VINs from GIGA Texas Tracking. Who will be first?

    As building professional, the factory is far from finished, at least 2 months to go. But that won't prevent Tesla to start limited prodcution but the quality will be quesntionable since everything is in rush. Since safety and performace testing are required so these production might be spotted...
  43. K

    Tesla gave 1 day to schedule delivery and then cancelled order, contract says we have 3 days

    In cases where agreement says 30, 60 or 90 days. Early deliveries often pass the time limit due to production delay, then it’s Tesla taking advantage of customers’ generosity on allowing longer wait times. So not only Sales and Delivery Operation team’s civil war sucks, the Legal team could...
  44. K

    AMD Ryzen & 12v Batteries now shipping in US Y & 3!!

    What’s your VIN range?
  45. K

    Notified that VIN issued with immediate delivery window at Christmas time, not letting me schedule delivery after the New Year.

    My cousin’s MYLR is on the same boat. Order date is around early September. EDD suddenly jumped to Dec 21-31, later delivery windows given for either Dec 29 or 30. On Dec 28, his SA put his order to on hold until Jan 10. As of today (Dec 30) his order completely disappeared and SA is not...
  46. K

    Order hold automatically removed

    All permanent order cancellations are manually done by a human’s hands through keyboard and mouse FYI
  47. K

    Just to let you know , AMD Ryzen is so fast, everything feels like im using my home PC

    You are the only confirmed MYLR with AMD chip in the whole community. 347xxx, 349xxx and 351xxx all don’t have it. But would you be able to post some pictures to validate?
  48. K

    Car ready too soon!

    I would check the order agreement. If it allows then hold until April. But there is always a risk Tesla delivery operation team cancelling the order no matter what your Tesla sales advisor says. remember flipping the car meaning your price needs also cover all taxes and fees you paid for. that...

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