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  1. CmdrThor

    2019 IRS Form 8936

    One thing about 8911 is your 8936 credit can cause you lose your 8911 credit because it makes you calculate your AMT and can reduce your 8911 even if you don't owe AMT. One other user on the TT forum though said TT was using the full $7,500 on the AMT calculation and not the reduced $3,750...
  2. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    Search for 5YJ. It was in a javascript block that starts like this: <script type="text/javascript"> <!--//--><![CDATA[//><!-- (function() {Tesla.ProductF = {"Labels":{"AcceptDelivery":"Next steps: Accept Delivery", .........
  3. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    My Tesla page was just updated to allow me to submit final payment. My VIN does not show on the page, but if I view source I found the VIN and it is 180xxx. Quite a jump! Hopefully this means the car is already done and I'll be able to schedule delivery soon.
  4. CmdrThor

    Model X Adaptive Suspension Test Drive

    I'm sure it won't happen because it is brand new, but maybe put it in standard height and never lower and floor it to see if it has the dreaded shudder?
  5. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    You would think that but the people I have talked to in person have been useless. They either have no information or give me incorrect information.
  6. CmdrThor

    AP just sent me under a truck

    How has this not been posted on this thread yet? Maybe I just missed it.
  7. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    No I didn’t want the old car. How can you be sure all cars after a certain date had the new parts. I was told the exact opposite that older orders would be the older car. I could still go buy that 163xxx VIN today and it is clear on the config that it is the old version but it wasn’t built until...
  8. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    I’m curious why everyone is asking about VINs being 162,000+? My original order was just before the announcement and I got a VIN 1634xx on that one. It was confirmed to be the 295 mile range version and still shows as such on its inventory page now. Do people have lower VINs that are the...
  9. CmdrThor

    New Inventory vehicle with no location

    Since the deposit is fully refundable now you can always buy now and ask questions later. Otherwise someone else might buy it in the meantime.
  10. CmdrThor

    What does a referral code do for the buyer and the person providing the referral code?

    There is no reference to expiration at any point in the buying process. The only place the 6 month expiration is mentioned is for the referrer.
  11. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    Do you have a new VIN yet after the first one disappeared?
  12. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    The delivery estimate on the website is BS. I was told that estimate is for when they attempt to match you to an inventory car and deliver it to you quickly. My first order was 4/20 and it said April delivery. Then the new 325 mile range X was announced and I had to cancel and reorder, but I...
  13. CmdrThor

    Using my own referral code...

    While that is in the fine print on the referrer side, there is no fine print about Supercharging miles expiration on the referral side. It is going to be interesting if they try to enforce that, especially with the bump to 5,000 miles recently used as an incentive. Many people will not use that...
  14. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    So you ordered before the announcement and are still being told you are getting the refreshed X? I had two orders for a bit because I didn't believe they would still make old Xs. I then got a VIN and they said it was an old X. I said I wanted to keep the order just in case but they said it was...
  15. CmdrThor

    My car has been stolen. Questions [False alarm - Pranked]

    I like how your wife told you she "called Tesla" and "filed a police report" :D She played you good!
  16. CmdrThor

    Time of delivery

    All order payments are fully refundable until delivery now and the car can be returned up to 7 days / 1,000 miles after delivery. The 7 days doesn't really mean anything anymore.
  17. CmdrThor

    Referral Stats Missing

    For those of you who have missing referral stats, does your referral link still work? Mine just redirects to the support page for the referral program.
  18. CmdrThor

    Ordered before change - not yet in production

    I ordered 4/20 and was told if I wanted the updated 325 mile range I would have to have them cancel my order and transfer my deposit to a new order. Since my car was definitely not in production yet I am rather skeptical that they are still even making the old versions. I decided to just place...
  19. CmdrThor

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    I spot checked 20 Model Xs and every one of them matched between what you have on EV-CPO and what is on the Tesla website. Thanks!
  20. CmdrThor

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    No one should be making purchasing decisions based on information from EV-CPO. It is a site to FIND good deals on new/used Teslas. Once you find it you have to do your own due diligence (and like he mentioned above screenshot the config at the time you put the deposit down to make sure they...
  21. CmdrThor

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    That makes sense because in 2016 it was $5k Enhanced Autopilot and $3k Full Self-Driving and this March they changed it to $3k Autopilot (no lane change, summon, etc) and $5k Full Self-Driving.
  22. CmdrThor

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Yes every one of the cars I listed only say "Autopilot" on the webpage indicating they do not have FSD included. Here is an example of one that does have FSD on the web page. Ironically it says the exact same thing, "Full Self-Driving Capability": Model X 100D 5YJXCBE28KF153256 | Tesla It...
  23. CmdrThor

    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    The cars I am looking at seem to all say FSD on EV-CPO but just Autopilot on the Tesla webpage. Is the nightly update running to get that corrected? Here are some example VINs: Model X 100D 5YJXCBE24KF152394 | Tesla Model X 100D 5YJXCBE29KF151483 | Tesla Model X 100D 5YJXCBE27KF152390 | Tesla...
  24. CmdrThor

    Paint Protection Film Installer Atlanta

    Derek at Atlanta Protective Films did our X and 3. If you ask in the Atlanta Tesla Facebook group you'll get many recommendations for Derek and then a few others here and there. Atlanta Protective Films – Protecting Atlanta's Cars since 2005
  25. CmdrThor

    Supercharger - Manchester, TN

    Is anyone able to go by and check this one out?
  26. CmdrThor

    Model X noticeable changes from 2016 to now?

    You need to drive more! :) We have 40k on our April '16 X and it sat at a body shop for 2.5 months. It has had it's fair share of issues, but none that have rendered it undriveable. The only one that was close was the passenger front door latch was getting flaky, but they replaced it the day...
  27. CmdrThor

    My daughter got a Model 3 key from the nice sales rep

    A service advisor gave my 3 year old son the plastic shell of an old Model S key that another owner had replaced. He loves it as well and calls it his "key Tesla". He pretends to open doors and all sorts of other things with it.
  28. CmdrThor

    Model 3 for Sale

    Do you seriously not know the answer? Tesla is willing to sell them for less ... eventually. Someone who wants it now (and who may not pay enough taxes to even be eligible for the $7,500 credit) may want to pay a small premium. Besides, how is what anyone else wants to pay any of your business?
  29. CmdrThor

    Model 3 for Sale

    For everyone offering judgement on the sale price, are you willing to sell one for less? The price is what someone is willing to pay. $65k may seem ridiculous but I know of one that sold for $60k so it isn't that far off. Make an offer to buy his, sell yours for the price you think is fair, or...
  30. CmdrThor

    NEMA 14-30 adapter for 1st gen mobile connector

    That adapter was definitely recalled. Pretty sure selling recalled products is a bad idea.
  31. CmdrThor

    Received Email to Configure - Missing Options??

    mktdns.com is owned by Marketo, a marketing automation system. It integrates with Salesforce which is used by Tesla.
  32. CmdrThor

    FS: Black Wall Connector

    I believe the length is 24' . Mine is now sold though, thanks!
  33. CmdrThor

    Strangest item Towed?

    1720 Wh/mile is my highest towing uphill. It was August though so high temperatures and no heat.
  34. CmdrThor

    FS: Black Wall Connector

    I earned a Black Wall Connector from the referral program but had an opportunity to get a $250 rebate from my power company for installing an EVSE by 12/31/17. I just bought a normal silver one for our Model 3 so I am selling the black one. Per other threads going rate is $500 OBO. Payment by...
  35. CmdrThor

    New UMC 14/50 limited to 32 amps... WHY?!

    If your wife's Model 3 is Long Range, yes it will charge at 40 amps with the Gen 1 Mobile Connector. My guess is the original Mobile Connector had more failures than they originally accepted so they can bring costs down with the 32 amp version with the different style of plug adapters...
  36. CmdrThor

    WTB 2nd GEN HPWC 24 ft cable

    Model S/X/3 Wall Connector
  37. CmdrThor

    Kudos Bonnie, Devina, Jon and Tesla

    It doesn't amaze me at all. I've experienced multiple instances of above and beyond customer service from Tesla without any ulterior motives.
  38. CmdrThor

    A Christmas dance for a Model S

    You may want to look into buying a Model X.
  39. CmdrThor

    "Spaceship Steering" on the new Roadster?

    They also intended it to pass before Model X was released. The production model will likely end up having mirrors.
  40. CmdrThor

    November delivery of my Model 3

    Did you know Model X was unveiled and deposits began in February 2012? I'm not sure why you would be surprised that Tesla would do something they have done for pretty much every vehicle they have made.
  41. CmdrThor

    Tesla is delivering on its Supercharger promise

    Charging Is Our Priority No they didn't say "We promise to double the Tesla charging network" but they also didn't say "We hope to double the Tesla charging network." This statement of we will be doubling the network has been said multiple times in multiple venues (Quarterly earnings reports...
  42. CmdrThor

    Tesla is delivering on its Supercharger promise

    The word promise came from the thread title.
  43. CmdrThor

    Tesla is delivering on its Supercharger promise

    Tesla has often promised to "double the number of Superchargers" by a certain timeframe indicating the rate of installations would increase. In reality it has been pretty linear in North America at least. 2014 - 100 2015 - 113 2016 - 99 2017 YTD - 109 Obviously there is still a month and a...
  44. CmdrThor

    A PowerWall on wheels?

    Any damage resulting from using the vehicle as a stationary power source will not be covered by warranty.
  45. CmdrThor

    For sale - Model S for Kids or Signature Black Wall Connector - $450

    The extra $25 is to be considered "friend and family".
  46. CmdrThor

    Sold FOR SALE: 2016 MODEL X 90D 26,500 MILES

    They lied. Your premium upgrade package does not come with the upgraded audio nor the sub zero package. However it does come with ventilated front seats (no longer available), the Bio Weapon Defense mode, self presenting front door, and the three position LED turning lights (now standard).
  47. CmdrThor

    Tesla Service Experience Takes a Strange Turn

    Before you start using hidden surveillance cameras you should probably review the applicable laws in your state. Secret audio recording is almost certainly going to be illegal if at least one party of the recording is not aware.
  48. CmdrThor

    Model X Comparison and Total Cost of Ownership

    This thread is from 2012 when there was no such thing as a 90 or 100 kWh battery.
  49. CmdrThor

    Model 3 monthly Payment?

    I was planning on getting the standard battery Model 3 and selling my LEAF so the monthly payment after selling the LEAF and the tax credit would have been in the $400 range for 60 months. But now I'm thinking about springing for the LR battery and keeping the LEAF so I can rent out the 3 on...

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