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  1. J

    Supercharger - Fairfax, VA

    @MarcoRP @corywright based on the images, it looks like the chargers are actually at 38°51'33.0"N 77°21'27.5"W Can you update the pin location?
  2. J

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - Millenia Plaza Way

    Any updated photos of the site? Probably close to opening by now.
  3. J

    Supercharger - Apopka, FL

    @MarcoRP @corywright Apopka, FL is live
  4. J

    Supercharger - Tempe, AZ

    @MarcoRP @corywright Can you update supercharge.info to point to this page? It looks like the forum link is broken.
  5. J

    Supercharger - Apopka, FL

    @corywright @MarcoRP Can you change the supercharge.info link to this page?
  6. J

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - W Robinson St

    It's possible that Tesla is no longer involved with this project, based on some of the previous posts. @ajherran can you collect another round of pictures and look for any specific Tesla equipment?
  7. J

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - W Robinson St

    Can you provide some pictures of the site? Is there any Tesla equipment visible, or is it going to be only 3rd party chargers now?
  8. J

    Supercharger - Chapel Hill, NC

    It looks like the building permit was issued on Nov 3... but I don't see anything that references Tesla yet. There's a good chance this is the CH supercharger, but no verification yet.
  9. J

    Supercharger - Garner, NC

    @corywright @MarcoRP @Chuq The Garner, NC supercharger is now open!
  10. J

    Supercharger - Garner, NC

    @SigNC Can you post the info/pictures here?
  11. J

    Supercharger - Halifax, NC

    @corywright @MarcoRP It looks like there are going to be 12 chargers at this site (instead of 8). Can you update supercharge.info please?
  12. J

    Supercharger - Garner, NC

    I think I may have found the permit... There is minimal info in the permit portal, but this seems like it could be for the supercharger install. https://www.johnstonnc.com/content.cfm?id=241 Permit 174076 cc: @corywright Looks like we have found the Garner, NC supercharger
  13. J

    Supercharger - Garner, NC

    The pin location for this would be about 35.608930, -78.562425
  14. J

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - W Robinson St

    If I'm reading the permits right, it looks like the master plan was finally approved.... So hopefully we will start seeing construction in the not too distant future.
  15. J

    Supercharger - Roslyn Heights, NY

    This site is now open @MarcoRP @corywright @Chuq
  16. J

    Supercharger - Roanoke Rapids, NC

    This site in RR is most likely going to be at the Sheetz (permit was previously pulled, but has expired), so it's a bit strange it hasn't been prioritized as well. Maybe there were some specific issues with the site or something.
  17. J

    Supercharger - Durham NC

    Before this site showed up, I thought the Durham location was going to be the Target at Southpoint. I believe there was a rumor a few years ago that they were going to install superchargers at Southpoint mall, but that obviously hasn't happened. It seems likely there will be a station...
  18. J

    Supercharger - Windsor, CA (LIVE 5 Nov 2021, 12 V3 stalls)

    @corywright Can you update supercharge.info to show this will be a v3 site?
  19. J

    Supercharger - Chapel Hill, NC

    The “coming soon” pin on the Tesla site is always the city center, not the actual location. When the site actually goes live it will show in the correct location.
  20. J

    Supercharger - King of Prussia, PA

    @corywright @MarcoRP This site is live!
  21. J

    Supercharger - Miami Beach, FL - West Avenue

    Any updates on this one?
  22. J

    Supercharger - Douglasville, GA (Target)

    Do you have any photos of charging?
  23. J

    Supercharger - Edgewater, MD

    Any updates in the last month?
  24. J

    Supercharger - Hannibal, MO

    @corywright Can you update supercharge.info to show this will be an 8 stall v3 site?
  25. J

    Supercharger - Charlotte, NC - Northlake Centre Parkway

    The pad with the large hole should be for the transformer. That's where the cables will come up into the bottom of it. The pad to the left with the large number of conduits is for the charging cabinets.
  26. J

    Supercharger - Eastvale, CA - Limonite Ave. (LIVE 29 Jun 2021, 16 stalls)

    @corywright These are going to be V3 chargers. Can you update supercharge.info please?
  27. J

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - W Robinson St

    @d1ez3 If you can stop by and get some pictures, that would be helpful.
  28. J

    Supercharger - Douglasville, GA (Target)

    @corywright This site is going to have 12 stalls. Can you update supercharge.info please?
  29. J

    Supercharger - Chapel Hill, NC

    Chapel Hill is now proposed for a Supercharger site in Q4 2021. Let the location speculation begin! Chapel Hill, NC | Tesla
  30. J

    Supercharger - Columbus GA

    @MarcoRP @corywright It looks like the link on supercharge.info became broken when the threads were merged... Can you update please?
  31. J

    Supercharger - Orlando, FL - W Robinson St

    @corywright @MarcoRP Do you think this is enough to move this to "Under Construction"? No supercharger equipment yet, but this is the site in question.
  32. J

    Supercharger - Roanoke Rapids, NC

    I emailed the city, and it looks like there was a permit issued in June 2019 for the Sheetz (a V2 station - 4 cabinets and 8 chargers). They said there hasn't been any activity since though, and Tesla would have to renew the permit, since it's expired now.
  33. J

    Supercharger - Crystal River, FL

    Are you able to get any photos of the site?
  34. J

    Supercharger - Durham NC

    @RTPEV out of curiosity, where do you do the permit search? I couldn't find a portal to search the active permits, when I looked around before.
  35. J

    Supercharger - Nashville, TN - Charlotte Pike

    @corywright Can you update supercharge.info to show this will be a v3 site?
  36. J

    Supercharger - Roanoke Rapids, NC

    Anyone going to be in the area soon to look around? A lot of the Q1 sites are actually getting built on time, so there's a good chance this one will have something soon.
  37. J

    Supercharger - East Point GA

    Any updates? We should be pretty close.
  38. J

    Supercharger - East Point GA

    @corywright Can you update supercharge.info? This should be 12 stalls instead of 8.
  39. J

    Supercharger - Winter Park, FL

    @MarcoRP @corywright @Chuq Can you update supercharge.info to show this is a 12 stall site (instead of 8)?
  40. J

    Supercharger - Durham NC

    @RTPEV Any news on the permit search? I think the Target at Southpoint, the Sheetz on 751 (I-40 exit), or the Sheetz off 15-501 and I-85 are probably the most likely locations.
  41. J

    Supercharger - Roanoke Rapids, NC

    Anyone have any updates on this one? If they're still on track for Q1 this site is probably under construction already. As mentioned, the Sheetz right off 95 is a good guess if anyone is in the area to scout it out.
  42. J

    Supercharger - Marietta, Ga

    It looks like the Marietta Supercharger has been found and is under construction. It's a little hard to see in the image, but it looks like there will be 12 v3 chargers (3 cabinets). Supercharger installation in Marietta, GA, USA Marietta, GA | Tesla @MarcoRP @Chuq
  43. J

    Supercharger - Sanford, FL

    BUMP @MarcoRP @Chuq @corywright
  44. J

    Supercharger - Rockledge, FL

    @MarcoRP @Chuq @corywright Can you update supercharge.info to show this will be a 12 stall site (instead of 8)?
  45. J

    Supercharger - Sanford, FL

    @MarcoRP @Chuq Even though the permit is old, given the site location next to I-4 and the existing relationship with WaWa... I think it's more likely than not that this will be the Sanford location. I think we should be ok to add a blue pin now... I used to live basically right down the...
  46. J

    Supercharger - Texas Best Smokehouse - Grapevine, TX

    @MarcoRP We now have confirmation that this will be a V3 site. Can you update supercharge.info please?
  47. J

    Supercharger - Roanoke Rapids, NC

    Is there anyone locally keeping an eye on this one? Since it's targeted for Q1, there should be construction soon, or permits at a minimum.
  48. J

    Supercharger - Durham NC

    @MarcoRP I saw you've found a number of permits for the newly announced sites on the updated Find Us page.... Any luck with putting your skills to work on this site? :)
  49. J

    Supercharger - Stafford, VA

    With as much traffic and Tesla growth over the next few years in the DC Metro/I-95, it seems a bit weird that they're only doing 8 stalls at the Wawa... Seems like they could easily do 12, 16+ stalls at the Target shopping center across the street. Maybe that will happen down the road.
  50. J

    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    @MarcoRP Here is the tesla.com page as well, if you could add that the sc.info too Bell, CA | Tesla

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