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  1. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Amazingly brutal day, but not just for TSLA (and my retirement), but everything EV company. LCID, XPEV, RIVN all down even more than TSLA. I try to keep it in perspective. My goal is to not to outlive my money. I can still retire this year, I just need to die a few years earlier.
  2. DaveG_NJ

    Poll on V11 interface

    It's a mixed bag, but why does it have to be a one-UI-for-all scenario? Tesla should do what Apple did with the Apple Watch - let the users configure the presentation within certain boundaries. There are drivers here focused on FSD, others who might like driving data that was readable or...
  3. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Every day we lose 2% or 5%, I have to remind myself that a few months ago, there was a daily battle to break 700 after clawing our way back from the 500's. I sold Dec 800 calls at a nice premium back then and thought, hell, I'll be happy if we get to 800 by mid December even if the chairs get...
  4. DaveG_NJ

    Kronos hit with ransomware (TSLA uses Kronos)

    Another Ransomware attack, this time on HR Management/timekeeping platform, Kronos. Tesla is a big Kronos customer. https://www.zdnet.com/article/hr-platform-kronos-brought-down-by-ransomware-attack-ukg-warns-of-data-breach/ Bastards.
  5. DaveG_NJ

    Any chance of this getting implemented in the U.S. ? (device to stop cars 'ICEing' Superchargers)

    Some mope will trip on the device, sue Tesla and the stock will drop 10%. I like to concept though. I’ve found pickup trucks towing trailers parked across all spaces the worst culprits at Sheetz and Wawa superchargers.
  6. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Another sale? I'm in for more if we dip below 1000.
  7. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Just when I was about to jump on some LCID shares, the TSLA broke under 1000. Can't pass up this sale. Picked up some more at $990. Since I specialize in falling knives catching, I suspect we'll go lower (and I'm out of change). Guess I should roll those JAN -c1225s.
  8. DaveG_NJ

    On the Fence- To FSD or Not to FSD

    As others have said, definitely NOT worth the money. You can always try it for $200 and see for yourself. If you do have $10,000 burning a hole in your pocket, buy TSLA. I was debating whether or not to buy FSD at $8K just before the last price increase or invest that money in stock. I chose...
  9. DaveG_NJ

    M3 Crash - So Sad

    I'm gonna guess that "2 am" had more to do with the crash than Autopilot.
  10. DaveG_NJ

    How many actually use Autopilot?

    I use AP/NoA/FSD Beta only for experimental purposes, i.e., I like to see how it is progressing. I much prefer to drive the car myself as AP doesn't do very well in fast soupy traffic or where packs are involved. On empty roads, it does fine.
  11. DaveG_NJ

    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    According to this report the typical Model 3 owner is male, 46 years old with an income of $123K and doesn't own a home (and likely to live in California).
  12. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    On (short-trading-day) Black Friday, I completely reset my TSLA position, so end result: I am just long TSLA with no options (for now). Was holding -c825s TSLA for Feb22 that I had been slowly rolling up (from -c800) by $5 increments since we left the doldrums a few months ago (only ever...
  13. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    I understand his point (cost-efficiency vs. wasting resources beating arbitrary calendar targets). He might have phrased his tweet better, but Elon is Elon. The SP seemed to lose steam after his tweet today saying Q4 deliveries would be "very intense, just slightly less than in the past." Of...
  14. DaveG_NJ

    News about Tesla that caught fire while charging in PA

    I keep mine plugged in and inside my attached garage but honestly don't worry about it too much. That said, I do occasionally check on the charger and the port with a FLIR.
  15. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla FSD Beta Release 10.5 2021.36.8.7

    When I use FSD Beta, I don't count disengagements, I see how far I can drive from my house before my wife will scream or tell me to turn it off. Is 10.5 an improvement? So far no. It still slams on the brakes about 25 back from a stop sign, then inches forward and makes the most awkward right turn.
  16. DaveG_NJ

    When will Tesla update Model 3 interior?

    Gawd, that C-Class interior is atrociously busy. If Teslas looked like that, I'd take a hard pass. I've owned "luxury" cars from Jaguar, BMW, MB and Audi and agree that the Model 3 is definitely NOT a luxury car. If there was to be a refresh, about the only aesthetic I'd change would be to...
  17. DaveG_NJ

    Supercharger expensive

    On my last road trip, I Supercharged 17 times and calculated my cost per mile at just under 10¢ (something like $0.095/mile), which is better than most ICE vehicles, but not better than an economy car that gets over 32 mpg. Home charging is MUCH less expensive.
  18. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    TSLA was only one position (of many) in my port and watchlists that took a nosedive over a period of 6 or 7 minutes this morning. I thought some black swan took a dump on the NASDAQ or some algos kicked in.
  19. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    I don't think I've ever day-traded options, until this week, until RIVN. It's been 3 days of loading up on ATM puts, watching it fall, then ringing the register within a few hours. It did a head-fake this afternoon that put a scare in to me, but still came through with a 10% fall from session highs.
  20. DaveG_NJ

    Anyone switching to a Rivian R1T after watching reviews?

    Of the three (CT, Lightening, RT1), I'm most likely to go with the Lightening. I canceled my CT reservation. I never liked the design. Reminds me of a car my 6 year old son drew that hung on our refrigerator forever -- it was basically a triangle with wheels. The RT1 is appealing but a little...
  21. DaveG_NJ

    Numerology on Twitter

  22. DaveG_NJ

    In progress: Model 3 pulling loaded 1,900lbs~ 5x8 utility trailer 1,700 miles

    I am humbled by the extreme nerdiness of creating a Sketchup packing diagram. Bonus points for the FLIR photo. Love my FLIR One Pro. 👍
  23. DaveG_NJ

    Noob option trading questions

    Thank you for the replies, guys. Much appreciated! @ggr : as for margin, this is an IRA account, so no margin, no shorting, no naked contracts. The broker (TD) only sets asside the difference in the strikes for put spreads. @ammulder: yes, I wouldn't actually enter a trade this leveraged...
  24. DaveG_NJ

    Selling after 5k NJ rebate

    I don't have an answer but thought about the same thing as new EVs are coming out all the time (Mach-E, RT1, Lightening) or maybe someday CT. Maybe if you don't go back to ICE it's OK? Don't know. NJ is pretty bad at connecting the dots on things. Theoretically, the MVS would be able to tell the...
  25. DaveG_NJ

    Front license plate holder

    In NJ, a front plate is mandatory. I stopped putting them on a few years ago and never had a problem. Isn't CA one of the states that allows for the vinyl license plate?
  26. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    I dislike shorting stocks (and can't in my trading/IRA account). As much I like RIVN for the segment they're going after, I felt compelled to participate in today's slide by buying some ATM puts expiring Friday. Not my usual style, but in 90 minutes I was up 28% and got out which almost, but not...
  27. DaveG_NJ

    Noob option trading questions

    I have a question about Bull Put Spreads that expire with the underlying between the strike prices (where the short put is ITM, but the long put is OTM). In that case, as I understand it, the broker will assign the shares, but not automatically exercise the OTM long option. For a high priced...
  28. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I'm not complaining (after buying more at $995 and $990 this morning), but WTH?
  29. DaveG_NJ

    EGO chains saw

    I love my Ego equipment (lawn mower, leaf blower, hedge clipper, edger and string trimmer). My 7.5 Ah battery isn't going as far as it once did, but I guess that's the problem with batteries. No 2-cycle gas smell or mixing. My last gas piece of equipment is my snow thrower. Been thinking about...
  30. DaveG_NJ

    All discussion of Rivian Automotive

    I do think going the pickup/SUV route was smart for Rivian, but I'm not getting in on the stock at this stage. Once everyone comes out of the ether, it's bound to drop. I'll wait until options start trading to make a play on it as I'm doing with Lucid.
  31. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Same here. The day my wife says "Honey, why don't you put it into FSD?" instead of "Please don't use that ridiculous thing while I'm in the car!", I know it will be ready. LOL. I also don't use FSD Beta when there are other cars nearby who would be confused by what it's doing (which is often...
  32. DaveG_NJ

    FSD Steering Characteristics Discussion

    At speed on the highway, the turns are smooth and graceful. Perhaps there are fewer variables in the turn calculations than sitting still at an intersection and starting a 90º turn. It's making constant adjustments as it tries to decipher it's surroundings inch by inch. It can be comical...
  33. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Options won't price until 5 days of closing data is available. I'd consider puts as well, but not jumping in on IPO day's rise and fall. I went on a 1700 mile road trip this week, hitting exactly 17 Superchargers. No one has what Tesla has. It could not have been easier to use. I think Farley...
  34. DaveG_NJ

    Mason mother of 5 dead in Clermont County crash (Model Y crash)

    According to the NFPA, there are, on average, about 400 vehicle fires EVERY DAY in the US and about 1 death per day. If you want to make your wife feel better, you can tell her that 80% of those killed in vehicle fires are male. ;)
  35. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    Sorry, I hadn't read the early pages for the rules: 11/3/21: #1) Marlton, NJ #2) Aberdeen, MD #3) Frederick, MD #4) Winchester, VA #5) Staunton, VA #6) Lexington, VA 11/4/21: #7) Wytheville, VA #8) Briston, VA #9) Ashville, NC #10) Fair Play, SC 11/5/21: #11) Atlanta, GA - Journeys...
  36. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Superchargers Visited

    In the 13 months I've owned my Tesla, I only tried Supercharging once (before getting my home charger installed). Just came back from my first road trip (1,704 miles) from NJ to Atlanta and back, taking different routes. Stopped overnight on the way down and back and spent 2 days in ATL. #1)...
  37. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    You're an optimist. I think we keep bouncing off of $1000 for a bit. I liquidated some dead-money holdings in my trading account to buy into this dip. Waiting to pull the trigger but I've never been good at timing with any precision.
  38. DaveG_NJ

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I thought about it too, but this year it seems a lot of IPOs fall flat on their first day. Maybe those were earlier this year when SPACs were all the rage. I plan to watch Rivian and set up a small stake after the dust settles.
  39. DaveG_NJ

    How's your experience of Model 3 viewing the speedometer?

    Vehicle speed is not a problem, at all. Other things are much harder to read (and strangely not configurable) due to the low-res color scheme and small fonts (battery percentage, clock).
  40. DaveG_NJ

    First Road Trip (NJ to Atlanta) - suggestions?

    Well, just to report back, the road trip from NJ to Atlanta and back went off without a hitch. I used several tools to try to plan the trip, but in the end, chose my routes using Google maps (since you can drag the path) and the in-car Supercharger planner. It was a breeze. The trip was about...
  41. DaveG_NJ

    Why do you use FSD Beta?

    Good poll choices, but I'm split across "Entertainment", "Intellectual Curiosity" and "Sunk Cost Fallacy". I don't use it when other cars are around me as it behaves erratically (stopping well short of a stop sign, inching forward, followed by a jerky turn).
  42. DaveG_NJ

    Need a Tone and Beep Dictionary

    Check your speed warning. That one was driving me crazy. I hadn't set it in a year but was playing with various settings while going for my Safety Score runs and must have set it to chime anytime I went 10 mph over any speed limit. There's no visual indicator that I'm aware of, just a single...
  43. DaveG_NJ

    . . . but what do you miss from your old car?

    1. Style (all Teslas are derivative of one simple bug-like design) 2. Carplay 3. Sirius XM 4. Cargo space I'd like an EV SUV or truck. It won't be the Cybertruck - only because it's the triangle-design car my 6 year-old son drew and hung on our refrigerator back in 1995. Exactly.
  44. DaveG_NJ

    Snippiness 2.0

    I don't get the anger and vitriol from someone who's a monthly FSD subscriber. Just cancel and move on. I paid $8K for FSD and honestly, the more I see it and now experience it, the more skeptical I've become it will ever be ready. Robotaxis? LOL, no. I don't think anyone mislead anyone...
  45. DaveG_NJ

    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    Any correction is waiting for me to buy at these nosebleed levels or BTC my -c800s. Either one of those would trigger a correction I am certain.
  46. DaveG_NJ

    First Road Trip (NJ to Atlanta) - suggestions?

    Thanks everyone - great tips! I'm going to lay out my trip/stops tomorrow. We're not in any rush, so it will likely be the western/scenic route. I did pick some pucks on Amazon and will toss those in the trunk, check my tire pressures and head out on Wednesday. My wife, who has never driven the...
  47. DaveG_NJ

    First Road Trip (NJ to Atlanta) - suggestions?

    Going on a short (2-day, one way) road trip next week. I've done a few 200+ mile round-trips where I didn't supercharge, but this will be the first one I need to plan my stops and charges. Haven't picked out a route yet - it's about a 12 - 13 hr drive, so I figure one overnight stop on the way...
  48. DaveG_NJ

    FSD Edge cases

    I used to do contract IT work and, being up there in years, never knew if, at the end of the contract, I was unemployed or retired. I did some gig work and also worked as an Amazon Mechanical Turk, which, for those who are unfamiliar, is a program run by Amazon to perform crowdsourced tasks (for...

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