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    Official demise of PG&E's E7 rate plan received

    E7 was good, I missed it since I wanted E1 to run A/C in the day. Two electric cars later I switched to E6 last year. I also see the E6 is stopped in March for newcomers so I will stick with it. I may just increase panels but I cannot get a good answer whether I am eligible for the Federal 30%...
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    There are How many Tesla cars in Japen?

    That makes sense, I would have thought I would see many small EVs. My model S is 4 inches wider and 10in longer than my old BMW X5. I think your model S here must also stand out as a big car. I do use public transport which today was very very crowded and compressed . I went from Shinjuku to...
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    Carpool w/OUT Horrible HOV Stickers

    I think it's interesting the tools you can use to encourage people to buy certain things. There's no reason for example why owners of solar panels shouldn't be allowed to have all their cars in the carpool lane if the state decides. In the bayarea having the carpool lanes full of single occupant...
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    There are How many Tesla cars in Japen?

    Now you come to mention it, I have been in Tokyo Japan a week now and not seen a single Tesla. In Beijing in December I saw a few every day. I also haven't seen any electric and only a few hybrids.
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    Key Fob Battery Low

    At my 1 year service they switched the battery and gave me a spare to fit myself in the spare fob. I thought that was a nice touch
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    LTE Upgrade, Did YOU Do It?

    I am happy with 3G, I did find that an older Tesla S of a guy I work with has the slow loading maps, tiles appearing. I thought that was more the speed of the processors than the reception. Does speedtest etc work on that Tesla browser so we can check the speed? Or did anyone use something else...
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    A real pain removing J1772 adapter from Model S.

    I charge all the time with J1772, as everyone says I have the fob so the car unlocks, hold the j1772 left hand, press the button, it will release. Pull it all out together. Is your Fob battery good. I just had to replace mine after a year.
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    MS is going in for warranty work. What to expect for a loaner?

    Not for me they didn't, I am not even sure how they would. You are taken to a car rental place and then deal with them. The mix up over who pays for the rental was sorted out for me and Tesla did pay.
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    MS is going in for warranty work. What to expect for a loaner?

    I got a Tesla the first time S85, the second was a Lincoln SUV with a 0-60 time of 2 seconds (only when driven off a cliff) . After 3 days I got a call from Enterprise telling me they would charge me 2 days for my one day rental . I also found at the time a lot of upselling of Enterprise...
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    Accidentally left the car open

    The handles will retract and give the impression it is locked, but the car itself will not lock itself. I think the handles retracting is what is saving most of us.
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    Waze Users??!?!?!

    You are right, WAZE to a lot of the blame but it's not all them Waze, Similar Apps Blamed for Snarling Traffic in Los Gatos | NBC Bay Area
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    Waze Users??!?!?!

    I use WAZE, it's impressive. "watch out for car at the side of the road" and there it is. As a resident of a small town, WAZE has made our lives a complete misery in the summer. It diverts all the beach freeway traffic onto surface streets until the town is at complete gridlock. It got so bad...
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    Accidentally left the car open

    Just push the handle and it will present .
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    Accidentally left the car open

    I know, that's why I accidentally left it open. Since I was next to the car , the phone connected to the bluetooth. It knew I walked away.
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    Accidentally left the car open

    I am so used to walk away locking , I just walk away. The other day I went to the car, but forgot the key in the office. I opened it via the iphone app and got what I needed from the car. When I came back I realised the handles were retracted but the car was open. I guess autolock doesn't work...
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    Not confident this is a good road trip vehicle for me...

    I found that instead of getting to LA in under 5 hours, It took me 7. Instead of grabbing a quick burger I had the most amazing breakfast at Harris ranch and some pleasant coffee at Tejon. I got there actually more relaxed
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    Not confident this is a good road trip vehicle for me...

    I have found my Tesla better than the BMW X5 for road trips, TACC helped me a lot. The X5 also had run flats, no spare. I drove 6K miles a year in the BMW, 10K in the Tesla since the road trip came back. And it's free pollution free travel.
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    Free CHAdeMO Adapter borrowing is now available! for N.A.

    Great initiative. I have access to one locally through another kind soul but this is really great to see in case I go cross country and need a reserve parachute. Thanks
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    Suggestion for battery pre-heating and charge-end scheduling sent to Tesla

    You mean you would like departure time programming so Tesla can almost be as good as my volt. My volt knows all the time of use periods (winter/summer) and can be set to charge within those periods and also using a departure time. The volt stays plugged in (wife uses it) , the battery stays...
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    Tesla recalls entire Model S fleet for seat belts

    I got the impression they were waiting for El Nino to hit them, walkins , appointments. No they just wanted me gone so no wash, fine with me.
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    Tesla recalls entire Model S fleet for seat belts

    Went to the Sunnyvale SC, they looked to be fully staffed and ready for action. Total time was less than 10 minutes to check it out. As much as its a pain to take the car in, Tesla did good this time.
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    Tesla recalls entire Model S fleet for seat belts

    Waited 6 weeks for a service appointment I had last week. email arrived today and I got worried I may have to wait. I am in Sunnyvale 8am tomorrow, that's a pleasant suprise to get an appointment within 16 hours. The email just stated 1 car affected. - - - Updated - - - from the email: If...
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    PG&E E-9 cancelled

    Long before I got the electric cars I knew that E7 was better than E6, people long lamented the demise of the E7 rate tariff. At the time E6 was introduced PGE got a lot of complaints. E7 was considered a little generous by PGE. I was entitled to E7 in 2007 (they opened it up for a short while)...
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    PG&E E-9 cancelled

    I can share any amount of data back to 2005, including all PGE rate changes factored in. I am in Los Gatos, so not far away. Smart meters came to solar customers very late. We were not allowed them. For many years I got two bills because I am a power generator and as such was considered...
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    PG&E E-9 cancelled

    Unless you see partial , peak etc type statements , you might be on E1 which is a pure NEM rate. I was on that from 2007 to 2015, just means I produce more then meter spins backwards. E6 allowed me to magnify the effect, instead of produce an extra kw and get back a kw, with E6 , I would...
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    PG&E E-9 cancelled

    You are correct, so now my family is happy to be baking cookies in the middle of the day in winter. I can switch rate tariff in Feb, but I think I'll stay with E6.
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    PG&E E-9 cancelled

    Actually E6 is the redesigned E7, but it's complex. Basically peak is 1-7pm , you get a partial peak before and after. I agree with you that E7 would have been better for me, that's why they closed it no doubt. E-6 Time-of-Use Periods Summer (May-October) Peak:1:00 pm to 7:00 pmMonday...
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    PG&E E-9 cancelled

    I couldn't see how EV-A would work for me EV Time-of-Use Periods All Year Peak:2:00 pm to 9:00 pmMonday through Friday 3:00 pm to 7:00 pmSaturday, Sunday and Holidays Partial-Peak:7:00 am to 2:00 pmMonday through Friday 9:00 pm to 11:00 pmMonday through Friday Off-Peak:All Other Hours...
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    USB Media for Tesla - great deal

    around $30 is the current price for a 128G USB. Nothing special, Frys, newegg has them, I saw COSTCO has them . I wouldn't worry if you miss this deal that isn't really a deal
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    California teslas and HOV lane free?

    I have a front plate on the front as required by law and the stickers in the places they are supposed to go. Actually I don't think either is that ugly because most of the time I am looking through the windshield. I don't need to give the CHP extra reasons to pull me over. I use the HOV to and...
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    Does anyone think it makes any difference…………….

    The year model doesn't make any difference to Tesla, I have exactly the same functions as the guy who just built except my car is a year old now. BMW, it makes a difference. If this was a BMW then I wouldn't have TACC, autopilot, updated navigation. These headline items would have been in the...
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    Speed ticket in Fremont

    I agree 74 in a 65 in Fremont is a bit excessive. One of the reasons I put on both plates and carefully set the decals was not to give them any excuse to pull me over. My car is also red. I didn't think the red car made a difference in the bay area, it used to in the UK where my father and his...
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    PG&E E-9 cancelled

    I am not sure why PG&E made the change to double it, Mine also is now around $10 and was $4. Makes no sense since in the end I owe $600 and they deduct all these small monthly payments from it.
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    PG&E E-9 cancelled

    I had to switch from E1 to E6 now I have two electrics cars (volt + MS) . The EV tariffs do not seem designed for solar (I have 4.7kw) . I had the chance of E7 and turned it down since my wife wanted to run a/c anytime. Now we are only allowed E6 and she can turn on the a/c after 7pm and suffer...
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    How satisfied are you with the non-AP (Classic) V7.0

    I compared my AP 7.0 with a friend parked side by side to his classic 7.0 . I am not sure whey they are called the same version. There is little in the classic 7.0 . I thought the versions would be the same, he still has a classic speedometer type display. Maybe the none AP version should have...
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    Autopilot fatigue reduction on long drives - initial reports?

    TACC is the big benefit on long journeys I suspect. I used it for thousands of miles. Today I had autopilot running and the car veered off suddenly, I suspect the striping on the road confused it. Collision alarm went off as I veered towards the car in the right lane, but I had hold of the wheel...
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    ~15% reduction in range after v7 update on S85

    I seem more efficient than before , 330 down to 290. Not sure what is going on
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    Prediction: Tesla Pulls Autosteer Function Soon

    Currently every Cruise control out there is more dangerous than Tesla with or without autosteer. I hate cruise control since it is dangerous. I have however started to use TACC which is far superior. Now today I used autopilot and I am impressed. Tesla make things we need better and I never...
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    New "Tesla Wave"?

    Yep, the Tesla grin has been replaced by the two handed Tesla wave. Happened twice to me today
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    Older 2014 Auto Pilot capable cars. Did yours work smooth? Issues?

    Ok, I thought I was dumb, I couldn't either . Must be user error on my part . I will try again tomorrow.
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    How Satisfied Are You With Autopilot?

    Faith, hope and strong underwear is required. You go towards a bend in the road and wonder. It worked flawlessly . I hated cruise control but loved TACC, I think this autopilot will help a lot. I like the fact it shows me car activity, someone merges in front and the car icon shows it has been...
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    Older 2014 Auto Pilot capable cars. Did yours work smooth? Issues?

    My Vin is 53xxx and I picked up on Sept 30 2014, I guess my car may have been one of the first hand full ever made with the extra sensors. Autopilot is spooky and requires Faith,hope and strong underwear. So far 7.0 is good for me with a couple of comments, Bluetooth again has some issues and...
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    Door handles refuse to present when supercharging

    No, nothing, no pressing, waving the fob, pressing the fob will not unlock. Luckily the phone app saves me. I never press the door handles to present unless I have not been near the car in a few days. Otherwise the car presents the handles every morning when I go to it. I will get service to...
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    Who is a Stereotypical Tesla owner?

    I wanted an electric for a long time. Always envious of the people that made their own. I thought the EV1 was great. Started out with a Volt and loved driving electric, drove it more than my X5. Made the stupid mistake of test driving a Tesla and the rest is history, X5 was gone the next day.
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    Door handles refuse to present when supercharging

    2 Different superchargers, fob works fine all the time except this one scenario. But since it's 3 times now, I guess there's some issue. Phone does work to unlock the car.
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    Door handles refuse to present when supercharging

    Three times now I have had to use the phone app to get car into (unlock) the car while supercharging. The handles will not present and the car remains stubbornly locked. I will mention it to Tesla in 4 weeks at the year service, anyone else seen this? Poor remote battery ? Sept 30 2014 delivery.
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    Smelly A/C?

    My Sept 2014 build just started smelling, I guess the year service should fix it
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    Almost 2 mo. wait time for service appointment

    I have to wait 6 weeks for the annual service, both at Sunnyvale and Fremont. I never had to wait so long for a scheduled service. They are now booking well into November
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    Adios: Stepping back from TMC and likely Tesla in general

    I know there are some very obnoxious people around and especially in these Forums. Luckily most of them are not even Tesla car owners. I know because I have met a lot of owners at superchargers. Someone who is interested in Solar and electric cars have my vote (I have had a 4.7Kw solar array...
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    Rated range goes down quickly

    I agree, I cannot live with the miles rated range. I have to use percentage and that makes life very easy. Home to office is 9%, better than using 34 miles rated for a 19 mile drive. If you want to know what happened then look at the Wh of the drive. I think mine hovers around 330 with a...

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