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  1. Seminole

    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    Right, just roll over for papa Elon, because Tesla has never made a single mistake at all when manufacturing a car: https://mashable.com/article/tesla-model-y-3-bolt-recall https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a38641024/tesla-model-3-trunk-backup-camera-recall/...
  2. Seminole

    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    Until we have confirmation we can't be sure, but it definitely looks like there is moisture and a leak on the hose as well as the CV boot where the hose makes contact with it.
  3. Seminole

    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    Some of the responses in this thread are doing a lot of gymnastics. So one option is that a previous owner of a car with only 12k miles was so interested in how their car worked they put it on a hoist and poked around and moved a hose for no reason, lifted, put spacers, entered the car in to a...
  4. Seminole

    coolant leak in rear drive unit (12k miles on odometer) and Tesla says someone touched it so the warranty NOT applicable

    Yeah. How about when they were using wooden molding bought from Home Depot to hold the ac condenser on Discovered: Tesla Using Fake Wood Trim For Cooling System Or the people who’s windshield washer hoses haven’t been connected. Or anyone who’s had misalignment of panel issues. If anytime...
  5. Seminole

    Dent caused closing door on seat belt buckle

    This is not true at all. All three seatbelts stained the tops of my rear seats. There's also tons of people who had the belts stain their third row seats. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/seatbelt-burn-in-on-white-seats.169307/...
  6. Seminole

    Trailer hitch lock

    This is what I got and it works great: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000COTJ8S/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1
  7. Seminole

    Map road rendering issue

    I turned it off but it’s still happening:
  8. Seminole

    Map road rendering issue

    I’ve had this issue pop up recently where certain roads have a thick white line overlayed on them while others don’t. It sometimes even starts randomly on certain roads like this. No idea how to resolve it.
  9. Seminole

    Ioniq 5 vs Model Y

    It depends on the model. They make a base single motor version that has around 167hp and 258tq. Obviously that version is designed for efficiency not speed. Then there’s a single motor with 225hp and 258tq model, a the top trim is a dual motor 320hp and 466tq model (4.5 sec 0-60). The upcoming...
  10. Seminole

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Just tested mine out. Got session start errors on the first one and on my first try at the second. I took more time to try and seat the adapter better and then it worked. No warmup or preconditioning and it’s charging at 70kw on a 150kw station at 65%. These electrify america cables sure are a...
  11. Seminole

    Where does this go?

    The doors are held on by two metal screws in the rear and 3 up front. One missing clip, even if one is missing won’t be a big deal. In all likelihood they probably put the door panel in the trunk while working on it and that came off. If it was a fresh clip there would be a white tip on it...
  12. Seminole

    Where does this go?

    It’s a door clip that holds the door panel to the door frame.
  13. Seminole

    Ran over something now $17k bill

    RPM Tesla also makes skid plates as well: Model Y Skid Plates - Aluminum with Road Noise Reducing Urethane
  14. Seminole

    Ran over something now $17k bill

    Not to the line, to the connector. Watch the video attached above.
  15. Seminole

    Ran over something now $17k bill

    If this is similar to what I’ve seen in the past it’s not that the line is the issue but where it connects to the battery is. Tesla designed it so the connector, by their standards, cannot be repaired. Any damage to that would require a complete battery replacement.
  16. Seminole

    Retro-fitting HEPA filter in Model Y

    Has anyone that's done the retrofit been able to get their software updated to include bioweapons defense mode?
  17. Seminole

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I switched to TOU in FL and while it saves money, it's debatable if it's worth it over the inconvenience factor. Summer peak times are noon - 9pm, so have the AC set to 79 during that time and avoid running any of the big appliances, but it's a pain because it does get toasty sometimes and not...
  18. Seminole

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Not as “s3xy” as the fitted case but this works just fine: Hard Drive Case for Seagate Expansion Desktop,Western Digital WD My Book/Elements Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 8TB, Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RBQ3Z5V/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_HSK2QPQHM0NZM8G2QFHA?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  19. Seminole

    Plain Model Y customers punished AGAIN June 2022

    None of these things are even on the radar or coming. People have been speculating about matrix headlights for a year and a half for LR models and there’s no indication they’ll be added. Aside from some new SR models out of Austin which are slower and have less range than the current LR there...
  20. Seminole

    CCS Adapter - ?

    I ordered one mainly as a backup option. When I took my car for a holiday trip last year the 1 super charger near my destination had a 45 minute wait before I could get it. There's an EA station close by so with the adapter I can stop there instead if there's a long wait. One of the guys on...
  21. Seminole

    Orange spot on Tesla image on central screen

    🤦‍♂️ Its the indicator marker on the front light.
  22. Seminole

    DIY Dashboard Wrap

  23. Seminole

    Model Y hit and run while parked - total loss or reparable?

    I could be wrong but I think it's actually the opposite. The rear casting is all part of the unibody and would be nearly impossible to replace as it's welded/riveted to the entire structure of the vehicle. In fact, even slight damage to it that isn't repairable would likely total an entire car...
  24. Seminole

    8% degradation after 9k miles, wtf?

    I’m right around 10k. I was seeing lower estimates around 300 so I’ve tried to do some BMS recalibration by doing deep discharges and charging back to 90% and letting it sit at various states in between. I’m around 310-311 now. I also plugged my car back into the scan my Tesla app for the...
  25. Seminole

    Model Y - Accident

    Called it.
  26. Seminole

    Car names…

  27. Seminole

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    There’s pros and cons to both sides. Yes there are certain dealers taking advantage of the current market and it’s easy to find those and point them out, especially the extreme examples, but there’s also dealers who will sell at MSRP. Even 4 years ago my friend wanted a Raptor and every ford...
  28. Seminole

    Florida FPL Time of Use Rate

    I can tell you that currently I'm saving maybe $15-20 a month using TOU (my bills are in the $120-$150 range right now). As the weather warms up more I'll see how things go. I keep my air set to 78-79 during the day, but during the peak of the summer if the AC has to kick in a lot during the day...
  29. Seminole

    Tesla Model Y Standard Range AWD to be priced at $59,990 USD

    Got my LR for $50,500. No chance I would pay the current going rates for a LR or that much for a SR. Yes the Supercharger network is a big plus, but realistically I've only taken my car on one road trip. 99.9% of my charging is done at home. For that price I would get an Ioniq 5 which still has...
  30. Seminole

    2022.12 looks promising!

  31. Seminole

    Anyone tried Nansure Read Splash Guards? (Looks like OEM Front Mud Flaps)

    The ones you posted are of the same style as all the other third party mudflaps that have been on sale for a while such as Basenor, etc.
  32. Seminole

    Florida FPL Time of Use Rate

    I just named them wrong, that's my bad, I was trying to reply while also working and doing a bunch of other stuff. I can't edit it anymore, but this is the correct table: Off Peak under 1000kw - $.1017 - ($.04701) = $.05469 On Peak under 1000kw - $.1017 + $.13016 = $.23186 Off Peak over 1000kw...
  33. Seminole

    Loose Rearview Mirror

    If you remove the smaller plastic cover the torx screw is holding the aluminum piece the mirror twists on to. I also cannot remember exactly where on the mirror it was but if you look around it might be inside of a hole in the piece of aluminum.
  34. Seminole

    Loose Rearview Mirror

    I fixed mine myself. I popped off the cover on the mirror housing and there’s a torx bolt that you can tighten.
  35. Seminole

    Just got my model Y, should I take it to the service?

    Agreed, unless the panel alignments are causing some other issue I’d leave the hatch alone because their solution for that usually creates some damage to the hatch hinges that would have to be painted over. Way more hassle than it’s worth. But I would totally have them at least fix the paint...
  36. Seminole

    Successful retrofit of passenger lumbar on 2021 Model Y

    Sucks to hear that everyone had their retrofits disabled as I was actually considering doing this, but I figured I’d chime in that you can reuse these plastic rivets. The seat bottom cover snapped off it’s retaining guide when I leaned into my car to clean the windshield and my knee hit it at a...
  37. Seminole

    Water leaking from under glovebox in freezing conditions. Service center didn't do anything. Now what?

    Look at the similar threads linked below this. It’s something to do with the air box for the bio weapons filter not being secured properly and outside water leaking in.
  38. Seminole

    Tirerack and Discount Tire no longer show 18" rims for MY. Can I just order for M3?

    The Y had never come with 18in wheels. 19, 20, or 21s
  39. Seminole

    Florida FPL Time of Use Rate

    Also I showed the regular rates and the tou adjustments. You’ll have to figure out if it’s worth it for you. You save 1/2 of the standard cost during off peak but the on peak rate is more than double. So you really need to be diligent about keeping your on peak load to a minimum. If you’re not...
  40. Seminole

    Florida FPL Time of Use Rate

    I’m not using net metering. There’s four all in rates: On Peak under 1000kw - $.1017 - ($.04701) = $.05469 Off Peak under 1000kw - $.1017 + $.13016 = $.23186 On Peak over 1000kw - $.1217 - ($.04701) = $.07469 Off Peak over 1000kw - $.1217 + $.13016 = $.25186 You also have a base charge of...
  41. Seminole

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    It'll be a few years away but I'm super interested in the ID Buzz. Curious what the US model specs will be when it comes here.
  42. Seminole

    2-piece Roof Sunshade

    Also starting from zero stars is a big negative. People on Amazon will skip over products that don’t have a lot of reviews.
  43. Seminole

    Inflationary Price Increase coming?

    I'm glad I got in at $50k. At least this will keep my resale value high 🤷‍♂️. Anyone with a SRMY really made out like bandits.
  44. Seminole

    2-piece Roof Sunshade

    It looks like they've kept the same product page for the 2 piece that they had been using for the one piece. That creates confusion because there are no reviews new enough to be for the new two piece, only the old one piece ones.
  45. Seminole

    Florida FPL Time of Use Rate

    So far it’s been working. I used 100 more KW than the same time last year and even with the rate increases my bill this year for Feb was only $3 more than the same bill last year. There's no direct comparison shown on the bill though. In January I think I saved $20 by being on TOU. The more you...
  46. Seminole

    Rimetrix Model Y Aero Cover Availability

    I originally used the tape. but over time it was coming undone because it shrank due to the heat. If you put enough of an overlap when the two ends meet you'll be fine. I still have one that is tape. As the others came undone I redid those with the vinyl. The tape was easier to get on imo. You...
  47. Seminole

    Rimetrix Model Y Aero Cover Availability

    You can use either black electrical tape or a strip of black vinyl.
  48. Seminole

    PPF & Tint in South Florida

    I went to Eric at the Film Authority in Boca. I'm happy with the results.
  49. Seminole

    AMD Ryzen upgrade for older Model Y

    You’re the one that’s getting all worked up. I know what it means and even if Tesla is having custom architecture added to the chip I was merely pointing out the Ryzen chip did exist back when they moved to the MCU2 when you said that Ryzen didn’t exist. Their custom chip might not have but the...
  50. Seminole

    AMD Ryzen upgrade for older Model Y

    I’m not sure when exactly Tesla made the decision internally to go with the Atom, but he’s not entirely wrong. The Ryzen was released in February of 2017, and Model 3’s were first to launch with the MCU 2 and production wasn’t till summer of 2017. The MCU 2 upgrades for Model S and Y happened in...

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