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    Love, Love, Love the new Raven Suspension!

    My experience has been the opposite, I just traded my 2018 SP100D in for a 2020 performance version. MUCH more road noise in the new one, I noticed it right away..
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    48A charger upgrade?

    This sucks. I just paid to have 100A circuits installed at both my home and work locations. I charge at 72A daily. Yesterday I traded in my 18 SP100D for a 2020. Much to my surprise, 48A max and a tremendous waste of money putting in 100A circuits where 60A would have cost a lot less! Why...
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    Love, Love, Love the new Raven Suspension!

    Can someone explain the "raven" reference? I am trading my 2018 P100D in next week on a 2020 performance version. No more reference to P100D, it seems all are now Dual Motor and you either buy the performance version or the long range version. No choices on suspension, or anything else but...
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    Radar Detector in 2015 Model S?

    I have the 9500 remote installed, with the display built into the mirror, completely stealth. I also have an ALP system installed the same way. Works great and highly recommended
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    Swapping out wheels/tires for a winter set - do you lubricate the threads?

    Confession : I've made that mistake on a brand new car. I pulled the wheels off to paint my calipers. When putting wheels back onto my brand new Corvette, I decided to put anti-seize on the threads and mating surfaces. When tightening the lug nuts, I simply couldn't get to the 100 ft-lb...
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    Best way to sell my 2018 P100D ?

    Some great suggestions here. Hadn't thought about the work option. I'll be contacting the condo owners association to see what they might willing to do if it didnt cost them anything.
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    Best way to sell my 2018 P100D ?

    Yes, tried that but we don't have assigned spaces and they don't want to commit to having 50-100 amps available either.
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    Best way to sell my 2018 P100D ?

    It looks like I'll be moving to a new city and into a Condo where I won't have the ability to home charge. To make it worse, my commute will be about 75 minutes each way daily. So, I'll need to charge every other day or so. There are no supercharging stations nearby. IF I decide to sell my...
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    Software Update 2018.39.7 9736c9b

    I've not been able to find the option to accept firmware upgrade from my app. I'm on 39.7 FW and v 3.6.1 of the app. Where does that option appear ?
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    Drive through car wash

    I use a touchless car wash all the time with no special behavior. I leave it at normal height, put it in park, listen to the radio, and wait.
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    iPhone Music Auto Playing

    I'm still on v8.1 and have had this issue for months. I found out when I got my cell bill to find out I had streamed over 20GB of data on my 3GB plan.....
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    Lloyd's floor mats with Tesla Logo, or P100D or Model S ??

    I can't seem to find a place that can sell me the LLoyd's Luxe Mats for my model s with embroidering on them. I recall a post here on the forum from someone that got them but I cannot seem to find it in search. I don't want the plain ones and don't want my initials on them but P100D or Model S...
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    What's the Right Tire Pressure?

    I had the dealer remove the 21's the car came with and put on the 19's for comfort. I'll try the 50 and see how I like it,
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    Software Update 2018.39 4a3910f (plus other v9.0 early access builds)

    Looking at TeslaFi data (yes, I know this is just a subset of the empire), it does appear that the installs are limited to people at 36.2 already. Lots of updates in the past few days TO 36.2 from older versions. All of the updates to 39.x appear to be limited to those who already have 36.2...
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    What's the Right Tire Pressure?

    SO, I park my car in a heated garage, typically about 70 F. I set my tires at 45. I then drive outside into the winter weather and before long, I've got low tire pressure warnings on all four tires under 40 psi.. Should I start at 50 ?
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    Software Update 2018.39 4a3910f (plus other v9.0 early access builds)

    As excited as we all are to get some of the new features, with only 3 Teslafi updates in the past few days, it would appear that we are no where near a general roll out. Time will tell. For me personally, I'm happy to wait just a bit. With so many changes, "new features", updates, etc in this...
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    Missed the memo? Slow supercharging close to home?

    Very good point.. didn't think of that. I got a rate of 328 mi/hr at a 20% SOC last week but I was coming right off the highway after 200 miles..
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    Accident Damage Advice - Rear Quarter Panel?

    Body Shop + Insurance Claim = CARFAX report = diminished value. PDR - no insurance, no CARFAX. If you can get acceptable results with PDR, go for that, pay it yourself, and be happy. JMHO....
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    S100D Air Conditioner Cuts out on Humid Days?

    My 2018 P100D does this all the time. I often find that I have no AC for the first 5-10 minutes of my drive. I occasionally "lose" AC during a drive. In all cases, it eventually comes back but not before I've got the windows down to deal with the heat...
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    Tracking the new maps rollout

    Got the new maps the other day and hate them. The greyscale is not for me and the tile loading time is ridiculous. If I'm zoomed in too closely, I can actually drive faster than the tiles can load and end up with an empty screen..
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    Series 1 HPWC issues with 2018 model S

    How can I tell what version HPWC I have ?
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    Missed the memo? Slow supercharging close to home?

    Not had that experience here. My close to home supercharger gets me over 240/hour regularly.
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    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    I took a 900 mile drive last week, all highway, on 21.9 and used AP a lot with only the right drift issue at exit ramps. Yesterday I got 24.1. On my first AP engagement, we entered a left turn on the highway. The car stayed straight until the right wheels were nearly 3 feet over the right...
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    What to carry for 5-15 or 5-20 charging if that's all I can get

    Taking a 1000 mile trip soon and expect at my destination to have no other options than 120v. Don't know if I will have a 15 or 20 amp outlet and fully expect I'll need an extension cord. I have both the 5-15 and 5-20 adapters but dont want to have to carry both long extension cords. Are...
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    21 inch turbine wheel crack survey

    My 2018 P100D was ordered with 21's. The salesperson at Tesla warned me about the 21's being easy to damage and suggested that I downgrade to 19's. I did, and saved the $3500...
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    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    Had a very similar experience today with a split in the road. Four lanes split in a Y, two on each side. I was in the third lane from the left. The car stayed in my lane but as we got closer to the split, it took the left instead of staying in the right, and then changed back.. Scary snap of...
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    Tesla navigation map is now in grey scale - how do we change this?

    I received 2018.21.9 last night and my maps are still in full color just like before..
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    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    I got mine last night over LTE parked in an underground garage...
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    Tips for Parking in REALLY Hot Garage

    Depends on how he wired it. With the right wiring method, wire sizes, and breaker, he could be just fine.
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    CHAdeMo adapter , $450 , seriously ?? Why so expensive

    I've seen lots of posts recently recommending having a CHAdeMo adapter on board. I was shocked to see they cost $450 at the Tesla store. Why so expensive? Are there any better alternatives?
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    BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K UHD is now available PRE-ORDERED

    Is there a price listed anywhere on the 900/2CH ? The Blackvue website isnt accepting pre-orders and shows no price...
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    Software Update 2018.20 ad59ff9

    annndddddd, two days later, 21 is out.....
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    Contemporary Wi-Fi and upgrades

    I wonder how much of a performance (speed and reliability) improvement we would see with some method of improving the antenna? Waste of time ?
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    Uncorked: Thanks TMC Friends!

    Are P100D's already uncorked? Mine is Feb 2018 and Perf_Config=P2 as reported by Teslafi ..
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    Software Update 2018.18.2 301aeee

    I'm not sure what point you are trying to make here... perhaps you clarify your response? You've posted numerous paragraphs of content that have nothing to do with my very simple OP.. congats......
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    Software Update 2018.18.2 301aeee

    Not sure I care about the "first reports of 2018.12" or how long since they occurred. I've been on 2018.12 since I bought my car so this is all I know. I could care less about "first reports" and really only care about my own experiences. How are you somehow smarter about my individual...
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    WiFi drops as soon as car turns off - can't stay connected

    Interesting - I turned off wifi altogether today and within 4 hours got updated from 2018.12 to 2018.18.2 via LTE
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    Software Update 2018.18.2 301aeee

    After months at 2018.12, I finally got the update today to 2018.18.2. Honestly cannot tell any difference.
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    WiFi drops as soon as car turns off - can't stay connected

    I can't seem to get any updates for two months so I've been trying to figure out whats up. I can sit in the car, connect to wi-fi, and confirm that I have internet connectivity (not great but 3mbps and 3 bars). I have energy savings off and stay connected on. BUT, as soon as I walk away from...
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    iPhone X pairing issues

    Mine works great, and I do have both the iPhoneX and Apple Watch with me all the time. My contacts sync, calendar syncs, speaker works great, streams music well, and the Tesla connects to my iPhoneX hotspot just fine for internet.
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    How do I connect to an "open" wi-fi network that uses browser authenticatio?

    I am having trouble getting a decent wifi connection that my 18 P100D will use for updates. I live on the 28th floor of a condo building so cannot get my own wifi to connect. I've tried using a hotspot, that doesnt provide any joy either. I am able to browse (albiet slowly) using the personal...
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    Car not updating? Try a factory reset.

    Following this thread, I did a factory reset on Tuesday. I remain stuck on 2018.12. Checking my wifi activity, I have only moved 21mb over the more than 48 hours since the reset.
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    Software Update 2018.18.2 301aeee

    Wish I knew how to trigger an update on my '18 P100D. I've been on 2018.12 since I bought the car..
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    Firmware downgrades ??

    Watching the TeslaFi firmware logs, have been noticing more and more lately vehicles that are getting downgraded from newer versions back to older versions. Is this something Tesla is doing to deal with bugs? Is this done with owner knowledge or just forced? Note the short list below, two of...
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    New Model S / X interior update, now here?

    But just after the soft close doors and speed controlled volume updates...
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    Wall charger installer for SF Bay Area?

    There's nothing special about installing the wall chargers. Any qualified electrician can do it. Get the wire size right and you're good to go. My install cost $2000 because I was quite a ways from the panel and the 100 amp breaker was a bit pricey.
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    Tapping 12V from passenger kick panel fuses

    I still dont have a clear picture about where to find a switched 12v source near under dash. The original OP and link of this post showed a really nice source of 11 amp / 12 vdc switched and fused power but constrained that to pre-facelift cars. I am in search of a similar solution for my '18...
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    Did your Tesla come with a J1772 adapter or did you have to buy one?

    No, there was no adapter in my car. I called the SC and the original reps and was told that the charger package no longer includes any adapters outside of the tesla "standard". They forwarded me to the parts department to order this "option"..
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    Software Update 2018.16

    Interesting Teslafi log entries ... rollbacks from 16? Note the second entry.. previous version 18.16, new version 18.12
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    Software Update 2018.16

    My '18 P100D does exactly the same thing. When in the right lane on AP, as the right line appears to get extra wide to allow for the on ramp, the car moves to the middle of this wider "lane" and gradually moves back left as the on ramp merges into the right lane. Surprised the heck out of me...

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