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  1. eye.surgeon

    Why would someone do this . Mod tragedy.

    You will learn in the US it's mostly the white guilt crowd that takes offense for perceived racial slights on behalf of the people they think should be offended.
  2. eye.surgeon

    Why would someone do this . Mod tragedy.

    Why, people. Why.
  3. eye.surgeon

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    To clarify, I never asked Tesla for a battery replacement, never visited a service center over it, and never spoke to Tesla about my charge capping at all. I'm not into wasting my time, they've made their position clear on the issue, service techs and advisors have been directed not to...
  4. eye.surgeon

    Model S parcel shelf

  5. eye.surgeon

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    I'm sure emotion played a role in my decision but I'm a pretty level headed person, my main concern was the value of these capped cars dropping as it became more widely known that they are crippled. The car was at the residual value where I could use the sale to fully fund the car I wanted...
  6. eye.surgeon

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    Actually I didn't replace my Tesla with a Mercedes, that was posted above by someone above who was stereotyping me perhaps because of my username. I don't really want to discuss what I bought because I don't want to further trigger the sensitive ones here. Anyways I think this thread has run...
  7. eye.surgeon

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    I’ve been here for 6 years. It’s going exactly as I suspected.
  8. eye.surgeon

    Model S rear hatch sunshade OEM

    Rear hatch glass. You can call it trunk glass I suppose.
  9. eye.surgeon

    Model S rear hatch sunshade OEM

    Covers the Model S rear hatch glass. Tesla sold these for a while In like new condition. Asking $60 shipped.
  10. eye.surgeon

    Model S parcel shelf

    in like-new condition. Asking $175 shipped within 48 states.
  11. eye.surgeon

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    Here’s the harsh reality...most teslas currently on the road will likely have their supercharging speed capped at some point during what otherwise would be the normal lifespan of the battery. Tesla is promoting super fast charge rates when they know that their current fleet isn’t capable of even...
  12. eye.surgeon

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    Your point about how often I really need fast supercharging is a good one. Obviously with 43k miles after 5.5 years I wasn't road tripping a lot. Part of the frustration was psychological, knowing that I couldn't on the occasion that I needed to. The other part of my decision to sell was my...
  13. eye.surgeon

    Sold my Model S after 5.5 years...moving on

    I've loved my S85, but when Tesla with no explanation or notice capped my supercharging speed to less than half the former speed with a software update almost a year ago as has been done to most if not all older cars. that was it for me. My car is now a city car. Long trips are not practical...
  14. eye.surgeon

    The fit and finish on these cars is GARBAGE!

    You may be out whether you opt to or not. Tesla in the past has had a policy that if you reject two cars you won't be offered another. They've probably figured out that those customers will never be satisfied even after a sale, so why deal with the post sale headache.
  15. eye.surgeon

    2014 S85 with AP1 in California

    Dang I knew I forgot something. Asking $41k
  16. eye.surgeon

    2014 S85 with AP1 in California

    Late December 2014 build with 43,600 miles, autopilot 1 and free supercharging for life Located in Clovis, California Silver Metallic paint All Glass. Panoramic. Roof 19” Wheels Black Nappa Leather Seats Obeche. Wood Gloss Decor Black Alcantara Headliner Supercharger Enabled. Dual Chargers Tech...
  17. eye.surgeon

    No longer sure i want a tesla at all...

    Wow. You realize the Bay Area is a hot spot in a global pandemic right? 700 people died on your home state yesterday. California is shut down. The factory is closed. Possibly temper your annoyance at your delayed car with that in mind.
  18. eye.surgeon

    Elon - Please build Ventilators - Now!

    If by talent you mean no labor laws, building codes, safety or environmental regulations, then yes China has a lot of talent.
  19. eye.surgeon

    Percent or Miles & Why?

    Percent. For the same reason your smartphone displace battery % and not time remaining.
  20. eye.surgeon

    Diminished Value Claim (CA) for minor damage in 4-car Pile-Up?

    I successfully claimed diminished value from the insurance company of a woman that rear ended me at a red light. I hired a guy I found on this forum to do the back and forth for me with the insurance company. spent like $300 and made back 10 times that.
  21. eye.surgeon

    Disinfecting options for M3

    How about just washing your hands? People are going to great lengths to accomplish something that at best is equivalent to washing your hands. Drive it home and wash your hands.
  22. eye.surgeon

    I traded my Tesla for a Lexus

    Personally I find it interesting and informative to see what people are buying after their first Tesla. I know I'm seriously considering a non tesla vehicle to replace my Model S given that Tesla has capped my and thousands of other older car's supercharging speed by more than half with a...
  23. eye.surgeon

    Will Model Y be De-optioned to Follow Model 3?

    I suspect because it has to be licenced from Homelink that the cost is considerably more than just a $15 transceiver. Still it's annoying that it's not a factory option at least, especially since Tesla didn't stake their reputation on achieving a certain price point for the Y, unlike the 3.
  24. eye.surgeon

    I traded my Tesla for a Lexus

    Lexus LS is a very nice car, enjoy it. Telsa could learn a whole lot spending some time at a Lexus dealership, they know how to treat customers.
  25. eye.surgeon

    Tesla Y Pictures - Interior and Exterior

    Great color.
  26. eye.surgeon

    Range of Model 3 less than expected on my first long-ish trip

    Payload + cold temps. As you own the car longer you will come to the realization that supercharging speed and availability makes range less important. You had enough to do your trip under pretty extreme circumstances, that's what matters. There's no bonus points for unused range.
  27. eye.surgeon

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    It's been 9 months since this thread started, and the FAQ in the first post hasn't been updated in 3 months. Does anyone have any actual news about the lawsuit and current mediation with Tesla? I'm getting the distinct impression that there will be no resolution to this matter during my ownership.
  28. eye.surgeon

    NoA is worthless, Autopilot is essentially unimproved from 2016-2017, and everybody has caught up.

    As someone who has been using autopilot since day 1, I would agree with the OP. In fact I would argue that autopilot circa 2016 was better than it is now. No nags and very helpful. Now I hardly use it, what's the point I have to keep my hands on the wheels the whole time tugging on it to stop...
  29. eye.surgeon

    PG&E discontinuing EV-A rate

    I'm on EV-A grandfathered until Nov 2020, with NEM 1.0 due to solar. According to PGE, E-1 then becomes my cheapest plan. What is not clear to me is what rates PGE pays for my solar production with the E-1 plan. Anyone know? I tried calling PGE but it's completely hopeless to actually get anyone...
  30. eye.surgeon

    Model 3 Track Mode V2...RIP BMW M3

    I"ve owned a couple BMW M3's in the past, an E36 and an E46. Don't miss them. You can assume that when the Model 3 performance becomes faster around the track than the BMW, the automotive press will bemoan "the lack of soul". That's press-speak for I can't find any objective means of preferring...
  31. eye.surgeon

    opinions on trade-in offer for my S85

    I declined the trade-in offer. Will probably keep the car until battery warranty is almost gone, another 2 years.
  32. eye.surgeon

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    They left one thing off that list: deliberate software throttling to ensure the battery doesn't fail before the warranty runs out. Which is the actual reason and they know it. They meaning the higher ups at Tesla, likely your local service provider has no idea and Tesla prefers it that way.
  33. eye.surgeon

    opinions on trade-in offer for my S85

    I understand the pros and cons of a private sale vs trade-in. I'm looking for opinions specifically on this trade in offer.
  34. eye.surgeon

    opinions on trade-in offer for my S85

    Considering trading in my S85 and interested in thoughts on the offer. I am the original owner, in California 2014 S85 with AP1 and all options except I have 19 inch wheels 43k miles no accidents Offered $33k as a trade in on a new car. Seems these are going for around $40k private party but...
  35. eye.surgeon

    Wiki FAQ: MCU2 Upgrades

    I'm in the same situation but out of warranty, in terms of having a delaminationg IC1 screen. Hoping the MCU2 upgrade does include IC2, if it does it's a bargain for me. Although my main screen has no issues, I know all MCU1 screens are going to fail eventually due to the flash memory design fail.
  36. eye.surgeon

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Tesla supposedly guarantees battery capacity within certain degradation limits with varying compliance. They make no guarantees about surcharging speed. You are about to be told that your battery is operating within normal limits. Sadly my S85 is capped at 50kwh supercharging speed, making it...
  37. eye.surgeon

    Where did this ding in my rocker panel come from?

    They're called rocker panels for a reason. Might want to consider splash guards/mud flaps.
  38. eye.surgeon

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    There's a pretty good chance your local Tesla people genuinely do not understand a word you are saying, and it's unlikely there is even a position in Hong Kong related to engineering let alone a senior head of engineering as of course the cars are not designed, engineered, or built there. This...
  39. eye.surgeon

    Charge to 50% weekdays, 95% Friday & Saturday

    90% probably a better choice for longevity of the battery unless you're likely to need all the range.
  40. eye.surgeon

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    If I had been told by Tesla 5 years ago that supercharging regularly would eventually cause my charging speeds to be cut in half, I would have behaved very differently. I would have used supercharging only for long trips instead of frequently (once a week), as I did. They need to compensate me...
  41. eye.surgeon

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    If you're getting regen at over 95% SOC , you're capped.
  42. eye.surgeon

    New interior update on 2020 model X wireless charging

    Why do you have two of the same car, same year? Seems kind of redundant.
  43. eye.surgeon

    Tesla banned me from purchasing another Tesla after vehicle buyback

    As a business owner myself I have no problem with Tesla or any company banning PITA customers. Enjoy the Porsche and be sure and post about your buyback experience with them in 12-18 months.
  44. eye.surgeon

    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    Who wants to put their car on a public list as having been crippled? I can tell you mine is not on that list. I"d like to be able to sell it one day.
  45. eye.surgeon

    Replacing instrument cluster

    I've watched the video but could someone rank the difficulty of the job of replacing the instrument cluster and swapping out the motherboard on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being I need help using a screwdriver and 10 being I work on the Tesla assembly line putting in instrument clusters. 5 would be...

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