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    2021 Tesla Model X Long Range Plus

    Still available?
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    2020 Model X Long Range Plus Red

    Still available?
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    2022 Model X Long Range Reservation - NJ

    Color stinks but if it’s still available in a pinch I’ll make an offer.
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    Insurance - Assigning a dollar value to Lifetime Unlimited Supercharging

    I really wish it stuck with the owner..
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    Front Plate Removal

    Just moved to a state without the front requirement. I want to remove the one we currently have, but I don’t want to leave holes in the bumper. Any suggestions on things you have done? Has anyone purchased white dots that fit the holes? My assumption is that that method would almost make the...
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    Why Are You With Tesla

    Wow, I know forums can tend to be negative by nature, but a little surprised how many people said they would leave. Maybe I should sell my stock lol. TBH I posted this question because of their stock, and when people will start to turn their backs on Tesla. At some point there will be a catch...
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    Why Are You With Tesla

    Hey Everyone I feel like every day I am seeing more and more compelling electric vehicles Being debuted. Which makes me ask, how much longer will I stay with Tesla. Then that brings me to, why am I with Tesla? My answer is mostly because of it being a fast, beautiful, electric vehicle. I hate...
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    Thoughts On e-tron GT Family

    e-tron GT family I’ll start, Beautiful exterior
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    Flickering IC

    Has anyone experienced this? It feels like when the screen goes too high in brightness it has a very very subtle flickering.
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    Tesla trade in

    That’s very frustrating because you don’t get the tax help when you buy the car without a trade in I’d imagine.
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    Random "Factory Reset" on My Raven S (2020.48.35.5)

    Same and just posted it! Wth. Have to start it from scratch I suppose
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    Has This Happened to You?

    I opened the car today after sitting for a day or two and it looked like an update happened. Before I did that I went to the app the get the climate started and it was not working. I get in the car and it is not showing any profiles being available to connect to. Now my phone, garage door, seat...
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    Tesla Offer Powered Frunk Group Buy

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    Timeline of 5.5 Years of Model S Ownership

    interesting. I am 40k miles in 16 months in a 19 Raven. Knock on wood but it has been ok. Really only one warranty item and it was the axle, shaft or something along those lines.
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    I did not. I wasn’t sure if it was normal or not. Since it isn’t normal I’ll mention it.
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    Anyone else bothered by the "3D" zoom-out on the IC nav display

    Uhh. Mine doesn’t zoom on turns?
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    Tesla MX vs. ???

    How? Just how lol. Do the dogs go in the middle and stay there for extended trips? We just purchased a slim car seat for the 4 year old. The plan is to just have all three in the middle row and have the third row down for the dogs.
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    [FS NJ]: Model S 21” Turbines Square Metallic Black

    Does powder coated mean it was done after and they are naturally silver?
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    Tesla MX vs. ???

    Honestly my wife loves the car. The primary issue (we have had really minor hiccups) is that it is a 6 seater. The captains chairs just aren’t going to work with 3 kids and multiple dogs. We have a roof box/rack and everything. One way or another, we won’t be able to keep the X7 because of that...
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    Tesla MX vs. ???

    I am just nervous about them giving up on the S or the X. Of course none of us can tell the future, but for the 80k I would wish it had some more creature features. I am in sales so I purchased the S for size and battery. I have 29k miles and I purchased in September. Will probably do 35k in the...
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    Tesla MX vs. ???

    Thank you! Do you think they will change out the charging to USB C, does it seem interchangeable?
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    Tesla MX vs. ???

    Hey Everyone, I currently have a LR MS Raven and my wife has a BMW X7. We leased the X7 and are considering moving on from it because we have a 6 seat configuration, just had our third child, and have 2 dogs ( We probably need a suburban). We are primarily looking at 3 SUV’s, XC90, Audi Q7, and...
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    Referral Wheels

    Contemplating buying another Tesla, does anyone know how you qualify for the referral wheels? Thank you
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    Is Tesla Behind

    I have an S and my wife has an X7. It is just so interesting to me how they do so well on some things and completely miss on others. Tech, the doors, app, storage. But then they miss on the luxury features at the price. Also to someones earlier post, Audi may have pulled theirs back, but BMW...
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    Is Tesla Behind

    Do you think Tesla is somewhat behind in some of its features? The camera change for parking is welcome, but would be nice for a version of 360. The big thing that made me thing of this though is autopilot in traffic. There are a few cars out there that drive themselves without any intervention...
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    FS 2019 Raven MS LR

    changed my mind. I was only considering for an X. My wife decided on a different SUV
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    FS 2019 Raven MS LR

    It is not. Thank you
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    FS 2019 Raven MS LR

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    FS 2019 Raven MS LR

    Thanks! Didn’t notice that. SMH
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    FS 2019 Raven MS LR

    All, Just putting out a feeler. Raven White MS, 19 inch wheels $65,000k White interior 25k miles No service to date and great condition. Seat covers used on seats Please request more information if interested. Thank you
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    Do you have shudder on hard acceleration? AKA death rattle?

    Hey, do you know the bulletin number? I have been having the same issue and it made me think it was the tires. It mostly happens at the start of a drive, almost as if it isn't warmed up enough but I know that is not the case. When I press the gas, press not smash, the car starts to shutter and...
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    Hey All, I have noticed some light flickering in the screen above the steering wheel. Has anyone else noticed this or had this happen? It isn't 100% I don't think, but it def its noticeable. I do not know if its brightness that can't be handled or just resolution.
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    Expected Mileage at 25k Miles

    Thanks all, that’s good to know. I will drop it then. I’m at 340 with the 100 battery for the 2019 Raven. I have a charger at home and almost never charge to 100%. That said I drive a lot, 3-4K/month so it is always charged in the garage. I just felt like 8 months and a loss of 30-40 miles was a...
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    Expected Mileage at 25k Miles

    Does anyone know what mileage I should get after 8 months and 25k miles on my MS LR? Purchased in September 2019. Just wondering before I say what I am getting. 25k May be a lot of miles so degradation is ok.
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    It’s a 2019 LR. 7 months old.. Is it warranty covered?
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    Dropbox - Tesla - Simplify your lifeHey All, I’ve been having two issues that I wanted to see if anyone has also had, and if so, suggestions on how to fix. 1. I’ve been having a rattling or plastic on plastic sound coming from my dash. Video attached. 2. After making a lower speed turn, I...
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    Locked Out!

    Hey, I haven't done a hotspot before but will try it. It definitely isn't asleep, sentry turns on every time. It is in the middle of the parking lot outside. Maybe it is sick....
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    Locked Out!

    Hey Everyone, I drove to work today with just my phone, and Murphys Law, now the car wont open. It isn't connecting to the app and now I have no way of getting in or driving. Has this happened to anyone before? Tesla Roadside was going to charge me to send someone out. But I cannot see how that...

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