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  1. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Question for the experienced: I ordered an MXP on 6/6/2022 and was assigned a VIN on 6/24. It was a relatively older VIN (339xxx). I went to the SC and ask for the VIN to be unassigned which they did with no issues. I noticed today that the account says that delivery is on hold till July 1...
  2. shingles

    Waiting Room: Model X Plaid Only

    They know. But they are also looking at historical trends of payout for different vehicles. A lot of factors there involve the demographics of the owners of the different vehicles as well. They aren't in the business of losing money. They know what you got. :)
  3. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Ordered June 6, 2022 - MX Plaid, MSM, black interior, 20". Original EDD is Aug-Oct. On June 23, 2022, it showed July 31 - Sept 11. Today, I saw a VIN... except it's an older VIN, 3399xx. Gonna reject it tomorrow. I waited to order on purpose till there were confirmation of swivel screen...
  4. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    If the money is not an issue, I'd do it.
  5. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    That's FSD only, unfortunately. I have FSD on our MYP and really like that feature. But I did not pay $12k for FSD this time around.
  6. shingles

    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    In Jan of this year, I drove from Houston to Atlanta and back. It was terrible weather for EV efficiency: temps were in the 30's with strong winds in the 15-20mph range almost the entire way. That's a range killer if there ever is one. I was traveling with a pregnant wife and an 18 month...
  7. shingles

    MXP Refresh - adjustment of dash air flow - RTFM!

    The important question is, did you fess up to the wife? :)
  8. shingles

    Has you driven with falcon wing doors open and had an accident?

    The Chrysler Pacifica does not allow the rear sliding doors to open unless in park. There are a few threads on the Pacifica forum of people complaining about this. Why? Because when they are in line picking up their kids, they can't simply open the door to let them in. They have to put the...
  9. shingles

    Driver's door latch broken - no parts available

    Why do you feel this is a design problem?
  10. shingles

    Wall charger question, noob here

    It's probably fine, but I'd probably put a cap like this on there to protect the connectors...
  11. shingles

    Refreshed 2021/2022 Model X Owners Thread

    There are two hooks in the model x. Per the manual: Your Model X has a coat hanger on each side of the vehicle above the rear window in the second row, next to the reading light. Push the coat hanger to release it. Push it again to retract it.
  12. shingles

    CCS Adapter - ?

    Tesla has already said it's opening supercharger for everyone to use, no bureaucrats required. Tesla will add CCS connectors to Supercharger stations in the US, says Elon Musk
  13. shingles

    Walk up unlock, how do you know?

    @chnry is correct. It unlocks when you pull the handle, then it unfolds the mirror etc. You really don't (or I really don't) want it to just unlock when you are close by... what if one just walked by and didn't intend to unlock, but the car unlocks and some asshat goes into the car and take...
  14. shingles

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    Yes it turns it on, but does it stay on? My model y does this. Clicks on, then turns off.
  15. shingles

    Refreshed Model-X "Light Show", no falcon wing door flapping?

    I just saw a video on a refreshed X and it's FWD didn't flap. I am thinking it's probably deliberate to reduce wear and tear on the FWD?
  16. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Ahh, gotcha. I suppose it would depend on each person's situation. For me, I has not deterred me from placing an order this week.
  17. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/modelx/en_us/GUID-E9B387D7-AFEF-4AAF-8685-4FE71E09287D.html "In most situations, these buttons are not available until you press one of the buttons to activate it." You probably touched it when you put the phone into the charger.
  18. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Because of the stock price? I guess I don't see the correlation? It's not like Tesla is going to fold in a year or two.
  19. shingles

    Does your SOC ever show higher than your charging set point?

    Yes it happens, can go either way.
  20. shingles

    Model X Supercharging curves, 2022

    There's a feature request, but only 7 votes.... if you have Telsafi, go up vote it so we can get some traction! :) https://support.teslafi.com/en/communities/1/topics/11392-charging-graph-as-a-function-of-state-of-charge
  21. shingles

    Model X Shudder Problem - Questions about DIY and recommendations

    Can't help with #1 and #3, but for #2 you are doing a wheel alignment. You don't have to go to Tesla to do this, you can take it to any shop that does alignment. Although, like most services, not all alignment shops are created equal so you'd probably what find a shop that others have recommended.
  22. shingles

    Model X and Nuna Rava Car Seat

    - rear facing - forward faing
  23. shingles

    Trip Planner problems

    It sounds like you are already on the road? The thing is, each time you punch in the destination, it calculations from that moment, based on the charge you have, on how best to get to the destination. It's a navigation tool that happens to tell you when to charge and not really a planning tool...
  24. shingles

    Startup delay

    Yes. If your car has been in a sleep state, sometimes it takes a little longer to wake up.
  25. shingles

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    This is pretty common on white pearl colored cars and it's not just a Tesla problem. It is because of material... but sometimes it comes out better than other times. It's sort of hit and miss it would seem. My MYP has a VERY VERY slight color mismatch that I can detect depending on lighting...
  26. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    You can't sell something that isn't yours yet, unless you mean something else. You also can't transfer or sell your reservations these days... seems like Tesla has been cancelling orders of people doing this.
  27. shingles

    Trade my model y for an X

    There's a recent thread with this discussion that might help. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/buying-used-tesla-y-or-x.261650/
  28. shingles

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Supply/demand. If they get a fix amount of black interior and 20" wheels per month and people are all ordering that combo, then it gets pushed back.
  29. shingles

    Won’t charge at home?

    It's also worth noting that not all NEMA 14-15 receptacles are created equal. Here's a thread that goes through a few different ones to show the differences. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/master-thread-definitive-14-50-nema-outlet-guide.140694/ I have read that some people have...
  30. shingles

    Portable Generator Recommendations for Road Trip from California to Alaska

    You would want an inverter generator if you want clean power... but I don't think any of them have a 14-50r... at least not any I've seen. If you are ok with a max of 30amp max, then the Predator 9500 from Harbor Freight is good. I am a Honda guy, but it's hard to justify 2X the cost for an...
  31. shingles

    Houston, Texas - Model Y Deliveries

    Man, I don't even know what I am looking for? Seriously though, I used to be the same exact way, but it was sucking the joy out of driving and owning ANY car because I was so obsessed with every single little nick. I PFF'd things that no one PFF's, why because I didn't want to scratch it...
  32. shingles

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    ABRP I find is a great tool for planning. It’s actually very accurate, especially if you have premium subscription and it can read real time. What I like about ABRP for planning is that with the premium subscription, it will factor in weather forecast for the planned trip, giving me a better...
  33. shingles

    2022 MXP White on white for sale

    I think it's cute that some may think the government will let you get away with not paying taxes. :)
  34. shingles

    Does Tesla Nav consider elevation change when computing charging stops?

    I guess I don’t understand what you disagree with. The car does in fact factor in elevation. That’s been proven above. What you have not told us about your drive is weather conditions (temp and wind), speeds you drove, the load you had, and your driving habits. The formula you suggest is...
  35. shingles

    Tesla Canceled my Order

    I mean, someone could have been pulling up a list of customers getting ready for delivery and accidentally changed something. It in fact CAN be accidental.
  36. shingles

    MYLR vs Subaru Outback: Outback better AP and reliability?

    I really don’t think you should judge any cars reliability by reading forums. This has been true forever. Go to any forum it’s nothing but issues and complaints. After all you go there to help find solution. I say that to say there are plenty of Tesla with no issues. I have had an...
  37. shingles

    Wiki Model X Refresh Issues Thread

    Click the three dots, it should be in there when the menu pops up.
  38. shingles

    Tesla Frunk Noise Dampener

    The plastic tub of the frunk is not attached to the firewall. There's a good 18" between that tub and the firewall. In addition to that, there's a bunch of other noise making items attached to the firewall that is more likely to make noise that leaks into the cabin. Take off the top plastic...
  39. shingles

    Tesla Frunk Noise Dampener

    I don’t see how it would impact sound inside cabin. It’s not like the frunk is connected directly to the cabin. I think it looks nice but I doubt it does anything for cabin sound reduction. Maybe inside the frunk itself, which I guess is what it advertises itself as “frunk noise reduction”.
  40. shingles

    Having second thoughts about MYP after VIN assigned, open to ideas

    Ride quality is super subjective. I have zero problems with our MYP ride and neither does my pregnant wife. It IS a firm ride and it isn't for everyone. If you drive on broken roads often, it might not be the best fit. FWIW, I just went on a 2,000 mile road trip with my pregnant wife and 22...
  41. shingles

    Preserving Battery Best Practices

    What are you trying to accomplish? If you are worried about it being at high state of charge for too long, you can do schedule departure charging and preconditioning. It'll charge you up to set state about 20-30 minutes before your set time.
  42. shingles

    Vendor OEM Spoiler VS Duckbill Spoiler

    For what it's worth, I vote yes on the matte v2. I am on my 2nd OEM spoiler, it's starting to come off... looking for alternatives, but want matte carbon.
  43. shingles

    Any tricks for keeping rear camera viewable?

    I have wondered if rain-x treatment might help. I haven’t tried it myself but might be worth testing out.
  44. shingles

    Car has a hard time recognizing my phone

    Where is your phone? If in your pockets do you keep other things in the same pocket? For example if I happen to have the phone in my pocket and I have keys for another car in the same pocket, it doesn’t work very well.
  45. shingles

    Model Y wireless phone charger doesn't work with iPhone 13 pro max

    Was going to suggest you turn the phone upside down. My 13 Pro Max with a case won't charge right side up, but will upside down. Without a case, it charges fine.
  46. shingles

    Software updates

    I *JUST* got on 2021.36.5.1... so you folks got it fast, compared to me. :)
  47. shingles

    Will my Gen 1 HPWC work with my new Model Y?

    That gets negotiated between the car and the HPWC... you don't need to change the breakers. The car will request the max that it can be charged at.
  48. shingles

    Tesla MY Parking Cameras

    I don't think Tesla can do 360* with the current sets of camera. All the other cars with 360* have a camera on the front bumper area.
  49. shingles

    White Paint Turning Yellowish

    Seems from this picture it's just a reflection of the light condition. The top part of the rear quarter panel is white like the inside of the door. This is a pearl paint, so there could be color difference depending on the light reflection. It seems like anywhere that's darker in the back...
  50. shingles

    New Model Y. Range questions

    Congrats on the car! How fast were you going? Was there head wind, what was the weather like, how much weight did you have in the car? How is your driving style? Are you steady on the go pedal or are you an "on off on off" driver? What was the terrain like (was it hilly?) These are all...

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