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    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    Similar. Mine was made in 2016. Focus FAXR without the extra letters.
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    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    Interesting. I can tell you I don't pay that charge listed at the bottom, I pay based on this chart: https://nj.pseg.com/aboutpseg/regulatorypage/pricetocompare Note 6 which is cut off of that picture says "Basic Generation Service (BGS) Supply Charges associated with Residential Small...
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    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    The transmission charges for RLM are .016 off peak and winter and .076 peak summer.... nowhere are they .14. Again, not sure what you are seeing.
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    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    Where were you getting .14 for transmission from that table? And I'm assuming transmission costs go up if they have to purchase power from other areas during peak times.
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    Because the quality of flash used in most usb sticks is pretty terrible.
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    What is the one feature you would like to see added to the Model Y?

    CarPlay. The old layout on the Home Screen.
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    Door handles are hard to see at night

    My hand just finds them from muscle memory. Do you folks just not drive often?
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    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    I saved about 400 bucks my first year on RLM (I have solar but it doesn’t cover everything). I’d actually have saved more pushing some more stuff to peak times.
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    Well, I thought I bought a 2020 Model Y, but only to find out it was a rental, and I was a victim of Fraud!

    I would have been alarmed both dls have the same pic from different states. with different names
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    2022 Model Y, tesla forgot to install type c ports in the center console

    What phone are you trying? You are looking for the USB ports on the center console on the back side right?
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    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    Disregard my math then haha.
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    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    Its like 25,000 miles of driving for you to make up the 700 bucks for the different wall connector to participate in the program. (assuming 4 miles per kWh). I'd say it isn't worth the trouble. I've found the RLM to be a much better money saver for me.
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    PSEG and change to RLM time of use Billing

    I didn’t see the Tesla wall connector on the list of approved devices.
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    Safety Score and Auto Pilot

    Yep. I got a FcW the other day because of shadows (I assume). Stop and go traffic. Car next to me drifted slightly into my lane, but only on the line. Was passing under an overpass?
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    Safety Score and Auto Pilot

    I did. I got phantoms. have Changed it and still get phantoms. It also considers it hard cornering to drive the speed limit on curves.
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    Safety Score and Auto Pilot

    Interesting. I haven’t had any FCW but I have tons in my score.
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    Anyone here install the Drivers Display from tesplus/hanshow?

    I have a friend that has it. When I've tried it, I felt the UI and responsiveness was sluggish. The features were good and interesting. It looked very clean like it was OEM though. I don't see the need for it for me.
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    New tow hitch cover

    I found his item on Etsy. Look for PKTesla. I’m guessing he doesn’t wanna post and violate any vendor rules?
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    Matte black emblems?

    These are top notch. Home | MR EMBLEM - Premium Quality Factory Original Tesla OEM Emblems
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    Came across a creative one

    Why would you post about your friend engaging in crimes?
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    Tax credit (Green ACT)

    Not that I like Bernie, but he has actually worked as a carpenter before. Surprising.
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    Rear taillights tinted?

    Looks like parts are black, not tinted?
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    Rear taillights tinted?

    No state that I am aware of allows it.
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    The worst part about the Model Y? The paint.

    Your family must be proud.
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    Final costs of Tesla Y

    You mean they didn’t collect all the taxes required? Colorado has a personal property tax on vehicles. So, not a hidden fee.
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    Vendor “X-Care EV Protection” - First 3rd Party Service Agreement for Model S, Model X and Model 3!

    This is why I didn’t buy. The pdf seems to exclude almost everything.
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    Windshield protection

    Every PPF shop I've spoken to told me they used to carry it and has moved on from windshield products. They say they don't last a long time and their customers were not happy with them.
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    Is Phantom Braking Still a Problem?

    2021.4.15 on the highway almost every day.
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    Advice needed: Interior door trim damaged/melted after window tint job

    Its usually used on the exterior to shape and shrink the tint to match the curve of the window.
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    I tinted my headlights/tailights

    It isn’t legal in NJ or any state that I can think of. There is no inspection in NJ except for emissions. And since EVs don’t have emissions they don’t get inspected.
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    1. Tesla sends all their cars directly to auction. I learned that my local center even sends Tesla cars to auction. So they really really don’t want to be in the used car business. 5. That’s a Texas (and I’m assuming other states they don’t have stores) thing. One of the few good things about...
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    Pick up MYP tomorrow. Tips to avoid ANY rock chips etc on 170mi drive home?

    It’s more like a white film. There’s plastic bags on everything inside. The outside lower parts all had a white film on it. I didn’t want the dealer detailers putting swirls in the paint either.
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    Pick up MYP tomorrow. Tips to avoid ANY rock chips etc on 170mi drive home?

    I had them deliver the car just as it was on the truck and drove slow.
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    PPF interfering with Radar Signal

    The look of the car grows on you. You’ll eventually find duck bill mutilation to be ugly.
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    Autopilot Dropping Out after Several Miles

    The radar will be stopped by anything metallic. (Probably your... nose accessories), The things your detailer would adjust are ULTRASONIC sensors. The small circles use sound to find objects. The thing behind the mustache uses radio to find objects. Completely different. Don’t waste your...
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    New tow hitch cover

    can I has?
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    Final costs of Tesla Y

    1200 bucks plus your state registration / sales tax fees. Teslas do not have hidden costs.
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    Wipers don't work properly in Auto

    No, this is definitely a defect/buggy software. My model 3 never did anything remotely like this.
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    Wipers don't work properly in Auto

    This happened to me the other day.. and the car said navigate on autopilot wasn't available due to poor weather... except it was 70 and sunny. I mean it was a confusing march day?
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    Red Y - Full Xpel Wrap - 1 piece wrap on the hatch!

    The roof is for the pillars... the ground? Uh. No idea. I had mine done in two pieces. Didn’t want to remove the stock spoiler.
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    21' Model Y Performance, rear spoiler repair estimate

    Agreed, Tesla always puts a cost even when its obviously warranty work for some reason.
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    Progressive insurance Model Y

    Why would regen braking save you money on snapshot? Regen braking will have the same deceleration as using the friction brake in day to day driving.
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Only a loon would refresh that page 10 times a day. (15 - 20 is more normal)
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    Tire Rack now offering Model Y TPMS

    It is not the same sensor. The aftermarket BLE sensors supposedly don’t work either. Search is your friend ;)

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