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    Tesla UK T0 Tyre Directive

    Yes there have been OEM spec tyres for years - some for performance reasons, others for cost. However you don't normally get a jobsworth saying you cannot put anything other than the very specific OEM tyres on your own property.
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    Is this normal?

    Was it in chill mode?
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    The UMC hasn’t been removed in Europe.
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    12 gauge, where has this cable come from? What‘s the cross sections area of the conductors? You shouldn’t terminate SWA cable into a 3 pin plug if that is what you are suggesting.
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    Price hike

    I think it escaped the last increase so it’s just play catch up rather than being the start of another wave of increases.
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    MY tints, no one will do it! East Sussex

    Why do people keep talking about the windscreen? The OP doesn't want that tinted.
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    12 volt battery insurance/backup plan

    As others have said, if you think the battery is only good for 2 years (personally I'd say you should expect 3 years, and early failures were due to poor charging that Tesla has now fixed in software) then why not just replace the original rather than carrying around the spare? 12v batteries...
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    My 1 week review with the M3LR, compared to the BMW M135i

    That may just be the recent software bug that Tesla introduced trying to fix boot strut issues. Wait until you are on 2022.16.x and see if it is any better.
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    MY tints, no one will do it! East Sussex

    I know it isn‘t next door but I’m sure Rsymons will do it.
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    and I thought they were trying to make autonomous driving better/safer compared to humans. Therefore why limit the system to just vision, which has the same flaws as our eyes - we can't see when the sun is shining directly at us, or in fog and neither can their vision system.
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    I'm not saying the speed doesn't slow down, just that the time to get from 20% to 80% isn't that fast in the first place because it's only a 50 kW charger.
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    That is horrendous. I wouldn't expect more than a few hundred pounds. Cannot 100% remember what my old salary sacrifice insurance excess was but I think it £250 - and I think that was fixed across the scheme rather than specific for a Tesla. Maybe some are wising up that Teslas on average are...
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    We don't know if they will use the extra resolution or not. Potentially the camera itself could downsample to reduce noise, or the camera spec is better in some other way such as low light performance or higher dynamic range so it isn't affected by sunlight quite so much etc.
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    Not on a 50 kW charger it doesn't as the charger is the bottle neck so the first 20% to 80% isn't that fast to begin with.
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    The LED lights that Tesla use are meant to produce a flat beam and therefore don't need adjustment. The light hardware being matrix or not isn't a factor. The reality is the beams aren't that flat and you could get flashed so you may need to make an adjustment to lower the beams slightly -...
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    I agree but some people have been known to have more than a 100 mile return trip. For them it’s probably worth being more thorough at the point of collection.
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    Model 3 brake service at home

    You are likely to put your head into the wheel arch when replacing pads, bleeding brake fluid etc. Never work on a car that is just on a jack. Too many people have been injured or killed in the past when a jack gives way.
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    Model 3 RWD pre delivery hangout

    The car will come with front mud flaps so you don't need those. All weather mats make sense but we are getting to the time of year where you may not need them just yet. Frunk liner - that's going to depend if you use the frunk or not. Personally I only use it very occasionally as it is much more...
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    New version bp pulse home charger help

    Some people don't get a choice if it comes as part of their lease/salary sacrifice deal. Obviously they can go to the extra expense of replacing it with something else but you would want to see if you can live with it first.
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    How can it possibly be the fault of the driver if the system incorrectly detects a threat and slams on the brakes?
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    Let’s not get into ridiculous comparisons. If your Lexus doesn’t have BSM then the Tesla will be better. But compared to a vehicle with traditional BSM, the Tesla system is inferior.
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    Doesn’t sound ideal to me. You probably gave the van driver a heart attack as you moved and if he braked then it could of set off a congestion shockwave. If you were in a vehicle with normal blind spot detection when you looked in your mirror you would have seen the warning light and that would...
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    Blind spot detection is via radars in the rear wings and bumper and essentially independent of cruise control. But Tesla don’t want lots of independent systems and sensors that just do one function.
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    Q2 deliveries...who's getting acceleration boost?

    and practically none of them will compensate your financial loss if you have a total loss claim.
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    The thing I thought I’d like the most about my Model 3 is the thing I like the least

    Other systems really only ‘look‘ at the lane you are in so don’t get confused by cars and other objects so easily. Tesla’s system is more advanced in what it is trying to do and is needed for future FSD, but for just simple adaptive cruise control it falls short of the competition.
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    UK 2022 Model 3 Long Range Waiting room

    Not just a Tesla thing, others are putting up prices just not as frequently. I know people that ordered a non-BEV vehicle 6 months ago for just under the £40k tax threshold and a price increase during the delivery wait means they now pay more even though their sale price remains the same...
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    Charging cable recommendations please?

    With the evchargeking Tesla cable it is the electronics behind the button in the connector that sends the signal to the car - the charger isn't involved so it will work with any one.
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    New version bp pulse home charger help

    Sorry can't help but given my experience of bp and the oval charger/app/website/customer service I'd turn off all smart features and remove it from your wifi network as I wouldn't trust it to not be hacked and become an entry point into your network.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2021 Model 3 - Charge data, battery discussion etc

    I'd agree there if you MXM4, but in Europe (and possibly all MiC) the LR comes with Michelin PS4. Granted not the ultra high performance PS4S but still higher performing that the Hankooks they put in the 19" rims.
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    MASTER THREAD: 2021 Model 3 - Charge data, battery discussion etc

    Shouldn't be that much in it as the LR with 18" have performance tyres not efficiency ones, and even with the aero covers off the 18s are better.
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    Window washer fluid low

    also the SR+/RWD is more efficient than the LR so you cannot compare.
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    Windscreen chip

    Probably made by the same company just not purchased through Telsa. If not it will be made by one of the other small number of companies that make auto windscreens. No issue, thousands of people across the UK have non branded screens put in every week. Telsa doesn’t give you a windscreen...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2021 Model 3 - Charge data, battery discussion etc

    So why the difference between M3 range with 18” vs 19” when tyre width is the same ?
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    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    If the vehicle is unlocked the battery method should open the bonnet as a way of testing it, which is what kuruma was trying to achieve.
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    Benefits to Delayed Delivery

    They do, but for the same reason you don't purchase an expensive home cinema projector and just use the wall as a screen, the best results come from a special windscreen - which is why 3rd party add-on HUDs are pretty rubbish. As the windscreen is laminated you can get a double image due to the...
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    Auto recirculation mode (Pollution control?)

    The idea of auto recirculation based on a smog sensor is that it goes back to fresh air mode automatically when the pollution level is low enough and therefore the CO2 levels don't rise to dangerous levels. I first had this feature on a car back in 1998 so hardly anything new. However knowing...
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    Trade-In, What do you need to take? (Cables, USB etc?)

    In theory yes to all. In reality they don’t do an inspection, other than maybe a cursory glance, and if they tried to then claim missing items or damage you could just state it occurred at some point in time after you handed it over. You would be taking a chance if you didn’t hand back the UMC...
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    Windscreen chip

    Doesn’t look like you are within 3 cm. Certainly not to the actual edge of the glass as it goes down further than you can see. The main reason for the restriction is just so they can place their tool over the chip and get a good seal to allow the resin to be injected.
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    They normally provide 1 year free insurance on their ‘hot offers’. Typically when the actual leasing company has pre-ordered a batch of vehicles and they haven’t all been sold yet.
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    Window washer fluid low

    Agreed, and given you have the ability to pre-heat the vehicle and deice the screen before you even get in I'm not sure how valuable the feature is - I'd certainly prefer heated washer jets.
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    Model 3 RWD pre delivery hangout

    Not in the UK it isn’t. LR outsells it on average 2:1, sometimes 4:1 in certain quarters when Tesla constrain the SR+/RWD.
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    More Tesla Nav gripes

    Aren’t some of you complaining about the poor nav also dismissing the option for AA/CarPlay? Tesla aren’t fixing their nav anytime soon, given the speed at which they introduced waypoints so I’d love the choice to use a different application for navigation.
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    Window washer fluid low

    Let us know how it goes - you must have the only M3 with that feature. ;) I assume you mean the heated screen element where the wiper blades park?
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    2022 Shipping Movements

    Yes that happens frequently in normal quarters. Either stop at Southampton with final destination of Zeebrugge, or first stop at Zeebrugge and then final stop at Southampton depending on port schedules. Logistically I’m sure it is easier to deal with half a boat load of vehicles at a time at...
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    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Teslafi gives you country breakdown. Dilly didn’t say it was only for the US but nearly all the latest vehicles to receive the update have been based in US/Canada.
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    Model 3 RWD pre delivery hangout

    I think all RWDs to date have the current motor. Only the SR+ model would have had the old motor, and a few of the last ones had the new motor.
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    Model 3 12V Power Socket

    The M3 uses dozens of e-fuses that automatically reset an hour or two after tripping. All the USB ports in the centre of the vehicle are fed from the same circuit. I suspect the 12v power socket is separately fed.
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    Cleaning Model 3 Performance Uberturbine Wheels & Interior

    Not heard about this and I’ve not had problems myself on other cars I’ve owned. It is safer than the normal acid based cleaners. It probably depends on how often you use the product. You aren‘t going to need it more than a couple of times a year unless you are tracking your car as the...
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    UK 2022 Orders to Delivery General Discussion

    Long term order trends drive production priorities. Allocation based on financing is possible but there are too many variables to draw definite conclusions, especially when lease companies are involved and you don't know what conversations occur between them and Tesla.

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