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  1. Eclectic

    Model X Plaid -- What to do?!?

    Congrats on your move out of California. I did it a few years ago and couldn't be happier. You might be able to quickly form an LLC and buy the car through the LLC. It's pretty popular to form a Montana LLC for these purchases since we have no sales tax and if you're not going to be living in...
  2. Eclectic

    New model y range issues

    Absolutely false. My F150 certainly will lose about 50% of its 60 MPH mpg if I drive it at 90 MPH, but that's a barn door shaped massive vehicle with off road tires and an open bed. Last year I drove the Audi A6 Allroad from MT to SF and back and averaged over 32 mpg while also averaging close...
  3. Eclectic

    Saw my first Polestar on the road

    I saw one when I was back in California a while ago and thought "that's a nice looking Kia" until I saw it wasn't a Kia. It's still a nice looking car, and Kias are no longer the joke they used to be, but my first impression stuck.
  4. Eclectic

    Anyone switching to a Rivian R1T after watching reviews?

    While my old faithful F150 continues to do what I bought it to do (hunting, off road driving, hauling but not towing), I'm always interested in the new stuff coming to market. A few weeks back I was mt biking and came across a Rivian in the wild. I've seen the reviews and was impressed, so I...
  5. Eclectic

    SpaceX Internet Satellite Network: Starlink

    I just got the email and it went from late 2021 to this... "Starlink expects to expand service in your area by late 2022."
  6. Eclectic

    Finally, a Tesla that will work for me.

    No chargers, no problem
  7. Eclectic

    Polestar 2 ordered

    Congrats, can't wait to hear what you think of the Polestar. It looks like a great car.
  8. Eclectic

    I bought a Range Rover. Buh-bye!

    Beautiful replacement vehicle. Congrats on having an open mind and choosing that which you like, and that works for you, best.
  9. Eclectic

    Snippiness 2.0

    Never heard that term for non-woke math, but then again, you sycophants come up with some twisted logic to justify wasting money and time.
  10. Eclectic

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    Returned home a few hours ago and thanks to the lovely bay area traffic, our average speed and mpg dropped from the first leg last week. BUT, the interesting thing is that on this first road trip, the Audi beat the mpg of its predecessor (bmw 530e) even though it's a large engine and a...
  11. Eclectic

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    And if I steal gas, it's "free" to me as well. The point being that free is never free. For those with solar, it takes many years to simply recoup the costs of installation, and then you have to deal with the costs of replacing parts on the solar system when they have hit their expected...
  12. Eclectic

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    Then my time is obviously more valuable than yours. Not a surprise.
  13. Eclectic

    Snippiness 2.0

    What isn't? Other than the need for some people to attack anything that goes against their dogma?
  14. Eclectic

    Snippiness 2.0

    Utterly untrue. Sometimes you have to charge at high cost times, such as when you need to drive long distances and there isn't another option. But sycophants will continue to insist that everyone lives in an urban area with the ability to pick and choose the time that they will need to charge.
  15. Eclectic

    Snippiness 2.0

    It's funny to watch the sycophants flail when they are questioned with facts and numbers. I happen to like EVs for some uses, but for many situations they simply are not viable and they often are not the low cost panacea that some claim them to be. One day, they will be, but for now and for...
  16. Eclectic

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    And with peak rates in CA of over $.40 kWH, the cost would be $40.
  17. Eclectic

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    About the same cost as a model Y with way more comfort and features.
  18. Eclectic

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    That certainly wasn't the case when we lived in CA and charged at home. We lived in a hot area and had a pool, so whatever plan we used the extra consumption of electricity by the car from charging at home always bumped us up into higher rate categories and high bills, even though we ran...
  19. Eclectic

    Which goes further for $43 - a Tesla or a Gas Car?

    We used to have Teslas (a 2013 P85, which we sold back to Tesla when the P85D was introduced, and then the 2014 P85D for four years) and never could get anywhere near the rated range on either. I think the range estimates were somewhere around 245 miles for the P85D and in real world driving we...
  20. Eclectic

    Thinking of making a Ford Lightning reservation... you better read this before you make my mistake!

    Sounds to me like you didn't do your diligence and probably had no intention of buying a Ford Lightning anyway...The fact that Ford is a dealership model and they aren't an "established EV manufacturer with a huge charging network..." was something pretty much everyone knew in advance. Now all...
  21. Eclectic

    Model Y or BMW X5 45e

    America's autobahns...
  22. Eclectic

    Model Y or BMW X5 45e

    I'm a big fan of the BMW plug in hybrids. In fact, I got one to replace a P85D. I also just sold it, after owning it for about 2 years (not quite sure if I remember when we got it...we sold the P85D, which was one of the first delivered at the end of 2014, when the warranty expired in December...
  23. Eclectic

    Snippiness 2.0

    You're not only an arrogant turd, you're dead wrong on all counts. gfy.
  24. Eclectic

    e-Bike Hate Picking Up, You Can Help

    Amen! I've also submitted a comment strongly opposing the attempt to destroy wilderness experiences by bringing motorized vehicles into such areas.
  25. Eclectic

    Are Elon's COVID rants affecting how you think about your Tesla?

    I was assured that Musk is a genius who knows more about science than anyone else on earth and is the savior of human existence. I'm not sure how he could be so right about climate alarmism and the survival of the species, on the one hand, and be so wrong about virus alarmism and the survival...
  26. Eclectic

    FINALLY SETTLED? * Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs Tesla Model S Performance

    Wow, I'm very impressed. Beautiful exterior, the type of interior that should have been in the Raven update and amazing performance. For the Porsche. The Tesla still looks like the nearly 10 year old design that it is and since I don't race my cars, the difference in performance is...
  27. Eclectic

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    TL;DR and you're 100% wrong on many things, including the claim that the government has the power to suspend the exercise of rights in the manner they've done. The government does have broad emergency police powers, but they can't be exercised in an arbitrary or capricious manner and have to be...
  28. Eclectic

    Between a Model Y and a Subaru Outback

    Go for the Subaru. I have one in Montana and it's been everything we could have wanted. Lots of room, very quiet, very efficient and it will cruise on the freeway like a champ. The prices are negotiable and the freedom from having to find chargers is a huge deal when on road trips. In two...
  29. Eclectic

    Tesla’s Wuhan Store Reopens

    Glad to see that the Chinese Wuhan Virus may be on the wane in China, though they are notorious for spreading misinformation.
  30. Eclectic

    How much does gas have to be to match Model 3?

    And the cost of things like a home charger are not included either. Gas stations are everywhere and take all of 5 minutes a week to use. NEMA 14-50 installations can cost over $1000 in this area. That pretty much ruins any savings. Then you have the issue of forgetting to plug in at night...
  31. Eclectic

    COVID-19 and Racism against China

    You know what is REAL racism? When you label and stereotype an entire group of people based on something as random as skin color or gender. Like what the American left does by claiming that all people with white skin have privilege, or all men are toxic. The person who used to occupy the...
  32. Eclectic

    Every service experience makes me want to sell my Model S

    A year and change. The odds are that 5 years from now the BMW will be owned by someone else, as my wife is the primary driver and she tends to get bored with cars at about the 5 year mark. We're also going to be totally gone from California by then and she'll probably drive the Subaru we have...
  33. Eclectic

    Every service experience makes me want to sell my Model S

    We were in the same situation as you're in, only our car was a P85D (the second Tesla we purchased, after a P85). As much as we liked the Model S for a number of reasons, we were also concerned about the likelihood of expensive repairs after the warranty ended as well as a few other things...
  34. Eclectic

    Service center experience: trading my 3 in for a Mercedes

    The current BMW has a 4cyl turbo. The others were not turbos.
  35. Eclectic

    Service center experience: trading my 3 in for a Mercedes

    Funny, cause my 2008 VW Rabbit with the 2.5 5 cylinder just passed 170K miles and I've had it in the shop a grand total of once in 12 years. I am not good at doing the regular maintenance either (I basically just change tires when they are bald and add oil when it's low), and this has been my...
  36. Eclectic

    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    I agree. At the risk of being deemed unkind, I'll go so far as to say that Mr. Huang willingly put his life at risk to be a "beta tester". It's obviously ridiculous for Tesla to continue calling AP a beta product after 5+ years, but they do and Mr. Huang gave up his life so Tesla could...
  37. Eclectic

    Found Strange "easter egg"

    It's been around for a while.... Elon Musk on Twitter
  38. Eclectic

    Tesla rage

    Shortly after the 2016 election, I put a Trump 2020 bumper sticker on my VW (when I was a full time Bay Area resident). Within a few days, I had been rear ended, the car had been spit on and keyed and I was flipped off and yelled at more times than I could count. Living in an area where a...
  39. Eclectic

    SF Bay Area Residents - Are You Really Saving Money vs Gas?

    I haven't followed what has happened with PG&E net metering since we moved. Are they still buying from people with solar at the $.496 rate? That certainly would change the analysis. For us, though, we were using a lot of electricity during the peak periods for a good part of the year due to...
  40. Eclectic

    SF Bay Area Residents - Are You Really Saving Money vs Gas?

    Seriously? You're asking me for old PG&E bills? No. and the EV rates were WAY higher than $.16 for the bulk of our use. I didn't retire (far from it), so there was no change in usage at home.
  41. Eclectic

    SF Bay Area Residents - Are You Really Saving Money vs Gas?

    We looked into solar, and since we lived in the same area as you, it probably is an apt comparison. Without any storage system, solar was going to run us over $30,000. Just looking on the Tesla site for a Powerall/solar roof price, it's about $60,000. Our electric bill was between $300 to...
  42. Eclectic

    SF Bay Area Residents - Are You Really Saving Money vs Gas?

    When we had our Model S's, we had the exact problem you described with being bumped into higher tiers (we lived in the East Bay, with a pool and heavy AC use in the summer). Switching to the EV rates helped a bit, but we found that we were paying more, all in, than we were with an ICE.
  43. Eclectic

    2014 P85?

    It seems high to me, but we had a 2014 P85D and it was very reliable and a good performer. I forgot what we sold it for last year around this time, but it was not much more than what they're asking for the car you found (and since it was a P85D, it should have been worth more).
  44. Eclectic

    Early tesla buyers should be given a refund or free upgrades!

    We bought two Teslas when they were in the $120k (each) range. I admit that I expected to be treated better for spending that much money but all we got was two cars, which is exactly what we contracted to purchase. I would have liked to have been treated with more appreciation, but it was...
  45. Eclectic

    RWD vs AWD Cybertruck in Winter Snow and Ice

    I doubt the weight of the battery pack will help snow traction in a RWD pickup. I say this based on my experience with our P85, then P85D. Same basic weight from the battery pack, yet the RWD P85 was actually dangerous in slick weather because of the instant and massive torque. The P85D was...
  46. Eclectic

    Storage in "Sail Pillars"?

    Storage on the sides of the vehicle is something that has been done in trucks for many years. The Ram truck has it (the Ram Box) and the Nissan Titan has it as well (I'm sure others have had/currently have it). Personally, I don't like them because of the way I use my truck and they also are...
  47. Eclectic

    Single Motor in the Snow

    Unloaded, the rwd truck will likely be like any other rwd truck in snow...not good. One of the few complaints I had with our original P85 was that the rear end would step out on slicker roads unless you were careful with the throttle. This problem went away, entirely, with the P85D we...
  48. Eclectic

    Tesla Takes Tug-of-War With Ford to Twitter

    Elon Musk Has Been Tweeting Cybertruck Order Numbers, But They Could Be Inaccurate
  49. Eclectic

    What does it mean that the Cybertruck “Pulls ∞”?

    It probably means the same as "the P85D has 691 horsepower".
  50. Eclectic

    ALL CyberTruck discussion

    As other have noted, you don't get a $7500 kickback for buying a Tesla anymore. As for the added costs of fueling, I didn't add that, in the same way I wouldn't add in the cost of having a NEMA 14-50 put in for a Tesla purchase, nor would I add in the higher cost of electricity for things like...

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