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    Tesla (OS) Browser - Parental control missing

    This is a very good point in fact, sometime kids like to be in the car, when parked, just to play using the screen. Also, the new Model S/X have a 2nd screen at the rear, I wonder if this screen has an Internet browser? Another concern would be if you use the Valet parking, would this mode...
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    Need a little advise now that I will get my Tesla Y in June

    I use a $50 STEREN Lockable Internet Cabinet (19" x 15") to contain a 14-50 plug, the Tesla mobile adapter and 20' cord, cable holder and adapter holder. Note: When I am charging, I keep the adapter inside the cabinet but I am still able to lock the door with the cable passing at the corner of...
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    Finally Finished: Model Y Charging in Underground Condo Garage

    Hi, interesting project and great accomplishment. - Can you show some picture of the wiring in the meter room? - Do you know the diameter of the conduit and the type of wires used? It seems to me that the conduit is 3/4" or 1"? I wonder if you used AWG 8, or AWG 6.... for such distance as 200...
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    Preferred Charging Cable Organizer

    I would recommend having the cable located above the car, so you can turn around without walking on the cable, especially when you go from the driver door to the trunk. The cable hang just above the car door receiver. Here is an example of articulated arm that I made using two 10" Heavy Duty...
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    Installing the official Tesla model 3 roof rack

    Look great, I also always remove the front wheels. For a long trip, removing the saddles could improve the range. But I hit the branch of a tree at night in the parking lot of an hotel, and badely damaged the roof of my previous car. I got the Model 3 roof rack but I will be hesitant to put my...
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    Cybertruck camper

    I don't think impossible to have a CyberTruck version with a flat roof going all the way to the rear bumper. This would be a mure practical Van version for contractors to store all their tools or a family doing camping. So in this case, there would be no need of a 'Vault' bed cover. Honestly...
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    Suggestion for temporary car until Model Y deliveries begin.

    I would recommend getting a 2021 model, for getting a better resale value, just in case. So better waiting until september to order it, I think the Model 3 sold now are already 2020. I beleive the year change was made earlier so car shipped oversea will get the new year VIN number. About...
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    Cooled seat pad

    I installed a front and rear set of Wet Okole neoprene covers. I really like the smouth contact. I wished Tesla offered cloth covers instead of leather.
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    Why I returned my 2019 Tesla Model X?

    On the Model 3 LR AWD, you can slightly hear when the front motor get engaged, like when doing sudden accelerations, but I never noticed a whining noise, I think the road noise would be more noticable. I started to become a little bit picky on this subject, by preferring riding on a less noisy...
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    Service and repair

    There are several threads dealing with this issue providing PROS and CONS. But beside the price difference, it really depend of your family size and usage. The Model S provides certainly a nicer ride because of the suspension, more luxury and practicality because of the hatchback. However the...
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    What's your top feature request that could be accomplished via software update?

    To send a warning to the phone App if all the windows are not closed all the way up. And may be also emit a different horn sound in this case when the car locks itself. - Typically you don't want to keep your windows open to avoid burglary or because you keep the air conditioning protection...
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    Hi, I received an e-mail from Tesla mentioning that the Berkeley Service Center will also become...

    Hi, I received an e-mail from Tesla mentioning that the Berkeley Service Center will also become a Showroom? I wonder if this could be of any interest for TMC members or may be this was already reported. And if not, what would be the best forum to post it? See below Tesla email:
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    On August 9, 2019 at 9:57 AM Katja Wingo <[email protected]> wrote: Hi, I hope you’re having a...

    On August 9, 2019 at 9:57 AM Katja Wingo <[email protected]> wrote: Hi, I hope you’re having a great day! I wanted to reach out and inform you that we have our grand opening next week of our new showroom located in Berkeley I want you invite you for a test drive. Is this something that you...
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    Spare Tire/Tying Down Cargo - Finally Figured it Out!

    See the following thread: Anyone Buy Modern Spare Tire Kit?
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    Sentry Mode Catches Hit in Parking Lot

    You can turn Senty on using the car display or your phone App.
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    Spare Tire/Tying Down Cargo - Finally Figured it Out!

    How much weight is your spare (or "5th wheel" as it seems to be a regular size? Is it a snow tire or all seasons tire?) I noticed that your spare is blocking the access to the rear trunk hole. So you need to lift it I guess when you want to access it. I wonder if you may have considered putting...
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    Why I returned my 2019 Tesla Model X?

    Hi, sorry about you issue. I'm a little puzzle now about getting a Model X. Test drive are a little bit short for making a decision. I was considering to rent one over the weekend to get a better feeling but finding a Raven is not easy. I know you can return it but this seems to be a lot of...
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    Where can I upgrade seats from Black to White leather?

    I installed Wet Okole seats covers, and the 5 millimeters neopren radically make the seats more comfortable and softer.
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    Cheaper trunk frunk/frunk mat options?

    Can you send a link? I would recommend the following Front / Rear / and Trunk: Dimension 1st Row ... L 28" ..... x .. W 20" 2nd Row .. L 17.5" .. x .. W 56" Trunk ........ L 43" .... x .. W 54" $59.50 - Motor Trend Odorless Heavy Duty Car SUV 4 Piece Floor Mats...
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    Model 3 - Tesla Original Part - Rear Glass Roof Sunshade

    Model 3 - Tesla Original Part - Rear Glass Roof Sunshade $50 (original price: $90) + Shipping $20 Sold my car - Never used Includes: - 1 x rear glass roof sunshade - 3 x sunshade clips - 1 x zippered Tesla storage pouch
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    Seat Covers

    I have a white Model 3 with black interior. I ordered the Front and Rear Full Piping Seat Covers (black with white piping) with rear map pocket behind the front seat. The piping gives a kind of sporty effect. I made a special request for NOT having an opening to access the rear seat latches...
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    Will i get the $3,750?

    I thin I read a twitter from EM who gave warranty that if a car was not delivered before the 31st of December, then Tesla will paid the $7,00 back. So unless this is a mention of a cut off date, there might be a similar deal? However since you ordered June 1rst, and live in California, I don't...
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    Leaf Blower

    Is it another way for financing the Boring Company?
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    Long range travel

    I checked and this is what the Tesla navigation recommend. It would nice if the Tesla navigation would have setting for - 'maximum battery charging level' or - 'optimum charge for travel time' the same way as you can select - 'avoid tool road' or - 'avoid ferry' Honestly I rarely use the...
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    Seat Covers?

    I have the front and rear black with with full piping white. I think it give a sporty looking style. Also requested to have the rear folding seat handles to be hidden and not having an opening to access them.
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    A slight conflict with Cats and Teslas

    I wonder if the battery might be a little bit warm when you come back and park the car? If so your cat might took the habit to stay under your car?
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    Official: Tesla Model Y Unveiling March 14: Cost 10% More Than Model 3

    For mass market in Europe and Asia, I feel that the Model 3 and Model Y are too long and pricey. A future shorter and cheaper Model 2 about the size of a Hyundai Kona, Toyota Yaris, VW e-Golf/ID... would be a best seller.
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    Does the EAP works in UK when driving a left-hand drive car in a right-hand drive county?
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    Official: Tesla Model Y Unveiling March 14: Cost 10% More Than Model 3

    May be a good time to add a new Forum thread for the Model Y.
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    March 15th Model Y Reveal

    I imagine that the Model Y versions and cost will be: - Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive: ($47 k + 10%) = $52 K and (310 miles - 10 %) = 280 miles with the 18 inch Aero wheels - and Performance version: ($58.k + 10 %) = $64 K and (280 miles - 10 %) = 250 miles with the 20 inch Performance...
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    Model Y Desired Features and Options

    I wonder if the Model Y will still have a 12 V battery? I read before also that most of 12 V wires harness might be replaced by a bus line, a little bit like an USB power and data cable?
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    SuperCharger V3.0

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    March 15th Model Y Reveal

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    March 15th Model Y Reveal

    I imagine that some people should receive invitations in advance, so they will be able to make flight and hotel reservations with enough notice.
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    Reduced price Autopilot & FSD for existing owners announced March 1st

    I got my car in October 2018, I selected EAP for $5,000 but didn't took FSD which was $3,000. The upgrade offer I received today is $3,000 for FSD. So this this the same price that I could have pay before, not "half of the normal cost"? Today, the "normal cost" for EAP + FSD is $8,000. if I...
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    Model 3 Leasing

    Let see, the base Bolt has leather seats, while the base Model 3 has cloth seats... /s
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    Bob Lutz is Opining Again

    You mean “put out to pasture”...
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    Model 3 Leasing

    Thank you. So only few weeks left, then it will be the same IRS credit.... After today announcement of the $35K SR M3, the Bolt deal (or any non-Tesla for this range of price) don't seems too great anymore.
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    Model 3 Leasing

    Seem a good deal in fact, while waiting for the Model Y... Do you know when the full $7,500 credit will expire? I cannot find an exact date.
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    Do you use a Tesla Wall Connector?

    I would be interested to get more detail information or pictures about you 'elegant' solution. I park in a garage, and I am always worrisome about someone walking around my car at night and steeping on the cord and failing down.
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    Model 3 Leasing

    I'm a little bit in the same situation, I like (love) the Model 3 as a secondary car, but I would like to get in the future a more practical primary car, with a hatch like the Model S. Since it's only for a very short time, and only for local commute and I don't need to use a supercharger...
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    Vampire Drain/Loss Tracking

    I noticed that since I go the 2019.5.4 the 12 V stay always on even after my car get locked? - I turned off both the Sentry and the Alarm modes. Previously the 12 V was turning off after few minutes, even if I was parked and still sitting in the car? As a result, every night I get notify that...
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    How far are you willing to keep your Tesla

    .... Because no never drive on the right lane where all the trucks ride.
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    Has anyone gotten 17" rims onto a Model 3?

    You can review the following comment from the thread: Mini Spare For Model 3, Hyundai Genesis 18" works
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    Insurance discounts for Enhanced Autopilot?

    My insurance 21st Century don't even recognize the Tesla app location feature as a vehicle recovery device, like the BMW Assist, Lexus Link, OnStar... because I don't pay a monthly subscription to make it legit!
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    Model Y Desired Features and Options

    Until we can see the slop of the Model Y roof, it is difficult to predict if a 3rd row would be a possibility, but I noticed that the Tesla Model 3 and the VW Tiguan are both 185" long (or 470 cm) and the Model 3 passenger compartment is about one foot (30 cm) forward compare to other non EV...
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    Model 3 Software Update 2019.5.x

    I noticed that since I go the 2019.5.4 the 12 V stay always on even after my car get locked? - I turned off both the Sentry and the Alarm modes.
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    Model Y Desired Features and Options

    This remind me also about the Mazda 5 (mini)-minivan with six seats and sliding doors. Mazda5 Minivan Discontinued, No Replacement Planned Mazda will focus on crossovers instead. The 2015 model year will officially be the last for the Mazda5, with the company announcing that no replacement is...
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    Anyone received the new Jeda wireless phone charging pad for Tesla

    I wonder if there is any issue when using a phone cover protection?
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    Pictures of production Model 3s

    It depend if it's only dirt and mud or corrosive salt. How Road Salt Harms the Environment

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