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  1. DenkiJidousha

    Grin. Yes, and the kanji 三 used as your icon.

    Grin. Yes, and the kanji 三 used as your icon.
  2. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    On my third strut and again sometimes it does the double beep and fails to open fully. Currently on 2022.12.3.6 which did not fix this (don't think that was expected but I was hoping it might have).
  3. DenkiJidousha

    7kW or 22kW at Work Location - Model 3

    Of the choices offered, for the sake of just £250 up front, I'd go for the 22kW. You'd get faster charging on the Tesla Model 3, as would many other staff cars (e.g. many Zoe cars can charge at 22kW AC). However, I'd rather go for at least a double unit or a pair of 7kW chargers - even for a...
  4. DenkiJidousha

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    This week I got 2022.12.3.5 on my Model 3 SR+
  5. DenkiJidousha

    Model Y Roof Rack in stock

    If the glass roof makes you nervous, you can probably pay to have it fitted by Tesla. They charged by approx £50 plus VAT to fit my M3 roof rails.
  6. DenkiJidousha

    How do we get Tesla to add a speed limiter feature

    That's probably the PIN protected upper speed limit, e.g. 85 mph to stop loan driver going to fast (e.g. adult child).
  7. DenkiJidousha

    [UK] 2022.8.x

    I got 2022.8.3 this week, and it also asks about sharing cabin data.
  8. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    I now have software v2022.8.3, curious to see if that does make any difference to the boot strut... bit early to say but fingers crossed.
  9. DenkiJidousha

    Model Y - Blind Spot Camera when indicating

    Swapping the stalks for RHD would cause more problems than it solved, but nice lateral thinking- it hadn’t come up on my earlier thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/rhd-specific-issues-with-v11-ui-changes.253279/
  10. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    Well, the second replacement strut didn't fix it. Perhaps that software update is playing a role as as been speculated above? I need to log this with Tesla again...
  11. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    Replacing the boot strut was quick, could have been 5mins - but in my case that wasn't enough. It was getting the the point the ranger was going to give up, and ask me to leave the car at a service centre for a day to get to the bottom of it. The ranger ended up having to adjust the central pin...
  12. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    Dec 2020, Collected car. February 2022 (Jan?), boot didn't always fully open under power. Early March 2022, Service Centre: powered strut replaced, now with o-ring (photo was requested earlier). Did not fully resolve the boot opening. Late March 2022, Ranger: powered strut replaced again...
  13. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    I’ve been asked today to send them a video, haven’t managed that today so guess they might postpone tomorrow’s ranger visit…
  14. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    Using one powered struct rather two (one in each side) may prove a false economy in the long run, Tesla may yet switch to two on new builds and perhaps retrofit as needed.
  15. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    I've just booked a follow up appointment as replacing the strut and adding an o-ring has not cured it. And while it may be worse in cold weather, it was happening on the recent unusually warm spring days too.
  16. DenkiJidousha

    Stick on vinyl number plates

    The green stripe is optional (if your car qualifies). I thought it might look gastly on a red Tesla, but it doesn't actually bother me.
  17. DenkiJidousha

    A thought on the 'small' tesla?

    A smaller 4 seater Tesla could very well be a primary/only car, so a quoted range of at least 200 miles (enough for 150 real world miles in all conditions) makes sense to me.
  18. DenkiJidousha

    A thought on the 'small' tesla?

    In my mind a "small" Tesla would just be smaller (probably 4 seats) and lighter, so would get a smaller battery - but still big enough to still have 200 miles of range. Tesla are of course expanding the SuperCharger network, but it much easier to plan if all their cars have a similar minimum...
  19. DenkiJidousha

    Good Screen Wash for Model 3?

    Tesla Edinburgh topped up my screenwash when it was in for the boot strut etc, I suspected because the warning stopped appearing, but also they listed it as a curtesy item on the invoice.
  20. DenkiJidousha

    Exterior improvements to white M3?

    Parked next to this white Model 3 back in January, left me puzzled until I understood they'd wrapped the top half paintwork in black. Looked good.
  21. DenkiJidousha

    Is it me, or is the Model Y really ugly?

    To quote the Captain Beefheart song Pena, the Model Y is clearly Fast and bulbous! 🎶
  22. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    It does seem to be borderline in some sense as it appears weather dependent (worse when cold). Likewise I suspect two powered struts would be a real solution.
  23. DenkiJidousha

    Boot strut recall

    Had my Model 3 in at the Edinburgh Service Centre yesterday for the boot not always opening properly (and some other small jobs), they replaced the boot strut and added the o-ring. Sadly it failed to open properly that very evening (getting the charge cable out), and the following morning...
  24. DenkiJidousha

    Steering wheel locked when charging and...

    Assuming you stopped off to buy some beer to take home, not stopped for a drink as the blood alcohol limit in Scotland is very strict. Do you have PIN to drive enabled?
  25. DenkiJidousha

    Tesla Glasgow

    Merchant City tomorrow - and a couple of hours on one of the street side 7kW should be fine for a safety margin to get home with no other stops.. But generally, often take the motorway from Stirling M80 past the edge of Glasgow onto the M74 south, and that stretch would benefit from another...
  26. DenkiJidousha

    Tesla Glasgow

    Thanks - I was looking at Charge Place Scotland and there are several 7kW chargers that might work while we're in Glasgow (just parking fees and maximum stay limits to remember).
  27. DenkiJidousha

    Tesla Glasgow

    I take it there is still no sign of superchargers at the Glasgow site? A shame, would have planned on using it tomorrow (and future trips into Glasgow).
  28. DenkiJidousha

    High winds & frunk

    I bet Tesla’s engineers would be interested to see the door and how it failed, even though you folk are probably right about this being an insurance job.
  29. DenkiJidousha

    High winds & frunk

    Ouch. Did the door actually hit anything external to the car? If not, then perhaps that's a slim chance Tesla might fix it since the door design let this happen.
  30. DenkiJidousha

    Model Y standard range for UK - will it happen

    For now I think chips etc are the bottleneck constraining Tesla model 3 and Y production, not batteries - if that changes then selling more cars with smaller batteries would make sense.
  31. DenkiJidousha

    Powerwall Storm Watch

    I'm hoping Tesla switch to the cheaper iron based chemistry and/or the UK cuts the VAT on home batteries to reduce the up-front costs. This thread has reminded me to ask, what's a typical Powerwall install cost these days in the UK? Still supply constrained so priced high?
  32. DenkiJidousha

    New ev tesla y suggestions for charger?

    Pretty sure the existing threads on chargers for the Model 3 etc would apply. People have mentioned the Tesla charger advantage being less faff in use. Consider the Zappi or similar if you have solar panels and would be able to charge at home on free solar electricity. People are recommending a...
  33. DenkiJidousha

    Dumb floor mat question?

    It took a while for RHD Model 3 mats to appear on the Tesla website, in the meantime lots of us bought 3rd party ones from AliExpress etc.
  34. DenkiJidousha

    2019 Model 3 Sr+ to 2018 model s...thoughts?

    Have you measured your drive / garage / usual parking spots? The loaner S we had while our Model 3 was being worked on overflowed our parking space - and it felt too wide for country lanes, but that depends on what you’re used to, and what kind of roads you use I guess.
  35. DenkiJidousha

    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    Some (many? most?) of us have found the blind spot camera display has emphasised that the indicator's orange light is showing up on the camera feed at night or twilight. It turns out this is worse on the older cameras due to a design flaw, good thread here.
  36. DenkiJidousha

    20 mph zones in side streets

    AutoSteer isn’t ready for city streets but the speed limit inaccuracy does hamper TACC. A speed limiter is a whole other thread, but if Tesla tried to be too clever would have the same issues.
  37. DenkiJidousha

    SR+ footwell lights

    Our Dec 2021 made in America SR+ has LED puddle lights in the underneath of the doors. White lights, not very bright. It also has functional footwell LEDs, but as discussed above never turns them on in normal usage :(
  38. DenkiJidousha

    How do we get Tesla to add a speed limiter feature

    Personally I want to use Speed Limit for more urban driving (slower speeds), and TACC for dual carriageways and motorways (higher speed). If the mapping data could be trusted, then toggling the first stalk pull between TACC and Speed Limit might work... seems a bit too fragile though. I think...
  39. DenkiJidousha

    Octopus go - Still available?

    I'm still waiting to see what Octopus does at the end of the month... the old dashboard just says (like by PDF bills): Octopus Go Faster (4H from 2030) December 2019 v1 This tariff ends on 28th January 2022 Unit rate 14.46p per kWh Standing charge 25.00p per day
  40. DenkiJidousha

    How do we get Tesla to add a speed limiter feature

    You jest, but I prefer to take our Leaf when just heading into town (taxi duty, shops, errands, etc). Less fretting about getting dinged in a car park is part of it, but the speed limiter is a big factor. Learning to drive in a manual transmission ICE car I could estimate the speed from the...
  41. DenkiJidousha

    RHD specific issues with v11 UI changes

    No, but Tesla didn’t meddle with the mirrors in the v11 update - like traditional physical buttons they stay put 😉
  42. DenkiJidousha

    RHD specific issues with v11 UI changes

    I was asked about photos of this, so for those with a LHD car or otherwise curious... This is me parked with the left indicator on, camera right in front of my eyes in my normal driving position, and left hand having just used the indicator stalk - blocking half the blind spot camera
  43. DenkiJidousha

    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Edinburgh Newbridge expansion all in place, but still coned off with a neat label on each saying "Not switched on" and "Do not use". They still need to repaint the parking bays before they are ready for use:
  44. DenkiJidousha

    RHD specific issues with v11 UI changes

    Yes, and my point is the left hand which just pushed the stalk button now has to move to the screen (and take your eyes off the road) quickly enough to make those adjustments before the pop up vanishes.
  45. DenkiJidousha

    RHD specific issues with v11 UI changes

    Good point that most people being right handed, having to use our left hand on the touch screen in a RHD Tesla is already harder than in a LHD.
  46. DenkiJidousha

    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    Oh my. That's an unwelcome adventure. Hope it gets fixed smoothly, and thank you for listing the lessons learnt. I really ought to buy myself some pucks (your lesson 7). I've actually got a couple of sleeping bags in the hidden boot space ("just in case"), and keep a jacket in the boot too. I...
  47. DenkiJidousha

    Curb rash!

    Sorry, yes - steel might be stronger than alloys and thus less prone to damage, but I'd meant that more from a cosmetic point of view. So, I'd prefer small light alloys with more rubber over the current Tesla and market trends. Because I know I'm going to curb mine again, probably parking...
  48. DenkiJidousha

    Curb rash!

    Good point on the brakes, but again I'm probably an outlier - never had our model 3 out of chill mode (and in fact wanted a super-chill mode while taxiing our newborn baby, little necks in rear facing car seats don't like acceleration), only ever tried the default "fast mode" on the test drive...
  49. DenkiJidousha

    Curb rash!

    Maybe little different to other fancy pretty alloy wheels, but I would have been perfectly happy with ugly steel with more rubber like the Nissan Leaf. I've touched kerbs plenty of times with that car (and older cars with similar style wheels), never left a mark. Much more forgiving, and...
  50. DenkiJidousha

    RHD specific issues with v11 UI changes

    There are multiple threads about the v11 short comings on TMC, and several within the UK sub-forum alone. However, I think there is a discussion worth having about things which are particularly bad on the RHD cars. And if I'm wrong, and this doesn't need an entire thread, thank you in advance to...

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