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  1. mrau

    Supercharger - Ypsilanti, MI

    On June 10th there is not much sign of any work. There is a crate of fencing at the proposed location. Not sure if related, but good chance.
  2. mrau

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    @Watts_Up I have not seen that type of activity on my battery monitor. If the car is parked for a couple of days then it usually wakes up once a day for about 20 minutes. The cabin overheat protection does not come on since car is parked in a garage. Not sure what is happening with your car...
  3. mrau

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    The monitor and app do all the work of gathering data, I just scroll through the day graphs when I want. It is an easy way to see the voltage of your 12v battery since there is not a voltmeter on the dash/screen. I do think Tesla is doing a good job and I still have my original 3 1/2 year...
  4. mrau

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    The external battery monitor just monitors the voltage of the battery, it is not a charger. It plots all the info on a daily graph when you synch monitor with your phone. It is handy for seeing when the car sleeps (since voltage slowly drops) and when it wakes up (voltage jumps and remains...
  5. mrau

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    This is another battery monitor that uses bluetooth to send voltage info to your phone. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MT4583U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. mrau

    Supercharger - Bad Axe, MI

    Here are some photos from Bad Axe today. Looks like six stalls. It also appears that the main electrical box from the utility company still has to be installed on the cement pad that is to the south of the stalls and across the drive. Maybe July 4th is a possibility here.
  7. mrau

    Supercharger - Bad Axe, MI

    If there aren't any constuction delays, they look to be on target for a Q3 opening.
  8. mrau

    Supercharger - Lansing Michigan

    Looks like another Supercharger is to be built in the Lansing, Mi area. No info on exact location yet. Scheduled to be complete by the end of the year.
  9. mrau

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    Do you still have a Chill mode you can switch to with the Ghost upgrade?
  10. mrau

    NEMA 14-50 vs 14-30?

    You may want to order the cover plate for the Bryant/Hubbell 14-50 as well. The hole is slightly bigger to fit the bigger Bryant/Hubbell. The normal Leviton 14-50 covers won't fit. Here is a link, but it is available from several places...
  11. mrau

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    38 months with original battery. Plan to keep that 12 volt battery while it is still under warranty. After the warranty runs out (Nov 2022) I plan on replacing it. Seems four years is about the average life for a car 12 volt battery. So a mix of frugal and proactive.
  12. mrau

    Jump-Starting 12V Battery Charger PSA

    Get a small A23 battery (12 volt). Put in plastic bag and tie wrap it to the wires behind the front bumper tow hook plug. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00BC3HTE4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 You can only use the tow hook jumper wires to open frunk when the battery is...
  13. mrau

    V11- Backing out of garage with homelink

    If you don't have your seatbelt fasten when moving, the seatbelt warning covers up the Homelink window. Hence you have to Buckle Up to Back Up.
  14. mrau

    Is it easy to identify if my Tesla Wall connector can charge other EVs?

    Here are some photos of inside a Gen 2 wall connector. It has a label that explains what the Dip Switch 2 can be set to.... Normal or Legacy. Also included a close up of the dip switch with #2 in the Up position.
  15. mrau

    12v battery failure, Unable to access frunk

    You can always test the 9 volt on your car to see if it works. Remember the car has to be either unlocked OR the car's 12 volt battery dead for the frunk leads to work. Some folks have tested with their car doors locked and it will not work. Security feature of the car.
  16. mrau

    Any of you have 100/99 scores still not get any FSD till today?

    You may want to try the steering wheel two button reboot. One hour after I reboot mine I got the FSD update after being at 99 for a week. Maybe just a coincidence, but worth a try.
  17. mrau

    Any of you have 100/99 scores still not get any FSD till today?

    99 score here since last Friday. No FSD "yet". Still on 2021.32.22
  18. mrau

    Any of you have 100/99 scores still not get any FSD till today?

    99 and no Beta here. Car is on WiFi, wide-awake and waiting.
  19. mrau

    Vent windows removed from app?

    @cbo111 you may want to set the car to automatically close windows when locked. Also, it will notify you if a window and/or door is left open. It is under the "Locks" menu tab. Not sure if you can tell the car not to vent.
  20. mrau

    Is it possible to move the garage door opener from one Tesla to another

    Yes there is a "button" on the main screen in the Tesla you can press to open a garage door with Homelink. However, someone breaking into your car would not have access to the screen. The car needs to be unlocked first by a phone, keycard or fob to have screen access.
  21. mrau

    Supercharger - Northville, MI

    That is too bad if construction is delayed. The Tesla Supercharger page still show 4th quarter 2021 for their target date. By comparison, the new Bad Axe, Mi location shows 2nd quarter 2022 as their target date. Tesla most likely updates these target dates only after they missed it.
  22. mrau

    Help with charging - Scheduled vs. Departure - how to switch

    Here is a video that should help you.
  23. mrau

    Should I install NEMA 14-30 or 14-50?

    @Wolfhausen I do like your install location. You may consider a bag or basket below the Wall Connector if you are worried the cord may get caught in the moving overhead door. See attached photo for one idea. Also (as others have so kindly said), if your electrician did use 6/3 NM-B Romex you...
  24. mrau

    Should I install NEMA 14-30 or 14-50?

    You may want to run the 6 gauge wire no matter which way you decide to go. Usually running the wire is the most labor intensive part. With the 6 gauge wire you can still use a 14-30 outlet with a 30 amp breaker in your panel. If you ever upgrade you panel to 200 amp you could easily upgrade...
  25. mrau

    12v battery failure, Unable to access frunk

    To openFrunk with a spare battery the car's 12 volt battery needs to be dead, if not dead then the car must be unlocked. Not sure if you can still unlock the car if the 12 volt battery is "almost" dead. Maybe try it again with the drivers door open. Also, there are two wires to hook up to...
  26. mrau

    New LR AWD Charging Slower?

    Sometimes the pig tail adapter that is on the UMC will come unplugged just a bit from the UMC. I suspect that by swaping out the UMC you solved the problem by seating the old pigtail firmly into the UMC. If you swap them back, double check the pigtail is firmly in place. It is possible...
  27. mrau

    Garage Door Suggestions

    Liftmaster and Chamberlain are the same company. The Chamberlain is for retail customers and Liftmaster is used more by dealers/installers. Amazon has a nice price on the Chamberlain jackshaft style opener. Easier to install, battery backup and dead bolt lock for less than $400...
  28. mrau

    Home Electrical for Dummies

    If you go with the HPWC you will have the best possible setup and Tesla charging experience. You will be able to keep both your mobile connector and your J1772 adapter inside your car at all times. It is important to have the J1772 adapter with you . Some folks will travel without the UMC...
  29. mrau

    Auto high beams issue

    I like to think of Auto High Beams as Auto Dim. I leave the setting turned on. However if I move the left stalk to the low beam setting, the lights will stay in low until I move the stalk to High beam. Once stalk is in High Beam position, then the lights will Auto Dim as it sees fit...
  30. mrau

    Landlord letting me charge SR+ but wants to know cost.

    On a 120v outlet the car will draw 12 amps. The hourly watt draw is volts * amps. So 120v *12amps = 1,440 watts each hour you charge. That is same as 1.4 kW per hour. If your cost per kilowatt is ~21 cents, then it would cost about 30 cents per hour of charge. The Model 3 adds about 3 miles of...
  31. mrau

    Need Charger Location Advice

    Option B on the 28” wall looks good on paper. Also it will be easier to reach a visiting Tesla that might be parked in the driveway. When your wife takes over your Tesla (or gets her own), it might be best to add another wall unit on the 22” wall next to garage door. Sharing chargers is OK...
  32. mrau

    LED rear reflector turn signals

    Reflector/lights look great. Do you have a link for the Amazon seller?
  33. mrau

    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    This is an easy fix. Adjust your HPWC to 50 amp and swap out your breaker to 50 amp. This will increase your Home/EV safety and get a huge Thumbs-Up from all your friends here at TMC. 👍
  34. mrau

    Which NEMA Adapters to carry?

    At campgrounds the 30 amp (TT30P) is still a 120 volt circuit. So it charges pretty slow at Level 1. The 50 amp campsites with 14-50 outlet are 240 volt Level 2 and will allow your UMC to charge at it's max rate. I think the best extra adapter to have is the 14-50. Not much need for the...
  35. mrau

    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    Good idea to change breaker to 50 amp when you can. Best to change settings right away in the Wall Connector to 50 amp ( so it charges at 40 amp) to match your 6/3 Romex. Best part is you really shouldn’t notice to much difference in charging, and your wires will not get as warm.
  36. mrau

    Supercharger Feasability for Grayling, MI

    I think Alpena, Bad Axe (Thumb area), and Grayling would all be great locations for the next 3 superchargers in Michigan.
  37. mrau

    Any Way to Disable Door Lock Notification

    You can disable the Honk on Lock. Then car will never honk when the car locks. You can have auto lock disable at your home location, but the car will stay unlocked. You can NOT have the car auto lock at home without Honk if the Honk on Lock is turned on.
  38. mrau

    14-50 adapter with a 14-30 outlet

    @Centauri2 you will be fine with your new 14-30 setup. At 24 amp rate your car will be full of electrons every morning. Even if you had the 14-50 outlet, your car would only charge at 32 amps (limit of the UMC). Keep your unused 14-50 adapter with your UMC kit, it may come in handy sometime...
  39. mrau

    Anyone use this Romex 6/3 cable during install?

    The 14-50 receptacle from Bryant is very similar to the Hubbell but cost less at about $40. If you do decide to get a Hubbell or the Bryant, you have to get the Hubbell cover since the hole size in the Leviton cover is a bit too small. Zoro is one place to get these. Shipping is $5 (free if a...
  40. mrau

    Tesla wall connector vs NEMA 14-50

    The 14-50 adapter for UMC has been $45 instead of $35. I think that certainly tips it in favor of the Wall Connector. Also, you can keep your UMC kit neatly stored in your car at all times. One less thing to pack when traveling.
  41. mrau

    Tesla removing 8 year warranty

    I believe all EVs sold in USA have a minimum 8 year / 100,000 mile warranty on their battery. It is a Federal regulation. Tesla will not remove warranty early.
  42. mrau

    Supercharger - Sault Ste. Marie, MI

    Believe the Canadian side of Sault Ste Marie has a supercharger. However border crossings aren't planned until mid August
  43. mrau

    NEMA 14-50 install guidance for Older home

    If you set your car to charge at night (after 11pm) like many of us do, you likely won't be using the dryer or oven at that time. That should give you more peace of mind that you won't overload the panel. Consider putting in the largest circuit (up to 50 amp) that an electrician says your...
  44. mrau

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    If @techlogik could post a close-up photo of his 45 amp breaker, I'll bet we could find a 50 amp for him in no time. :)
  45. mrau

    Tesla for everyday use

    The Model 3 is so much fun to drive it automatically becomes your daily driver.....no matter what your initial plans were. :)
  46. mrau

    Supercharger - Escanaba, MI

    Looks like @Calimenti will have to make another trip soon. This really opens up the UP travel route. Keep us posted.
  47. mrau

    Only getting 4/12 A charging on Model 3 Gen 2 Mobile Connector

    At this point I would try your UMC in a different Tesla. Also try another UMC at your home if you can. If you get a chance to try another UMC, be sure to swap pigtail adapters to see if it is the adapter or the UMC itself. If not possible, you may have to take it to a Service Center and...
  48. mrau

    Tesla wall connector vs NEMA 14-50

    The LR AWD Model 3 has a 48 amp charger. The SR Model 3 has a 32 amp charger. That would be the limiting factor on the car side for AC charging.
  49. mrau

    Only getting 4/12 A charging on Model 3 Gen 2 Mobile Connector

    Might be a good idea to unplug the 120v adapter from the UMC, and then plug it back in until it is flush with body of the UMC. This has worked for some folks, and is easy to do.
  50. mrau

    Frightening Crackling/Zappy Sound Coming From NEMA 14-50 Charger

    Another good choice for a heavy duty 14-50 plug is the Bryant. It is very similar to the Hubbell but cost less at about $40. If you do decide to get a Hubbell or the Bryant, you have to get the Hubbell cover since the hole size in the Leviton cover is a bit too small. Zoro is one place to get...

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