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    Supercharger - Akron, OH

    Just drove by the new facility. There is still some concrete work by one of the doors to do and who knows what remains to be done indoors. I did see 6 Teslas in the lot near the charging area. Wonder why they are there?
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    Supercharger - Akron, OH

    Moderator note: This post plus the post immediately following were moved from a different thread. The old "Toys are Us" location is being turned into a supercharger plus?? There is an indoor area I have no idea what other than the superchargers but it looks very interesting. The local paper...
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    Buying High mileage MX100D

    33,000 lbs will pay for a lot of repairs I would go for it. I own a 2017 Model X with 67,000 miles.
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    Have any non interior camera cars been opted into the FSD Beta?

    You have to wait for the "camera" option to show up in the phone app. Mine showed up a couple of weeks back. That is the only way.
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    Have any non interior camera cars been opted into the FSD Beta?

    I have a 2017 Model X without the interior camera. It has MCU2, FSD, and just got the camera upgrade. Has anyone with this configuration been invited into the FSD Beta?
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    I'm getting an occasional alert on the power consumption dash display. Should I worry?

    I also have that happen rarely. I have noticed it seems to happen when I am in navigation to a destination mode. Mine has done that for a couple of years and I have learned to ignore it.
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    Falcon wing doors red button nonfunctional software 2021.44.30.8

    It has warmed up a bit and the red buttons are working again! Must have been a frozen switch.
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    Falcon wing doors red button nonfunctional software 2021.44.30.8

    I noticed both of my falcon-wing doors will not close when pushing the round red button on the door. They work fine when using the switch inside the car on the doorpost. At first, I thought maybe the cold 0 deg F weather was the problem but tried both doors inside the garage, and neither worked...
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    Moving to Alaska with Tesla X

    As long as you can charge at home at night you should be good. It takes lots of extra KW in the winter. It has been below freezing for a couple of weeks in NE Ohio and I have to remember to charge every night even though I am driving less the 100 miles a day. My usage with lots of short trips is...
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    Update on AP Camera Update for Older S/X Vehicles

    My appointment was canceled and I was told specifically to wait for for it to show up in the app before scheduling again.
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    Steering wheel Audio volume stopped working after latest software

    Both of mine gave me trouble a few months back and I was ready to have them replaced when I did a reboot and they started working!
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    Creaking/Squeaking control arm ball joint fix

    Can you show us the parts bill? Part numbers and cost?
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    Creaking/Squeaking control arm ball joint fix

    Does anyone have a copy of the service bulletin?
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    Range increasing after charging stops!

    I have never used percentage view but I use TeslaiFI (A great program by the way ) and on the day described it showed going from 90 to 92 percent.
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    Range increasing after charging stops!

    I charge at 48 amps Tesla home charger.
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    Range increasing after charging stops!

    I started this thread a year and a half ago. My car is still gaining range after finishing charging. IE this am after about 100 miles gained by charging to get to 90% charging stopped at 248 miles, a couple of hours later it indicates 257 before it slowing starts dropping. If anything the...
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    Model Y tow hitch

    Thankyou mhcrowder, that is just what I was looking for. Looks much nicer than the stupid removable hitch on the Model X.
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    Model Y tow hitch

    I own a Model X that I tow with and have not seen photos or a description of the Model Y hitch. Is there any place to get photos and other details? Permanent or removable like Model X? 2 inch or 1 1/4 inch? Tow weight rating? Factory installed or Service Center installed.
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    Recommendations for grease/lubricant for MX hitch?

    They call it "waterproof" trailer bearing grease, comes in a tub or tube, lots of brands. I use that because I have it and it is for use around water, nothing magical about it.
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    Recommendations for grease/lubricant for MX hitch?

    Since it needs hit it is almost impossible to do with one person, has become a 2 person operation.
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    Recommendations for grease/lubricant for MX hitch?

    I use the same boat trailer bearing grease I use on my trailer bearing. Grease it liberally, after 3 years of being removed and inserted once per year on my 2017 I had problems. It now sticks in place and someone needs to hit it down with a board to get it to come out. It looks fine, no rust or...
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    Our fun day in death valley

    I leave a spare battery in the glovebox.
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    Falcon Wing Door hit parking garage roof - normal?

    I believe the technology only works well for continuous objects IE flat ceilings etc not line objects like broom handles. I believe the manual even says that.
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    extended warranty

    Not only did I get the full amount back but I got a surprise by them also refunding the Ohio state tax!
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    extended warranty

    No price jump. Last month as my 50k warranty was about to expire I canceled the warranty and got an unexpectedly rapid refund. The price I paid 3 1/2 years ago is the current price.
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    Model X Winter Tires

    I also run the 19" Tesla wheels and Scorpion snow tires. I have never noticed a change in the range from the OEM 20" tires and wheels. I also use TeslaFi so have I detailed information. I would think any significant range reduction is very likely temperature related.
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    Anyone do radio restore after MCU2 upgrade yet?

    I have the XM button and a serial number to no reception.
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    Anyone do radio restore after MCU2 upgrade yet?

    They put that part in my car that did not have SirusXm so I have a tuner that is not functional since I do not have an antenna!
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    Why is the newly announce X have lower range?

    My comfort reserve range is 50 miles. I go below it but that is when I start paying serious attention.
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    Now that production has resumed, how long before we find out

    For people that tow the S is a nonstarter.
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    Tesla infotainment system upgradeable from MCU1 to MCU2

    Enjoy your upgrade and let time and legal issues sort themselves out.
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    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    Maybe the radio module was the wrong one they installed, not the MCU?
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    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    As a follow up I am attaching the MCU2 part number that Tesla installed and the XM radio code that XM recognizes as a valid radio. Can anyone tell me the part number for a Model X that does not have an XM radio installed from the factory? Which is what I think they should have installed in my car.
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    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    That was also my understanding also but apparently, I have an XM radio with a serial number that XM recognizes when I called them but it does not work. I assume because there is no antenna? XM told me I had to sign up and pay to get the preview to work but that does not seem to be correct so I...
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    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    I just got my MCU2 and Radio tuner upgrade for my AP2.0 upgraded to Ap3.0 X installed today. I did not have the premium sound originally and did not have XM radio. The car now shows XM radio in the infotainment but it is not functional. I am trying to determine if maybe I had the XM antenna and...
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    Car won’t sleep, hot rearview camera possibly causing 12 V battery failure

    I have had trouble with the car sleeping with a scheduled departure time. I change to a scheduled charge start time and sleeping issue went away.
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    Windshield defog help

    The climate control system is not great but I have found something that works pretty well. Once the fogging starts I push the defog button once. That puts all air on the windshield but does not increase the temperature, once windshield is defogged I turn it off. I might have to do this a few...
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    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    Because the tuner is not yet in.
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    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    I have been waiting for the tuner for a full month at my SC and just today they rescheduled my visit for tomorrow till next week.
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    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    I think you are the first reporting a US car to get the radio. Mine is still not at the SS so don't know if I will get it Tuesday or not.
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    Anyone do radio restore after MCU2 upgrade yet?

    Latest schedule is December 29 and the radio is still a "missing" part so that date might not work.
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    Model X 2017

    I now own a 2017 and previously owned a 2016 X. The 2017 is a significant improvement on the 2016, they worked out a lot of the initial design issues by 2017. Cannot comment on the 2018.
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    Radio available for MCU upgrades

    My infotainment and radio upgrade has been delayed twice, now scheduled for December 28
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    Key fob low battery warning?

    I just monitor how far away the fob will work from the car. When the distance is short it is time to replace the battery.
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    Moving TPMS from one car too another?

    They just work, I have 3 sets of tires and wheels that I switch between and after a few miles they reset themselves.
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    Jack stands for model x?

    I also use the jackpoint stands, expensive and take up a lot of space but they work great.
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    Anyone do radio restore after MCU2 upgrade yet?

    I am scheduled for December 17 for MCU2 and radio. I will report back after visit.
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    Tow Package - Hitch Carrier Weight Rating - is it really 120lb or 500lbs?

    The answer is yes if you reduce the moment arm by keeping the load on the bike rack close to the hitch it will reduce the torque on the bosal hitch.

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