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  1. Eco Capitalist

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Anyone been through Whitney or Barry's Bay recently? o_O
  2. Eco Capitalist

    Western Canada Superchargers

    So, is there an acronym yet for a line of Teslas blocking parking spaces while queuing to charge? ;)
  3. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Niagara Falls, ON

    Given the lack of other amenities (without crossing highway 10), low, I hope. :-)
  4. Eco Capitalist

    Eastern Canada Superchargers

    Can we ask about the dots on the Tesla map for sites that aren't built? Specifically, does a dot mean they are talking to someone, or that they have an agreement in principle, or that's just where they'd like to put one?
  5. Eco Capitalist

    Possible Location - Brockville Ontario

    I think Belleville will see more use once Brockville is open. The trip from Toronto to Montreal becomes a series of 2 hour jaunts: Toronto-Belleville, Belleville-Brockville, Brockville-Montreal.
  6. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Baldwin (Espanola), ON

    Booyah! Exactly where I figured it would be. :D
  7. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Deep River, ON

    With Canadian Tire and Flo partnering for chargers at other places in the province, I also vote that we wait until something Tesla specific arrives on site.
  8. Eco Capitalist

    Cancelled Maintenance Plan

    Following with interest, as I've done 1 of 4 services, odometer is currently 22,970 and the car is two years old at the end of September.
  9. Eco Capitalist

    SuperCharger - North Bay, ON

    Two spots? I can only think of one: that Tim's/Esso/Chocolate place at the top of 6.
  10. Eco Capitalist

    New Service Center coming to Waterloo Region!

    Yay! I was worried they weren't going to build it anymore. Maybe they were waiting for all the bridge work to finish first?
  11. Eco Capitalist

    LR RWD off menu again. Why?

    All of this "optimizing production" gives me little hope for ever seeing the cream interior offered on the 3 or the Y. Maybe they need to borrow a page from Mini's book and offer a limited special edition every year. :)
  12. Eco Capitalist

    Possible Location - Brockville Ontario

    And the quarter just rolled over, too. Here's hoping we don't have to wait until Q3.
  13. Eco Capitalist

    Any Model S Owner in Canada Receive New Firmware Updates Since December?

    2018.50.6 here. No updates since last year.
  14. Eco Capitalist

    Possible Location - Brockville Ontario

    Thanks for checking. I'd like to see this one open before July 1, so I'm hoping they start soon.
  15. Eco Capitalist

    Possible Location - Brockville Ontario

    Has the snow melted out that way yet? Time for someone to go check the parking lot for construction fencing?
  16. Eco Capitalist

    So many mixed answers - Electrical requirements for installation

    There is an in-between scenario that may be available to you, as it was to me. I recently moved into a home that had 100 AMP service. 200 AMP service was going to be an expensive upgrade. Upon further investigation, it was noted that the panel was rated for 125 AMP service. The feed from...
  17. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Owen Sound, ON

    I recall reading, many years ago, that spacing must allow for an S60 to be able to travel from A to B. I don't recall there ever being an X60D in Canada, though I've noticed a few Americans with X60D in their signatures, so I would think it represents the lowest common denominator when planning...
  18. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Owen Sound, ON

    To cover people heading to Manitoulin Island.
  19. Eco Capitalist

    V3 Supercharging.. wagers on first Canadian location

    Brockville and Mississauga both have amenities, so I expect these sites would not be V3. Those remote, out of the way places on the way to somewhere else (i.e. Blind River), that's where I expect V3 to appear.
  20. Eco Capitalist

    Guelph Transit T-bones Model S - Video

    Winter tires on vehicles in the public service should be mandatory for public safety reasons. I'd prefer that winter tires be mandatory on everything that travels on public roadways, but I seem to be in the minority on that one.
  21. Eco Capitalist

    Will the vehicles of the future be powered by electricity or hydrogen?

    Inefficient madness. We can burn natural gas to generate electricity, which we then store in a battery to power a vehicle. OR We can generate electricity (using any number of methods) which we then use to split hydrogen out of natural gas, which we then store in a fuel cell, which the FCEV...
  22. Eco Capitalist

    Federal EV incentive announced soon?

    I think that a GST exemption would be the easiest to implement. For those asking, it is highly unlikely it would be retro-active. Tax changes introduced in budgets are normally implemented mid year (July 1) or calendar year (January 1) to keep things simple for the CRA.
  23. Eco Capitalist

    The Cabot Trail

    I own a Tesla, not a customized DeLorean... ;)
  24. Eco Capitalist

    The Cabot Trail

    I'm filtering out restricted, residential and wall. Plugshare does not show another charger in Baddeck.
  25. Eco Capitalist

    The Cabot Trail

    My concern isn't so much the distance as it is the lack of multiple chargers. If I'm the 6th EV to pull into Baddeck and each EV before me needs to charge for 30 minutes, I'm waiting 2.5 hours because there is only one fast charger. The other chargers on the trail are Level 2. That's an even...
  26. Eco Capitalist

    The Cabot Trail

    So, further research shows lots of people have done it, but charging options still look minimal if you happen to encounter another EV. Anyone done it recently care to comment on their experience?
  27. Eco Capitalist

    The Cabot Trail

    So, anyone driven this in their Tesla? Wikipedia says it is 298 km in length, Plugshare shows only two charging options and the Tesla site shows no destination chargers on the route. The Tesla site also lacks any "coming soon" superchargers on the way to Sydney, so at the moment, this looks...
  28. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Bracebridge, ON

    Except that it is on Bayfield, which is one busy little stretch of road!
  29. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Bracebridge, ON

    That's also a SmartCentre, so it seems the likely spot.
  30. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    Microsoft IS moving to downtown T.O. I know a couple of people who work there who are not looking forward to the commute, either by car or train.
  31. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    That's the right spot based on the permit I saw earlier this past summer. A lot of people parked there to run into the CIBC; they may not be so happy...
  32. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Mt. Hope, WV

    I think they are staff vehicles. I was through here last week on my way south and four of the eight were occupied. The vehicles were spaced out, like they understood how the pairing works and despite the signs, all the vehicles were still there when I left.
  33. Eco Capitalist

    Anybody use the stock rims with their Winter tires?

    Model S here, I put Hakkas on the 19" slipstreams that came with the car and found something nicer for the summer.
  34. Eco Capitalist

    Possible Location - Brockville Ontario

    According to a post on the Facebook group Tesla Owners Club of Ontario, someone has checked Brockville within the last 24 hours and found no sign of construction.
  35. Eco Capitalist

    Canadian Stores and Service Centers

    Have they even started work on the Kitchener/Waterloo service center? They've owned the location for a few months now. I think the drive to profitability derailed everything. I hope the numbers are good in November, otherwise we'll have another quarter of no activity. :mad:
  36. Eco Capitalist

    Charger install in GTA Condo

    I used Canadawide Contractors, as they are the electrician that property management was already familiar with (which made life much easier). In my case, no drilling was necessary as they used one of the existing passages from level one to two. Property management should be able to tell you...
  37. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    Oddly enough, that appears to be the only one they updated. All the others that said "target 2018" still do. Perhaps they were just dealing with the ones that had passed their best before date?
  38. Eco Capitalist

    Supercharger - Mississauga, ON

    It still has a target opening of Summer 2018 on the official site. Sigh. The one charger I want this winter is the one that doesn't get built...:(
  39. Eco Capitalist

    Recommendation Needed: Electrician in Cambridge/Kitchener

    Thanks for that; they weren't even on my radar.
  40. Eco Capitalist

    Recommendation Needed: Electrician in Cambridge/Kitchener

    I've just firmed up a house purchase in Cambridge and I am now looking for a recommendation. I'm going to get a HPWC but first the panel needs to be upgraded to 200 AMPs (the home inspector said the house already had 200 AMP service). Could someone please recommend an electrician who can do...
  41. Eco Capitalist

    Thinking of selling my Model X

    Wow! I’m getting between 167 and 187 wh/km in my S. check those car seats for hidden gold! ;)
  42. Eco Capitalist

    Thinking of selling my Model X

    Does your middle row fold flat? I would have thought that would make for way more space. Or do you mean the space is around the same with the 3rd row folded vs the trunk in the S? What kind of range do you get? I have a September 2017 S75D, same colour but cream interior. I sometimes wonder...
  43. Eco Capitalist

    Mid-Canada Superchargers

    I agree with Wayner on the zero percent for the trans-Canada route, but I agree with your (Mr. Plugshare) comment on the Sault. I'm currently of the belief that construction was halted as part of the "drive to profitability". Assuming construction resumes in the 4th quarter, I could see the...
  44. Eco Capitalist

    Question about Service Expectations and Thoughts

    Use the escalate feature in your Tesla account. When I had waited what I felt was too long for a part, I used that. I had a call the next day from someone in the US and they drove the issue to completion, giving me (almost) daily updates as to where the part was.
  45. Eco Capitalist

    Blog Tesla Patent Hints at Automated Turn Signals

    The point of turn signals is to indicate your intentions to other drivers. I'm going to be very impressed when the car knows what my intentions are! Or, very worried. :eek:
  46. Eco Capitalist

    When will there be a Supercharger in Brampton ON?

    The court case won't affect chargers, only vehicle rebates. If the cost of the charger is deterring you, remember that you need only install a dryer outlet, then you can use the charger that comes with the vehicle. Not ideal, but certainly much better than using a normal 120 volt outlet! :)
  47. Eco Capitalist

    When will there be a Supercharger in Brampton ON?

    I still view super chargers as facilitating long distance travel. The locations you list might in themselves be busy, but they aren't on the way TO anywhere where there isn't already a super charger (or a planned super charger) to help you along. Airport and Queen is a Smart Center, so I...
  48. Eco Capitalist

    When will there be a Supercharger in Brampton ON?

    Meh, we aren't on the way to anywhere, so we don't really need one here. If you're heading north, you'll want Orangeville or Barrie. If you are heading across the 401, you'll want Mississauga (Winston Churchill/Argentia) or Pickering. You can always check the official Tesla website to see...
  49. Eco Capitalist

    Tesla Sues Ontario Government

    That is totally illogical, regardless of the purpose of the incentive. Rich, poor, or somewhere in between, if you live and work in Ontario, you pay sales tax, gasoline tax (until you got an EV) and income tax. I've been an Ontario tax payer for the last 31 years. I've contributed...

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