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    Is FSD worth it $10k? ( Any insight from Beta users)

    I've had my car almost 3 years and they alluded to "Full Self Driving". I stopped using FSD a year ago. Some of Tesla's features are going backwards by not gradually improving- FSD, no software upgrade. I spent 10k for a promised feature- I want my money back.
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    Tires! A Cautionary Tale

    Blew out 2 tires at once 6 months ago by a pothole. Ended up buying a set of wheel/tire combo fairly cheaply from a chap that swapped out his wheels immediately after he bought his car. As of yesterday ended up using all four of the tires. In 2 years of ownership, tires have been my largest...
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    DIY bulk PPF on a model Y. Roll size?

    Try eBay, there used to some vendors selling PPF kits for Teslas. YouTube is the best source learning PPF. Looks fairly straightforward
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    Turning in my FanBoy status

    Wow people really get worked up here. To clarify I still love my Tesla. My points really were not directed toward the opinion experts here on this forum but to the company to see if some these issues could be addressed. Is it really a good thing that the backup camera now has lag, is it...
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    Turning in my FanBoy status

    Used to be a pseudo Fan boy of Tesla- no more. I believe in steady but forward progress I.e. iphone, Porsche 911. Tesla unfortunately in my opinion has stagnated over the past year to the point it is more dangerous to drive a Tesla. A few points (no particular order) -Interface totally...
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    Reverse Camera Video Lag

    It was working fine up until recently. Sounds like a software issue that Tesla should be able to resolve, along with all the other numerous issues with the new interface.
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    Indicator Not Activating

    I have noticed when I half press the blinker oftentimes it does not engage. Very frustrating when you think you have the blinker on and really don't.
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    Laggy cameras

    Agree. Recent update made by moronic software programmers, not drivers. Used to love Tesla's simplistic layout. One step forward, 2 steps backwards!
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Your set up with those wheels looks really nice.
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    Almost track ready MYP

    Hey 1Q: Love your setup. Looks very subtle from the pictures. Did you previously have MYP coilovers? I have MYP and thinking about increasing the stiffness to give it better handling on curves. Still has a lot of body roll.
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    A combination of various vendors from eBay/Alibaba. Some components were duds but fortunately nothing was super expensive.
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    Model Y P vs Rivian R1S

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    Model Y P vs Rivian R1S

    I ordered the Rivian back in 2018. Very frustrating on the delays and baiting reservation holders this year that deliveries were going to start in the summer---> August---> September----> October, and now no word. I don't think they will survive in the long term on their own and will need to...
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    I just got a 100 score yesterday (11/6) - Will I get FSD?

    How do you reset your score.
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Mountain Pass Coilovers (lowered about ½") and spacers (20mm) installed.
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    Inductions and Potholes?

    Both drivers side tires blown out. Rims were still good.
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    The Anti-Ceramic coating thread

    Turtle wax graphene coating. https://www.turtlewax.com/collections/exterior-new/graphene
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    Suspension recall and Mountain Pass suspension kit?

    If I installed the Mountain Pass suspension with the rear chamber link do I have to worry about the recent Model Y suspension recall?
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Why does the rear tire look tilted.
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    Curb rash happened in the first day drive...

    Try the 21" Performance wheels. Always getting nicks here and there, despite being paranoid about it. I have made peace with it and use a lot of spray paint touch ups.
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    Beware pot holes

    I feel your pain. Recently knocked out the left front and rears by a pothole.
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    Model Y Auto Pilot Nearly Unusable

    I still feel Tesla's Autopilot is way better than the competition's, however nowhere close to full self driving. My problem is that it is so erratic. For example at traffic lights: sometimes it goes thru a green traffic light normally, other times it warns you it is going to stop at the...
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    Curb Rash MYP 21" Uberturbine (Fixable?)

    Just let it go. These are the most curb rash prone wheels I have ever owned. I have accepted the fact that I will get an occasional scratch here and there. So just have a bottle of touch up paint handy.
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    That works for the rear wheels, I would like a camera for the front wheels. These are the ones I have to be very careful when pulling into the car wash.
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    Steering and Vibration on a Brand New MY

    I have the same problem on my wife's Model X. Had the 2 front tires replaced by a very reputable tire shop. It would vibrate at highway speeds as people have described in the previous posts. Went back a few weeks later to another shop and had them rebalance the tires. This made no...
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    Dubai observation [more model 3 performance than SR/SR+]

    In Atlanta I rarely see a M3 Performance nor Model Y Performance. I recently got back from Dubai and only saw M3 Performance models (private party vehicles). I guess different priorities.
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    Green light chime

    I think it is definitely a nice thing to have, especially when you get used to it. However mine works very erratically now, very annoying (I purchased FSD).
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    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Oops, nasty pothole. Blew out the front and rear tires.
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    Wheels/tires directional?

    I have to replace 2 drivers side wheels/tires due to a pothole induced blow. Have a complete wheel/tire package coming. Can the fronts/rears be interchanged between drivers side or passenger side or are the wheels and/or tires directional.
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    Switching from Jeep Grand Cherokee to Model Y Performance - Ground clearance issues?

    I went in the opposite direction. When I installed coilovers from Mountain Pass it accidently lowered by 1.5" from stock. I snapped off my mudflaps in the first week. I have since raised the car.
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    Test drive - LR Vs Performance

    Driving around Atlanta I rarely see Model 3 or Model Y Performance versions. I have the Model Y Performance with a recent upgrade on the suspension (Mountain Pass). Really love the car and set up. I have it on "Chill" mode 80% of my driving (mostly city, bumper-bumper). When you put it in...
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    Mountain Pass Coilover- retaining screws

    I had my coilovers installed last week and they are amazing. The front of the car has dropped by at least ¼" since the initial install. I am assuming most of that is due to the suspension settling in. However I am getting paranoid that the installers did not tighten the lock screws on the...
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    What a Midnight Silver, stealth wrapped, Y should look like

    Wow, that is really steep price wise. Looks great though.
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    For those on the fence with PPF

    I've had many cars PPF'd (front and whole car). My observations are that rock chips that hit the front look just as ugly as a paint chip and you still get "swirls". Yes you can remove the PPF and the paint should be good. However based on my experience I have never had to peel off the PPF...
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    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    Planning on installing mine next week. I have 20mm spacers in the rear and plan on lowering it about one inch or whatever Mountain Pass recommends. Do you guys think I should have enough clearance.
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    What have you done with your Tesla today?

    Originally tried Option 1: looked a little gaudy for me. Switched it to the license plate frame.
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    Front Vibration

    I just changed the two front tires yesterday and today while driving on the highway the car vibrates. Feels like the tires need to be balanced or like the lug nuts are loose. I will take it back to the service center to check it. I am hoping is just a bad balance job and something else did...
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    What have you done with your Tesla today?

    US $6.62 28% OFF|2pcs Multifunction Hook Car Umbrella Hook Clip for Tesla Model 3 Model S Model X Model Y Adhesive Hanging Storage Buckle Rack|Waterproof Umbrella Sets| - AliExpress US $14.2 30% OFF|Car Styling Three fold Double Layer Umbrella Windproof Automatic Sun Beach Umbrella for Tesla...
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    How do you hang up the phone

    The phone card is there for most calls, however for some it is not there. Actually there is no card on the lower left part of the screen. I will just have to remember to swipe the screen. It only happens when my wife calls and that's the call I want to hang up on- ha, ha.
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    Valet For Tesla App

    My "Watch for Tesla" stopped working the other day when I needed it. However after updating it on my phone, it works once again.
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    How do you hang up the phone

    How do you hang up the phone from an incoming call. On the Model X you can hit the right scroll button to hang up. Cannot find anywhere easy or intuitive the Y to hang up.
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    PPF question

    You can order the material online and do it yourself for a couple hundred bucks. There was a post a few months ago where one of the forum members PPF'd the front.
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    Blind spot, close calls - do I need camera adjusted?

    Agree with the above. Was very frustrated with near misses using the rear and side mirrors (no turning of head). Switching out the side mirrors made a huge difference, no issue with blind spots while changing lanes.
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    Very happy with my Mountain Pass Comfort Coilovers

    How much did they charge. I got a quote for $900
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    How many have wasted money on paint correction before PPF install?

    My two bits worth after going thru all of these scenarios on high end cars: -Paint correction: depends on the condition of the paint. Most colors you probably do not need it. Black is one that you may need. I had a brand new black Mercedes that no matter what polish I put on myself, I could...
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    MountainPass Performance Comfort Coilovers

    After reading the above pioneers feedback, I just ordered the coilovers and rear camber arms. This along with the upcoming (wishing) Track Mode i'll be ready for track and aggressive canyon driving.
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    Cadillac SuperCruise better than Tesla?

    All these manufacturer's autonomous driving is fantastic on paper or in controlled situations. In terms of GM I believe you can mostly use this on highways, so it has limited use. Tesla's system has been in practical use over the past few years and is constantly evolving. Will Cadillac's...
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    Chickening out ...

    It all depends on your timing. If you are in a hurry take the Prius. If you have time and not in a rush take the Y. I have taken a few 500mile trips and it added about an hour to the trip.
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    Front Bumper damage from shopping cart

    That was funny. Made me late for work.
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    Stealth PPF vs Satin Wrap

    Get the stealth PPF. It will give the matte finish you are looking for with the added paint protection. A wrap will give you no protection at all. The advantage of a wrap is that you have so many color options to pick from.

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