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    Minnesota Tesla Owners Club

    Check out the Michelin Cross Climates and Firestone Weathergrips. You can run them year round but they are severe snow service rated. I’ve been real happy with them, the Cross Climates, and sold my second set of rims/tires as a result.
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    Failed Rear Lower Control Arm / Service Bulletin SB-19-31-001

    Hey guys. I’m the latest poster with a busted rear control arm. I am a welder fabricator and could easily make a chromoly version. The problem is the liability, I just don’t know how to manage that for a “boutique” type setup. Technically though…it would not be hard to make a fixture that...
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    Failed Rear Lower Control Arm / Service Bulletin SB-19-31-001

    My 2014 S 85 with about 99,000 miles just had its rear passenger lower control arm break while maneuvering in a parking ramp. I’ll let you all know how this goes……
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    Possible New Showroom/Service Center in Bloomington, MN

    I wonder what this means for the Eden Prairie location? They put quite a bit of money into renovating EP. Maybe EP will become exclusively service?
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    Pool/spa heater

    I’ve been emailing back and forth with arcticheatpumps.com. They have a retrofit product for hot tubs. I hope to install one of their heat pumps
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    Supercharger - Rogers, MN

    That was fast! Will those Superchargers be available to the public or just for topping off deliveries and serviced vehicles? Thoughts?
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    Supercharger - Rogers, MN

    I drove by that site everyday for years. It was a Hummer dealer, opened in maybe mid-2007 and was open for a few months and then the great recession hit and it closed. It has been vacant for something like 15 years after a few months of operation, except for a Halloween store a few...
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    No garage - living through winter

    All weather tires have the 3 peak snowflake but are designed for year-round use. Michelin CrossClimate and Firestone Weathergrip are the two I know of
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    No garage - living through winter

    I think that you are overthinking it. If you have power to the garage then I don't really see the concern, even if you're only plugging it in 3 nights/week. You're gonna be fine. I live in Minneapolis, 2014 MS with 100,000 miles, I know the drill.
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    Supercharger - Carlton, MN

    I agree that small installations in small towns would be great. Ely and Grand Marais in particular. A lot of people are in those areas for BWCA/camping/rustic traveling and the charging situation is complicated on those types of trips. If you could come out of the BWCA and quickly get 100...
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    Portable Solar Trickle Charge for Camping

    I've been off this site for a while but I thought I should mention that there are 12v Lithium batteries, around 500wh, direct replacement for SLA, for around $140. They are made by Valence, model U-Charge, and are sometimes available on Ebay or batteryhookup.com. These could serve as practical...
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    Supercharger - Carlton, MN

    This SC seems kind of redundant with Hinckley and Duluth. Any thoughts about that? Maybe Duluth is too small and too odd to get to...or you can't drive into the ramp with a canoe on your car? The more the merrier anyway, thanks Tesla!
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    Four Used 19" Model S Wheels, Minneapolis, $400 OBO

    Here is the link to my Craigslist ad, please let me know if you have interest/questions and thanks. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/wto/d/minneapolis-19-tesla-model-wheels-set/7285190381.html
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    4860 In The Model S Plaid+?

    Electrek is saying that the refresh S/X are all still using 18650s, albeit the latest 18650 cells, with improved thermal management. Tesla says that the 4680 gets 16% more range, although I am not sure compared to what. Anyway, 520 + 16% = 603. You can start to see how the crazy quoted specs...
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    4860 In The Model S Plaid+?

    Thanks for catching that. If correct, the big story to me is that the 4680 is production ready. I don’t follow Tesla news like I used to, but I thought the 4680 was a ways off and required the vehicles to be massively reworked to accommodate the structural pack. Wouldn’t be unlikely for...
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    4860 In The Model S Plaid+?

    What is the verdict? Does the Plaid+ have 4860s? I almost hope it does not, we could see a 700 mile range S. I’m curious to find out how the new S/X Supercharge as well.....no that it really matters when you have 520 miles of range.
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    Minnesota SuperCharger Future Location Discussion

    A Grand Marais SC would also connect the US to Canada (Duluth to Thunder Bay). Right now, those connections are quite limited in the western half of the continent.
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    Elon...Buy the ANWAR Drilling Leases/Rights!!!!!!

    As the 2nd richest man in the world, make the news for all the right reasons, and send Trump on his way by.....drumroll...buy the ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) leases!!! Somebody that gets attention on Twitter, please make sure Elon hears this!!!
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    Driving through Minnesota in December

    I live in Minneapolis, have a 2014 Model S 85 RWD. I've owned it since new and driven -20f weather multiple times. I simply don't see anything like a 50% reduction in range in long distance cold weather driving. The 35% seems overstated as well. I know data is presented but don't know if...
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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I just came here after reading the article. So Tesla knew about the issue and continued using the bad part/connection for something like 4 years? Wk057, have you ever found a loose coolant connection on an 85, or noticed a change in the connection hardware?
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    How can I reduce my home cooling costs/energy usage?

    An interesting idea is to mist your condenser with water so that the heat pump works much more effectively. I have considered this idea for my house. You’re looking at maybe $150. The major consideration is the TDS, total dissolved solids, in whatever water you use. You don’t want to cake...
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    Fargo ND Supercharger

    Does that mean there are now no states without a DC FC?!?
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    Electric mowers, tractors and other lawn and farm equipment

    Ego has a rider coming out, just FYI.
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    I’m at the Supercharger now. Target is open and the Supercharger works. 30kw, warm battery with 140 miles, for my 2014 S85. Glad it’s open, not so “Super...”.
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    Another frustrating update: still not operational. The ChargePoints seem to be on but I did not try them. The Tesla meter is on and read .01kwh, so I think it’s 99.99% ready. They did take down the caution tape. This is getting so lame, turn the thing on Tesla. This thing has appeared...
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    Just stopped by, the Superchargers are still not turned on.
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    Heat Pump vs. Geothermal Heat Pump

    There are so many new homes in my area with these roofs just ideal for solar, south facing, no penetrations, no trees, and none get solar. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the entire electrical system in a new house would be eligible for the tax credit. It’s kind of shame. When I first...
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    Heat Pump vs. Geothermal Heat Pump

    What this scenario potentially fails to account for is 1) You could get a mini-split or ducted air source heat pump that would supplement your furnace, not replace it. Because you already have a furnace, you could get a cheaper ASHP. You would not be buying a new blower motor, for example. 2)...
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    Should Tesla do something about my degradation?

    Wk057 might be able to upgrade your car to an 85 for less than Tesla’s 12.5k for a 60. Maybe explore that route.
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    How do we get Tesla to do something about deadzones?

    One way might be to highlight that there is a “gas pump” in their garage that charges 50cents/gallon. Certainly, “no infrastructure” is not an accurate characterization. I assume most people would be getting the the EV to replace a second vehicle, meaning it doesn’t have to be their...
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    $300 Hitch

    There is a wiring harness on non-tow package Model Ys, just an FYI. It can be seen in this video.
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    I want a CYBERSUV

    There is the Pacifica PHEV minivan. 30 mile electric range then 30mpg. I might buy one if the predicted used car price collapse occurs.
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    $10 for air

    I think Tesla’s response was fine. I am wondering if those who think Tesla did not handle this well, are you demanding that it be free? I have a feeling that if the technician said it was $2.50 or $5.00, there would be comments along the lines of it being a waste of time or petty to even...
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    That is strange. The meter box in the foreground had previously been there, was removed, and is now reinstalled. Does anybody know what that may indicate?
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    EAP disappeared/not there after private party purchase

    The other problem is that Tesla is removing a feature from the car that is owned by someone (the new buyer), whom is not party to any Tesla MVPA/contract. It sounds ridiculous, but if Tesla wanted it this way, they should take a security deposit from the original buyer, if the original buyer...
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    EAP disappeared/not there after private party purchase

    To those that say the EAP is only eligible for one transfer, wouldn’t that also mean the owner of the license could transfer it from one Tesla vehicle to the next? Tesla can’t have it both ways. EAP is an option on the car. What about software controlled fly-by-wire power windows, removable...
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    Update: nothing has changed .
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    Service Center Drove Over a Nail - Wants Me To Pay

    I think 50/50 is fair. You could have a nail for 10,000 miles and not have any pressure loss.
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    Portable Solar Trickle Charge for Camping

    I think you would need a small battery, maybe 2kwh, that the solar charged. The car would charge off the small battery. The solar fluctuations are too dramatic and unless the sun was peaking, you’d get nothing out of the system, unless it was really huge like 4kw. Once the small battery...
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    1 gallon of generator fuel gets me how many miles?

    Kmanauto on Youtube has a few videos relating to this question on his model S. He uses a few 2000ish watt inverter generators, which are portable enough for putting in a trunk and can charge an EV. Kman posts here under the name islandbay or something similar. For many new generators you'll...
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    Non-update: drove by today, no change in the last few days.
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    They also took down the “meter box,” that can be seen in the back of the photo. I don’t have any clue what the missing meter box means. That was quick work! Thanks for the update.
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    I always thought the two vertical stainless steel tubes that are integrated into the kiosks are bollards set in concrete. Maybe I was wrong or the the V3 design is different. The cabinets usually have a fence around them at least.
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    First Crowdfunded HPWCs completed in SE NW.

    Some Teslas can take over 20kw AC and many are in excess of 12kw AC.
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    Non-update, everything is wrapped in caution tape and the meter display is still not in.
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    Will Model 3 get a heat pump for cabin heating?

    Mitsubishi has a unit with a 12.5 HSPF (heating season performance factor). An electric resistance heater has a HSPF rating of about 3.4. While I don't know the efficiency at each temp, over the course of whatever the gov. considers a typical heating season, a 12.5 HSPF air-source heat pump...
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    Will Model 3 get a heat pump for cabin heating?

    Mitsubishi's modern heat pumps operate at 100% capacity at 5f/-15c, 62% capacity at -13f.
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    I noticed the missing impact driver too. I bet an eelc They have plastic bags wrapped over the heads and the screens are dark.
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    There have been instances where a new Supercharger will be functional for a few days, and then go offline, presumably for some type of final approval/testing. In situations like that, the map only displays the station after the final approval. I drive by this Target at least once/day, I'll...
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    Supercharger - St. Louis Park, MN

    Same story today. I don't know much about electrical equipment, but all that I can tell is missing is the meter display and glass enclosure that surrounds it. ---Sorry for the non-update....I just know people are anxious for this to open so I am updating even where there isn't much to report.

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