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    Unable to turn on climate from any app - anyone else?

    This is happening to me also this morning. On car software 50.2 , and iphone app 3.2.3 . I tried it both with the car plugged in, and unplugged. the climate turns on for 5-10 seconds, and turns off. -Didn't reboot the mcu in the car yet, but it sounds like this is not car specific.
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    So THESE items are legal - but the press is losing its mind over Autopilot?

    "taking your hands off the wheel shouldn't increase ones risk, but it does." ....Wait.... Then shouldn't cars without AP force me to keep both hands on the wheel? How many people drive one handed, or with their knees...isn't that dangerous? So bottom line is any car that is manufactured today...
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    Thanks for the answers. I have enough space at the end of my yard to just do one pass in front of the hive with the lawnmower. A free flow hive (from what I understand) is where you can get bee honey just by turning a tap. You no longer need to remove the combs to get to the honey. Here is...
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    Hi. Future bee keeper here. I'll be my first hive in a few weeks. I am thinking of putting it at the back end of my property. I then got to thinking of how close I would be able to go to the hive while mowing the lawn on a riding lawn mower. Any advice ? My guess is that the bees won't like...
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    How much is for service?

    I bring my car in once a year for its official service. It costs around $400 but the price can differ whether you buy prepaid visits or pay as you go visits. They check the battery, brake pads, alignment, and many other items. I prefer to bring it in since it is a fairly new technology. In...
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    I USED to own a Model S until the head-on crash.

    The car was a 2013 model. AP was not available then. Glad the OP is safe and that the model S is the safest car ever built.
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    7.1 keeps dimming my screen!

    I find the worst time of day for the screen to flicker is at dusk. It can't seem to make up its mind if it is day or night. So it increases in brightness, then decreases until the sun finally sets. It reminds me of when computer monitors are about to fail. The algorithm they used before 7.1...
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    New Purchase Experience

    When I bought my car 2 yrs ago, the DS actually followed up with me after I ordered. He was quick to respond to emails and inquiries. He even followed up on the government rebate for me. I think that in the last year the store has gotten so busy that don't have time. (not making an excuse for...
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    CANADA Version 7.1

    I got the latest update yesterday. didn't notice anything different with my classic model S. I'll trade you the new firmware update for the map update! I have never received any map update.
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    How Tesla Managed to Alienate Their Most Loyal Customers

    In my experience, 9 times out of 10 customers just want some information. It doesn't have to be what they want to hear, but it has to give them some update on their issue. My job in the technology field entails dealing with customers every day. Giving them proper expectations and updates is...
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    An annoying "quality" to the Model S - couldn't it be fixed in software?

    Glad the chargeport managed to close itself. BTW, there is also a SC in Mississauga which might save you some time instead of heading to Toronto. Thought I'ld let you know.
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    Spare Tire

    I haven't had a flat tire in 20 years. (probably just jinxed myself). On all my ICE cars that had spare tires, I never used them. That being said, I was kinda worried when I placed my order that the tesla didn't come with a spare. But after 75000km and roadtrips to Montreal and Chicago where...
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    Electric Lawnmowers

    Nice. I have EGO's grass trimmer and am happy with its performance. Look forward to hearing your reviews on the lawn mower in a few months. I'm waiting for a battery powered riding lawn mower. I know Club cadet has one, but want to see other options.
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    Poll: How Many Model 3s Will Be Reserved In The First 24 Hours?

    I'll go with 100k also. Any bets on whether TM website crashes on the first day for online reservations ?
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    Someone thought it had nothing to do with short term trading thread... However, seeing 3 smileys versus 3 frowns does have implications on how one would trade tsla.
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    Door Handles Failed

    I had asked my SC about that, and was told it would just be $200. However, I'm sure each SC is interpreting it differently. YMMV.
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    -25 celcius has eaten 66% of my range

    That's what I normally do, but I was surprised when the car was charging for 4 hours and (after l had to stop the charge before leaving) the limiter was still there. I preheated it with the app also. I think Tesla changed the battery heating since last winter. Maybe through one of the firmware...
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    -25 celcius has eaten 66% of my range

    This cold weather really cuts into the battery mileage. Here, it was -20 overnight. I still had the regen limiter line after charging the car for 5 hours and then driving for an hour. I lost about 50% of my range.
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    Door Handles Failed

    Sorry to hear about the problem coming back. Bitterly cold day today !
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    Systems are powering up

    I had it happen once a few months ago, and haven't seen it since. I have power saving off. -When it did happen, the car was acting like it hadn't been driven in a month. I had actually driven it for an hour and stopped for 10 minutes. was going to bring it in if it happened again, but it never...
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    Forgot my key today...

    Yes, the iPhone app allows you to drive the car without the key. I have used it several times when I forgot my key at my desk and went down to drive away at lunch. Works like a charm.
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    Ontario to invest $20 million in stations to charge up electric cars

    One thing in the article that caught my eye was the mention of " fast-charging electric vehicle stations in cities, along highways and at workplaces, apartments, condominiums and public places across Ontario." The mention of apartments and condominiums is a good sign. If people can put...
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    Southern Ontario Tesla Owner's Club

    Looks great !
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    Drive Unit To Be Replaced - Mississauga SC

    Just to add to that...the folks at Tranmere are great. I've only had excellent service from them.
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    Hello from Southern Ontario, Durham region

    Welcome. I'm sure you'll love the car.
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    Frustrations with door locks

    When the handles retract and don't show as locked on the centre console, the person outside just has to press on the handle for it to present itself. I haven't had a chance to try the "drop off line. I normally just put it in park.
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    New UMC?

    I got one 2 weeks ago.
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    Too much music.

    I have this problem when I am listening to radio also...however, if I listen to Slacker and pause it, it stays paused even when I open the door. It actually stays paused on the same song for over 24hrs. I've only noticed this change with Slacker since v7. Perhaps that can be a work around until...
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    Dutch Model S driver uses Autopilot while on the back seat

    +1 But I would take out the refund check.
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    Non Tesla owners on this Forum?

    I would include this catagory in the poll also : "Was a member of the forum when I did not own a tesla, and own a tesla now". I think a high percentage of people started as non Tesla owners and own a Tesla now.
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    Issues switching between Forward and Reverse

    Also just tried something...if you are in D going 3mph, take your foot off the go pedal, and press the lever to D (which you are already in) , it puts you in N. I expected it to stay in D. To get it back in D I had to press the brake and push the lever down again.
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    Firmware 7.0

    possible nav improvements in .77 ? I received .77 yesterday. When I went to leave work and go home, I selected Home from the nav, and for the first time in 1.5 years, the car did not direct me to the 407 toll highway. Any other time I had selected Home from my Work location, it always...
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    Issues switching between Forward and Reverse

    When you test it, make sure you are under 3mph. If you are over 3pmh, then you are correct in that it will go to N.
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    Issues switching between Forward and Reverse

    I've had the audible alert when I have changed it from D to N rather than all the way to R. So your theory of not pushing the stick far enough may be one of the possibilities. I always like to double-check that it is in the gear I want it to be in...a bit harder now that the indicator is moved...
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    Car in for annual service, and received AP loaner

    This one was silver, and only had 14000 km on it. After driving it for a day, I was starting to think how much I would get if I traded in my car with 65000 km for the loaner. :smile: Apparently they haven't had it too long, and were surprised to get it. I think they purposely gave it to me to...
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    Intentional key lock-in

    Locking the car remotely with your phone overrides the key in the car. I know this because when I went to the SC to drop off my car, they had a loaner parked upfront with the keys in it. The SC had to call Tesla to have them unlock it remotely. (We could not get in the car even though the key...
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    Car in for annual service, and received AP loaner

    I had my S85 in for its annual service at Tranmere. Also to get the winter tires put on. I really lucked out: the loaner I received was a P85+ with AP hardware. I was blown away by the AP performance and how accurately it stayed in the lane. Did some extra driving last night to test it out...
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    Model S had to be towed home

    My automatic transmission went on a 2 yr old Chrysler Intrepid that I bought brand new. Rare, but is does happen. Let us know what the SC says was the cause of the problem.
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    As UI Slowly Gets Unsnarled ... Got Reminded Today of the Bigger Picture

    To the OP : Agree 100%. Nice to see a positive post. Tesla will constantly change, and if they make a bad change, they can correct it. We reap the rewards of their constant innovation. Even in my "classic" model S.
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    My experience is the opposite : Ever since the upgrade, NAV has worked fine (except for trying to put me on the 407) and my 3G is always working. Before the upgrade, nav was drawing incomplete maps and 3g dropping often.
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Nope. Maybe 7.1 ? (We've been saying that since 5.x ).
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    Month old 90D won't start.

    Glad you are getting your car today. Hopefully this will be the end of that problem for you!
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    POLL: Has your drive unit failed?

    I consider it a failure if I am stranded on the road or if the noise is very loud that I want it replaced. If Tesla replaces it proactively, then the DU has not failed. Mine was replaced because Tesla said there was a new revision to the DU and they wanted me to have it. So do I vote that my...
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    Beside myself with Excitement! After 2 Yrs Hard Work I've sold my wife on the X!

    Yup..seeing how excited and thrilled they are reminds me of what I was like 1.5 years ago. Still love the car, just focusing more on the negatives now.
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    Elon Requesting 7.1 Suggestions

    To be fair, in twitter his line ended with 7.1 UI and the next line started with overhaul And it doesn't read properly without pausing after " 7.1 UI " because the next sentence starts with "Or" , so it is comparing it to his earlier choice of "overhaul". Anyway, it was nice to see Elon on...
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    Elon Requesting 7.1 Suggestions

    give me a sec to bring up the tweet. ---- Here it is : In reply to Elon Musk Elon Musk ‏@elonmusk 13h13 hours ago What esthetic and functionality improvements would you like to see in the 7.1 UI overhaul? Or new...
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    Elon Requesting 7.1 Suggestions

    What surprised me was he asked if we just wanted some improvements, or a whole redo.
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    How do you charge at home? HPWC or UMC?

    What you say makes sense. But consider this: -Are you saying that businesses should stop putting in chargers at their location because it will be used during electrical prime time ? To me that would be a step backwards for EV adoption. -If I don't use the charger, then they may remove it since...
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    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Done. So lets make some great suggestions for him.
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    100% drive unit failure rate??

    +10 True. When an ICE car gets noisier, we don't consider it to have a defective engine. When a starter has to be replaced on an ICE motor, we don't say that the whole engine is defective.

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