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  1. EnrgyNDpndnce

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    I wish I could remember, but I don’t and have since replaced that one with another OEM. I do remember it was an AGM battery that matched the OEM. it was $200 so much more expensive than the OEM, however the first battery died on a Sunday and best case was mobile service could replace it late...
  2. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Boone, NC (possible?)

    I can understand being cautious since you haven’t taken a long trip yet. Looks like you have SuCh options within 100 miles of Boone (depending on your preferred route). You could charge to 80%+ then arrive in Boone with ample charge remaining. Looks to be plenty of L2 options in Boone for an...
  3. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Atlanta Toll Question

    Having recently moved back to Atlanta after what was essentially a 2 year paid vacation in Charleston (man we miss that place!), I’m trying to determine if I can still use my Tesla to ride free in the I-85 toll lanes thru Gwinnett County. Previously, as long as we had the AFV plate we could set...
  4. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    Funny. Not entirely accurate, but funny nonetheless.
  5. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Duluth, GA

    Any new supercharger is a good supercharger, but honestly I don’t understand this location. Not at all convenient for travel as it’s quite a trip from I-85, especially with traffic which is pretty hairy in this area. Perhaps there is a growing number of apartment dwellers in this area who own or...
  6. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Creaking noise from suspension - resolved!

    You said it, not me. 😁
  7. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Creaking noise from suspension - resolved!

    I don’t really feel this way. Parts wear out eventually, and if they do so out of warranty it is what it is. I had suspension parts wear out on a Mazda around 100k miles and paid thousands to replace them. If they wear out during warranty then absolutely Tesla should cover the cost, but out of...
  8. EnrgyNDpndnce

    When will the Buc-ees superchargers start being built?

    Absolutely. My wife and I sold our house and have been living in a rental the last two months waiting to close on our next home. No garage so I’m having to use the local Supercharger like a gas station, what a PITA. I already have an electrician lined up to install our wall charger the day after...
  9. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Has anyone ever gotten Tesla Service to replace a battery due to degradation?

    Even though OP was mistaken about his degradation, I still would like to see Tesla be more transparent on this issue. There’s a simple feature in the settings menu of my $1k iPhone that shows me current battery capacity compared to new (mine is 98% right now). Takes no math skills at all, just a...
  10. EnrgyNDpndnce

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    I’ve heard multiple reports of ICE cars with dead batteries that, despite the owner’s best efforts, cannot be jump started. Nothing is 100% effective all the time.
  11. EnrgyNDpndnce

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    Yeah but my point is the cars aren’t really “bricked.” In my case I went to O’Reilly, bought a battery, and installed it in about the same time it would have taken with an ICE. And as others have said, you can jump a Tesla using another car or one of those portable jump starters. So I stand...
  12. EnrgyNDpndnce

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    Why can’t you reliably jump start a Model 3? I’ve read it’s fine to jump start a Tesla, just don’t use a Tesla to jump start another car. Never tried it mind you, just what I’ve read. Either way I do think the 12V issue is a bit overblown. If your 12V dies suddenly, just buy an aftermarket 12V...
  13. EnrgyNDpndnce

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    I’m currently running 2021.44.30.7
  14. EnrgyNDpndnce

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    Eh, I’ll try to remember to post the sw version tomorrow. Too tired and too lazy to get out of bed right now to check the phone app.
  15. EnrgyNDpndnce

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    The HV battery is doing fine. Degraded a bit which is to be expected. Full charge gets me around 275-280 miles. I typically charge to 90% which will show ~ 250 miles.
  16. EnrgyNDpndnce

    12volt Battery Replacement - NAPA Auto Parts

    FWIW I replaced my factory 12V at 80k miles with a 51R AGM from OReilly. Battery died Sunday morning and I had to travel for work Monday so no time to wait for Tesla service, plus it’s just swapping a battery out (not rocket science). I now have 135k miles so I’ve had this battery for 55k miles...
  17. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Millen GA

    I’m not looking for a debate, and as a former Leaf guy I understand the need for current Chademo chargers. Just no need to install any more, ever. Total waste of money. Glad to hear EA recognizes this and hopefully legislative requirements will catch up to reality soon. I do consider Tesla a...
  18. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Millen GA

    This is certainly good, but why would Ga Power (or anyone) spend money installing any new Chademo hardware? It’s a dead standard. Wish Ga Power would install dual standard CCS + Tesla stations as those are the two remaining standards in North America. I recall reading a while back that EVGO was...
  19. EnrgyNDpndnce

    High mileage check-in

    Same Big E. My 2018 LR AWD never saw the update. My highest range at 100% charge from day 1 was 306.
  20. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger Metter GA/I-16 Mac-Sav

    Exactly. For Cybertruck, the curb does not exist.
  21. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Tesla Partnership with Buc-ee's (26 New Locations)

    Certainly some F-150 drivers will have a negative reaction to this, but IMO it will be a small minority. I know it’s anecdotal, but most of my pickup driving friends are “live and let live” guys. They don’t want to screw with other people and don’t want to be screwed with. Sure, they may crack a...
  22. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Anyone know how to get warranty service near Charleston SC?

    This. All SC residents need to engage their state representatives on this topic. As more of us pressure them about it, they will have to listen and make changes.
  23. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    49 years old now. Bought the Model 3 just over 3 years ago right after turning 46. Here we are 130k miles later and this is still, by far, the best car I’ve ever owned. Love seeing all the seasoned citizens on here enjoying their Teslas.
  24. EnrgyNDpndnce

    New superchargers coming soon? Columbia & Charleston, SC

    That’s a nice, if not safe, response from Spinx. So it sounds like the Orangeburg location was initiated by Tesla. I’m wondering how long it will take before retailers (like Spinx) will realize the market opportunity of Tesla owners and actually reach out to Tesla about hosting Superchargers. At...
  25. EnrgyNDpndnce

    That notorious Tesla service ….

    Thanks I will do that. Someone else mentioned that club to me as well. We currently belong to the Charleston Owners Club and really enjoy the social meetups (which generally involve food and/or booze).
  26. EnrgyNDpndnce

    That notorious Tesla service ….

    That’s great! Really glad to hear you had a good experience, and I’m particularly happy to know it was good in NJ since we’ll be moving there in the spring.
  27. EnrgyNDpndnce

    New superchargers coming soon? Columbia & Charleston, SC

    But you do have unlimited Supercharging Logan. Tesla will let you SC all you want. It just isn’t FREE unlimited Supercharging. 😜
  28. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Power Train Requires Maintenance

    I answered YOUR question in the affirmative and showed a logical link to support my counter argument. It seems you are determined to believe the oil needs to be changed no matter what. Knock yourself out, it’s your money. What I will do is promise you to report back to this forum once I have an...
  29. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Battery cost MY

    I drive a Model 3 LR with over 129k miles, so this topic interests me. I asked the local Tesla mobile service manager (who is also a Tesla owner and member of the local owners club) what he thought Tesla would charge to replace my pack if it went bad. He said it would just be a guess since no...
  30. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Power Train Requires Maintenance

    S Sure they do. So they could update the recommended maintenance schedule to show a gearbox oil change at a mileage just outside the warranty period. But they haven’t. So logically one can assume it doesn’t need to be done.
  31. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Battery cracked [Tesla claims from pothole damage]

    OP, please post a screen shot of the quote from Tesla including their description of the damage and recommended repair. This should be easily accessible on your Tesla mobile app.
  32. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Power Train Requires Maintenance

    I suppose that’s possible. I’m choosing to follow the manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule.
  33. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Power Train Requires Maintenance

    At some point if Tesla recommends a change I’ll do that. But for now, if it ain’t broke I’m certainly not gonna fix it!
  34. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Power Train Requires Maintenance

    Yes, but not at all evenly distributed across the years. Drove over 50k miles the first year, then far less in the second year b/c of Covid, then more in year 3 than in year 2. Most of it was business travel. I just took a job that requires a lot of long distance travel by air so my miles will...
  35. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Power Train Requires Maintenance

    My LR AWD now has 129k miles and still running on the original oil. YMMV of course.
  36. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Lexington, SC

    Congrats on your purchase and impending delivery. You will love the Model Y. If it’s ok, let me give you some unsolicited advice. As a long time Model 3 owner (126k miles and counting) I would highly recommend you install a L2 charger in your garage. At home, overnight charging is one of the...
  37. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Considering Relo to NJ Area, looking for info

    Thanks for your reply Trip. We love Charleston, it is quite beautiful. Only reason we’d move to Jersey is for this job, if I get it. Should know in a week or so. Still, it is one of the states I’ve never visited so if it pans out I’m looking forward to a new adventure. Best of luck with your...
  38. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Why dont we have a “jeep wave?”

    Been flashing headlights and/or waving for almost three years now. Most people return the gesture. We are part of a special, if growing, community. To those of you who are anti-wave, well, nobody’s perfect.
  39. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Hit and run caught by sentry mode

    What he said. Looks like daddy bought her a nice Jeep and she has very little idea how to park and no respect for other people’s property. If that were my daughter and I saw this video we would have words, unpleasant words. Please let us know how this turns out as you seem to have all the video...
  40. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Considering Relo to NJ Area, looking for info

    Thanks @Chemios. I will be in the market for another Tesla by the time we move to NJ next year (if this new job happens). The no sales tax thing is a big deal. Any thoughts on power costs or TOU rates? I realize you’re in South Jersey but hey, it’s a small state so maybe you’re familiar with...
  41. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Considering Relo to NJ Area, looking for info

    Hello NJ Tesla owners. I am currently considering a job in NJ which would require relocation and am curious about the residential power rates there. The job is based in Morristown and the wife and I are looking at the Sparta area (specifically Lake Mohawk) to purchase a home. Any comments on...
  42. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Lexington, SC

    Stopped by the Lexington SC site today. Confirmed 12 stalls and all are installed, plus asphalt has been laid. It appears to be < 30 days from completion IMO. There’s a Chinese restaurant and a Dunkin in the shopping center.
  43. EnrgyNDpndnce

    SuperCharger - Metairie, LA

    1. How far is your drive? 2. How much do you expect to drive while there? 3. Does the building (the one running on a generator) have an external outlet (even 120 V) that you could plug into while there? 4. What is your route and are there any working Superchargers along that route?
  44. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Lexington, SC

    At this point I’m convinced Dr. Evil is in charge of the I-26 corridor installs. Every time he reads one of us lamenting the lack of chargers b/t Asheville and Charleston he puts his pinky to his mouth and guffaws!
  45. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - St. George, SC

    Confirmed St. George is under construction in the Food Lion Parking lot. Looks like 12 stalls, half are in and half just concrete posts. Probably a month or more to go for completion. Photo and location screen shot attached so @Chuq can add to Supercharge.info
  46. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - St. George, SC

    Curses! I was really hoping St George would be at the Hwy 178 exit, although admittedly that exit doesn’t offer much. The Food Lion exit has more to offer but for us I-26 travelers it’s only moderately better than Santee.
  47. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Tesla 3: Second drive unit failure in under a year

    I really hope you’re joking. If not, please tell me what other cars you have owned that provided you with a drivetrain warranty “beyond 10 years and 400k miles.”
  48. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Yemassee, SC

    Stopped by this morning to confirm and locate. This is an 8 stall location and seems to be very close to completion, with pavement markings already done. It’s in the back of the Wendy’s parking lot on the NE corner of I-95 and US 17. @Chuq please add to Superchargers.info
  49. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    I’m not even sure how to reply to this. Just don’t call the EPA, they would likely be very unhappy about a cement pond. 🤓
  50. EnrgyNDpndnce

    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    Sorry to be nit picky, but that’s a concrete pad. Cement is a dry powder and one of the materials required to make concrete.

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