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  1. Enginerd

    Plane crash at MIA caught on Teslcam

    Wow. Thanks for posting. Additional info here.
  2. Enginerd

    FSD Beta 10.12

    For those who recently received the Beta: does anyone else feel that after all the sweat and tears we put into maintaining a high Safety Score, that we should be able to score FSD back to Tesla? I certainly wouldn't give it a 99+.
  3. Enginerd

    no fsd beta after 400 miles with a score of 100 for 7 days since requesting

    ... or... they're only rolling it out to new Beta users in small batches, and many, many people just aren't in the current queue yet.
  4. Enginerd

    FSD Beta Videos (and questions for FSD Beta drivers)

    This is awesome! How can I learn more about this effort? I attempted a lesser version of something like this a while back on auto lane change, but with a sample size of 1.
  5. Enginerd

    PW owners, summer is coming/here. What is your reserve percentage?

    30% It would be interesting to make this a poll. Ideally I'd like to program it as a function of time of day (night: hours until expected sunlight), forecast cloud cover, season, etc. But when I only have one number to manage, most of the time it's at 30%.
  6. Enginerd

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    ... think you meant either "objectively" or "subjectively". Either way, I would agree. Can't wait to get it. But alas, I have no choice in the matter.
  7. Enginerd

    Supercharger - Florence, SC (Buc-ee's)

    Suggest that someone charging or attempting to charge here should make sure Bucee's is aware of the issue. They have some amount of commitment to this installation, and they can certainly help with the logistics. The other Florence location used pavement striping and cones for some period of...
  8. Enginerd

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    "Next month"? Was counting on it happening "this weekend". The closer we get, the faster it seems to drift away.
  9. Enginerd

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    TeslaFi says they're pushing 2022.12.3.2 pretty hard today. Does anyone know if bringing the majority of folks up to the current non-FSD baseline correlates with a pending Beta release (as in late this week)?
  10. Enginerd

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Is it possible the FCW isn't always scored as a big deduction anymore? I had one last week, and I was prepared to see it drag down my score. But there was no apparent impact. It was one of those spurious why-the-hell-did-it-flag-that events. Maybe Tesla is starting to weed out the erroneous...
  11. Enginerd

    Wiki FSD’s Earliest Adopters Still Waiting

    Did I blink and miss the "new camera" requirement? Is this the orange flashing at night with turn signal problem with the side repeaters? Maybe in the first 164 pages of this thread... Can I trouble someone to pass along that reference please?
  12. Enginerd

    Supercharger - Savannah, GA

    I wasn't sure how to categorize it, but I thought it was worth mentioning here. Yesterday I noticed a new (non-Tesla) charging installation going in at the Pooler Tanger Outlets near Panda Express. A construction worker told me it was for the Rivian Adventure Network. While early on it was...
  13. Enginerd

    Tesla Wall Charger Gen 3 and Solar/Powerwall?

    If efficiency is a goal (it isn't for everyone), pushing and pulling power from the PWs incurs some roundtrip efficiency penalty. I don't know exactly what it is, but I mentally bookkeep 5-10% loss when going from DC solar, to AC wiring for the PW, to DC storage in the PW. Then on the way back...
  14. Enginerd

    Tesla Wall Charger Gen 3 and Solar/Powerwall?

    What specifically is the question here? I have a work-around for the main feature I'm looking for. What I would like is for the car to charge with excess solar when the Powerwall is full, without drawing any from the grid (at a fixed current level). When I want to do this, I use the "go off...
  15. Enginerd

    How to get your safety score higher

    The TeslaFi page for 2022.4.5.20 shows that (it looks to me) like they're actually bring new folks into the program. Previous FSD Beta loads only indicated 1 or 2 people moving from a non-FSD load to an FSD load, and I assumed that probably just represented people who were simply new to...
  16. Enginerd

    How to get your safety score higher

    I think that when you opt out, you have to wait for some period of time (e.g. next day) until the Safety Score disappears from the app. Then re-enroll. Perhaps you just didn't wait long enough?
  17. Enginerd

    How to get your safety score higher

    I've heard that your safety score isn't dinged while you're on AP. While I can't be sure of that, there are times when AP puts you into a situation where you have to disengage and maneuver aggressively... and for that you may be penalized. That said, if you know of a specific weakness, just...
  18. Enginerd

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Unfortunately I think the current answer is "it depends". We may get more clarity over time, and/or Tesla may adopt a more uniform stance. I plan to request new side repeater cameras whenever Tesla has the parts to work my Model 3's rear camera cable recall... but probably only if they don't...
  19. Enginerd

    Gateway 2--How do they work?

    There's a lot of outrage there. Step back a bit. If the contract says one PW, they aren't going to give you a second PW (~$9k value installed?) for free. And the contract probably requires you to pay for the services provided by the contract (which they have probably fulfilled), or else...
  20. Enginerd

    Gateway 2--How do they work?

    My understanding is that they can hook up some circuits to the backup lugs and other ones to the non-backup lugs. With one PW, I would assume that you can't back up all the loads in your house. Looks like you're in Sunnyvale, so perhaps you have a natural gas water heater? Perhaps the air...
  21. Enginerd

    How to manage PW when grid is out and solar power generation is intermittent

    When Storm Watch is not active, the PWs charge on solar only. When Storm Watch is active, the PWs rapidly charge from the grid until full. Difficult to imagine such frequent & expensive Storm Watch events that one would intentionally disable it. It's the small price one pays for a good...
  22. Enginerd

    Any FSD beta NEW installs in the last four weeks?

    I'm wondering this too. I've been working on my Safety Score... having trouble getting it up (don't got there). I'm wondering if I might get access when my 30 day average ticks over 99.0. Maybe they round up and it happens at 98,51? Or maybe they just wait for to upgrade a batch of folks at...
  23. Enginerd

    V11- Backing out of garage with homelink

    Another Homelink question for the experts. How can I rearrange the new Homelink buttons without reprogramming them from scratch in the proper order? I have dual garage doors. My OCD cannot abide the right door being on the left button & visa versa.
  24. Enginerd

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    I like the blind spot cameras, even when they flash orange at night. For those thinking about this, does anyone find that the image resides behind their normal hand position on the steering wheel? When I look down to see the camera view, my hand/arm is usually in the way.
  25. Enginerd

    Microinverter compatibility vs. # of cells in PV module

    I do have two PW2's... the major system components are listed in my signature block. I'm really asking about compatibility between a given panel and its microinverter: the number of cells in a panel and the ability of the micro-inverter to manage that. Not concerned about the number of...
  26. Enginerd

    Tesla please fix this - Autopilot

    It might just be a matter of expectation. I agree with you that it frequently brakes later and harder than necessary. I worked to increase my tolerance a little. I wait and let the car brake when it needs to, and it almost always slows down before it would become a safety issue. Over time, I...
  27. Enginerd

    Microinverter compatibility vs. # of cells in PV module

    I'm thinking about adding a third branch to my system. I would be doing most of the work myself, leaving final hookups for a licensed electrician. I'm looking at available microinverters and panels: Enphase IQ-7+, compatible with 60 & 72 cell PV modules, max continuous VA 290 Enphase IQ-7A...
  28. Enginerd

    Help. I need suggestions for solving "USB Device Malfunction" error

    Is there a service bulletin for this? MCU replacement seems like a pretty substantial fix for a very minor problem. I was under the impression that this software-induced issue would be fixed with a software update.
  29. Enginerd

    Upgrading AP cameras

    Do we even have the info on the camera upgrade? Old vs. new part numbers or serial numbers, etc.? Even if I could swap it (them?) out, wouldn't there probably some database field that would need to be updated to allow the car to know my hardware is eligible for the FSD beta? So frustrating to...
  30. Enginerd

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Drywall is a uniform load distributed over the entire 4x8 (or partial) sheet, with overly redundant attachment across several studs. The moment arm of drywall is 5/16" (half of a 5/8" thickness). The Powerwall essentially puts a 300 lb load (shear and moment) onto exactly 2 studs, each of...
  31. Enginerd

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    I don't know about basement windows, but when I wanted them to mount mine on the wall of the garage, they made a big deal about how the wall might need to be reinforced to handle the additional load. The installer traveled several hours to get here, and in the interest of keeping things moving...
  32. Enginerd

    Surestart soft start

    Still available?
  33. Enginerd

    Issue with Go Off Grid Function

    Thanks for the reply. I wonder what I'm missing.
  34. Enginerd

    Issue with Go Off Grid Function

    Can someone screenshot the Go Off Grid feature to show how to find it in the app? I'm not seeing it in version Android 4.1.1-667, and I'm not sure if I just haven't configured something properly.
  35. Enginerd

    New Tesla Vision Autopark!

    Why is autopark between lines (not between cars) still only available to the vision-only (no radar) cars? The older cars have all the sensors (cameras) currently being used, and it would be really easy to just switch off the radar input.
  36. Enginerd

    How long is the warranty on the 12V battery?

    Mobile service just swapped out the 12V battery on my Model 3 today. $85 parts + $28 labor + $7 tax = $120 total. I was a 7000 miles beyond the 50k warranty.
  37. Enginerd

    USB Device Malfunction

    It may or may not be related, but today my 12V battery started throwing all the warnings, so I had mobile service come and swap it out (which turns out to be the cheapest replacement method). The new battery seems to have cleared up the USB device warnings as well. Could be coincidence, or...
  38. Enginerd

    Powerwall 2 fans at high speed...why?

    Perhaps some kind of reboot or diagnostic after a software update?
  39. Enginerd

    Android Update?

    From another thread, it looks like this will be available with version 4.1 of the Android app. Mine currently says 4.0.2.
  40. Enginerd

    Supercharger - Yemassee, SC

  41. Enginerd

    Supercharger - St. George, SC

    For facilities, one can probably leverage the Flying J at odd hours, right next to the McD, which is basically across the street from this supercharger installation. It's cool that they started this one in a similar time frame as Yemassee. I've got my scanners peeled for pending supercharger...
  42. Enginerd

    Decoding FSD Beta 9.2 release notes

    I think "multi-modal" (not model) refers to the different modes of transportation sharing the roads: cars, motorcycles, bicycles, busses, semis, pedestrians, etc.
  43. Enginerd

    Model 3 AC Smell Update...

    I had the filters replaced last year, and I have regularly observed the fans drying out the car several minutes after I've parked it. So it's maintained as intended and functioning as designed. But my smell is back too. I have to agree that this isn't normal. If the car wants $150 worth of...
  44. Enginerd

    2018 V3 supercharging issue.

    Curious if you set the navigation to arrive at the Supercharger, allowing it time to precondition the battery?
  45. Enginerd

    System Not Producing, Anything I Can Do?

    Can @jhn_ and perhaps others add their experience with the inverter going out? (Who has to service/authorize etc. the replacement? How long does it take? etc.) I've pretty much decided to set up my system with micro-inverters vs. the central string inverter, since the system still works after...
  46. Enginerd

    Discussion: "Powerwall +"

    Does anyone have a PW2 manufactured since late 2020 that has been software-upgraded to the higher 7kW peak power (like the PW+)? Has Tesla rolled this out yet in any way?
  47. Enginerd

    Tesla Powerwall 2 - Unopened For Sale

    Tying up the loose ends on threads like these (for those like me, still looking), I've confirmed that @CltXDriver, @scharlesjr and @MTK2020 all sold their PW2s.
  48. Enginerd

    Georgia Power monthly net metering (RNR-monthly)

    You and me both. I found one on Facebook marketplace. Sometimes people make a for-sale post here on TMC. They're pretty rare, and I think the buyer needs to be ready to act quickly.
  49. Enginerd

    Georgia Power monthly net metering (RNR-monthly)

    I've sorted out my own misunderstanding of the solar + battery architecture. My incorrect understanding was that the PW2 inverters accepted DC solar input, and served as the inverters for the whole system. Now I understand that the solar inverter is entirely separate from battery storage...
  50. Enginerd

    Gauging interest in Gateway 2

    @macbeth , did you end up selling this?

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