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    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    I truly wish I had not updated to V11. I got suckered into it because I wanted the blind spot cameras. If there were blind spot warning on side mirrors like they have in other cars I would not have done the update 1. I wish they could add seat heaters, defrosters, Tire pressure sensors and...
  2. K

    Help me decide: Model Y or Mach-E

    I agree that the Tesla interior of the Y and 3 are just plain Jane. Even the Accord and Camry that I owned felt slightly better inside and the Acura is way above it in the luxury department. I would have liked some better physical controls for wipers and maybe heating/AC but it is not a major...
  3. K

    How to change Owner's linked email

    Bumping up to see if anyone has any idea on how to do it short of calling Tesla and not going anywhere.
  4. K

    Recent Accident- Sentry/Dashcam did not record the Accident!!

    I thought Tesla made a change that if the air bags deployed the recording prior to the impact would be saved. This was after I had my accident in 2020. If the airbags did not deploy, then unless you had pressed the horn, there is a good chance that it might not have saved.
  5. K

    How to change Owner's linked email

    Here is the issue I had a Model 3 and registered it with my email. I had some free miles given with purchase. I also got some referral miles. We then got a Model Y and because of the referral program it was purchased in my spouse's name with her email. Both of us got 1000 referral miles each...
  6. K

    Keeping Tesla Wifi button in ON position all the time

    My one year premium connectivity ended a few days ago. Now that Tesla allows connection to Wifi hotspot I thought I might as well make use of my phone's hot spot data. I am able to tweak and get Tesla to recognize the hotspot from my phone and then play the podcasts. But when I out of the car...
  7. K

    Want to absolutely confirm: I can charge off a dryer plug?

    I know it is an old thread but just wanted to clarify one thing. I take the supplied mobile charger with me and have the 5-15 and 14-50 adapters. I visit my relative whose laundry room is adjacent to the garage. I got the 14-30 dryer adapter from Tesla. If I unplug their dryer and plug in my...
  8. K

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    I t could be FUD but I just referenced to this story that caught my eye a few weeks ago https://www.axios.com/electric-vehicle-charging-problems-a3055bd7-1094-4e65-843d-e67220da4ad1.html At least I felt it would not have occurred had the author had a Tesla
  9. K

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    Luckily when I built my home I had them run 50 amp 220V power cables and put in 14-50 outlets on either side. On one side I connected the plug in version of the gen-2 wall charger that I got on the Tesla site long time ago. On the other side I had a gen-2 direct connect wall connector that...
  10. K

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    I may have to check but I thought they removed the chill mode in the newer reg braking options. I might be wrong. My older Model 3 SR+ had the chill mode
  11. K

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    Mine is just a plain ole Y AWD LR
  12. K

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    After seeing Superchargers in cities like Greenville, Charlotte, NoVa, Pittsburgh I got a bit overconfident and led my guard down and did not think that a relatively decent sized city like Winston Salem would not have superchargers. That was a mistake. My hotel stay there was free and...
  13. K

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    Anytime my daughter or spouse sat in the middle row seats of our Acura MDX or the Honda Odyssey minivan they had no motion sickness even on long journeys. But on the last row seats they always had it. Anytime they sat on seats that were directly over the rear wheels they had nausea, and...
  14. K

    Estimate range on full charge dropped to 300 miles

    300 miles on full charge into 7 months of ownership
  15. K

    Lessons learned from a 2300 mile road trip

    Not going to give a detailed trip report as it will not be useful and tons of people have already covered it. This is more of some unexpected issues that came up on a trip from SC to Northern Virginia to Pittsburgh and back via Winston Salem. 1. The onward trip to NorVir was straightforward...
  16. K

    2500 miles in and now my tire has a puncture. Local Tire shop won’t touch it.

    I had also written about a tire puncture of my new Y here https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/brand-new-y-with-flat-tire-my-journey.214335/
  17. K

    Add to favorites in Phone screen

    I have the Model Y and a Samsung Galaxy S21. I have allowed the contacts from my phone to show up on the Tesla when I bring up the call option. I have not found a way to add certain phone numbers from my contacts to the favorites screen so that I can view and call than quickly rather than...
  18. K

    How much am I paying to charge my car? Is this accurate?

    You have to add in charging losses. Also if you preheat the car while plugged in, it will consume electricity but not show up as KwH per miles driven. Maybe add 30% to your calculation.
  19. K

    Test driving Model Y as Model 3 owner

    Just because it had traffic light icons does not mean it has FSD. It just means it had visualization. My Model Y does not have FSD but has the traffic light visualization, traffic cones, stop signs, trash cans,the works. But I did not pay 10K to have FSD enabled. I just have the basic autopilot.
  20. K

    What did you own before your Model Y?

    A Model 3
  21. K

    Dear Elon: just remove navigation from your cars

    The Tesla NAV is light years ahead of what my Acura has. Just press the right scroll button, give a voice command and it finds the route. People here except spaceship navigation. It is not perfect but then even the Google Maps on my phone is not perfect. Elon: If people don't like the...
  22. K

    Screen Changes with New Update

    Yes. They used to constantly bug me to buy new DVD-ROM to update my maps which I never used but a couple of times. Entering those addresses were so cumbersome. Change State. Then enter city. The street. Then number and so on. And it did not have Canadian maps so when when we were there we used...
  23. K

    Screen Changes with New Update

    The main thing I like about the maps is the large screen area devoted to it. All other maps I have seen come from 5-8" screens that are to tiny. The thing I would like to see are Waypoints and display of multiple routes with distances and time so that you can choose the one you like or are...
  24. K

    Screen Changes with New Update

    I agree. If you have seem the road maps in my Acura it looks so 18th century. Telsa maps are the best map I have seen in a car.
  25. K

    Screen Changes with New Update

    Unless you are young with eagle vision, it is hard to see the display with such small font lettering doing highway speeds. The number one issue with new EV converts or potential converts is range anxiety. Why not allay it with a large green bar with both % energy and approx miles left in big...
  26. K

    Screen Changes with New Update

    Please, Please, Please. I beg you. Can we stop about the tweets and who is right. Does not add anything to the discussion. Thank you.
  27. K

    Screen Changes with New Update

    I wanted the energy bar bigger and also display miles as well as %. Instead it became dark and grey and smaller and pushed to one corner. Why???
  28. K

    When will 3rd row option be available to order again?

    If you own a Y one can see that there is no way to fit anything other than a toy seat in that space. And that might not be allowed by the regulatory body. I think some people are expecting too much out of this small vehicle.
  29. K

    Marked Delay in getting Bill of sale

    Did you drive it with expired NC temp tags while waiting for the Bill of Sale? It is one thing to drive with expired SC temp or permanent registration tags but another to drive with one from out of state. The Tesla rep I contacted once again glibly told me to drive for 45 days. Wonder if Tesla...
  30. K

    Marked Delay in getting Bill of sale

    I got my Y on 11/27 from NC since out state ( SC) does not allow sales or service centers of Tesla. I got the max allowed 30 day temp tag. That has expired on 12/28. I contacted Charlotte Tesla a week ago about the excess delay in getting my bill of sale mailed to me. She stated that this is...
  31. K


    There are only 2 things I like in large font on the left side of the screen while driving 1. MPH - It has to be 36 point or greater font. Luckily it is decent sized font. 2. State of charge - It used to be bad and now it is worse. Now it is smaller, on top right hand corner and has black...
  32. K

    Model X or Model Y

    One look at the falcon wing doors and my spouse said no way would she want it or drive it. That ruled it out completely. Unless they offer regular or sliding doors and refresh it, we would not consider the X. Nor the S unless it has a complete refresh.
  33. K

    Brand new Y with flat tire - my journey

    What wheel and tire did you get? and the Jack too. Thanks
  34. K

    Ford Mach-e

    I wish more people will like and buy the Ford Mach=e so that Tesla can step up its game and make a truly 300 mile real world range model Y. The only additional things I would like are conventional buttons for wipers and a rear cross traffic alert and a better blind view alert.
  35. K

    Third Row Seat Disappointing

    Anyone who has even looked at a 5 seater Tesla from the rear knows there is no way that a 7 seater will even be able to take 2 small children in that trunk space area. It will also severely restrict the remaining trunk space. Yet people imagined that somehow magically those seven seats will seat...
  36. K

    Wait for 82 kWh battery?

    It will depend on how much competition the Fort Mustang EV will give the Y. If people start gravitating to the Ford the Y's battery will be unlocked to show they also have the equal 82kW batter but have longer range. Just a conjecture.
  37. K

    Begin Charge without My Phone?

    I have the settings to start charge immediately, max 48 amps, with max 80% charge. I open the rear door to waken the car. Then when I press the button on the charger it opens the charge port adn when I plug it in the screen comes on and states " you have 1 hour and 20 mins left" or something...
  38. K

    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    Unfortunately the majority of the people who put the minimal money down are not very financially savvy and will not think about investing the rest of the money. They will not comprehend that it car interest rate of 2% and market investments gaining 6% average if held over 10 years, investing in...
  39. K

    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    Other than Tesla held by my Vanguard Index funds, I do not hold individual Tesla stock. Taycan can certainly coexist and can be a Bill Gates 15th car but as a primary car that I would like to take >200 miles it is not practical. EA charging is a joke. I know this is a car enthusiast forum but...
  40. K

    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    I have one Model Y. I might get another when they update the battery to the higher density cells and maybe 80Kwh to give a range of 300+ real world miles, not the EPA 326 miles which it will never attain.
  41. K

    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    I make that money and would not buy a Taycan. Poor charging options, higher insurance and I suspect not as much regular update as Tesla. I don't care for the falcon wings X or the long in the tooth Model S. The Y hits the sweet spot.
  42. K

    Tire problem...or just bad luck?

    And here is my thread on a flat tire on my 5 day old Model Y with 200 miles on it. It was - you guessed it - rear passenger tire. Was full when I started from home. Was flat in my office parking lot. Cost me $52 to patch it since it had foam on the inside. My Model 3 that I had for the past 14...
  43. K

    First Expression of MY

    I don't like the use of the word window shopper because every so called window shopper is a potential future Tesla owner. Some might become one right away and some would like the quality of the work improved before they make that leap. But I also agree that the minor issues were weighing so...
  44. K

    First Expression of MY

    I wish Tesla did not have those poor fit and finish issues nor the poor paint quality that has brought them to a last place finish in CR and JD reports. But then it has been producing cars since only 2008 and the mass produced Model 3 since 2016. Compared to nearly 100 years for the big 3 and...
  45. K

    Recent Accident- Sentry/Dashcam did not record the Accident!!

    Any idea how I go about it. Unfortunately I have only one 500GB Samsung ssd on me and when my new Y arrived on 11/27 I had to use it in that car..
  46. K

    First Expression of MY

    Tesla Model 3 and Y have been known to have "not up to snuff" fit and finish and paint job. To be fair they improve with every month on a particular model. My Model 3 SR+ was gotten in 2019 and by that time it was built there was no paint issues and only a tiny panel gap difference in the tail...
  47. K

    Recent Accident- Sentry/Dashcam did not record the Accident!!

    I am not clear how long the video stays in the Tesla RAM before being transferred to the SSD or flash drive one attaches to the usb port. I am fairly sure there is a lag of 2 minutes or so. Even if the MCU loses power it should have sent all the video up to the time of impact to the SSD. And...
  48. K

    Recent Accident- Sentry/Dashcam did not record the Accident!!

    In my case, it did not trigger the recording or save it.
  49. K

    Brand new Y with flat tire - my journey

    I tried to feel for a nail but could not feel it. I moved half a wheel and tried again but could not. It was drizzling slightly and I gave up. I had pucks but after my Model 3 crash I could not find it any more. I also do not have a jack. Looking at the wheels I doubt I can have adequate...
  50. K

    Brand new Y with flat tire - my journey

    The problem is that once Costco hear of the foam lining they said "nope, we don't do it". They don't want to take the trouble of cutting out that area, patching and regluing it back.

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