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  1. puckpurnell

    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    Don't even consider the performance. Just order the AWD LR. Next question?
  2. puckpurnell

    Ottosteer Tesla Model 3 Front License Plate Bracket?

    I have a Bandit front plate bracket. It's awesome. Don't know if they are still available. Got mine in 2018. Maybe do a Google search. Good luck.
  3. puckpurnell

    2018 model 3 change brake fluid flush

    Have an appointment next week at 25K for break system check at Tesla Service. Fortunately, it's convenient. Having tires rotated and HEPA filter changed as well. Don't know if mobile service can accomplish that. Brake fluid check and brake check are among the few maintenance chores recommended...
  4. puckpurnell

    Please identify this part

    a left wang framus
  5. puckpurnell


    You must have gotten the CCS1 from Korea. Yes?
  6. puckpurnell


    As mentioned in an earlier post, I got the CHAdeMO adapter from Tesla in 2019 for my 2018 M3 AWD LR. Planning a drive to Nova Scotia this summer from N.E. and CHAdeMO is available in many places allowing me not to worry about Superchargers. Don't think there's one south/west of Halifax toward...
  7. puckpurnell


    I have had a CHAdeMO adapter since 2019. I keep it in the boot along with a spare NEMA 1450 cable & plug. I've used it on occasion but favor the Tesla Superchargers. It's an expensive backup, about $450, but worth it if you need a DC Fast charge when you're out of range of a Supercharger. The...
  8. puckpurnell

    Model 3 concerns

    I've had my M3 AWD Dual Motor since December 2018. No complaints...at all.
  9. puckpurnell

    Sign the Ohmmu Petition to Tesla

    Yes, please sign. Go to: Sign the Petition
  10. puckpurnell

    Owner Survey

    Nope. Sounds bogus.
  11. puckpurnell

    I am now planning to get the full self-driving option and here is why

    Me? Well, I really like driving my 2018 AWD Dual Motor. I hardly let my wife drive Lady Sprite Blue let alone having FSD take over the wheel. Count me OUT!
  12. puckpurnell

    Aftermarket yoke steering wheel in Model 3

    What a BAD idea.
  13. puckpurnell

    Mobile Connector no longer included with new cars [posted 04/16/2022 - Tesla confirms adapter included with cars ordered before 04/17/22]

    Dryer plugs seem to be the equivalent of NEMA 14-50. My electrician (twice) installed the same plug for my garage as the dryer in the house. I'm neither an electrician nor a code monitor. All I can say is, "Works great."
  14. puckpurnell

    Mobile Connector no longer included with new cars [posted 04/16/2022 - Tesla confirms adapter included with cars ordered before 04/17/22]

    What a bad % # & * ! @ + idea. Stupid. Boo. 🤬 I have a NEMA 1450 in my garage and use the cable and plug that came with my 2028 Dual Motor. 90% of my charging is at home. I have another cable and plug kit in the well of the boot which I use when visiting my son. There, I slip open the laundry...
  15. puckpurnell

    2022.8.3 - screen font is HUGE

    Lov'in it. This old guy hasn't been able to read most of the words for the last six months...since change #????? 🙃
  16. puckpurnell

    Any configuration regrets?

    Regrets = Z E R O
  17. puckpurnell

    Swinging charging pole

    Very cool. Don't need it but glad it's out there for those who do.
  18. puckpurnell

    Premium connectivity-listen on phone

    Try getting an Alexa for your car. Then, "Alexa, play ..." Has worked for me for three years.
  19. puckpurnell

    Chrome Add Thread for 2021 M3

    I am totally with you about the dark handles. A friend got a RED 2022 M3LR and it has Crome-delete handles. Gag me. Sorry you're disappointed. Keep your confidence in the car but get the Crome re-instated.
  20. puckpurnell

    Audiobook Tip

    Get Alexa for the car. Then, no problem getting all things Amazon plus more. 🙃
  21. puckpurnell

    Best M3P Color That's Not MSM or White?

    Next question?
  22. puckpurnell

    Considering an ID.4 as second EV. Thoughts?

    Get an M3. About the same cost as the ID.4 but you get a national Supercharger system with it. Plus, you already know the Tesla ecosystem.
  23. puckpurnell

    Max volume on startup

    Here's the thing with me. I don't hear very well and only wear my hearings when I absolutely need to. As such, I have to keep my iPhone ringer volume high. Even then, sometimes my wife has to say, "Your phone's ringing." Then, of course, I forget to lower the ringer volume when I get in the...
  24. puckpurnell

    New Tesla Owner questions

    When the time comes, the 240V NEMA 1450 is a very simple way to go. (Ask the electrician to install the plug with the round ground pin up.) With a 50 amp circuit, you'll be able to charge at 32 amps which equates to about 29 miles per hour. Plenty. The pigtail is available at Tesla and elsewhere.
  25. puckpurnell

    Gasoline Prices

    You have your Lightening on order? ;)🙃
  26. puckpurnell

    Seeking Advice: The value of AAA membership with a Tesla

    Maybe slow down a bit here. Changing the 12V battery in a Tesla is not a simple In/Out job. There are very specific procedures to go through. Check out this YouTube video to see what I'm getting at. Good luck and be careful.
  27. puckpurnell

    TAPTES terrible experience [order from july still not delivered]

    NEVER USE taptes. Rip Off.
  28. puckpurnell

    Off-peak Hours confusion…

    Try after 9 p.m., i.e middle of the night.
  29. puckpurnell

    Vendor We're the makers of 3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats.

    I have had their mats for almost three years. They're terrific. Heavy duty. Easy to clean. Love them. Disappointed they haven't replied.
  30. puckpurnell

    Tesla Failed to Send in my Registration

    I live in Connecticut but had to purchase my 2018 M3 AWD in New York State. Had temp CT plates when I drove home from NY. Took Tesla until the last day of the temp plates to get my permanent CT plates and registration to me. I squawked quite a bit during that month. Arrrgh.
  31. puckpurnell

    Complaint about shipping time from RPM Tesla

    Go to Abstract Ocean. They’re in Texas. If they don’t have something, suggest it and maybe they’ll make or procure it. Good, reliable folks. https://abstractocean.com/
  32. puckpurnell

    Teslas and other Evs in the I-95 24-hour backup

    Read an article a few days ago about how BAD it would be if the VA snow traffic jam had been populated with EV’s. Dumb article. Just came upon an analysis of said article and want to share it. Come what may, I’d rather be in my M3 LR AWD than a gasoline car. Full disclosure, I carry basic cold...
  33. puckpurnell

    Best home charger - Model 3

    That's my point. A lot of places" say" the grounding circuit is up, but anyone from the real world "wants" it down. My electrician had no trouble putting the grounding plug down...in both houses where I had a 14-50 installed for charging. Just say'in. (BTW, don't know what the code says.)
  34. puckpurnell

    Best home charger - Model 3

    Be sure to ask your electrician to put the NEMA 14-50 in right side UP. ;)🙃
  35. puckpurnell

    Max volume on startup

    This drives me crazy!
  36. puckpurnell

    Issues after latest Software Update

    Had exactly that issue with the previous update...over a weekend. No problem with V-11. Tesla sent a truck. Very competent driver. Within 24 hours, 12V battery replaced and update installed. Picked up car that day (a Sunday). $Zero$ charge! All was very well done. 😊🙃
  37. puckpurnell

    Should I trade my 2015 WRX for a 2022 M3 RWD ?

    Of course get the M3! 😊🙃
  38. puckpurnell

    2021 Holiday Update Version Differences

    V-11 is going to take some getting used to. Strange choices for various controls (wipers for example), which icons are moveable, HVAC... Hum. 🙃
  39. puckpurnell

    Mobile service rocks!

    I’ve use Mobil service three times (here in Connecticut) and they’ve been fantastic. Also, when the 12V battery died, Tesla sent a truck, hauled my 2018 M3 AWD to the service center and replaced the battery. $Zero$ cost to me.
  40. puckpurnell

    What happens if you disable HV + 12V battery and close everything?

    OHMMU is a terrific company and they'll give you excellent service advice.
  41. puckpurnell

    Electrician installed my NEMA 14-50 receptacle upside down..

    That's what electricians always do. Maybe put a hook above the outlet and loop the charging cord over it so you don't put tension on the plug. Otherwise, works just the same.
  42. puckpurnell

    TAPTES terrible experience [order from july still not delivered]

    Completely understand and agree. I, too, am waiting for two items from Taptes. One may have left an airport in China yesterday but "Who knows?" The other, I've had no information except the original order confirmation on 5 November. Agree with "hififan," steer clear of Taptes. :mad:

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