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  1. Twiddler

    Roadster missing from website

    Oh thank you, I figured I was missing it somewhere. I don’t login often, I am used to it being in the top tabs
  2. Twiddler

    Roadster missing from website

    Just logged into my account and noticed that the Roadster is missing from the lineup on the website. Any ideas as to why this would be deleted?
  3. Twiddler

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Bottom line: we do not need to advertise. We need to put our head down, constrain costs, and make as many cars as possible. This is the best possible narrative for the company and stock price.
  4. Twiddler

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    India next year?? BFD IMO, also nice little confirmation that we are still production constrained, growth story intact.
  5. Twiddler

    My daughter just barged in on us havine S3X!

    Joulie, Ohmar, Wattson, and... Sparky!
  6. Twiddler

    Failed range calculation left me stranded

    Wow. A hyper-defensive, sarcastic set of responses. I am shocked. The range calculation should always be an underestimation. End of story.
  7. Twiddler

    Failed range calculation left me stranded

    So I am on my way home with a reasonable amount of range in excess of my destination (home). Not excessively hot, dusk, normal driving conditions. I have roughly 6 miles of range left for my 2.5 miles remaining when I get a warning that the vehicle is shutting down, and I end up stranded 1.4...
  8. Twiddler

    2017 Investor Roundtable:General Discussion

    A la Black Mirror?
  9. Twiddler

    "Spaceship Steering" on the new Roadster?

    Look at the steering column's "neck" - one could imagine it retracting into the dash during full autopilot to given more room to the driver - a la I,Robot. Elon has already mentioned in the past that he wants to pursue this sort of setup: Elon Mush referenced I Robot to explain what he wants...
  10. Twiddler

    Roadster reservations

    Okay, go! Who has information on how/when to reserve a new roadster??
  11. Twiddler

    Collision - who wants to play guess the damages??

    So as a follow up, I would like to express a little frustration. I took some members' advice (for which I am very grateful) to take this up with Diminished Value Home - Petty Details, LLC. Initially they were very responsive and optimistic about getting a settlement. Since that time...
  12. Twiddler

    Texas Law Change: $200 Fine for No Front License Plate

    Hey - I think the middle car is mine! I also reject the front plate notion. Has been in my glove compartment since purchase and I have never been hassled. - - - Updated - - - By the way, the Republic of Texas has closed that loop too - and made it a much bigger offense than having no...
  13. Twiddler

    7.1 keeps zeroing my equalizer settings.

    Yep, same thing happened on mine yesterday.
  14. Twiddler

    Wiki Model X FAQ (wiki)

    Had some free time at the service center yesterday in Austin. 4 Xs there waiting for delivery (I heard 4 more in the warehouse). Here is the answer to at least a few of the seat piping questions: Both the brown and white seats had a sort of taupe piping, which looked to be about the same...
  15. Twiddler

    Is the Model X spoiler fixed or retractable?

    Yeah, we have a regular 90D ordered, and despite the configuration there is still a spoiler depicted in our order image. Odd...
  16. Twiddler

    Model S and Pacemakers

    Yep - I have a battery of 20+ items (I made a log to input the time at each position so that I would know what to go back to in case I had a finding) that were performed while the devices were in all positions, including adjusting the climate control to extremes, raising and lowering suspension...
  17. Twiddler

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2015

    I LOVED my PCjr!!
  18. Twiddler

    Model S and Pacemakers

    Hot off the presses - I was finally able to create a device medium capable of detecting artificial sources of EMI such that testing could take place in my vehicle. I wanted to do a P90D as well (as one kind TMCer offered) but the medium also served as an excellent petri dish. May repeat in the...
  19. Twiddler

    Collision - who wants to play guess the damages??

    Yes - I have heard of this as well, but am unsure of how to go about getting compensated for this. My understanding is that the repair is made and I get my car back. Is the insurance company then expected to cut me a check for what they consider the diminished value based on the damage? Do I...
  20. Twiddler

    Collision - who wants to play guess the damages??

    Unfortunately, at the bottom of the invoice, there is this: This report contains proprietary information of *** and may not be disclosed to any third party (other than the insured, claimant and others on a need to know basis in order to effectuate the claims process) without ***'s prior written...
  21. Twiddler

    Collision - who wants to play guess the damages??

    UPDATE: The verdict is in – the total estimated cost of repairs is ~27,000. I was sent a copy of the itemized invoice, so I am assuming that the insurance parties have received it as well. As for the rear suspension, items listed include the knuckle, hub, crossmember, upper and lower control...
  22. Twiddler

    Insurance company won't renew my policy... 1 claim only

    The coyote is clearly uninsured after all of those roadrunner incidents
  23. Twiddler

    Tells Body Repair

    As I am currently undergoing similar issues, I would urge you to contact Tesla service for this recommendation. Tesla has a policy of a very limited number of approved repair facilities, and thus you really only have a few choices. Good luck!
  24. Twiddler

    Collision - who wants to play guess the damages??

    UPDATE: Spoke with the appraiser from my insurance company yesterday, who has taken an initial look at the vehicle, but is waiting for the body shop to come up with some numbers. He is centered in Austin, and has appraised about 10-15 Teslas at this point. His impression is that the damage is...
  25. Twiddler

    Collision - who wants to play guess the damages??

    I think that is just it - it really depends on the suspension. I was surprised as well; I was hit by someone in the lane next to me going roughly the same speed (~35-40 MPH). It could not have been (and didn't feel like) that great of an impact. I wonder whether some of what we are seeing is...
  26. Twiddler

    Collision - who wants to play guess the damages??

    Yeah, maybe my personal estimate is a little high at 25-30K, but the damage includes: Front door Rear door Rear quarter panel (bottom portion) Rear bumper Rear wheel is tilted about 20 degrees and air suspension compromised, rim cracked Tows to service center and body shop 70 mi away Oh and...
  27. Twiddler

    Collision - who wants to play guess the damages??

    So. I was driving home the other night on a 4-lane road in the right hand lane at night, in the rain. The car in the left lane was driving rather slow (in fact under the speed limit, as is often the case here in TX), so I began to pass by them on the right. It seems that as I passed them...
  28. Twiddler

    Cars,drivers that consistently (and foolishly) want to challenge the Model S

    Mustangs. They always seem to be Mustangs, or less commonly the other faux-muscle cars (challenger, charger, Camaro, etc)
  29. Twiddler

    SuperCharger - Denton, Tx

    Charging currently. There is only one stall working currently (1B) on this side of the box. 1A gives me an error (yellow flashing charge port), 2A and 2B are taped off (see pic). There are also two chargers on the other side of the box that appear to be operational. Nice area though - a ton...
  30. Twiddler

    POLL: Has your drive unit failed?

    I already did - see my first post. I cannot edit the title itself. If you feel that the unit hums, but Tesla has not replaced (or offered to replace) the unit, then vote no. Simple.
  31. Twiddler

    POLL: Has your drive unit failed?

    I would think that if you don't feel comfortable with either of the options, then don't vote. Your situation is controversial (please see other thread to avoid rehashing all of that here) - basically there are those (myself included) that do not believe that Tesla would offer to replace your...
  32. Twiddler

    POLL: Has your drive unit failed?

    The polling options provided do not allow such variables - I would love to include model years, +/-P, 60, 85, etc, but still even with that data (which again the TMC polling system does not support), the poll will still possess a huge amount of selection bias from the TMC cohort. Let's just...
  33. Twiddler

    POLL: Has your drive unit failed?

    I would like to initiate a poll, partly for my own sanity, to get a gauge of how prevalent at least initial drive unit failures are amongst our cohort. Of course, please comment only if you are an owner/operator EDIT - valid point below. For the sake of argument (if you want to beat that...
  34. Twiddler

    100% drive unit failure rate??

    Would be nice to start a tally for those with drive line unit failures that gives a range of mileage to first failure versus a range and no failure yet. I have 35K miles and no problems yet on my 60, but I would assume that 35K constitutes relatively low miles
  35. Twiddler

    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    Made my usual trip to Austin and back in my S60 a few days before the update, then repeated the trip yesterday post-update. Same driving conditions, route, speed, and even ambient temp (within 5 degrees or so), averaging around 355 Wh/mi before, about 325 after. Had 25 mi excess range after...
  36. Twiddler

    Model S and Pacemakers

    I am an electrophysiologist, doing my own study on EMI detected on specifically ICDs (which have a larger "antenna" and would be more likely to detect EMI than a pacer). I anticipate that it will be a negative study, and plan to repeat it when we get our Model X. I will certainly post the...
  37. Twiddler

    Model X Subsite Updates

    Haha - exactly (well, let's say that your statement relatively approximates) what I was thinking
  38. Twiddler

    Is the Model X spoiler fixed or retractable?

    And here we are again. A pretty big design element to the vehicle (it cannot go without being noticed from almost any angle) yet no definitive data on when and how it works, how effective it is, etc? Particularly since it was noted to have a taillight several times during the presentation and...
  39. Twiddler

    Model S nose cone vs Model X front

    I still think there is a nose cone under there - it is just being censored. Can anyone at the live event confirm this? Please???
  40. Twiddler

    Is the Tesla Model 3 hiding under this sheet?

    Interesting to look at the other car under a sheet - it looks to be the size of the model S, but does not have the nose bulge that you would expect from its nosecone, but rather looks like the smaller (model 3?) car next to it. Could this in fact be the updated "Model S 2.0"? EDIT: Perhaps my...
  41. Twiddler

    Personalized plate "MODEL X"

    True, but by that logic so are cybersquatters :)
  42. Twiddler

    Personalized plate "MODEL X"

    That's right, folks - for just $25K you get a license plate and if you act now, you get this nifty "I'm a total idiot" bumper sticker!
  43. Twiddler

    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    Wow. If I may complain about you complaining about people complaining... I enjoy the two-sided debate that occurs in these forums and do NOT wish to stifle them. These concerns regarding tardiness, consistently missed self-imposed deadlines, over-promising, etc, do have some validity. These...
  44. Twiddler

    TMC website overload

    In the lead up, and subsequently delayed, Model X reveal last night, TMC was repeatedly overloaded. The most crowded threads had as many as 4-5 times the number of guests as the numbers of members present. It was pretty annoying (and several others echoed this sentiment) that those of us who...
  45. Twiddler

    Is the Model X spoiler fixed or retractable?

    Thanks - didn't see that! So then I guess there is no fully-retracted position... humph
  46. Twiddler

    Does the Model X come with 7.0?

    Look at the climate bar - this is the new UI design (i.e. 7.0):
  47. Twiddler

    Model X Headlights

    I am about 90% certain that they are LED - check out the Verge video
  48. Twiddler

    Is the Model X spoiler fixed or retractable?

    In every instance that I can recall from the event tonight, the spoilers on the Model X were in the "up" position, which begs the question, are they actually fixed permanently (and the mules shown without them simply did not have spoilers installed) or manually retractable? You would think that...
  49. Twiddler

    The new nose

    Yeah, I am going to have to reserve judgement until I see it in person, but both my wife and I had the same initial reaction, and it was not a positive one. IMO, without a nosecone/grille, a vehicle looks like the EV1, which is a love-it or hate-it kind of thing. The Model X looks very EV1 to me.

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