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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    Elon just said something like, "and here are the cars." Then the hoards came from the bushes.
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    If GM was not primarily planning to sell the Bolt for ZEV credits and had to produce a profitable vehicle, the comparison would appear quite different.
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    Hold on. Before I go on, let me tell you about this projector. Also, this isn't a screen... Don't change Elon.
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    This started about as well as expected for a Tesla event...
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    I've got the Reddit live updates going, they see black box also.
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    I've got a black rectangle on Chrome.
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    Faraday Future Live Event

    Everything about this is terrible. I want companies that make BEVs look serious. This is not that!
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    Elon Musk to advise Trump administration

    This could have been an interesting discussion on the President-Elect working with the CEO of two ground breaking domestic companies.
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    Elon Musk to advise Trump administration

    Elon tried to buy three ICBMs from Russia, so if we're going to bring up the Russian connection, keep that in mind. We also can't forget that Elon knows how to be creative when selling ideas, some claim he's even deceptive. Elon happens to deliver, when it's ready, though.
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    3rd Reveal

    "Green" rant incoming: I don't want my car to be associated with being eco friendly for the same reason I don't call myself an environmentalist. it turns people off who aren't environmentalists. The Model S and X don't say "electric." Also, as a fourth year civil engineering student, I have...
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    Stop Elon From Failing Again

    I don't!
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    Tesla's "solar roof" Event - Hosted at Universal Studios

    out of curiosity, can you still access the rest of the Tesla site during these events, or do you just have to wait? might be of importance when I get a model 3.
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    Audi's New EV Plans

    This guy gets it: This feels like the longest spacing between press releases yet. I thought they were coming in 2018. Oh well, we can run down to the dealership and buy a etron.
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    How hard would it be to make an electric semi truck

    Maybe, the GF cells are so incredibly energy-dense, that a mWh battery is only the size of the engine bay and frame of a conventional long haul tractor. d7j6f, that's called perpetual motion. Whenever energy changes form, chemical->electrical->kinetic->electrical->chemical, some is lost...
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    Would you loan out your Tesla to make money?

    Tesla owner living in an apartment: "Here boy! Now go fetch yourself a nice charge. I'll see you in the morning." Hopefully it's some kind of tesla account that keeps track of the passengers and asks them for a brief description of the car's condition. If all the sudden you get, "strange sticky...
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    BMW Shifting Focus of I Brand

    In defence of the i3, the use of high speed carbon fiber composite production is revolutionary. While still expensive, it is far more affordable than what could previously be achieved. While far out, it could replace aluminum in high end lines for BMW, like aluminum replacing steel.
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    So THESE items are legal - but the press is losing its mind over Autopilot?

    What you did there, I think I see it.
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    I think this is the new Model 3

    After the first X siting at the airport, there was a massive debate over whether it was in fact the 3.
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    New Tesla Model 3 Pictures from Tesla Headquarters!

    "The name's Musk. James Musk."
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    I think this is the new Model 3

    Yup, that's an X, if I've ever seen one.
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    Richard Branson says that “every car on the road will be electric” in 15 years

    I'd love for this to come to fruition, but the charging problem is unsolved, at this time. If you live in a place with a reserved spot, you have options. Otherwise, imagine having to install a charger for every spot in the open expanse of pavement. It is not an unsolvable problem, but it...
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    Loss of Gas Tax Revenue For Roads

    I don't think they can go by miles. I live near Kansas City. This is a city and Metro area split by a state line. If I work and shop downtown, but live just a few miles over in Kansas, who do I pay? I think a flat yearly fee, or one by vehicle mass, is the way to go.
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    Loss of Gas Tax Revenue For Roads

    And emissions!
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    Volkswagen Gigafactory

    It would be unfortunate if the folks at Volkswagen found themselves with $15,300,000,000 less than expected. Anyone know how much they set aside?
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    Porsche executive bad mouths Tesla

    I believe this is covered in the Mission E thread already.
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    Tesla makes offer to acquire Solar City

    That's one way to double locations! I just hope a Tesla Energy complete package is competitive with utilities and it doesn't cost an arm and a leg to own outright.
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    Porsche Mission E

    I think I figured out how tesla reserved so many cars. Unlike some German companies, they actually had an electric car in 2008. I really want the Mission E to make it, but it seems the German electric cars are always coming in a few more years. Maybe they'll get to market a little after Model R...
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    How will Tesla get from $66k to $35k?

    Step 1: make 300 epa miles + $10-15k Step 2: ... Step 3: profit.
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    Suspension Problem on Model S

    Well, Tesla's Motors is a teenager. It's only natural that there's a lot of gossip at the new school. I don't mind negative comments and arguments about the company, as long as it has substance. As a future Model 3 owner, I'm more worried about the service time than the car itself. The failing...
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    Nissan Leaf sales down despite availability of new 30kW battery

    I think something that needs to be given more thought is the significance of the lines the day of the Model 3 event. As we all know, there is not significant advertising by Tesla Motors. This means that the people who put down deposits were actively looking at different BEVs and concluded that...
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    Why a 215 mi range?

    I almost saw someone get destroyed in a Leaf on the highway. Going 55 on a 70 (read 75) highway, the vehicle behind him moved over to pass, and no one behind expected to come up on a car so quickly on the highway. I really don't want to have to go below the speed limit to make it to my...
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    When Trump is President............

    Not to be political, please read up on Kansas school funding. Form your own opinions. I'm graduating with an engineering degree next year, and skipping town with everyone else. I had a decent part time job at the University, but lost it due to, "department wide funding issues." Right before...
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    I think I looked at a simplified GF column and concluded that adding a mezzanine floor actually decreases required column size. The unbraced length is decreased enough to offset even a very heavy floor. The shorter length means it's less prone to buckling for a given loading scenario. I might...
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    Why was the Model 3 not called the Model 4?

    Model X is still 2nd generation. They didn't originally plan on producing another car on the second generation platform. That's why Elon jokingly called the model x step 2.5 at the model 3 event. That's also probably why they let the x get delayed so much. Edit: you guys are fast!
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    Tesla confirms Model 3 will have less than 60kWh battery option

    I see a major flaw with this. Cold weather doesn't care about aerodynamics, neither does snow. Elon said it would have a real world highway range of at least 200 miles, even in cold with climate control on. Hopefully the larger capacity option is big enough to accomplish that.
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    Model S saves another life

    Not quite, if two similar vehicles collide head on, they will both absorb energy in such a way that it is like a single car impacting a non -deforming object at 70. In theory, the Model S crumple zone helps the other vehicle also. In practice, the other vehicle is so poorly build (compared) that...
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    Model 3 Battery size

    One kilowatt-hour, Bob! It's likely 60 kWh base and 75 or 80 kWh top. 85 kWh if its a more restricted option. This is unless they upgrade GF automotive cell output, then I don't have a guess. I did the math before in other threads justifying this guesstimate.
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    Tesla Gigafactory

    There are something like 21 to 24 "boxes," total. this is just the first phase of three modules for getting the innards sorted.
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    By the way, no spare tire? right?

    I hope it goes without saying, but never use a tire with a damaged sidewall. That's where the strength is. In fact, most service persons will refuse to patch a sidewall puncture for liability reasons, these days. If the reinforcement cords are damaged, all bets are off, and you risk catastrophic...
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    I can't imagine - What will part 2 bring?!

    Someone in another thread mentioned that the stages of autonomous driving are labeled as Level 1 to Level 5(?).
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    Mary Barra, what is going through your mind right now?

    Thanks to Ford, we'll have to accept a s3xy one instead.
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    How's your line?

    Thanks, I was wondering if there would be a line in KC.
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    Mary Barra, what is going through your mind right now?

    I feel, in addition to the legal actions taken by GM, there is a question hanging in the air. "Is that the best you've got?" GM could have made a more attractive vehicle, instead they electrified a cheap looking compact. They gave it a slow charge rate, and are boasting about its superiority by...
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    Model 3: the true S killer?

    Can we all just relax, dudes?
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    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    I didn't know it was common for > $30,000 cars to have steel wheels and hubcaps.
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    We want some Model 3 Leaks, renders, sketches !

    Finally! I thought I was alone.
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    It's the Batteries, Stupid!

    Anymore? :tongue:
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    Gigafactory workers protest, walk off the job

    Toads don't have warts...
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    Flash batteries

    300 miles in 5 minutes. That's one beefy cable!

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