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  1. afadeev

    Tire rotation best practices….?

    Yep, that's an option. Just not a very good one. Especially with the cars that have one driven axle (e.g.: RWD), the rear tires wear at an accelerated rate. That leaves you shopping for a set of 2 tires that are always old. So if you want to upgrade to a newer and better tire, you end up with...
  2. afadeev

    Tire rotation best practices….?

    Sorry, it's not that simple. What you are implying is one type of tires are all directional, and the other is asymmetric. Those distinctions are not driven by the category of tires (summer vs. winter). Rather, it's very tire model specific...
  3. afadeev

    Ordered M3P coming from FBO E85 Golf R...hope the Model 3 can check the same boxes

    +1 on the above, but the really BIG gap to TM3P is handling. There is only so much you can do with a 4,200+ lbs car. Once you start turning anywhere near the limit of adhesion, you will absolutely wonder why in the world the steering is boycotting your inputs. Visualize tracking S8 (D3)...
  4. afadeev

    What all wheels fit the 2022 M3P?

    All 19" OEM wheel sets came shod with mediocre all-seasons tires. You will be downgrading in traction and safety if you accept someone else's 19" OEM set. Alternatively, you could buy a second set of wheels/tires in either 18" or 19" size, and pair them with exactly the tires that you want! No...
  5. afadeev

    Skid plate justification

    30+ years of driving w/o skid plates (with one exception of a heavily modified track car). 40+K miles and ~4 years of driving TM3P w/o skid plates, still a-OK. Human judgment and decision making have been found to systematically violate the axioms of logic, probability theory, and expected...
  6. afadeev

    Skid plate justification

    How much did you pay for the plate? What is your insurance deductible? 'nuff said.
  7. afadeev

    Musings on the wood dash

    Personally, I prefer to save the wood for the bedroom, and CF for car interiors. But to each his own. You can't really remove the wood veneer. However, for those who want something different, there are tons of vendors offering interior vinyl skins of different patterns and colors. They are...
  8. afadeev

    Musings on the wood dash

    It's the internet - negativity/disrespect towards others’ is its primary purpose ;-) Just accept the reality, grow a thicker skin, and prepare to BOHICA.
  9. afadeev

    Browser slower than molasses

    Exactly. I've tried it exactly once, to pull up a weather forecast. It was slow, rendered funny, and took longer to interact with than my iPhone. It's a solution to a problem that doesn't really exist. Yeah, he has a history of diverting development resources into fluff and pet projects. a
  10. afadeev

    (2018 M3 vs 2022 M3) efficiency

    That's interesting, the US 2022 TM3 AWD (aka Model 3 Long Range) only claims 334 miles. Do you guys get something different north of the border? I could never get anywhere close to the actual Tesla stated 310 miles of range in my 2019 TM3P. My actual best was ~284 miles before remaining...
  11. afadeev

    Is a backup mobile connector necessary?

    In the ~4 years of TM3P ownership, I've always kept my mobile connector kit in the frunk, at all times. I've used it exactly 0 (zero) times in all those years. ~90% of the time I charge at home. The remainder is either at work, or somewhere on the road via a supercharger or some other L2...
  12. afadeev

    Regenerative braking saved me from 2 accidents today

    Right, people definitely had no clue how to maintain "driver's awareness" before EVs came around. I cringe at the thought of all those manual gearbox drivers endless bouncing off the 1st gear rev limiter, or stalling upon deceleration, since those poor souls have had no clue now to anticipate...
  13. afadeev

    What are some wheel brands or companies to stay away from?

    You are highly unlikely to be interacting with the actual wheel manufacturers during your shopping experience. Are you asking which distributors provide better customer support and have better inventory management practices than others? Or which wheel brands are stronger/lighter/hub-centric? Or...
  14. afadeev

    2022 M3 RWD vs. M3P Worth the $ Diff?

    I am not sure why, but X has consistently been rated as the least reliable of all Tesla models. By a wide margin. Model 3 is the highest, Model X is the lowest. I have zero interest in finding out why for myself...
  15. afadeev

    Tire rotation best practices….?

    One jacking point will do. Either front or rear will raise both wheels off the ground. I don't bother with jack stands unless I plan to keep the car in the air for a reasonable length of time, or will be going under it for any reason. Tire rotation doesn't require either. 1. Crank all 10...
  16. afadeev

    2022 M3 RWD vs. M3P Worth the $ Diff?

    That's NOT true. Chill mode remaps the throttle response curve to be more exponentially rising, whereby you get minimum delta acceleration with pedal press initially. Then in ramps up. However, if you go WOT, you will still get full power in either Chill or Sport mode. It will just kick in...
  17. afadeev

    EAP Return to US

    I passed on FSD for $6K. Zero regrets - crap value proposition for vaporware at that price point. I see zero reason to pay $6K for a sub-set of those features now. Waste of money. 10x so if you plan to upgrade your car in the foreseeable future. To each his own. a P.S.: With FSD take rate in...
  18. afadeev

    Tire rotation best practices….?

    Tire rotation is especially beneficial on single-axle driven cars (RWD or FWD) that devour tire tread on the axle that transmits the torque to the road, than the free-rolling ones. In RWD case it means that rear tires will wear out at (2+x) rate of the fronts. No matter which pattern you...
  19. afadeev

    Can I drive to the airport and leave my car with some company for them to rent it out?

    Didn't you hear - FSD has made human drivers obsolete. This is the reality of the new Robotaxi world - Teslas safely and reliably making money for its owner while he travels.
  20. afadeev

    Can I drive to the airport and leave my car with some company for them to rent it out?

    Sure, just tell us where you park and where you leave the keys, and have a nice trip. Expecting to find your car when you left it is entirely optional. ;) a
  21. afadeev

    Regenerative braking saved me from 2 accidents today

    I love regen braking and one-pedal driving, but worshiping it as "safety" feature is a bit much. It can also lead to a false sense of security. How you ask - by failing to apply your actual breaks immediately at the sign of danger. And by neglecting to press that brake pedal with purpose and...
  22. afadeev

    Model 3 Performance...Plaid [speculation]

    For free - sure. For $$, details would matter. I can't say that TM3P misses much in acceleration either on the back roads or the highways. On the other hand, there is no such thing as too much HP.... I might do them same, if the increment was another $5-10K. Much more than that, and the...
  23. afadeev

    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    Tesla doesn't sell them anymore, but others sell plenty of L2 EVSEs with 14-50 NEMA plugs. Here are some of the options for < $450 (my random cut-off price point): BESENERGY 40 Amp EV Charger Level 2 NEMA 14-50 Emporia Smart Level 2 EV Charger | Energy Star | Up to 48 Amp | WiFi Enabled...
  24. afadeev

    22 Performance 19” wheels guide?

    No, not by looking at the pics. But reputable wheel dealers, like TireRack.com , Ttsportline.com , or EAS (as well as others), do fitment testing and will publish which of their 18" and 19" wheels will fit TM3P. TM3P wheels are square (all four wheels and tires are the same size). HTH, a
  25. afadeev

    Tesla causing problems with lease transfer

    OK. How would you like us to help you?
  26. afadeev

    Cabin camera broken

    FSD being vaporware - that's super easy. If someone swears the product will work by end of 2017 (5 years ago) and it still doesn't - it's vaporware. The vast majority of folks were buying FSD NOT because Elon was "working on it". People were shelling out cash a product based on a promise that...
  27. afadeev

    Cabin camera broken

    Interesting logic on display here: you paid $3K for vaporware, and the feature still doesn't work. But you feel great about that, because the same vaporware is now priced higher? a
  28. afadeev

    Beta FSD false strikes

    How dare you to complain about Elon's strike assignment methodology. If Elon calls a strike on your gaze wondering off, it's 100% your fault, because you are unworthy. Common, man, you threw away $6-12K for vaporware that doesn't allow you to drive the car like a real man, and NOW you are...
  29. afadeev

    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    Very true, but there is an even bigger variable in play that enhances street handling and braking distances in Performance - better stock tires (PS4S's on Performance vs. all-season junk on other models). Absolutely true. FWIW, the four (4) primarily reasons I went with Performance over LR...
  30. afadeev

    Are lifting pucks necessary?

    Which begs the obvious question - how come Corvette car clubs are not freaking out about having their cars lifted, but Tesla folks do? The answer is equally obvious, and is not a credit to some Tesla owners' IQ or EQ: https://www.healthline.com/health/eq-vs-iq#bottom-line
  31. afadeev

    Serious 12v battery corrosion. 4,700 miles

    Tesla has simply failed to scaled its Service Center infrastructure with the volume of Tesla vehicles on the road. Consequently, my appointment wait times have crept up from a 1 to 4+ weeks here in NNJ. It is what it is. Recent 10% head-count reduction by Elon will only make things worse...
  32. afadeev

    Coin stuck under center console need help please!

    No, no problem at all. For a fee, maybe. Alternatively, Option 1 - leave it alone. Option 2 - push it all the way under the plastic shroud so you don't see it anymore. Then see Option 1. HTH, a
  33. afadeev

    Cabin camera broken

    Common, don't beat around the bush, and come out and just say it - FSD is a rip-off, don't waste money on the stupid thing! ;)
  34. afadeev

    Accident today - front left bumper

    Why does it matter - file an insurance claim, and let the body shop handle the estimates' approvals (there will be multiple rounds) with the insurance company!
  35. afadeev

    M3 black brake calipers for 19”wheels

    What problem are you trying to solve (other than lightening your wallet)?
  36. afadeev

    ?Flashing HeadIghts

    Lots of possibilities - is it happening regularly at that exact spot on the road, or sporadically? If the latter, the auto-HighBeam (HB) feature may be turning on and off. It does that for me in weird places, for no good reason. That on-off cycle usually happens quicker than I can detect the...
  37. afadeev

    Model 3 performance ride quality

    Unfortunately, the tires don't know (nor care) what type of propulsion is riding on them, when you enter a corner. They just squeal and squirm when there needlessly narrow and long tire patch is pushed beyond its adhesion limits. While 4,250 lbs may not be bad for an EV, it's pretty porky for...
  38. afadeev

    Model 3 performance ride quality

    It doesn't, and it never will. We are talking about a MUCH heavier TM3P (4,250+ lbs) riding on puny 235mm wide tires vs. ~3,450 lbs E46 M3. There is no comparison, even before you throw higher quality shocks for consideration! I would not call TM3P ride "poor". If anything, it's "better"...
  39. afadeev

    Tesla Service is DEFNITELY Improving!!!

    Improving implies you had a bad experience earlier, and now had a good one?
  40. afadeev

    What model 3 , Is the battery, car or both

    It doesn't. Is it Octoberfest already?
  41. afadeev

    How low are you comfortable going on range estimator on a trip?

    The answer depends on the type of driving I'm doing. Around my neck of the woods, I am comfortable going down to 5-10%, since I know exactly what my driving and consumptions patterns are likely to be. Chance of me totally running out of charge are miniscule. Driving on a highway, my buffer...
  42. afadeev

    Pedestrian Warning System

    Congrats! Interesting, why? Bad eye sight? Horn is broken? ❓
  43. afadeev

    Which loan to choose?

    "upside down" is an emotional term that has no objective merit. If it matters to you to have X% equity in a vehicle (or house) loan, and for X to be > 0, then do quantify that target and optimize for it. Otherwise, it's irrelevant. Usually, that is NOT the case with new vehicle loans. If that...
  44. afadeev

    Which loan to choose?

    Are you cash flow constrained? Why are you optimizing for a fix monthly payment amount? Lower interest wins every time, unless you can't afford the monthly payment and need to spread things out to lower the monthly payment. Why a down payment > 0? I used DCU in the past (for another car)...
  45. afadeev

    Advice for two not at-fault accidents

    Fist of all, sorry to hear you got hit twice within three months. That's a lie, but unfortunately, Geico is infamous for DDD (deny, delay, distract) tactics. By filing with your own insurance company, you are drawing on your own comprehensive coverage (minus the deductible) with the hope that...
  46. afadeev

    Couple questions before ordering.

    Why? You should NOT initiate financing on an asset you neither own nor possess yet. Literarily nothing good can come out of that. IIRC, it took me about 15 minutes to fill out the financing paperwork with my credit union (always better rates then whatever Tesla is reselling), and another 5...
  47. afadeev

    M3 performance lifetime average Wh per mile

    Lifetime: 285 Wh/mi Summers (on PS4S's): 322 Wh/mi Winters (on Micheline X-Ice and Hakkapeliitta R3): ~260 Wh/mi Winter observations are counter-intuitive, since winter driving tends to consume more energy for battery and creature heating. However, winter tires are less grippy, I tend to drive...
  48. afadeev


    Most likely not. Does that make you feel better or worse? Either way, time for a drink!
  49. afadeev

    Scratch (shopping cart type), no ding, back bumper - kindly suggest

    All depends on the depth of the scratch. If it's just clearcoat - the edges can be buffed out to near perfection. If the scratch goes through the clear coat and into base coat - it can be made better, but will still be visible. If all the way through the base coat - you will need to touch up...
  50. afadeev

    Unable to patch Tesla Michelin tires

    Yep, it's a classic case of "nail in the tire". Very easily repairable by ANY competent tire shop. Unfortunately, Costco tire centers are some of the least competent and tire shops in the US. They are literarily a liability for the Costco brand. To add insult to injury, your local Tesla SC...

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