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    CarMax sold me a broken model 3?

    I'd give it back to CarMax ASAP. You already have bad feelings about it and those aren't going to go away anytime soon.
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    Tesla autopilot punished me for going too fast

    It's been four years now and even though AP has improved a lot, I still see a long road ahead. These people that are getting in accidents under AP simply don't understand that it's only there to make driving easier NOT take over driving completely. Never expect it to replace an alert human in...
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    "One of the worst experiences of your life" - Really? You must be very young. Wait until your sister-in-law dies of brain cancer. You know nothing and your "experience" was nothing in the path of life.
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    Can a Car dealer force you to either pay cash or use their financing?

    Dealers get a kickback from the financing companies they use. I think they can, in fact, not do business with you if you don't use the form of payment they specify, on the other hand, you don't have to do business with them either. This certainly isn't going to create good will with their...
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    Advice needed on waking up Model 3 [salvage car sitting for 1 year unplugged]

    The dilithium crystals are depleted. Warp drive is not possible.
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    Advice needed on waking up Model 3 [salvage car sitting for 1 year unplugged]

    I'm sure they do something to provide as much protection as possible. Let us know the outcome. I'm interested.
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    Advice needed on waking up Model 3 [salvage car sitting for 1 year unplugged]

    That That hasn't been my experience with the smaller ones. They seem to die if you ignore them for too long even if they aren't doing anything.
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    Advice needed on waking up Model 3 [salvage car sitting for 1 year unplugged]

    You might have killed your main power. Li-ion batteries are not made to sit uncharged for a year. I think the manual states somewhere that you should not leave it unplugged for extended periods.
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    Just mashed the pedal on a Performance Model 3, OMG!

    I think we're talking two different companies. PGE is Portland General Electric (OR) and I think you're talking about Pacific Gas and Electric (CA). Confusing no doubt.
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    Just mashed the pedal on a Performance Model 3, OMG!

    You should get a lower rate if you're using a time of use plan. I think the .07 is the "normal" plan. You have request to switch to time of use from PGE. However, whether it will save you any money overall really depends on your useage pattern. If everyone is gone during the day working...
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    Just mashed the pedal on a Performance Model 3, OMG!

    Why did you turn it off in the first place? To me it seems like a good safety feature. I use it.
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    I've never let my Tesla drive me through anything as complex as an accident scene. I don't use AP in town either for same reasons. There's no excuse for it IMO.
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    One thing I that I think is worth thinking about in these emergency vehicle cases is how little attention someone would have to have to run into emergency vehicle on the road. I've never seen one blocking a lane that didn't have the emergency lights on. There are usually cones out and...
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    Any safety system can be defeated, but clearly that is not manufacturers fault and they should not be penalized for that. If someone want to be an idiot nothing is going to stop them except death or jail.
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    Some people place far too much faith in AP and clearly don't consider/read the caveats about "be ready to take control" seriously. But, they are SERIOUS. I'd never consider watching a movie in my M3 under AP. On the flip side, if you were to fall asleep at the wheel AP could well save your...
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    Do You Believe The M3P Will Ever Get AB?

    Maybe it isn't possible to push the system any further without a chance of breaking something. Have you considered that?
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    That's the way an autopilot in a plane works as well. You generally don't "share" although you can decide what to turn over to the autopilot, steering, altitude, both, etc...
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    Color me impressed with Tesla Service!

    "More likely they either forgot to charge you or someone else got the bill" Negative NegativeRider. The invoice actually says "free" or "good will service" on every single item.
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    Color me impressed with Tesla Service!

    Wow. I know people complain about Tesla Service, but I feel I got outstanding service from them. I took my car into the Portland OR Service Center last week. More here: BMS_a035 error here and gone, what to do? Anyway, they're done with car a day earlier than they estimated (impressive...
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    AP has a problem with stopped objects. It always has. If an object is not moving it has to rely on what is looks like to determine if it supposed to be there or not. "Is it an overpass or semi across the road, etc..." When something is moving on the road you can pretty much assume it's...
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    U.S. opens formal safety probe for Autopilot - 2021 Aug 16

    If the AP can detect the status of a traffic light I'm sure it can recognize emergency lights in use on public safety vehicles. This might be something they can fix in software. On the other end, it's still a driver problem because you supposed to "be ready to take control of the vehicle at...
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    Just mashed the pedal on a Performance Model 3, OMG!

    In the NW electricity is super cheap and mostly hydro, so we have the best of both worlds. I think I pay about $.066 a KWH on off peak times (what I have my car charge timer set for.)
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    Just mashed the pedal on a Performance Model 3, OMG!

    So, we're creeping back to 2007 gas prices. I don't look at gas stations anymore. They're so, 20th century. :D Like I tell my friends that still have ICE cars when I go for a ride, "Oh, 20th century technology, how quaint."
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    Just mashed the pedal on a Performance Model 3, OMG!

    I have a loaner Performance at the moment. I thought it was locked down to "Chill" mode. While that is true apparently you still get full power if you floor the accelerator. Holy crap is that thing fast! :p I passed a semi going about 50 and by the time I was clear to switch back into...
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    BMS_a035 error here and gone, what to do?

    OK, here's an update on the situation: The day after my initial post the error message came back. I took my car to the service center yesterday and was given a loaner M3 Performance! Unfortunately, they've locked it into chill mode, so no fun. :( There is a DC inverter, cover, and wiring...
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    BMS_a035 error here and gone, what to do?

    OK, so I got a BMS_a035 error after the last software update and I made a reservation for a service appt. Today it's gone. Should I follow through on the service? The service means driving 50 miles, putting my dog in daycare, and an undetermined amount of time hanging around at the service...
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    New tires killed my range (20-30% decrease)

    That was my friends experience as well along with increased road noise. On the upside, the car is really responsive and feels like your on rails.
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    Frunk stuck - cannot find manual override or answer in forums

    You can use the emergency frunk separation protocol (EFSP) if you have the command codes and launch keys. That will blow the explosive bolts and eject the frunk from the car. Just make sure you're not standing near the front of the vehicle.
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    Park Assist Unavailable

    I've never even got mine to work in the 3 years I've owned my Model 3. LOL
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    CHAdeMO Charging the Model 3

    My experience when I owned a Leaf was that the chargers would never charge your car much past about 90%. I think that is some built in battery protection feature at CHAdeMO stations. Generally, I was able to get to 90% and they would pretty much stop. It does not surprise me that the...
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    Just got my 14-50 plug installed

    Or you can save yourself a lot of money and just pound a couple nails into the 2x4s in the wall and hang your cord and charger from those. When my car isn't plugged in I just loop the end of the charger over the nail. Works perfectly.
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    Seat Heater left on burns up charge socket?

    My guess is that the charger, electrical socket, or wiring to the socket had a problem and it had nothing to do with the seat heater being on.
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    Please help read license plate from Sentry Clip

    You don't get a choice in a lot of states. I tried it where I live and after the second $100 ticket I decided to drill the holes in my front bumper that I had avoided as long as possible.
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    HELP ASAP!! [back at home, issue resolved]

    There is a chance your 12v battery has a problem. That can cause all kinds of weird problems. You might want to get it tested.
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    Electrician installed my NEMA 14-50 receptacle upside down..

    Turn off the power first, really? Brilliant! 😊
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    Standard Range Plus Autopilot Removed Remotely [by Tesla]

    I disagree completely with this. The last thing I want is for some company to continue sucking money out of me forever and potentially raising prices at will on what I supposedly already own. For example: Microsoft 365 Personal is $69.99 a year, EVERY year. That's potentially $700 for 10...
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    Standard Range Plus Autopilot Removed Remotely [by Tesla]

    I think this is a problem between you and Carvana. Generally speaking, I think this whole software driven vehicle problem is going to get worse as more manufacturers are using a lot of reconfigurable software in their vehicles. There is a already a lot of friction between owners of farm...
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    Traveling by Supercharger can be more expensive than ICE

    I've been driving my Model 3 for 2.5 years now and have NEVER needed to charge anywhere but at home. Supercharger costs would/should only be a concern if you take a lot of long trips. I'd 90+% of EV drivers operate within the round trip range of their cars nearly all the time. If they don't...
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    I've had a chance to drive M3 RWDs with both the MXM4 (mine) and the Pilot Sport AS4's (friends.) I can't tell you much about the efficiency changes, but I think it's safe to assume you won't get as much range with the AS4s. As for handling, well, there is a world of difference. The car is...
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    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    I know a couple other people that swear by USAA as well. I think they have topped the ratings as having the best customer service in the industry many times. They also offer online banking services including access to ANY ATM for zero fees (since they have no brick and mortar infrastructure.)...
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    Tesla Winter Tires still "Enroute" after 3 weeks

    Did the tires say which winter they were for?
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    When they shut your mod down and your out the money you spent and/or have your warranty voided. Tesla isn't stupid. Detecting a non-standard software image is child's play.
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    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    You'll be sorry.
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    Unnecessary acceleration ticket

    This sounds like a complete BS ticket to me. Maybe the officer was bored or he just didn't like the fact that your car can accelerate rapidly. In my state at least there is no law that says you can't reach the speed limit quickly as long as you aren't being reckless or making noise, throwing...
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    Hit a squirrel, Broke my grill

    Is that why pedestrians never hear when I'm coming up behind them? I disagree completely.
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    Tesla Ring.. Which one?

    Thanks. I never had to set up my keycards. The people at Tesla did it for me before I picked it up. I had no idea that it was so easy to setup other "things" like that (except of course a cell phone).
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    Tesla Ring.. Which one?

    That looks cool. I have a question though, how does it know/imitate your key card? It has to be setup for your unique car right?
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    New tires killed my range (20-30% decrease)

    Pirelli Cinturato P7 AS. Someone posted that they had bought these and their range went up and the noise went down. I can't vouch for anything other than that's what I read. One thing you might run into is the tire shops not wanting to let you buy these because they don't have the some...
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    Upgrade to FSD before increase?

    That's what mine says too. Isn't that what everyone pays?

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