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  1. dethman

    Supercharger - Cedar City, UT

    yes, thought i was gonna get taken out a few times by some big rigs while charging here...
  2. dethman

    Supercharger - Yermo, CA (LIVE 21 Nov 2017, 18 V2 Stalls)

    i just saw this reply... oh you want to see baker that same day? :) all 40 chargers full and at least 10-12 waiting. o_O even more confusing there as there are several aisles, so at least 3 lines forming and people driving all over the damned place
  3. dethman

    Supercharger - Yermo, CA (LIVE 21 Nov 2017, 18 V2 Stalls)

    Charged here yesterday coming back from Utah. 20 chargers full, 2 not working well, and a line of 12 Teslas waiting. 😬. Vegas traffic...
  4. dethman

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Culver Drive (LIVE 17 Apr 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    Not sure what rates people have been getting here but it's the slowest supercharger I've ever been to and I've been to a few. Been here 4 times, once was 50kw max, two times in the low 40kw range max, today was 30kw max at 26% charge. Stations pretty full, 80 to 90% capacity.
  5. dethman

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Culver Drive (LIVE 17 Apr 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    charged here today. about 6 stalls down and coned off, tesla repair was there trying to fix it. slow charge (50kw at 35% SOC), but maybe because it was under repair.
  6. dethman

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Main Street (LIVE 29 Dec 2020, 24 Urban stalls)

    Duh. People are cheap. The ones who go supercharge for free aren't going to pay for parking. Of course they're not going to be used.
  7. dethman

    Model Y -- Is this a good deal?

    a brand new car ordered from the website with the exact same specs (performance, blue, black interior 5 seat, FSD) is only 71K. No way i would take a USED car with over 5,300 miles PLUS the risk of shipping AND not being able to see and reject the car just to save 8.5K. (71K-61.5K-1K ship)...
  8. dethman

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Main Street (LIVE 29 Dec 2020, 24 Urban stalls)

    their rates are clearly posted on the sign at the entrance. $1.50 per 15 min. What the hell are you talking about.
  9. dethman

    Supercharger - Cedar City, UT

    the SLC charger is still on the map in the car and i see stalls taken up so should still be in service the cedar city and extra st george chargers were still there physically as of 5 days ago when i passed by, (charged at the st george convention center one), i'll head back through that way...
  10. dethman

    Supercharger - Cedar City, UT

    sweet. i'll be passing through that way in 2 days so nice to have another option.
  11. dethman

    Supercharger - Irvine, CA - Walnut Ave. (at Jeffrey Rd., LIVE 4 Dec 2020, 8 V3 stalls)

    there are so many GD teslas here it still won't be enough.
  12. dethman

    Received Tesla Model Y Performance and it came with a pet...

    Simple OTA bug fix...
  13. dethman

    "Express Pick Up" at Fremont last Saturday - laundry list of issues

    This whole thread is so classic Tesla.
  14. dethman

    Had to drive my wife's ICE

    Those are just fundamental differences you have to get used to when going back and forth between electric and gas cars. Happens to everyone.
  15. dethman

    I traded my Tesla for a Lexus

    Congrats on the new car. I hate the fact that as a Tesla owner I have to be associated with a group of such pompous, arrogant, condescending, and self righteous pricks.
  16. dethman

    Family man finding the S a little too tight. Is the X significantly better with kids?

    I have an S and X. I have 2 kids in car seats. The X is much better with car seats as the falcon wing doors make it easy to put kids in. Also my older can get in and take care of himself like a minivan without me worrying about him dinging someone's door. Space is a bit bigger if you pack a...
  17. dethman

    FT: Nikola model s chrome delete kit

    I have one full set of the chrome delete for model S (retail kit comes with 2), looking to trade for a full set of vinyl for model x. Let me know.
  18. dethman

    Anyone else exclusively using smartphone app instead of key

    Whoa this guy has no idea what's going on in this thread.
  19. dethman

    Vendor DIY Model S Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    I notice the front louvers are still chrome. Are there any wrap pieces included in the kit for that?
  20. dethman

    Yellow Screen border, poor quality & workmanship, and poor customer service -- Arbitration

    Glad you fought the good fight. Tesla's approach to customer service is atrocious and needs to be changed. I am anxiously awaiting EV alternatives to catch up so Tesla can go bankrupt already. It's too bad everyone else is so far behind that Tesla doesn't give a rat's ass about their customers.
  21. dethman

    Advice to my sister on Tesla purchase

    agreed. you could get a good car that doesn't have problems or you could get ones like mine (S&X) which collectively have had to be serviced at least ten times in the past year and a half for various issues. and tesla service is a pain in the ass. they kept my X seven days last month and...
  22. dethman

    Battery balancing worked

    That Is pretty crazy.
  23. dethman

    Poll: Does your X have the "Shudder" issue?

    It did, service replaced the half shafts or whatever with the bulletin said, been a few weeks with no issue so far.
  24. dethman

    Vendor DIY Model S Chrome Delete Kit - Nikola Pro

    ordered. will see how it goes.
  25. dethman

    Two Teslas crash into the same tree

    it wasn't autopilot it was automatic emergency braking (AEB). different systems.
  26. dethman

    Supercharger - Baker, CA (40 V2 stalls)

    this station is weird. went to utah from socal this weekend, and on the way there and back, both times it said ~50% (20-22)/40 stalls in use. both times i was the only car in the entire station charging. not sure what's going on with this strange usage. also strange that this place is a...
  27. dethman

    Trak 4x4 Snow Chains

  28. dethman

    Trak 4x4 Snow Chains

    my set came with three different sockets for each chain. one of them fit i don't recall which one. installed and used the chains fine no problem.
  29. dethman

    Trak 4x4 Snow Chains

    the maggi traks fit fine on my 2018 MX with slipstreams. what doesn't fit?
  30. dethman

    Model S Ride Comfort compared to Model 3

    whenever you put a piano on your roof it tends to be noisy.
  31. dethman

    Tesla VS Taycan

    Being a member of both Porsche clubs and and owning 2 Teslas, knowing many people that do, I would have to say that Tesla owners have much more of a superiority complex than any other owner. Just look at this forum.
  32. dethman

    Tesla banned me from purchasing another Tesla after vehicle buyback

    Pretty douchey of Tesla to do that AFTER the buyback.
  33. dethman

    Growth of the Electrify America system- over 2000.

    fastest i could get was 34kW on a chademo, which given their 25 cents/min rate in CA, NV, and UT makes it about 44 cents/kwh plus a $1.00 connection fee. kind of pricey. and slow. i still welcome the options though.
  34. dethman

    Electrify America Chargers and CHAdeMO

    what's the fastest charge anyone got on their CHADEMO on an EA station? best i could get on my 18' MX 75D was 34kW on two different stations.
  35. dethman

    2018 100d Rebuilt-Salvage

    unfortunately you can't really trust anything anyone at tesla tells you. they are generally misinformed and sometimes will just tell bold faced lies. if you got something in writing signed by elon musk, then i'd say you have a 50/50 chance of tesla going through with it. some rando service...
  36. dethman


    Re-paired a few times, no go.
  37. dethman

    Real world range Tesla X Standard Owners

    standard? like 75D, or the new standard long range?
  38. dethman

    Do I buy the Y or keep my S?

    Model S pretty much has that same glass roof. It looks like nothing like that Pic in real life. If it did, you would be roasted to a crisp in 10 minutes.
  39. dethman


    Tried using txt messages on my 2016 mcu1 with note 10+. Wouldn't do it, said it needed Android version 9 or higher (note 10+ has Android version 10) so whatever more buggy software from Tesla.
  40. dethman

    2018 MX 75D vs 2020 Long Range Raven

    how's the range on your 75D after 44K miles? my '18 MX 75D with 25K mi range has gone to the crapper, i think it's these updates that keep coming in. 90% charge is <200mi with real world range around 130mi. the increased range is what's most appealing about the newer cars to me anyway.
  41. dethman

    Model 3 SR+ Mileage at Full Charge

    don't overthink it? sounds like a lot of wasted effort, time, and brain power to me.
  42. dethman

    22" Model X wheels SF bay area

    $? Also what was the damage that was repaired.
  43. dethman

    MX 7 seater squeaky second row

    had this problem at delivery on my 2018. squeaked like hell. to tesla's credit they did fix it at my first service visit and that particular squeak has not returned. as for the rest of the rattles in the car though...*sigh*
  44. dethman

    For Sale: Tesla Model S Matte Carbon Fiber Performance Wing - Authentic

    Nice deal. If it came off your car though why does it still have unused double sided tape on it though?
  45. dethman

    I'm gotta vent just a little. Upcoming service center visit...

    I had to fight for a loaner, they wanted to give me Uber credits but I refused as I have 2 kids in 2 car seats. Original estimate was 2 days. Thank goodness I refused the Uber. The loaner is fine but my commute struggles with no carpool access or autopilot. :( If I had known they would...
  46. dethman

    I'm gotta vent just a little. Upcoming service center visit...

    Hope your work is done promptly. Dropped off my Tesla last WEDNESDAY (1 week ago) and the car is still sitting outside, hasn't even made it into the shop to start work yet. :confused:

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