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  1. anxman

    Car alarm during update

    Just happened to me. 80% on the software update and the car alarm went off. Glad I was still awake or I would have been pretty freaked out here in crime capital San Francisco.
  2. anxman

    Bluetooth audio - sometimes no sound

    I encounter this problem frequently. I have also found that switching to a streaming radio station, allowing audio to play, and then switching back to bluetooth, will resolve the problem. It appears to be a software bug.
  3. anxman

    P85+ but with du all Motors and AP1.. rare?

    I own a 2014 P85D (with ~30k miles come to think of it) ... and I love the car. It's awesome. It feels FAST -- like, REALLY fast. That being said, an 85D or 90D would suffice for my needs and are still very fast cars.
  4. anxman

    Sub Zero package worth it in North California?

    I live in SF and Santa Cruz. Never wished I had sub zero. I do like my heated seats though.
  5. anxman

    Powder Coat Rims

    Tip for those with powder coated wheels: If you rash the wheels, a black Sharpie works great for hiding the blemishes.
  6. anxman

    Navigation System Needs Service

    I got this message today for the first time.
  7. anxman

    What do we want to know from the first person to get AP2.0?

    I'd love to see an in depth photo reel on AP2.
  8. anxman

    Enhanced Autopilot and Full Self driving

    This part is particularly of interest: "Please note also that using a self-driving Tesla for car sharing and ride hailign for friends and family is fine, but doing so for revenue purposes will only be permissible on the Tesla Network, details of which will be released next year."
  9. anxman

    Tesla in Pasadena Accident: Driver Fled

    The two circumstances in which I could see a driver fleeing are either that the driver is drunk and doesn't want to be breathalyzed at that point in time, or car was stolen.
  10. anxman

    Who else is loving the 105 degree interior temp limit??

    I'm really curious to see what the actual impact on range is.
  11. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    In a 40 mile drive today, the large display rebooted 7 times and then during a short 3 mile drive, it rebooted once. The car has been fully off for a few hours so I'll test again later.
  12. anxman

    Increased Bay Area Front Plate Enforcement

    I consider it to be the least tolerant liberal place that I've ever lived. As long as you subscribe to the local culture, you'll be accepted. If you have an ounce of capitalism or conservatism, then they want you gone.
  13. anxman

    Increased Bay Area Front Plate Enforcement

    I haven't gotten any of these tickets in the Marina, NOPA, or SOMA areas but I'm 2/2 in the Mission.
  14. anxman

    Increased Bay Area Front Plate Enforcement

    FWIW, I've parked in SF for years and never got front plate tickets until recently.
  15. anxman

    Increased Bay Area Front Plate Enforcement

    I think front plates look awful on Teslas.
  16. anxman

    Increased Bay Area Front Plate Enforcement

    Hi all, Just wanted to share my experiences recently with front plates. I've driven without front plates for about 7 years. The only time I encountered an issue was in Manhattan Beach near LA where I got a ticket last year for not having front plates. In the last two weeks, I've received two...
  17. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    I don't know if anyone else did this, but for the last few days, I would put my car on my phone's wifi hotspot. I figure this way the car always thinks it's on wifi.
  18. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    SF here. Just got the update!!!
  19. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    Are you on wifi?
  20. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    Hang in there :) I have one of the earliest VIN P85Ds and I'm still waiting. Even 7.0 took a while to hit my car. Once you have it, you won't even remember waiting for it.
  21. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    It took a week for 7.0 to get to my car. I'm expecting at least the same for 8.0.
  22. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    I was out of town and my car doesn't have wifi in my condo garage. I'm here getting my car washed and there's wifi here but haven't installed last Sunday's security firmware yet. Bummer. I'll have to wait for a 3G push then.
  23. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    If I haven't installed the previous update yet, will 8.0 still download?
  24. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    I expect the automatic taking of exits in 8.1 will only happen when there is a fork in the road. The car can't change lanes by itself until there are 360 cameras.
  25. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    No, your information is not correct. Most vehicles use Radar for Blind Spot Detection but Sonar for Parking Assistance. Tesla made a mistake and tried to combine these into just Sonar, but it doesn't work properly at high speeds.
  26. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    I believe this is incorrect. Tesla uses Ultrasonic while nearly every other manufacturer uses Radar. Radar is far more reliable.
  27. anxman

    If 8.0 ships tomorrow everyone's next Tesla payment is on me!

    While I'm not paying for any payments, I agree with the Op's sentiment. When I read a tweet from Elon with a date in it, I add at least 5 days to it.
  28. anxman

    To Uber or Not

    Geico indicated that if I had Uber stickers on my car and/or was actively driving, I wouldn't be covered. It's worth giving your insurance a call to get the specific policy figured out before doing it.
  29. anxman

    Diminished Value Advice

    Thanks for posting these notes. I was recently rear ended and I need to also claim DV on my vehicle.
  30. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    Elon & Tesla are often late, but always deliver. I'll keep the faith for a long time with them. They've earned it.
  31. anxman

    v8.0 release coming in a few weeks, details later today!

    plot twist: SpaceX rocket was running 8.0 firmware beta
  32. anxman

    For sale: Tesla Whispbar Roof Racks $350

    Can't figure out how to edit the title. These are sold and shipped! Thanks everybody.
  33. anxman

    For sale: Tesla Whispbar Roof Racks $350

    Nice, thanks for sharing this
  34. anxman

    For sale: Tesla Whispbar Roof Racks $350

    [Marking as sold for now]
  35. anxman

    For sale: Tesla Whispbar Roof Racks $350

    Hi all, I have a set of Tesla Whispbar Roof Racks for sale. I had originally sold this to LarryWomack, but I was missing a box of parts that was hiding in the back of my storage locker, and so I fully refunded him. I now found all of the parts and so this is being relisted for sale. The...
  36. anxman

    Advice on going from LA to SF and back

    I've done it many times. It's fine. It's a long drive especially when you add in the supercharging, but you'll get there and back no problem. I love the burger at Harris Ranch. Also, note that when you're coming back to LA, you'll be climbing a lot of altitude and your range will drop...
  37. anxman

    Can you change NEMA 14-5 to Wall Connector?

    To be clear, it doesn't plug directly into the NEMA 14-50. The HPWC accepts the same electrical lines, so the installation will be trivial for your electrician though.
  38. anxman

    Anyone else find TACC still not trustworthy?

    I always use 7 except in certain situations like stop and go traffic where I'll use 5.
  39. anxman

    "Blind Spot Detection is disappointing"

    I believe MB uses radar for blind spot detection: Active Blind Spot Assist
  40. anxman

    "Blind Spot Detection is disappointing"

    Can't agree more. I have an elderly father that has a Mercedes and we were driving yesterday. The blindspot notification on his C-class triggered where the Tesla never would. He relies on the blindspot detector and until it is better than Mercedes, I can't recommend a Tesla to him. The use...
  41. anxman

    Firmware 8.0

    Automatic parallel parking took a month or two to kick in for me and now it works beautifully and reliably.
  42. anxman

    "Blind Spot Detection is disappointing"

    I don't believe Tesla will do an interim update on autopilot. Trying to manage three hardware suites would be an extremely challenging and risky undertaking for such an important feature. I believe they will want the hardware as consistent as possible.
  43. anxman

    "Blind Spot Detection is disappointing"

    I believe the AP 2.0 rumors mention a forward dual or triple camera, but the actual 2.0 upgrade will feature additional sensors. The rumors are just incomplete, not necessarily fully accurate.
  44. anxman

    I'm fading to the right...

    Anybody that can perform alignment can resolve the problem. In my understanding, swapping wheels is a good time to perform an alignment and I would always do them with each other -- especially on a Tesla. The Model S is extremely prone to alignment issues. I've had them on my Tesla far more...
  45. anxman

    I'm fading to the right...

    This sounds like an alignment issue. The Model S is prone to them. I'm currently pulling to the right also and need to get the alignment fixed.
  46. anxman

    Post a picture of your facelifted Model S

    She's beautiful
  47. anxman

    Tesla Model S Roof Rack Whispbar with all accessories

    Hi, purchased this but took it off right away and it's been in storage since. I didn't end up using them as much as I thought I would. Includes whispbars for the Tesla, adapter, and all screws. You will need to find the installation instructions online to reassemble and install it to your...
  48. anxman

    Integrated Dash Cam

    That's the jist of it but at step (5), the wire can be threaded/fished through the cabling duct so no wires are visible at all. I think wk057 has a thread posted on how he did it. It's the same method that my installer used also. The major drawback of the Blackvue is the iPhone software...
  49. anxman

    Would you be willing to run "Beta" software on your Model S?

    Aren't we all already running beta software? :p:D:eek:

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