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    Supercharger - Harrisburg, OR

    I didn’t see the code in the car but it might have been there. The food truck folks gave us the code though. By the way. The food was really good and the Marion-berry shake was great We will likely use this site over Springfield from now on. FWIW these were the prefab supercharger’s...
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    SpaceX F9 - SARah 1+Rideshare - SLC-4E

    I noticed that too- I wonder if he'll get in trouble for not using the exact language from the manual? It's sort of undisciplined and would make me a bit worried that he's not taking the job as seriously as they once did- I hope they aren't becoming complacent. They've had a long run...
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    SpaceX F9 - Globalstar FM15 - SLC-40

    She was mistaken. There was nothing to illuminate the cold gas after the 2nd stage sped away. Those were lightning flashes for sure
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    SpaceX F9 - Globalstar FM15 - SLC-40

    Another nice launch and landing, Loved the lightening views from the storm under Stage one as it was coasting before the reentry burn.
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-19 - LC-39A

    Beautiful landing video- and before launch you could see the construction cranes around the pad for Starship Stage 0.. Pretty cool and they sure make it look routine But we all know it's very hard!
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    Sirius XM icons didn't update with Sirius channel changes

    I wish I could figure it out- today the SXM icon was back on the menu bar and SXM was working again, and I didn't do a reset like was thinking about because frankly, I didn't remember to do it when I got home yesterday. This is some strange behavior for sure. I also don't think any...
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    Sirius XM icons didn't update with Sirius channel changes

    Well, my XM icon completely disappeared today- I haven't done another reset, but it worked for the last 2 weeks w/o issue. I'm very unhappy with this going on. Why can't they get what should be a simple interface to consistently work?
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    Sirius XM icons didn't update with Sirius channel changes

    it used to be that in metro areas they had terrestrial repeaters, but apparently either they don't anymore or something about the Model S doesn't let it work- I've been a subscriber for many years- should have bought that lifetime subscription when it was offered, while I'm sure there...
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    Sirius XM icons didn't update with Sirius channel changes

    Yesterday after I got the SiriusXM to actually work all of the icons updated for me too. One thing I did notice since I got the unit working is the there are dropouts when going through wooded areas, I guess I had forgotten that is one issue with the Satellite radio, Of course I could just...
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    Sirius XM icons didn't update with Sirius channel changes

    I finally after several reboots, disconnecting my phone from bluetooth, and ultimately calling SiriusXM and actually subscribing to their service got my radio to work. It took one more reboot after the subscription was activated to get it to work. I opted for the lowest cost subscription...
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    Sirius XM icons didn't update with Sirius channel changes

    Yes- several times- no dice. Thanks for the suggestion though
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    Sirius XM icons didn't update with Sirius channel changes

    I posted in another thread about this the other day- But I'll add it here- The Sirius XM free preview that is going on right now isn't working on my 2021 LongRange Refresh- I've done a couple of resets. and it still just plays the preview channel only- And says the free trial...
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    free SiriusXM for those w/inactive radios

    Doesn't seem to work in my 2021 Long Range Model S- I can hear the preview channel, but not any other channels. Probably a firmware bug Anyone else had any luck getting the free preview to work in the new Model S?
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    SpaceX F9 - Transporter 5 - SLC-40

    This should get you to the webcast: https://www.spacex.com/launches/transporter-5/
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    Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) SpaceX and Boeing developments

    Looks like a successful Docking, glad it worked finally. Hopefully the rest of the mission will go well
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    Tucson to Seattle via Reno

    I thought Sentry Mode turned off at Low State of Charge? But that was my first thought too with the range loss overnight. I would suggest not driving it to that low of a SOC anyway-I'm not sure why the reset occurred either. Never had our Model S do that, although the MCU does crap out...
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-18 - LC-39A

    It will never get old - yet they make it look so routine. Way to go SpaceX Nice camera views all the way to the landing too. Not many folks were up at 3:00AMin Hawthorne- notice how quiet it was behind Jessie? Loved the Moon images at the start of the webcast too- really put...
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    Charging Improvements

    We just completed a 1600 mile trip in our new LR S- it replaced a 2014 85 Night and day difference on charging. We used a combination of V2 and V3 superchargers along the way- and with the increased range, instead of 13 or 14 stops we made 8. We saw sustained rates of 150KW at...
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-15 - SLC-40

    So I think Scott Manely got the Bahamas launch messed up- this one seems to have turned to the north like most- Unless I did't see the video correctly. It was sure a nice smooth launch and landing though.
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-15 - SLC-40

    So if this and 4-13 both launch as currently projected, there will be less than 12 hours between launches on opposite coasts. Amazing
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    SpaceX F9 - Crew 3 - LC-39A

    Congratulations to the Crew3 team- Beautiful mission- great views of the splashdown and recovery. SpaceX makes it look so routine.
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    Infotainment Upgrade

    I've considered the Upgrade for our 2015 S- But here's what I think - and some others may weigh in with more info. 1. No AM radio even if you pay for the radio 2. FM and XM add $500 to the cost- last I knew 3. No Dash cam feature like AP 2 cars (AP1 cars have mobile eye AP camera) 4...
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    Non-SpaceX Launch Videos

    What I heard them say is the copter pilot cut the stage loose because "it didn't behave as he expected it to" They did recover it from a soft sea landing though. So they should be able to see if it had any reentry damage.
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    Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA (18 V2 stalls)

    Yep that did you in- Hopefully, that lesson was the last time you'll have that sort of problem. Like I said earlier, in 7 years we've arrived at 2 Supercharger station that were down- One due to a utility issue and we were directed to an RV park, and the other due to a thunderstorm...
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    Supercharger - Beaver, UT

    Wow- that is cool- I guess that means they solved the power problems when all the station are in use?
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    Supercharger - Beaver, UT

    A friend was just at Beaver today- and the old supercharger ( the 8 original V2 ones) are all covered and presumably off line, The Car wash structure was also torn down. Not sure what's going on there- anybody know?
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink 4-16 - SLC-40

    I thought I heard Jesse say it was turned in 9 days, but it had been 21 days since the last launch, maybe she meant it was processed in 9 days, but still amazing that they turned it around so fast. And I agree - what spectacular views of the landing. Bullseye.
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    Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA (18 V2 stalls)

    Serious question, did the Nav screen tell you Harris Ranch was down? I know that the info should have been there- but maybe it wasn't- I always have seen that when a whole site is down since they started including the site status in the nav screen. I did get caught once very early...
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    SpaceX F9 - Crew 4 - LC-39A

    Congrats on docking, they sure make it look easy SpaceX for the win :)
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-14 - SLC-40

    So I wonder if the short broadcast was more due to Kate needing to be working on quality for the Dragon Crew launch coming up and less about the availability of videos of the deployment? Anyway, Glad that SpaceX is so successful, these launches still amaze me. Very cool image of the...
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    SpaceX F9 - Axiom Mission 1 - LC-39A

    Looks like the weather is going to delay their departure a few days. Wow. https://www.spacex.com/launches/ax-1/
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    SpaceX F9 - NROL-85 - SLC-4E

    Nice launch and landing. I like it when John is the host of the web cast, we seem to get more information when he hosts...I guess it's because he's an integration guy
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    Tesla has officially removed the mobile connector as a standard accessory with every new car purchase; now a $400 separate purchase

    Exactly! I hope someone with influence inside of Tesla is reading this. Come on - don't be stupid Tesla - This will likely cost a lot more than the cost of the UMC savings in lost sales- and certainly doesn't do anything to promote the change over to Sustainable Transportation.
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    Tesla has officially removed the mobile connector as a standard accessory with every new car purchase; now a $400 separate purchase

    Dick move by Tesla, Raise the price of the car another $400 - I personally use my Wall connector, but I have the UMC in the car and and when I visit my daughter I use it or I use hers. This isn't the kind of move that a company that is trying to change the world should be doing...
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    Tucson to Seattle via Reno

    If going through NV, Kingman's old supercharger can now be avoided with the new one there- so that eliminates one "Carl's Jr" smelly supercharger (we have several of those in AZ:) ) And in our LR S- looks like we might be able to skip Flagstaff on the UT route. Probably won't but nice...
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    Tesla Model S 2014 85

    Pretty sure the Pyro Fuse is inside the battery pack, but WK057 would be able to help you
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    PSA: If you have a pre-2016 Model S, Get the Steering Recall Work Done

    I remember when that recall occurred, we actually were contacted by Tesla to bring our cars to a nearby parking lot where they spent a couple of minutes inspecting them for potential corrosion, it was sort of a "Tesla party/meet up" it was a Saturday morning and in those days there were...
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    Tucson to Seattle via Reno

    I'm a bit late to the party so to speak. We drive from Tucson to Edmonds and back several times each year- In a Model S, so YMMV, but we find that now it's pretty much a wash between using I-10-I-210-I5 ie ( AZ, CA, OR, WA)ie LA route vs I10-I17-US89, UT20, I-15, I84, I 82 and I 90(AZ, UT...
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    SpaceX F9 - Axiom Mission 1 - LC-39A

    Loved the continuous feed of the landing, we haven't gotten that very often, Must have improved the antenna pointing to avoid the disturbance that has been common with landing videos. I think it's funny how we're critical because it didn't land exactly in the center of the circle. I...
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-12 - SLC-40

    Weird there was no mission control audio on the launch - Glad it all worked. Way to go SpaceX! Never gets old watching them.
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    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ - West River Road

    We were nearby eating lunch in the car on Saturday- (not charging ) and watched the steady flow of Teslas The chargers were not full but up to 13 were charging in the 30 min we watched. Mostly 3s and Ys. A couple of S and X's Funny thing, all but 3 we saw in the 30 min we were...
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    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-10 - SLC-40

    I've said it before but I'll say it again, It never gets old watching this. I thought maybe they lost the 1st stage this time since they didn't say "1st Stage Landing confirmed" until long after it actually landed, and the video broke up as it was landing. But at the end of the...
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    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    FWIW- They rescheduled my service appointment from today till the 9th so they could do more remote troubleshooting. We had the MCU crash a couple of more times on a long drive last week- It's not crashed in the last 5 days, although we've only driven it about 50 miles in the last 5 days...
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    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    Well, I spoke too soon- today when we returned to the car after going into a store the MCU was black- and I had to reboot it to get the car to even turn on had the "Please wait " message on the IC- afterwards I had two errors one "Center Display can't communicate" and another "Autopilot...
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    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    FWIW- Service replaced my AP1 Camera Friday- that seems to have fixed the random AP errors. so my 2015 is now working the same as my wife's 2014! Yay!
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    Supercharger - Albuquerque, NM - Louisiana Boulevard Northeast

    the "instant" superhchargers like these are 250KW- and you can tell by looking at the cables they are the thin water cooled variety
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    Supercharger - Albuquerque, NM - Louisiana Boulevard Northeast

    That sign was out on those in Beaver UT because in addition to the new 250KW stations there the old 150KW (and shared) stations remained. So to make it clear they added the sign.
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    Supercharger - Albuquerque, NM - Louisiana Boulevard Northeast

    No they will be 250KW. At least that has been how the other prefab installations have been so far
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    2021.24.28 Rolling out to MCU1/FSD MS/X

    FWIW- this update 2021.24.28 may have fixed an issue I've been having since before the eMMc memory failed- MCU lock ups when in Camp Mode. The MCU was crashing every time we entered Camp Mode with the HVAC- it crashed at exactly the time the "campfire scene" was supposed to appear...

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