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  1. ArtK

    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    When I a utilizing Navigate On Autopilot, Auto Lane Changes do not switch off autopilot — (tapping the brake or steering to deviate from the recommended lane/route will switch off autopilot. If you want to change lanes and it was not recommended by the car, you hold down or up on the turn signal...
  2. ArtK

    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    I have the 2020 EAP release, and while it will not stop at red lights, if you are using the Navigate On Autopilot feature and happen to run a red light or stop sign, a rather dramatic red warning image is splashed across the screen accompanied by some audio.
  3. ArtK

    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    I have had EAP on my 20 MYLR (w Radar) since it was initially offered, and find the auto lane-change feature to generally be intrusive and unnecessary. In a 10 minute period it may recommend up to 5 lane changes, often without any real logistical benefit. I tend to ignore those recommendations...
  4. ArtK

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    That is interesting. Mine discoloration issues first appeared when the Tesla SC returned my car after a local Tesla-certified body shop repaired a bad door ding I noted on initial delivery. The car was certainly clean, but the trim was never the same.
  5. ArtK

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    This is what I use. It is inexpensive, lasts weeks to months, and makes the discolored trim look like new 👍🏼
  6. ArtK

    interior cabin temp rising while car is off

    Please let us know if that does the trick. In my 2020 LR MY, this past winter I often drove 6 miles to work with outside temp around 35 degrees. When I would check my app at lunchtime, outside temp would be around 45 and inside temp around 85 on sunny days. This would happen episodically, and I...
  7. ArtK

    V10.8 UI: navigate-on-autopilot button

    I have noticed that this button/icon appears occasionally— and on other drives does not. What exactly does it signify? I have EAP, and whether I am navigating on a street or highway, it may or may not be present on the screen.
  8. ArtK

    Damage my new Model Y when backing :( what are my options?

    I would have the best local “PDR” — paint-less dent removal guy come over and try their best. Then have a quality local body shop finish the quarter panel off and spray it out. You can ask them to reshoot the bumper, or let Tesla replace it.
  9. ArtK

    MYLR goes right on highway entrance lanes on Autopilot

    Yes, it does. I have EAP, and if I readjust, the AP cuts out. I am used to it now, but it is kind of disheartening that they remain incapable of tweaking that tendency.
  10. ArtK

    MYLR goes right on highway entrance lanes on Autopilot

    Mine acts quite weirdly and lunges for a middle position when lanes widen. It would terrify me at first, but now I expect it and adjust the steering wheel to counteract, just as we’re supposed to do.
  11. ArtK

    Review of new MY Hitch Cover for all VIN's!

    I received one of his devices — it is better constructed than the car!
  12. ArtK

    Help Requested

    I am so curious — did you eventually get your box?
  13. ArtK

    Got scammed by member

    Perhaps there should be strict guidelines on this forum with regard to private sales — such as only permitting monetary transfers with entities that offer buyer protection plans.
  14. ArtK

    Comments - Customer Service after ordering a MYLR

    I find the SAs at my local sales/service center (Smithtown, NY) are bright, generous with their time and super helpful.
  15. ArtK

    Supercharger - Los Angeles CA - Francisco Street (LIVE 6 Mar 2019, Hotel Indigo, Valet Only!)

    Tesla should be able to relocate the Supercharger of any company following discriminatory practices. I will not use that hotel in the future.
  16. ArtK

    My Model X May Have Saved My Life

    Grey Matter took one for the team, but so glad that your own personal grey matter was left fully intact.
  17. ArtK

    digital audio clicking (driving, stopped, music playing or none at all)

    Same for me on my 20 MY 🙁
  18. ArtK

    Moving 2021 X from USA to Europe

    Superbly researched and written. Bravo 🙌
  19. ArtK

    MY Door Trim Discoloration

    It does, actually 😖
  20. ArtK

    What is this high pitched cricket like noise?

    Wonderfully detailed explanation— and your SC seems extremely willing to work with you. I hope you can arrive at a solution.
  21. ArtK

    Review of new MY Hitch Cover for all VIN's!

    You can pick them up at your local SC.
  22. ArtK


    I am going to be replacing the original Conti tires on my Gemini wheels and was curious if switching to, say, the Michelins will create a problem with the effectiveness of my Modern Spare due to a change in diameter/rolling distance (or, in other words, if I have the Modern Spare am I tied to...
  23. ArtK

    Wipers on Auto

    I’ve owned my MY for the past 18 months, but have had enough challenges (wipers running on a dry day or refusing to run adequately in a rain or drizzle) that for the past month I keep them off and use manually 🙁
  24. ArtK

    Review of new MY Hitch Cover for all VIN's!

    I ordered and received one also. It is made incredibly well — like it was custom machined for an F-15 fighter jet. Marco was great to deal with as well!
  25. ArtK

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Yep. No change in mine either. A subtle part modification to adjust the beam of the turn signal lamp or adjustment to the camera lens housing would make a world of difference.
  26. ArtK

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Thank you, Randy. I found it on the internet during a random Google search 😊
  27. ArtK

    Where did USB music go in Software 11?

    They did not :(
  28. ArtK

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Same for me on all counts.
  29. ArtK

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    At the risk of further opening a can of worms, following a serious MVA in Germany around a year ago where the Tesla owner claimed it was exacerbated by his inability to easily switch on the wipers, didn’t a judge rule that windshield wiper activation had to be a one-touch move?
  30. ArtK

    Holiday Update (2021.44.25.2)- A Big Disappointment

    I am certainly getting used to the V.11, but am troubled by the nocturnal glare on the blind spot cam images. I also am confused by the icon that appears when initiating navigation (which seems to show a steering wheel and some other tiny stuff) and which is either blue or gray on alternating...
  31. ArtK

    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    When I switched the blind side cameras on a few nights ago, and hit the turn signals, the upper 1/3 - 1/2 of the screen images were completely washed out by a glare. Is it the same for everyone, or is an adjustment warranted?
  32. ArtK

    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    You, sir or ms., are clearly multi-sarcasmic.
  33. ArtK

    Acceleration Boost: delayed download, now at 24 hours and counting

    When I really want to appreciate my acceleration boost, I keep it on “Chill” for a week. Then…
  34. ArtK

    Rear ended in car wash mode

    Mine, while in car wash mode, did the very same thing on two occasions (but did not get slammed). When I simply went through in Neutral with the mirrors retracted, it was always fine. I am suspicious of car wash mode.
  35. ArtK

    Help! HV battery died 2 weeks after warranty expired.

    Any updates on your unfortunate situation?
  36. ArtK

    Hit a Deer: Need Advice

    I cannot believe a non-Tesla shop couldn't replace a damn door for far less. Obviously the part has a price tag...but 4-7K in labor for this is just absurd. And if it's true, and all Tesla body work is so absurdly high, then our insurance will keep going up, which would be unacceptable to me :(
  37. ArtK

    Model Y OEM roof rack + Yakima grand touring 16

    I also noticed no whistles.
  38. ArtK

    Modern Spare Size Analysis

    Update: My replacement Continental tire arrived today via FEDEX.
  39. ArtK

    UI_a006 service

    I would go to my closest SC Monday morning and politely ask them to tell you whether or not your vehicle is safe to drive.
  40. ArtK

    Another Model Y Accident

    I'm sorry your family and the deer went through all this, but glad you are okay.
  41. ArtK

    Modern Spare Size Analysis

    Modern Spare has still not replaced mine, despite numerous phone calls and emails.
  42. ArtK

    Model Y Auto Pilot Nearly Unusable

    Well...say what you will, but for those of us for whom life has become boring, predictable and lacking in excitement, FSD can certainly inject that modicum of unexpected terror that was lacking. And for only $199.00 per month -- it's a steal!
  43. ArtK

    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    While I am certain this will resolve in OP'S favor, I am quite curious about how long it will take and how painful it will be.
  44. ArtK

    Tesla Automatically Cancelled Our Model Y Order

    OP clearly explained that he didn't.
  45. ArtK

    Rear under seat vents

    No need. Skittles snorted up noses never rattle.
  46. ArtK

    Navigation Directions

    While it is certainly possible that Tesla Nav is doing silent routing adjustments, I have never, ever noticed the subtle distance change that would result from a mid-course tweak. But why are they asking about course-adjustment preferences if they do not deliver them in the end?
  47. ArtK

    Navigation Directions

    Another Navi issue: If I use Google Maps on my phone in heavy traffic, alternative route options are offered (with the option for me to accept or reject). Tesla's Navigation on my 20 MY never seems to offer up a re-route ever. Is this how it is engineered? In my Navi options I asked it to...
  48. ArtK

    Modern Spare Size Analysis

    I haven't even gotten a replacement tire.

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