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  1. Sacramento

    Tesla wall charger enclosure for mountain weather

    The truth is, I wanted to put the Tesla charger inside a steel bear box, right next to four existing bear boxes for trash. I thought it would look great but the HOA president didn't agree. As of September, she's gone and I'm on the board LOL. We're at 7,000 feet and a wall charger on a pole...
  2. Sacramento

    Tesla wall charger enclosure for mountain weather

    Hey Doug– I went with 2" IMC metal conduit from Home Depot for about the first 2/3 of the run because it only needs 6" of soil cover. Then I had an issue when I came to a change in grade– IMC is impossible for a DIYer to bend– and a pre-bent 45 degree elbow wouldn't work. So I transitioned to 2"...
  3. Sacramento

    Road rage instant Karma

    Thanks. Fixed it.
  4. Sacramento

    Road rage instant Karma

    Update: I contacted the California Highway Patrol today to ask how it was handling the incident, because I never received a callback following my 911 report (in which I said I had video of the crash). The dispatcher told me they wouldn't have called back because there were no injuries or damage–...
  5. Sacramento

    Phantom Braking Needs to be Reported and Fixed

    For the reasons you describe, I'm no longer allowed to use FSD on two-lane highways when my wife is in the car. That rule occasionally applies to divided highways as well depending on how the system is behaving at the moment.
  6. Sacramento

    Road rage instant Karma

    I don't know if this was a Tesla hater or just a garden variety road rager. I was passing a truck at 70 mph (in a 65 mph zone) and apparently the "lady" behind me thought that wasn't fast enough. I guess she figured she would teach me a lesson. It didn't end well for her.
  7. Sacramento

    Phantom Braking Needs to be Reported and Fixed

    Yeah, it's bad. I'll be cruising along at 70 mph and my Model Y sees a yellow caution sign with flashing lights and hits the brakes. I push the camera icon to report each incident. Not sure how much that helps, if at all.
  8. Sacramento

    2021.36.5.3 (Beta 10.3.1) Observations from the North East

    I downloaded 2021.36.5.3 before a roundtrip to the Sierra from Sacramento on Interstate 80. I noticed very little difference in FSD beta from the previous version– except for multiple phantom braking episodes that had not occurred on that drive before. A couple of them were HARD braking that...
  9. Sacramento

    Towing package safety chains

    Not at all. And I have a no-rattle pin for the hitch, which I leave installed all the time now because I think it looks cool (and may offer some protection for my back bumper).
  10. Sacramento

    Sheddy dog - how do you handle it?

    I've got a rubber-bristled brush like this one that works well in combination with a strong vacuum...
  11. Sacramento

    Safety Score

    I've been getting consistent scores of 100, except when I don't: When some jerk drifts into my lane 20 feet in front of my car while traffic is slowing and I'm forced to brake hard while getting a collision warning. I avoid hitting the guy BECAUSE I'm a good driver. But I get dinged.
  12. Sacramento

    Sheddy dog - how do you handle it?

    I love my dog and I love my Tesla but I'm OCD about dog hair in a car. I try to confine my Aussie to the far back on a canvas drop cloth– but the hair still gets everywhere. One short road trip = 1/2 hour vacuum session at the car wash. Do you know what would be groundbreaking, Tesla? Develop...
  13. Sacramento

    Non-EV’s parked in EV charging parking spots

    When I owned my first EV (Honda all-electric Clarity) I noticed that many of the fast chargers– ChargePoint, EVGo, etc.– were installed near the front doors of supermarkets along with disabled parking spaces. I think this offered too great a temptation for ethically-challenged ICE drivers. I...
  14. Sacramento

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    Thank you for the affirmation! I've been using a conveyor-driven brush wash since I got my Model Y in January. I got occasional looks/comments about it– but none from the carwash staff. I always retract the mirrors and put the car in neutral and haven't experienced any of the issues addressed in...
  15. Sacramento

    Tesla navigation SLOW to update critical highway information

    On Friday afternoon (Sept. 10) a big rig heading downhill on westbound Interstate 80 in the Sierra Nevada lost its brakes and, coincidentally, spilled its load of Tesla batteries– at least one of which caught fire. The wreck closed the westbound lanes for the rest of the day. I happened to be...
  16. Sacramento

    Questions for anyone that has rented a Model S from enterprise…

    The Tesla service center in Cathedral City (Palm Springs) gave me an Enterprise Model S while my Model Y was being worked on. It was a POS. Only three years old with relatively low mileage, but after driving my new Y the technology seemed ancient. I happen to live 500 miles from Palm Springs and...
  17. Sacramento

    Model Y tow hitch

    I know this doesn't answer your question, but after having so much trouble with factory-installed hitch cover– I bought a heavy-duty black rubber insert for the receiver. I've got two shackles on either side to make it easier to attach the safety chains. I actually like the way it looks, naked.
  18. Sacramento

    Tesla autopilot is too strict on rules

    I don't know for sure, but it seems the "nag" occurs at different intervals depending on the car's confidence in the current conditions. I understand and support the effort to ensure driver awareness. I'm hoping the cabin camera will replace the steering wheel tug before too long.
  19. Sacramento

    Model Y Emergency Braking

    I use Autopilot when driving in stop-and-go freeway traffic. An enormous stress reducer. While the car brakes (sometimes HARD) it allows me time to watch the rearview mirror while praying the guy behind me is paying attention.
  20. Sacramento

    Questions to ask electrician before ordering

    Something to keep in mind if you need to run conduit underground– NEC requires the top of PVC conduit to be 18" below the surface of the surrounding ground. Depending on your soil conditions, this might be easy. In my case, it wasn't. NEC allows the top of PVC conduit to be just 4" below the...
  21. Sacramento

    cost/ benefit of installing a nema plug vs tesla wall connector

    Tesla tax! I wanted to change out an old Zinsco panel when I added a HPWC that I bought directly from Tesla and got a quote from a "Tesla recommended" electrician– $4,500. I told him I was installing the charger myself and just needed him to make the connections at the new panel. Still $4,500...
  22. Sacramento

    PROS/CONS - what makes you love your Tesla?

    I LOVE my Model Y LR. Took delivery in January and have already but 11,000 miles on it. I actually bought it without driving a Tesla because I had previously leased a Honda Clarity EV and knew I would never go back to an ICE vehicle. The factory-installed tow hitch receiver closed the deal for...
  23. Sacramento

    Wall Charger Installation

    I would suggest parking your Tesla on the left side of the garage/carport. Have your guy install the charger near where the Tesla's left rear quarter panel will be when parked. You likely won't even need to uncoil the entire 18' cord.
  24. Sacramento

    Charging at 48A?

    80% of 60 amps is 48 amps...you need the 60 amp breaker for sustained 48 amp charging.
  25. Sacramento

    CA Resident prefers out-of-state delivery (NOT to avoid taxes)

    My first EV: Honda had a killer deal on Clarity all-electric leases in California and Oregon in 2017– $199/mo. I couldn't find ANY in California, but found one in Portland. I flew up with my daughter and trailered it home to Sacramento. Not only did I miss out on the $1,500 clean air reward, but...
  26. Sacramento

    Home Electrical for Dummies

    I've got a Clipper Creek 32 amp charger at my home– paid for by my local electric utility for my first EV, a Honda Clarity. It's a bit of a drag to have to use an adapter for the Tesla but it's fine. I just installed a 60 amp HPWC at a vacation home, which is much cooler. I had space in my...
  27. Sacramento

    Model Y Windshield Wait

    Wow... after reading this thread I feel fortunate about my experience with windshield replacement in my 2021 MY. A freeway rock left a circular crack in my windshield about the size of a quarter last month. I set up an appointment with a new Tesla service center close to my home in Sacramento...
  28. Sacramento

    Tesla Wall Charger Installed - Some Tips

    Total overkill! But it's all buried and the cost of 2" vs. 1.25" PVC wasn't much more– and pulling 3 #4 AWG and 4 #6 AWG plus 2 #12 AWG was effortless. The building inspector LOVED it. With an earlier EV charger install I did at my house I used exposed conduit, so I went with 3/4" PVC and the...
  29. Sacramento

    Wall Connector charging Question

    Good eyes– but no, it's one of those Edison-style LED bulbs.
  30. Sacramento

    Tesla Wall Charger Installed - Some Tips

    I had a 90' run from my panel to the wall charger...I went with #4 stranded THHN just to minimize the voltage drop. It's only about 60 cents more per foot than #6 and pulls easily through a 2" PVC conduit. I ran #6 stranded THHN in the same conduit for a NEMA 14-50 outlet for friends with...
  31. Sacramento

    Wall Connector charging Question

    I built a solid enclosure for my 60 amp wall charger out of a single sheet of 3/4" plywood and mounted it on a 2' x 2' concrete pad. I also added a second 50 amp circuit with a NEMA 14-50 outlet for friends with non-Tesla EVs, plus a 120v outlet for vacuums and whatnot.
  32. Sacramento

    Wall Connector charging Question

    Great points. Also: the Tesla wall charger only needs two hots and a ground and has ground fault circuitry built in. The NEMA 14-50 needs two hots, a ground AND a neutral– plus a GFCI breaker in the panel.
  33. Sacramento

    Best hitch rack for 2021 MYLR to hold my e-bikes and current weight limit?

    This puzzled me as well until I received my cargo carrier. A trailer has wheels (fulcrum) and the tongue (lever) is a pure downward force when standing still. The cargo/bike rack on the other hand turns the hitch receiver into the fulcrum and the rack produces torque a couple of feet away–...
  34. Sacramento

    Hitch mount cargo carrier

    I ordered a cargo carrier on Amazon for my Model Y a couple of weeks before a camping trip. I was impressed by the 500-pound capacity and overwhelmingly favorable reviews. Thank gawd I did some research before it arrived. I was assuming the 350-pound tongue weight capacity was the same as hitch...
  35. Sacramento

    Towing travel trailer with Model Y

    I agree with your assessment on the design of the hitch receiver. Apparently Tesla designers wanted to make it as unobtrusive as possible– which means it's extremely difficult to connect the safety chains and impossible to use an anti-rattle plate because there's simply not enough clearance. I'm...
  36. Sacramento

    Amazon Music "coming soon"?

    Well, I bought into the Dec. 2020 reports that Amazon Music was coming soon to the Tesla entertainment interface. Even though I've got Tesla's premium connectivity for my first year, I'm not crazy about the music options. So I subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited and waited for it to appear on...
  37. Sacramento

    Tesla MY haters on the highways

    I had the perception that some early Tesla owners were snobbish before the M3 and MY turned Tesla into more of a mainstream car. I meet some very nice people at Superchargers and they certainly don't act as if they're superior. Re: Tesla Hate. Yes, I've noticed a fair amount of aggressive...
  38. Sacramento

    California man arrested for blowing out Tesla window on freeway

    The Sacramento County jail just released the dude's mugshot.
  39. Sacramento

    California man arrested for blowing out Tesla window on freeway

    Gotta love the 360-degree dashcam(s)! https://sacramento.cbslocal.com/2021/07/08/viral-tiktok-i-5-cosumnes-river-blvd-shooting-video-arrest/
  40. Sacramento

    Tools to have on hand?

    A basic repair kit is a great idea. Re: Compressor. I keep a Ryobi inflater and spare battery in the trunk. It doesn't rely on the car's 12v system and has a built in pressure gauge. I use it frequently to "top off" the tire pressure in one tire with a tiny leak (I've been too busy/lazy to take...
  41. Sacramento

    Tesla wall charger enclosure for mountain weather

    I jumped through all the HOA hoops to install a wall charger at my parking space in a community of free-standing condominiums at 7,000 feet on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe. The homeowners association provided strict specifications for size and color: 18" wide, 14" deep, 48" high and Oxford...
  42. Sacramento

    Apple and Amazon Music Coming Soon to Tesla?

    Tesla announced it would integrate Amazon Music into its system last December. We're still waiting. Does anyone have any updates? At this point, even speculation would be welcome. ;)
  43. Sacramento

    License Plate Ordeal

    I'm surprised by how many Teslas I see in California without a front plate. Why would anyone want to give the cops probable cause to stop you?
  44. Sacramento

    Clean Air Vehicle Sticker - Any tricks to getting sooner?

    I, too, worried about applying the HOV stickers directly to the paint. I've seen what the adhesive can do when the sticker needs to come off (2025?). I thought about carrying the decals in the glove box but I'm less concerned about law enforcement than I am about being seen by other motorists...
  45. Sacramento

    Towing package safety chains

    I've rented U-Haul trailers multiple times to tow behind my 2021 Model Y with an integrated hitch receiver. It is a pain in the butt to hook the safety chains to the openings on either side of the receiver. Today I bought a couple of stainless steel heavy duty anchor shackles at Home Depot and...
  46. Sacramento

    applying for CA HOV stickers with temp plates

    I had the same experience, although I submitted the HOV application with just the VIN because I got tired of waiting for the permanent plates. I wrote the check on Feb. 14, DMV cashed it on May 5 and the decals arrived May 8. As in your case, DMV filled in the permanent license plate information.
  47. Sacramento

    Clean Air Vehicle Sticker - Any tricks to getting sooner?

    California DMV is poky issuing new plates and I was eager to apply for my HOV decals. So after waiting a few weeks for the plates to arrive, I decided to roll the dice and apply for my HOV sticker USING ONLY THE VIN. I wrote the check on Feb. 14 and DMV cashed it on May 5. I received the decals...
  48. Sacramento

    Trip from Sacramento to Los Angeles

    I just drove from Sacramento to Palm Springs– Interstate 5 to Burbank then 210/10 to the desert. I was driving a Model S loaner to pick up my Model Y that had died in Palm Springs a week earlier. As others have mentioned, there are lots of Supercharger options on I-5. My favorites stops are...
  49. Sacramento

    Dead in the driveway - “power reduced”

    Dead on the driveway update: I returned to Cathedral City (Palm Springs) yesterday, May 3, to pick up my Tesla Y. The service center rep says similar failures in other Teslas have been caused by rodents chewing wires, but there was no evidence of such damage in my case. The following parts...

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