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  1. ithinkmac

    TESLA X section 179

    No, for the 179 and bonus depreciation. it's based on GVWR. Not curb.
  2. ithinkmac

    Bent M3 19" Sport Wheel. Easy fix?

    Tesla charged me $750 for the replacement wheel. Can't order it online, so order through service center. -ThinkMac-
  3. ithinkmac

    Bent M3 19" Sport Wheel. Easy fix?

    Bented wheel driving over pot-hole. Pretty big dent on the wheel. Got replacement, thinking of fixing bented wheel to use as full size spare? Not sure how do-able it is or is it just as safe after repairing? What are my options? Thanks. -ThinkMac-
  4. ithinkmac

    automatic headlights, model X

    I think all cars with automatic headlights is setup this way, at least it seems to be with the 2 brands I've own. You technically have to turn on high-beam for the automatic high beam feature to function. -ThinkMac-
  5. ithinkmac

    Section 179 - does mileage matter?

    if memory serves. You can make a full claim on 1st year, then the next year, you can switch to mileage if you choose or continue to claim cost of use/operation. You are allowed 1 changed after the 1st year. This was a couple of years ago. Not sure if 179 remains the same, they seem to change...
  6. ithinkmac

    Anyone comparing the e-tron GT to the Model S

    I like the software GPS setup to tell how much battery reserve you want at destination, so it knows how much to charge at your last charging station. Tesla should implement this on the next update. -ThinkMac-
  7. ithinkmac

    Thinking of getting a Taycan Cross Turismo...

    So to wrap this thread up. I ordered it. Hoping for a late '21 delivery, all Bay Area summer slots are sold out. Will give an update once I get it, if y'all are interested how good/bad the competitions is/are. -ThinkMac-
  8. ithinkmac

    Thinking of getting a Taycan Cross Turismo...

    Regular Taycan is beating EPA numbers all the time. I think it will be a great road trip car. I'm starting to see EA chargers next to Supercharging stations more and more now. They broke the EV cannoball record with a Taycan 4S. Less range than M3, but faster charging curve. -ThinkMac-
  9. ithinkmac

    TESLA X section 179

    you can write off the mileage for the Y, which really is a pretty good advantage considering the IRS still uses gas calculations. 56 cents in 2021, that's close to $17k in mileage alone. So if you have solar to charge your car. that 30k miles will cost you $0. But of course with bonus...
  10. ithinkmac

    Anyone comparing the e-tron GT to the Model S

    The eTron GT is beautiful, but now that the Taycan Cross Turismo is announced, I think it wins in the beauty category. -ThinkMac-
  11. ithinkmac

    Thinking of getting a Taycan Cross Turismo...

    OK. Flame suit is on. Give it to me. I love wagons, I love EVs, now there is a EV wagon. Checks all the boxes for me. Had a '02 2.7t allroad. LOVE that car. Really wanted the new RS6 Avant as my ICE replacement for the '19 RRS, so that we always have 1 ICE in the garage. Albeit not being...
  12. ithinkmac

    It's official! Tesla website says HW2.0 cars "scheduling now" for MCU2 upgrade!

    Driving with MCU1 is exactly the same as MCU2. I don't see how the MCU upgrade can make the driving experience any different. All the upgrades are infotainment and FSD visualization related. Faster MCU, sure, but should not change your driving experience. I switched back and forth between...
  13. ithinkmac

    Have you seen a refreshed Model S/X in person?

    Yoke in public. https://twitter.com/klwtts/status/1365757552055648256
  14. ithinkmac

    That Yoke though. I'm starting to miss it every time I see the wheel in a Plaid.

    Just saw this. https://twitter.com/klwtts/status/1365757552055648256
  15. ithinkmac

    TESLA X section 179

    yes, allowable as long as it falls under your business needs. makes the X more attractive vs a Y. -ThinkMac-
  16. ithinkmac

    SAS Question

    On the RR, it's just an engine start/stop change. Access height to lower car when you stop the engine, after you get in and start your engine, the air suspension rises. Very simple. Problem with RR suspension is that I can't keep it on low, once it hits a certain speed, it will move back to...
  17. ithinkmac

    For those who have current Model X reservations (Jan 27 or before)

    Arguments can go both ways. Some buyers also know that price is going up, and banking on placing orders to lock in pricing, and get a discount. I see tons of post asking for free this and free that. Aren't we being a little greedy here? Every time there's a change, everybody wants some...
  18. ithinkmac

    Yoke Wheel in Action

    If Michael Knight can do it, so can we mortals. I bet Elon's a Knight Rider fan. -ThinkMac-
  19. ithinkmac

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    Maybe I'm the minority here. I don't get people going to ICE because Tesla is too expensive. Somebody has to pay for all that R&D Tesla put in to develop these cars. But to say they want a ICE SUV because it's cheaper seems to be the wrong comparison. If price is the deciding factor, then I...
  20. ithinkmac

    PRX-21 -- The Pre-Refresh 2021 Model X Thread

    Got my PRX-21 by design. Need it for 2020 tax season. Knew refresh is coming (also knowing that it was mostly interior change). Like others, I like the vertical orientation of the screen. More useful during driving part. Horizontal screen is great for entertainment when parked. It was the...
  21. ithinkmac

    Will the Yoke Be Approved?

    I want trigger buttons at the top of the yoke for turn signals. then I'll be signaling left/right all day as I shoot planes down from the sky. -ThinkMac-
  22. ithinkmac

    Tahoe Road Trip - Range Concerns in Snow

    I take my '16 X up to Tahoe and Reno quite a bit. It makes it to Truckee Supercharger with about 10% left. I live in East Bay, about 200 miles away from Truckee SC. I'm at 250mile range @ 100% on the 90D. Always stop @ Truckee SC on the way up north. So if you start from Rocklin, you should...
  23. ithinkmac

    My Model X wrapped in Satin Guard

    In the Bay Area. I was quoted for full XPel stealth wrap on my X. $8k. I passed. Custom cut wrap, instead of pre-cut templates, reason for higher cost. -ThinkMac-
  24. ithinkmac

    Charging port not releasing charge cable post got me thinking...

    Just saw the new thread on charging port not releasing charging cable. once in a while, at home. Model X would not release cable when I press once on the connector. Seen this on both of my Xs. However, pressing the button twice in sequence will turn LED white and release. Not understanding...
  25. ithinkmac

    MX beyond 40K Miles is Expensive to Maintain?

    I used to have mobile service do it. $50/tire, not that bad, and they come to you, so very convenient. Now that some of the Costco does Teslas. I have Costco to do tires on my 3 earlier this year and they told me they also work on the X. So next round of tire needs, I'll probably hit up...
  26. ithinkmac

    MX Key Fob Battery - 2354 or 2032??

    Just replaced mine on the '16 fob. It's a CR2354. I suspect the CR2354 for the big X fobs, and probably CR2032 for the smaller generic fobs that you can buy to use on all the Tesla Models. -ThinkMac-
  27. ithinkmac

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    ha.... Just thought exactly of that the other day when trying to pickup a 70" TV from Best Buy. End up having them ship it instead, can't fit into the back no matter how creative I try. That was in Nov when I was using my '16 X 6-seater. Come a week ago, I picked up our '21 X 5-seater in...
  28. ithinkmac

    2016 Tesla Model X 90D

    If the car went back to Tesla and/or resold, then Tesla can/will take off FUSC linked to the car. If sold privately from original owner, then FUSC remains with the car. Basically if Tesla gets their hands back on the car at any point (sales transaction, not service), they take it off. That's...
  29. ithinkmac

    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    We looked, all of the big SUVs. We end up with another X. We still have a '19 Range Rover Sport in the garage, have to drive it today because battery was getting low from sitting around. It's a 2019 Sport ATB, with the Supercharged V8, plenty of power. I still prefer to drive the '21 X...
  30. ithinkmac

    2021 Model X Long Range + Has Pedestrian Warning

    But now you have Boombox mode. :) -ThinkMac-
  31. ithinkmac

    Snow chains?

    You should always carry chains just in case. Weather changes, unforeseen events, detour off the beaten path. I don't think they really check unless weather is really bad. Check latest weather updates before driving up, they'll tell you if you need chains. I've been up there with all-seasons...
  32. ithinkmac

    Software update 2020.48.26.x update, font size problems

    Tesla should make the screen configurable. So user can choose font size based on preference. The Model 3 change is even more dramatic if you think smaller font is confusing. I'm not sure I can get used to the Model 3 change. -ThinkMac-
  33. ithinkmac

    A question about VIN assignment and delivery scheduling

    If you haven't got a VIN by now, other than it being an inventory car, I don't see how you can get it before EOY. Unless they changed the process. You usually get your VIN when a car is linked to your order, either by manufacturing it for you, or an inventory car matching your specs. Usually...
  34. ithinkmac

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    179 is a huge upside for the Model X. No point waiting for a refresh. -ThinkMac-
  35. ithinkmac

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    I figure they might be adding Starlink sat receivers on the roof in a year or two to replace 5G. What better than to use your own service (I mean SpaceX's) -ThinkMac-
  36. ithinkmac

    Received new model x last night..pics to come

    Now we need to know what rev the battery pack is. -ThinkMac-
  37. ithinkmac

    Picking up my '21 tomorrow. Woot!

    Well, originally inventory cars were available immediately. I refused 2 inventory cars becasue I wanted MY 21 and H pack. After the 2nd refusal. It took a couple more weeks. About 40 days from ordering to taking delivery with new 21 MY VIN. -ThinkMac-
  38. ithinkmac

    Major 2021 Model X refresh pending [Update: Unveiled January 27, 2021]

    I stated this before. From a business stand point, there's no way they would redesign the X before the 4680 cells are production ready and mass produced. The new battery is suppose to be part of the structure. That's not something they can replace easily if they come out with a non 4680 new X...
  39. ithinkmac

    Picking up my '21 tomorrow. Woot!

    My son is @ 2nd year in college, so he might start needing a car (once they're able to get back to campus). Lifetime free supercharging, LTE access. Trade-in value from Tesla was very low. Carbon fibre trim with alcantera dash. Ventilated seats (I'm not a fan, but people seem to like it...
  40. ithinkmac

    Buying another Model X: Is it possible to take delivery at a different service center?

    Yes, you can select a few delivery center closes to you. I remember I can even call them and tell them I want delivery @ the factory (to save a day or two till the car shows up @ delivery center). -ThinkMac-
  41. ithinkmac

    2021 Q7 vs X ?

    Very nice. Congrats! I love the RS6 Avant. I'm glad Audi finally brings it over here. I had a 02 allraod 2.7t, love Audi wagons. -ThinkMac-
  42. ithinkmac

    Stainless scuff plate - rear hatch - 2021

    Just got my '21 LR+, and no stainless steel plate. I do like them on my '16 as well. Matte black plastic piece on the new one. -ThinkMac-
  43. ithinkmac

    2021 Q7 vs X ?

    Having owned a few ICE Germans and couple of Brits, I always preferred the Tesla. First German SUV was a 09 Q7 TDI, love the car, Audi has one of the best interiors (till I get to the Brits) in the industry at the time (and probably still do). Then I got a '14 L494 RRS and it blew the Q7 away...
  44. ithinkmac

    My Model X wrapped in Satin Guard

    Also thinking about a full wrap. Which shop did you use? How much did it cost if you don't mind me asking? Thanks. -ThinkMac-
  45. ithinkmac

    Man, missed out on the CA $1500 EV discount by a week.

    Yep. Will apply once I get all my registration info from DMV. Guess it's better than nothing. :) -ThinkMac-
  46. ithinkmac

    Man, missed out on the CA $1500 EV discount by a week.

    Bummer. Just read about the new $1500 upfront rebate from CA. Would have been nice. Is anybody getting the discount for those who's taking delivery now? -ThinkMac-
  47. ithinkmac

    2017 Model X 100D - 89,000km - too late for Extended Warranty?

    My service advisor told me I have till 55000 miles to buy it. He told me they usually extend up to 5k post warranty. You'll still be over at 89k km. Check with your service center and see what they say. -ThinkMac-
  48. ithinkmac

    Picking up my '21 tomorrow. Woot!

    Congrats!! Give us the details once you get it. Love to hear what you think. Why do you choose the 7 seater? -ThinkMac-
  49. ithinkmac

    Picking up my '21 tomorrow. Woot!

    10th digit in your VIN designates model year. It's an alphabet system, so for 2021, your 10th digit should be 'M'. If you want the 371 EPA rating, you need to look at the battery pack. Rev H is the one with the 371 rating. There are some late 2020 models that have the H pack. But all 2021...
  50. ithinkmac

    Picking up my '21 tomorrow. Woot!

    My order was placed on Oct 1st, I purposely did this to avoid the EOQ rush. Have to refuse 2 deliveries because I really want to wait for the '21 MY and H pack. If I didn't want to wait, I thought I would have gotten delivery on Oct 4th or something like that. It was very quick (at the time)...

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