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  1. 1speed

    Supercharger - Huntsville, AL

    This one may not get the wheel stops since it has the red posts. You should hit those before smashing a supercharger.
  2. 1speed

    12v emergency replacement

    Maybe an alternative is just to buy one of those jump boxes, and keep it in the car in case the 12v does die before a service appointment.
  3. 1speed

    12v emergency replacement

    You might have luck calling Tesla Roadside Assistance instead of a service appointment.
  4. 1speed

    My radio is not working even ask reboot the system, what should I do?

    Schedule a service appointment in the app. I would be surprised if this can't be fixed by mobile service.
  5. 1speed

    Supercharger - Crystal River, FL

    As info for other users of this supercharger, the Suncoast Pkwy (toll road) is open about 5.5 miles southeast of this supercharger on FL44. It did not show as open in Tesla navigation.
  6. 1speed

    Supercharger - Perry, FL

    This seems pretty accurate. We hit it up around 830 on both Friday and Monday this past weekend. Friday, about 5 were ICE'd (plus 1 or 2 Teslas) when we got there, and only 1 ICE'd by the time we left. Monday, none were ICE'd.
  7. 1speed

    Supercharger - Perry, FL

    Has this one gotten any better as far as icing goes? I expect to be passing through this weekend.
  8. 1speed

    Alabama SuperChargers

    Construction has started. Close to an REI which is nice. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/posts/6734178/
  9. 1speed

    My Thumb drives keep dying

    As @android04 said, you need an endurance SD card. SSD drives only have so many writes in them and they can't handle the churn of constant video. This is a common problem when folks use regular SD cards in any video recording. I am just using the official $40 stick that Tesla sells. It's...
  10. 1speed

    can autopark park just as good as my wife or better for model x?

    I'm pretty sure you only get Summon and Smart Summon with FSD now. I believe in the past you might have Summon, but not Smart Summon, if you had Enhanced Autopilot which is not an option on new cars.
  11. 1speed

    Hello from Tunisia

    Welcome to the forum. Tunisia looks like a very beautiful county. Hope to see Tesla expand further into the African continent soon!
  12. 1speed

    Just got the MCU upgrade on 2014

    When I had mine done (for $2500), it just made the car feel brand new. Worth it even at that price.
  13. 1speed

    Dash Cam Not Working Check USB

    I believe this is a a software problem that is improving at least. I am using the official Tesla USB (and have MCU2 upgrade). When I first got the USB about 6 months ago, it displayed an error nearly every single time I got in the car. Now it just errs maybe 20% of the time. Now it just...
  14. 1speed

    Looking for Tesla owners in Tuscaloosa, AL

    On plugshare it looks like there is an apartment complex called Beacon Place that has a chargepoint charger. https://www.plugshare.com/location/193519 I imagine if there are other EV owners in that complex relying on this could be a pain. I'd suggest at a minimum just renting a townhome with...
  15. 1speed

    How can we get a Supercharger in Palatka, FL (Putnam County)?

    I think your best hope is if Wawa were to expand into that area.
  16. 1speed

    Supercharger - Robertsdale, AL

    Leeds, AL completed a couple weeks ago. Construction there was very fast as well.
  17. 1speed

    Supercharger - Robertsdale, AL

    @LandThief Eat at The Gulf in Orange Beach. They have a couple Tesla destination chargers.
  18. 1speed

    Supercharger - Mobile, AL

    It looks like Wawa is looking at Mobile for future expansion into Alabama. A long ways off, and not guaranteed to have a supercharger, but fairly likely... https://www.al.com/news/2022/04/wawa-popular-convenience-store-chain-eyeing-this-city-for-first-alabama-location.html
  19. 1speed

    Supercharger - Auburn, AL - South College Street

    I thought for sure this one would end being being at the Auburn Buc-ee's. A bit further away from 280 than I'd like but looks pretty good for I-85. Still preferable over the existing one. It does look like they have a pull through stall dedicated for folks pulling a trailer, but they painted...
  20. 1speed

    Supercharger - Plant City, FL

    A 2016 Model S is not capable of 250kwh charging. Note sure what your max is but its 150kwh on my 2017.
  21. 1speed

    New SC in St. Pete!

    Great news for Pinellas County and probably parts of Tampa as well. Hopefully we can get a few more superchargers on this side of the bay as well.
  22. 1speed

    Supercharger - Dothan, AL

    Note that this site has been "Coming Soon" since I bought my Tesla in 2017 so I wouldn't get optimistic about this one. Every year it gets pushed back. I did find that Dothan does have a pair of CHADEMO/CCS chargers that are rated 10 on Plugshare.... if only Tesla would release that NA CCS...
  23. 1speed

    Supercharger - Kissimmee, FL - Osceola Pkwy

    Any updates on this one? Will be in Kissimmee this weekend.
  24. 1speed

    Supercharger - Jasper, FL

    I always try to skip V2 chargers when possible. Many times even when the supercharger is not busy, I have seen other Tesla owners plugged into my pair when I walk back from restroom/coffee/food.
  25. 1speed

    Tesla Van

    A van or a roof-rack friendly SUV (normal doors) would be nice. [Edit- I should say intermediate or full-size SUV, as opposed to the SUV crossover Model Y]
  26. 1speed

    Supercharger - Jasper, FL

    it looks like it's literally just the SunStop with a Wendy's inside. Arby's and Subway are on the other side of the interstate in other gas stations.
  27. 1speed

    Supercharger - Greenville, AL

    Plugshare is showing a successful checkin today. Also noticed there is a Tesla destination charger at the Shrimp Basket in Evergreen, AL, and another one available at a lawyer's office in Bay Minette, AL. With a 90kwh battery I'd say charge to near 100% in Montgomery in case you're worried...
  28. 1speed

    Supercharger - Dothan, AL

    Is it possible to get this thread moved to the Southeast sub-forum? I'm anxiously awaiting this one as well
  29. 1speed

    Supercharger - Leeds, AL

    Disappointing that Riverchase Galleria in Hoover doesn't have one. Perfect location for I-459 and I-65.
  30. 1speed

    Why didn't the car go into Park Automatically here?

    I'm guessing when you twisted to hop out of the car, maybe your foot gently hit one of the pedals.
  31. 1speed

    Solar Panel on Model S - time to reconsider?

    There is a company out there that is offering pre-orders for Tesla solar kits... I'm not sure how far away we are from seeing this product is real life though (if ever). https://www.evsolarkits.com/
  32. 1speed

    Atlanta Showroom Experience - Good? Bad?

    @bigspoon17 - if you have a SunPass transponder I think there is an Peach Pass section south of Atlanta on I-75 that could help you out quite a bit.
  33. 1speed

    Energy savings mode

    I think its under Pedals and Steering at the very bottom - Range Mode.
  34. 1speed

    Atlanta Showroom Experience - Good? Bad?

    Don't underestimate Atlanta traffic's effect on your time. All of ATL's delivery centers are on the wrong side of the city for you. Tampa's would be on the north side of Tampa and may work better. Also consider the route you'll be taking back if you're returning with the Model 3 through...
  35. 1speed

    How to choose hotels on roadtrip?

    A destination charger is very convenient especially if you are eating breakfast at the hotel. Then you can just hit the road at 100%. They are probably not guaranteed these days though. After that being reasonably close to a supercharger is great. My main tip for road trips is that its much...
  36. 1speed

    When will the Buc-ees superchargers start being built?

    Athens, AL is also getting a new Buc-ee's but seems unlikely to get a supercharger since there is already one in Athens one exit away.
  37. 1speed

    When will the Buc-ees superchargers start being built?

    Would to curious to see if any new Buc-ee's that were not originally on the list end up with supercharging stations. I think there is one in Auburn AL that has broken ground. Was not on the list, but Tesla's map does show a supercharger Coming Soon for Auburn.
  38. 1speed

    What comes with MCU2 upgrade?

    Of course you get access to more games and theater apps like Netflix. I think "caraoke" as well. https://www.tesla.com/support/infotainment
  39. 1speed

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    Note that there is a second Birmingham area supercharger in Mountain Brook now.
  40. 1speed

    Supercharger - Big Pine Key, FL

    They do seem to have some kind of deal with Winn Dixie... Brooksville FL and Arcadia FL are both Winn Dixie locations as well, and I've charged at one other location near Tampa that was at a Winn Dixie. I do like grocery store locations in general since they are almost never ice'd, usually...
  41. 1speed

    Supercharger - Huntsville, AL

    Living in Florida now, I've learned most supercharger locations never appear on the Coming Soon map even once they are under construction. I don't think Huntsville ever was on that map, and we know Leeds and Robertsdare are both getting one but are also not on the map.
  42. 1speed

    When will the Buc-ees superchargers start being built?

    Only news I've seen is that the one in St. Augustine is under construction.
  43. 1speed

    Supercharger - Montgomery, AL

    This post in the Model 3 forum indicates Montgomery might be down as of yesterday: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/question-about-supercharger-stations-being-completely-down.250833/
  44. 1speed

    Question About Supercharger Stations being completely down

    I was traveling from Birmingham to Tampa yesterday, and I was a little surprised the NAV didn't take me through Montgomery. I had thought I would hit Montgomery, and then go on to Marianna FL. Instead NAV took me down 280 to Auburn. I wonder if the NAV routed me that way because Montgomery...
  45. 1speed

    Supercharger - Brooksville, FL

    Great find and great location between Gainesville/Ocala and Tampa area right in the middle. Looking fwd to I-75 getting more V3 superchargers.
  46. 1speed

    Some Love for Music Player

    Agreed, it's bare-bones garbage. You can't even go back to a song once it's passed. 90% of the time I just use Apple music over bluetooth.
  47. 1speed

    No Garage and also no home charging - should I just get another car?

    Why not just switch to a hotel that has charging?
  48. 1speed

    Where to get an Alignment? [in florida]

    What area of Florida? You're location doesn't state which city. Usually there are shops in each area that will handle them and word gets around amongst Tesla owners.
  49. 1speed

    Repairs [where can I get my car repaired in Alabama]

    You can find a list of certified body shops here. It looks like Columbus GA would be your closest. https://www.tesla.com/support/collision-support

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