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  1. marmaladedad

    CCS Adapter for North America

    In the Marketplace section someone is selling that same adapter.
  2. marmaladedad

    WTB - 235/45-18 tires

    Hello! Looking for a set of 235/45-18 or 245/45-18 tires, preferably all-season, for my Model 3. LMK what you’ve got and how much.
  3. marmaladedad

    CCS1 Tesla Adapter

    You used to have to give your login credentials in the past. But you no longer have to do that. I have purchased an adapter each way.
  4. marmaladedad

    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA - East Glenarm Street (LIVE 21 Oct 2021, 20 V3, 7 DCFC, 20 L2)

    That's a bummer. I know it has been hit or miss for me when I visit (two down, another time one down, then three down). Even checking ahead on Plugshare does not necessarily reflect the real status when I arrive.
  5. marmaladedad

    FS - Bluetooth TPMS sensors silver, SGV/LA

    Selling a set of Bluetooth TPMS sensors. They were mounted in my spare set of 20” wheels, but I sold those wheels. I bought them brand new from Tesla, but threw those boxes away. I’m looking for $275 local pick up. I am near the Rose Bowl and South Pasadena’s Trader Joe’s.
  6. marmaladedad

    Trade 2022 M3 OEM 19" Sport Wheels with tires plus cash for 2022 M3 OEM 20’’ Überturbine Wheels with tires (Los Angeles Area)

    I believe that only applied to the 18" aero wheels because of the barrel touching the caliper. A search reveals that shaving down part of the caliper allows for the barrel to clear, but I would not risk that. The barrel on the 19" wheels should have enough clearance, but more importantly it...
  7. marmaladedad

    FS: Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs Model 3 Performance

    If you are willing to send a prepaid label for the shipping. I don't know the exact cost, but given the weight (and general size of the box they will go in), it is likely not to be cheap.
  8. marmaladedad

    FS: Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs Model 3 Performance

    Set of Eibach Pro Kit springs for the Model 3 Performance (Part # E10-87-001-05-22). These were used by the previous owner for 5k miles. I bought these and never installed them. Eibach’s website states these will lower the car 1.0” in the front and 1.4” in the rear. $150 Pick up near Trader...
  9. marmaladedad

    FS: 20” Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM Sport wheels (silver)

    Clearing out my garage. Help me find a good home for these! 20” OEM Sport wheels (Model 3 Performance). I bought these from a user here on TMC. Since then I have installed new tires and TPMS sensors. And they have not been used at all. I have been running my 18s (which are up for sale as...
  10. marmaladedad

    FS: Fast Wheels EV01+ 18x8.5 wheels Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires 245/45-18

    Testing the waters mainly. $1800obo. As the title states: 18x8.5 Fast Wheels EV01+ in satin black 245/45-18 Bridgestone Potenza Sport tires with 6/32 tread depth TPMS (Bluetooth) No damage to wheels or tires. I bought these as added insurance against potholes and possibly better efficiency...
  11. marmaladedad

    Current supercharger rates

    I think they changed the hours for when they bill at a higher cost from 7pm to 9pm.
  12. marmaladedad

    Sealed Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter (Official OEM) [Los Angeles]

    Since this thread has become more of a discussion on price-gouging of the CCS1 adapter, I would ask what the consensus is on a fair asking price for the adapter. Obviously there are options available to purchase the adapter through Harum.io or another 3rd party (international). But for those who...
  13. marmaladedad

    FS: Tesla Chademo adapter, Pasadena area

    Fingers crossed that a buyer thinks so too.
  14. marmaladedad

    FS: Tesla Chademo adapter, Pasadena area

    Selling my Tesla Chademo adapter since I received my CCS adapter. This is the Japan version, but I have successfully charged with it for two months. My preference is for a local, face-to-face sale. I will consider shipping if there are no local takers. Asking $500. PS - that’s the protective...
  15. marmaladedad

    Does anyone have any experience PPF wrap by Today Wraps in Covina, CA?

    The wrap looks good! Do you mind letting me know how much it cost?
  16. marmaladedad

    (4) 235/35-20 Michelin PIlot Sport 4 tires - 4/32 and 6/32 - Pasadena area

    Set of four Michelin PS4 tires with the foam insert. Came on a set of 20s that I purchased. I installed new tires on those wheels, but kept these tires as spares. The tread depth is 4/32 for two of them and 6/32 for the other two. They can now be your backup set. Price - Free ninety nine...
  17. marmaladedad

    CCS Adapter for North America

    The only benefit so far, to me, of having that huge Chademo adapter is that the flexible nature of the neck makes it easier to angle the charge cable from the station. And the flexibility means it can be a little more compact when folded up. For the stations I plug into, the Chademo/CCS cables...
  18. marmaladedad

    Setec Lectron CCS1 adapter, Pasadena area

    Selling my Setec (Lectron) CCS1 Tesla charging adapter. I bought this off eBay and have successfully charged with it on four separate occasions (3/24, 3/27, 3/31, and 4/2). Maximum charging rate is 50kW. The Level 2 infrastructure I have access to is sufficient for my needs. I paid $550 for...
  19. marmaladedad

    CCS Adapter for North America

    But I’ll probably pick up an official Tesla CCS adapter as well when it comes out. This unit is a bit clunky.
  20. marmaladedad

    CCS Adapter for North America

    FWIW, I bought a Setec/Lectron CCS adapter off eBay. I could not connect it to my laptop through my various micro USB cables (all good data ones) to check or update the firmware. I tried it with my Mac, then with my PC, but no joy. I figured why not just field test it. Plugged into a Green Lots...
  21. marmaladedad

    220v 10-30 mobile connector

    I am interested.
  22. marmaladedad

    Free - nema 14-50 extension cords

    That's a really kind gesture of you.
  23. marmaladedad

    Swap 19” Sport Wheels for 18” Aero

    No programming necessary, at least for the Bluetooth TPMS. The car will pick up the sensors after a little bit.
  24. marmaladedad

    Bloxsport wheel spacers, Model 3/Y, four pieces, 25mm, Los Angeles area

    Near the Rose Bowl. I work in DTLA as well.
  25. marmaladedad

    FS: (4) 20" Uberturbine Wheels OEM Bay Area

    What part of the bay are you in?
  26. marmaladedad

    Bloxsport wheel spacers, Model 3/Y, four pieces, 25mm, Los Angeles area

    Hard to see from this angle, but the wheel sticks out maybe 5mm. I also have 245 tires, so it is a little meatier than normal.
  27. marmaladedad

    Bloxsport wheel spacers, Model 3/Y, four pieces, 25mm, Los Angeles area

    **Bloxsport wheel spacers, Model 3/Y, four pieces, 25mm $180, Los Angeles area** I purchased these last week from another TMC user and installed two of them on the rears to see if I liked the look. It is not for me. I’m hoping to recoup what I paid for them. My preference is not to ship, but...
  28. marmaladedad

    Gen 3 Wall Connector bottom conduit plug

    Any chance you can cover the hole using a knockout plug instead? It would be cheaper and faster, if not necessarily as streamlined as the original.
  29. marmaladedad

    Model 3 OEM rack for sale

    Are you flexible on the price? And I am guessing that the paint protection film for the installation is not included?
  30. marmaladedad

    most range efficient wheels for M3P

    Agreed (sorry for the late response to your reply - the notification never popped up). My plans were initially to go with Pirelli PZero in 235/45-18 to minimize one variable at play, but the Bridgestone Potenza Sport were at a price I could not pass up.
  31. marmaladedad

    HR Lowering Springs - Model 3 (SF Bay Area)

    Are the struts/shocks included as well? That is a killer deal.
  32. marmaladedad

    FS - 2018 Model S P100DL+

    I got it. That is both a relief and disappointing to hear. 😆 Good luck with the sale/search!
  33. marmaladedad

    FS - 2018 Model S P100DL+

    At the risk of further damage to my bank account, what kind of number are you looking to get for trade + cash? Mine is a ’21 M3 Performance (assuming you are considering something else besides the LR).
  34. marmaladedad

    FS: Set (4) 235/35R20 Pirelli PZero PZ4 Elect Summer Tires $750

    Hello. Is your asking price inclusive of shipping?
  35. marmaladedad

    FS: Set (4) 235/35R20 Pirelli PZero PZ4 Elect Summer Tires New Albany NY $600

    If you are willing to ship, I am interested. (Zip - 91030)

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